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This catering opportunity will target pharmaceutical reps and their lunch meetings. We will provide you with the marketing tools needed to start your business, recipes, training, and a manual with detailed information. Pharmaceutical reps are employees working for pharmaceutical companies which schedule luncheons in hospitals and clinics. They schedule about 2-5 luncheons per week and their budgets are fairly high. The pharmaceutical industry spends about 20 billion dollars per year (Stanford Daily) lunches alone. There are about 100,000 reps in the U.S. Our menu will consist of a variety of authentic mexican dishes like flamed broiled chicken, carnitas, fajitas, carne asada, fish and shrimp taco bar, tostada bar, carne asada nacho supreme bar, and even cold cut trio sandwiches, smoked ribs, and more. Our food was voted best Mexican food in San Diego county by a local ABC news station (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/details.aspx?business=54376) and also has had great reviews by many other news anchors and newspaper critics. All are available upon request. This business is very, very profitable with low overhead and low working hours. It is easy to acquire and maintain leads. Within the first month of my current business I obtained 35 clients and have serviced approximately 200 clients since. My marketing tools will facilitate this process and allow you to show profit almost immediately. Usually you will start working by 8AM and will need to deliver all orders by noon. Not to forget all the breakfast caterings that are out there. Plates will run anywhere between $11-$17 per person. This type of catering will not require waiters, servers, or a clean up crew. Basically you prepare the food, deliver, and setup. Not only will you cater strictly to pharm reps but we will target schools, law firms, other businesses, personal parties, weddings, sweet sixteens, quinceaneras, NHA programs, and even target goverment contracts.

You will need a facility with a kitchen that has been approved by both the city and the health department. The kitchen will consist of equipment like: walk in cooler and freezer, working tables, griddle, fryer, broilers, stove, microwaves, VCM, small wares, hoods, coolers, warmers, automobiles ( for deliveries), shelving, storage area, computer, desk, blender, pots, pans, and all ingredients/food required to start your business. There will also be tenant improvements (like plumbing, electrical, etc.)

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