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Money Doesn't Grow On Trees...
But It Could Be Hidden In Walls!!

Commercial property owners can take advantage of a recent tax law that can create a significant Legal tax benefit to reduce/eliminate their State and Federal Income tax, beginning immediately.  CPA’s and accountants cannot perform this service.  Commercial Property Consultants, LLC. (CPC) is looking for professional people to offer this service to commercial property owners. You find the clients…we do all the analysis and tax work.

CPC even assists you to ‘land’ the client!  CPC provides a tax benefit for commercial property owners 100% of the time for qualified buildings, the good news; just about every type of commercial property qualifies!  This is a recession-proof business!

Our business is up dramatically due to the economic down-turn. Commercial property owners can preserve their cash by minimizing a large expense; State and Federal taxes, and in some cases, they can even receive a sizable cash infusion to help weather this economic storm. Our niche business is very much needed in these tough times. The timing is right to get involved in this business!   CPC provides the complete comprehensive system to help insure your success. 

As a CPC Professional Affiliate, you will provide commercial property owners with a no-risk analysis, which will show them how much their tax benefit will be. Virtually, every single commercial property owner wants our service because of the significant tax benefit. CPC even pays for an initial analysis on the property that will show how much their tax benefit will be...and there is NO confidential tax information needed!  This is our investment in you and the client. This tax law that has primarily been utilized by Fortune 1000 companies and has not been marketed to small and medium-sized commercial property owners – until now. It’s available to just about every commercial property owner. Our business is unaffected by economic down-turn, in fact our business has actually increased because it improves their cash flow and bottom line in a positive fashion.  Most property owners have little or no knowledge of the benefits of our service. Only a handful of firms employ the proper technical personnel required to perform this type of work – CPA’s cannot perform this service.

No specialized background in real estate, taxation or accounting is necessary. CPC does all the analysis and tax work. CPC has developed the finest comprehensive system to insure your success. Complete in-house training and unlimited support is provided...all at no additional cost.  We even provide you targeted leads at no cost.  Part-time or Full-time, there are enormous earnings potential for individuals who work hard and work smart. CPC is so confident with our business offering that we pay you back 100% of your addition to your earnings!

Our business from 30,000 feet…

  • Market Size – CPC enjoys one of the largest niche markets in the U.S. today.  About 5 trillion dollars of commercial property qualifies for our service.  Virtually every for-profit commercial property owner can benefit from our service...especially now if taxes may be increasing.  Our service is virtually unaffected by a down-turn economy.

  • Market Penetration – In most areas of the U.S., there is only about 5 to 20 percent of our market that has utilized this tax benefit.  That leaves about 80%+ of the market untapped!  This equates to a sizable niche market.

  • Market Receptivity – CPC provides a service that commercial owners really want...virtually everyone wants a tax benefit.  We’re providing them with their own legal tax benefit; we just show them how to unlock the treasure chest.  CPA’s and tax accountants cannot provide this service because they’re not engineers with a tax background...but they want a good source, and typically they don’t have one yet. 

  • Competition – Due to the complexity of this technical procedure, there are only a handful of companies that offer exactly what we offer.  Virtually no one is calling on our target market on properties valued at between one million and forty million dollars in value.  Typically, you’re the only person offering this legal tax strategy.  We only perform engineer-based studies, NOT residual-based studies that have extreme exposure and limits the tax benefit.  Ask us about the difference.  Don’t be fooled by firms offering a similar service (with 10 or more other services) for $19,995 and claim to have 18 years of experience on our industry. Get the facts.

  • Complete Full-Turn Key System Everything is included to help insure your success from day one.  We have comprehensively detailed out every aspect of how to be a success in this business and we provide you with all the tools to get you successful.  Everything is included at NO additional cost;  Phenomenal in-house training, unlimited support coaching, unlimited targeted leads, paid for advertising, unlimited ‘Fortune 500 quality’ brochures, (Four brochures to choose from) unlimited initial studies to show the client how much their tax benefit will be.  CPC provided you the blueprint for success and we have a vested interest in you.  Without you we cannot be successful.

  • Corporate Support – Besides our comprehensive training and support, CPC pays for the initial study to show the client how much the tax benefit will be. CPC assist you with your presentation to the client and we assist in helping you “land” the client.  We perform all the tax and engineering work for you with in-house experts.  You have no liability. 

  • Excellent Track Record – Your clients will become very comfortable due to CPC’s track record and reference list.  CPC utilizes its own database in which thousands and thousands of successful tax benefits have been provided on all types of commercial properties.  Best of all, we have an outstanding track record with the IRS. 

  • Significant Income Potential – you earn up to an 85% commission of our net fee, and remember, we assist you to land the client for you!  This could be life-changing money.  Compound your earning potential by building a team that duplicates your efforts, we train and support them!   Referrals can be huge in our business.

  • Leads, Leads and More Leads – CPC provides you with 4 lead sourcesWe do advertising to help you gain business at no charge to you...these can be HOT leads.  We also give you unlimited targeted leads with a digital photo of the building and contact information. Ask to see the CPC lead examples. 

  • Comprehensive Study – CPC has developed what we feel is the most comprehensive study in the industry.  We know this because over the years we have been up against almost every firm and their studies simply don’t measure up to ours.  This means a larger tax benefit for you client, a stronger ROI and more earned business!  Find out more. 

  • Additional Service – CPC has added a second service that highly compliments what we do; 1031 Exchange. We have partnered with the top 1031 firms, whose Chairman is one of Donald Trump's top 50 business advisors. He has written five books on the subject and is considered to be the guru of 1031 exchange. This service is included as part of our business, all at no additional cost to you.

  • 100% Pay-back of Your Investment CPC is so confident with our business offering that we pay you back 100% of your investment.  For a limited time, CPC has a bonus structure that allows you to receive back 100% of you investmentThis is in addition to your huge income potential.  

  • Financing Available – CPC has sources that can provide you unsecured financing with nominal interest rates.

  • Best Time to Get Started Our business is up dramatically due to the economic down-turn.  Commercial property owners can preserve their cash by minimizing a large expense, Federal and State Income taxes, and they can even receive a sizable cash infusion to help weather this economic is a great time to start this business!  Our business is recession-proof. 

  • Final Thought – Many of the people who have purchased our business opportunity have incredible business backgrounds and schooling. They have thoroughly scrutinized our company, our service, and the marketplace and have come aboard with CPC.  Find out what they already know.  At some point, if you would like to speak to them directly, we can provide you with a list of CPC Affiliates and you can call them and ask them any question you want.  

Is This Service and Analysis Sound?

This is an IRS approved legal tax was enacted by Congress...And it was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s been around for over forty years, but was only available to the Fortune 1000 companies. For the first time, it’s available to all commercial property owners, small, medium or large. Our studies are completely defensible and have a complete A to Z audit trail.  This gives clients peace of mind.

Consider This…

Over five trillion dollars in commercial Real Estate exists in America today.  In a down-turn economy, people want and need to save every possible dollar.  This is a legal tax law available to help them.  Virtually every single commercial property owner can take advantage of our service and realize a major tax benefit.  We have only a small amount of competition. There is no confidential information that is exchanged, not even their tax returns. We completely stand behind our work, you have NO liability.  This could be your huge income-producing opportunity...complete the form and get educated with valuable information that could change your life!

Complete the Form to Learn More. – No Pressure.

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