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“The Holy Grail of Businesses”



Of The 78 Opportunities The Franchise Wizard Represents ... Purely From a Financial Stand Point … We Do Not Have Anything Else That Comes Close To The Numbers Disclosed In This Franchisor’s Earnings Claims Disclosure Document. Consequently, 100% of our time is now dedicated to Promoting this one opportunity.

Brand New Company … Only 10 Existing Franchisees.
Become a Charter Franchisee Now … Your Pick Of Territory!

Their Federal Trade Commission Mandated Earnings Claims Document
Includes Bottom Line Gross Margin Numbers
On 25 Homes In 15 Months That Will Blow You Away!
(Backed Up By HUD1 Closing Statements)

Not Only Have They Literally Cracked The Code
On Real Estate Short Sales …..

But More Importantly …
They Are Prepared To Teach You The Code .

Tell Us of Another Industry That, When Done Properly, Offers Less Risk and Has Created More Wealth Than Real Estate ?

You Will Be Playing Monopoly With Real Money …
But Your Investment Will Historically Be One Of The Safest On
The Planet … Real Estate At A Bargain Price!


What Is A “Short Sale”?

This company has perfected a formula for executing “short sales” with lenders. A short sale is a buying method worked out with lenders in which an acceptable price for a house in foreclosure or near foreclosure is negotiated. The negotiated price is mutually beneficial, allowing the lender to rid itself of a non-producing property in its portfolio … while allowing you, the buyer, to purchase the home at a price designed to allow them to ideally sell the home for a quick profit. The process is complicated and virtually impossible to do without a thorough understanding of the lending industry, extensive required paperwork (not entirely revealed by the lender), inside information on negotiation frameworks, hard money funding, lien reductions, selling procedures, state and federal laws, and much more. What a franchise owner gets is all of the above with extensive documentation and personal hands on training of this highly complex process by the owner himself in your market and at corporate headquarters.

Why Have Many Tried This Game … But Few Mastered It?

In Our Opinion, To Accumulate the Knowledge, Not to Mention The Backbone Necessary to Play This Game, You Need A Hands-On Mentor Who Has Developed Specialized Methods For Being Successful In This Industry.  And Without the Required Personal Coaching You Will Most Likely End Up Like Most … Standing On The Sidelines Watching The Elite Players Make All the Big Money.

Make No Mistake About It … There Is Money In This Business!

Remember … If It Was As Easy As The Seminar Gurus Make It Sound … With The Kind Of Money In This Business … Everyone Would Be Doing It … When In Fact The Overwhelming Majority Of Those That Take A Seminar Course Never Execute the Plan … They Never Buy The First House. Unfortunately, The Gurus Themselves Never Fully Develop The Vital Methods and Hands On Approach Necessary To Give Others A Fighting Chance To Be Successful In This Industry.

Here is a brief and chronological synopsis of this company’s short selling process:

  • Discovering hundreds or thousands of homeowners in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure and then conducting immediate mail outs to those homeowners with their proprietary individualized letterhead and envelopes.
  • When you receive a phone call from aforesaid homeowners, your training will allow you to convince them of your ability to aid them and then secure their commitment to work with you in the purchase of their homes while simultaneously stopping their foreclosures via lender contact.
  • You will Meet with homeowners to fulfill official paperwork needs, including contracts on their homes, and then convey the paperwork to proper authorities at the lending institutions – whose names, phone numbers and contacts will be given to you.
  • You will Negotiate a price for the home with the lending authority, including obtaining a BPO (appraisal) of property and ensuring that all back payments and penalties are eliminated and the foreclosure is kept off of the homeowner’s credit report.
  • You will Get final approval on price and closing date for purchasing property, including getting homeowner to appear at closing.
  • You will obtain funding for the purchase and then purchase the property in due time at a real estate attorney’s office within the lender’s discretion.

All of this company’s franchisees will be given extensive training before and after startup of their franchise – not only in the purchase of homes via short sales but also in the selling of the homes after the purchase. Franchisees will also receive all of their short sale paperwork, including many proprietary documents, as well as several business strategies developed to ensure successful deals with lenders. Franchisees also receive a web site with complete professional graphic setup and the capability for virtual tours of the homes purchased via short sales.

They will also reveal the following proprietary information to their franchisees:

  • Phone numbers for virtually all home lenders around the United States, as well as the contact names they have cultivated at many of these lenders.
  • The names of the best hard-money lenders in certain areas of the country – who in most cases will allow you to bring absolutely no money to the closing table when you purchase the home. They will do this because they have worked with this company for years.
  • The secret to getting the names of investors ready to buy franchisee homes immediately after purchase in certain areas of the country.
  • The secret for getting great appraisal prices from lenders.
  • The secret to getting embattled homeowners to open your mailing.
  • The secret to getting homeowners to go with you and then keeping them on board for the entire short sale process.
  • The secret to getting the lender to go with your price on the home.
  • The secret to “double-closings,” so that you can flip your homes without even having to buy them.
  • The secrets to protecting yourself while dealing with contractors, homeowners and lenders by using legal terminology and phrasings in contractual paperwork.
  • Software used in creating forms and running the business.

Who Should Consider This Opportunity?

This opportunity is unique in the fact that it can lend itself to bringing on partners. The Exclusive Territories they assign can be huge and the franchise fees are generally only $15K to $35K. There will be plenty to do and the pie can be big enough for more than one individual. But make no mistake about it … they are looking for quality, high caliber affiliates that understand the first rule of doing business is integrity. Financially, at a minimum, you and/or your team will need access to liquid capital of $100K (this includes all your franchise fees) and Net Worth of $250K … plus moderately good credit. This is not a passive investment, if you expect to create the cash flow they reveal in their Disclosure Document … you are going to have to work for it. Ideally, you will need to possess people skills and negotiating skills.

To Keep The Quality of New Affiliates High, The Owner Is Only Looking For 10 to 12 New Franchisees To Mentor Over The Next 12 Months … So, We Don’t Need Tire Kickers On This One.  

Now, with all this in mind … If you are still interested, we will e-mail you their web site to visit. However, If you are serious … your real next step is to speak with the owner. At that point, if you are in mutual agreement, he will provide you the password to see their on-line UFOC (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular) … which will go into great detail on the opportunity and, more importantly, reveal their Earnings Claims Numbers? Remember, as we have already told you, of our 78 opportunities we broker none compare with this company's numbers. Trust us … they will blow you away.

With all this said … If you would like to investigate this opportunity further, please fill out the Request Form below. We will then email you their web site and send them your profile form for follow-up.


Only the following markets are still available in California: Oakland, San Jose, Stockton / Modesto, Fresno, Bakersfield, Los Angles, San Bernardino, Orange County and San Diego.

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