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Offer your customer a variety of FedEx, DHL, and United States Postal Services
all from one convenient location!

Turn-Key Opportunity

To make setting up a store much easier for franchisees who are too busy to personally establish their own store, we have developed a full turn-key business that removes every aspect of the operation from the franchisee except for having to sign several documents.

Why choose Goin’ Postal?

Our management, drive, ambition and creative ability.  We are a dynamic team dedicated to the success of EVERY MEMBER of our business family.  Our drive is apparent just from looking at the phenomenal growth of our chain compared to others.

Our approach to customer care.  We care about our customers, their families, and their mail and packages.  We strive to approach each customer as a cherished friend and we provide all of our customers with friendly service combined with professional skills and the lowest rates--all in a polished corporate atmosphere. Our customer care is superior to all others, and we’re very, very proud of that.

Our Flexibility.  We will give you a lot of flexibility in how you run your store.  Being in business is meant to be fun, and it’s no fun to have a massive faceless corporation breathing down your neck every moment of every day.  Goin' Postal isn't like that, and never will be, no matter how large we become.

The Opportunity to Offer a Variety of Shipping Services.  We will aid you in becoming authorized to ship through all the major carriers, and will do everything in our power to help you to offer all of the services that you wish to offer in your store.  All of our stores offer the major carriers including FedEx, USPS (U.S. Mail & Stamps), DHL, and freight carriers.  All of our franchisees have been able to offer all of the carrier services that they wanted to offer. Our stores not only offer all the standard larger carriers but also have the opportunity to use their local carriers too. 

We are one of the fastest growing shipping store franchises.  Due to our customer service and low set-up costs, we are the fastest growing shipping store chain. At the end of 2004, after less than a year of franchising, we had 21 locations operating. Less than half-way into 2005, we had 70 stores open or in the process of opening, and as of the middle of 2007, we are approaching 300 stores open or in the process of opening. 

Why is Goin' Postal the fastest growing shipping chain?

We have a business model that is more successful than our competitors, yet we help our franchisees establish their stores for a small fraction of the cost.  With our business model we are able to open successful stores in ten times as many markets as our competitors, and still leave our franchisees with more profit in their pocket at the end of the year.

We also strive to make our franchisees happy and productive members of our chain.  We try to turn around any issues very quickly to maintain a positive direction for the company.   A testament to our success is how our franchisees get their families and friends involved in opening stores so they can share their success.

What makes Goin’ Postal different from all the other shipping store franchise chains?

  • Amazing customer service (see above).
  • Attention to detail.
  • A family business attitude.
  • Super name, logo and product recognition.
  • As a small organization, we can adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace.
  • As part of our business building practices, we are constantly developing new products and services that are only available through our direct retailing in our stores and on our websites.
  • Innovative services such as our mobile shipping stores. (These are really neat!)
  • But most important of all is the flexibility that you will enjoy with Goin' Postal.  Your store will be your store, and you get to run it in your own way, with a few common sense rules and guidelines from us.
  • Superb continuing education materials, support, guidance, and access to our creative promotions staff.

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