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Champion Clean™ affords the opportunity to invest in your own business now and see the rewards immediately. It's time to start on ...

 Supply and Demand - two words that provide for an unlimited  growth potential for anyone entering the commercial cleaning  industry... and the team of Champion Clean is leading the way  for supplying bright and motivated entrepeneurs a valuepacked,  low-cost solution for entrance for meeting the demand in this  multi-billion dollar booming industry!

 According to data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor  Statistics, the fastest growing occupation listed for the next  decade is that of a professional cleaning specialist. As the  multitude of new commercial buildings, office complexes,  banks, retail shopping centers, industrial facilities, and
 medical centers continue to open in our flourishing
 economy,commercial cleaning opportunities are becoming
 readily abundant, and Champion Clean is the only low-cost,
 high-quality alternative that has been consistently meeting  these demands.

 The Data Speaks for Itself:

  • The commercial cleaning industry is recession resistant
  • The demand for commercial cleaning services has been increasing year-to-year by a substantial rate, and currently shows no signs of letting up
  • Franchise cleaning companies account for 10 percent of the total market
  • With it’s proven high-quality service, superior performance, and corporate support programs, franchise cleaning companies experience a lower turnover rate than independent or privately held companies
  • Master franchise entrepreneurs typically are highly qualified, highly motivated, and educated business owners who out-produce

 We’re not going to lie - Champion Clean has  several major key competitors in the commercial  cleaning industry, each with their own unique  advantages and disadvantages. However,  Champion Clean’s Master Level Franchise Solution  does something they don’t - we leave the money in  your hands. In fact, when comparing to one of our  largest competitors, you get the same program,  the same service, and the same support as you  would at Champion Clean, but an extra $100,000.  in your pocket. Why so much? Because we know  that leaving the majority of your hard earned  working capital in your hands will help you build  your business. Financial freedom and working  capital helps businesses grow, and Champion Clean is the
 best alternative to help get you running right out of the
 blocks, and to help keep you going a long, long way!

 Champion Clean’s Master Franchise Solutions are set up to be  simple. Below is a brief outline of the steps you will go through  when choosing to build your future the Champion Way!

 Every new entrepeneur comes into an agreement with a  Champion Clean representative that grants each master  franchise investor an exclusive contract to operate in a defined  territory - just how big you want to be is up to you. The master  franchisee will then own the rights to establish unit franchises  throughout the territory that sell individual Champion Clean unit  franchises for training unit franchisees, securing cleaning  contracts, and offering support services.

 Every Master Franchise Owner receives extensive initial and  ongoing training, plus a start-up kit that contains a bevy of  valuable marketing tools and guidebooks, including:

  • Full Multimedia Training Videos
  • Operating & Maintenance Manuals
  • Advertising & Promotional Materials
  • Uniform Merchandising Materials
  • Various Business Forms and Corporate Collateral

 The final stage - how hard you work is how big you can build  your own commercial cleaning empire. Champion Clean will be  here to offer you support every step along the way to guide you  to financial freedom and a piece of the $90 billion dollar  commercial cleaning industry pie. How sweet it is!

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