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BrightStar Healthcare is the new face in the healthcare staffing marketplace, providing staffing services to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, government installations as well as to private individuals.

We are dedicated to the goal of providing professional and reliable medical support staffing services to healthcare providers, patients and qualified employment candidates. BrightStar Healthcare is designed with the patient's need for personal care and safety in mind. In a home setting, clients can expect to receive help with all personal hygiene and light housekeeping including; bathing, oral hygiene, changing linens, meal preparation and other personal services.

The Future is Bright

The future is exceptionally bright for the healthcare staffing industry. Between 1995 and 2030, the number of Americans over 65 will double, increasing the demand for home health services and all types of care for the elderly. As the baby boomer population ages, the number of nurses is declining. The need for companies providing quality healthcare staff is already growing at an exponential rate.

Now, BrightStar is expanding to the national level, sharing the success we've achieved with others who want to start a company like this one. BrightStar Healthcare is the only national franchise of its kind, serving the needs of both private and corporate clients, providing both medical and non-medical care. BrightStar's goal is to become the leader in the rapidly growing market of healthcare staffing services. We seek caring, dynamic people to join our team and to help us become the most exceptional company of its kind in the world. In return, we offer a franchise that promises outstanding opportunities for profit and success.

BrightStar Healthcare: Our Mission

We are people who care about people. We support our clients and staff with every means possible. Our success is rooted in our values of compassion, commitment and community. We aim to become the most exceptional health care staffing service in the world.

BrightStar Healthcare is one of the few companies that serves both private clients in their homes as well as corporate entities like hospitals. That means we attract a larger number of clients and higher profits than if we offered staffing only to one group or the other. Unlike most healthcare staffing services, BrightStar also offers insurance, bonuses and vacation pay for its fulltime personnel. That makes us a highly attractive employer to caregivers and medical service providers.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for leaders who care about people. A background in healthcare is not necessary. Technical expertise doesn't always translate to an ability to work with others and to make great things happen. To become a BrightStar Healthcare franchisee, you need a vision for your life, a readiness to learn and a passion to succeed. We'll provide the rest.

The BrightStar Healthcare Advantage:

BrightStar offers several key advantages over comparable business opportunities:

  • The ability to provide both medical and non-medical care in one of the fastest growing markets.
  • Staffing both for private individuals and for corporate clients.
  • Thorough training allowing you to feel confident as you start your own business.
  • The most efficient and effective management software system in the industry. You spend your time focusing on sales and not the paperwork!
  • Outstanding marketing support and an ongoing commitment to helping you increase revenues.
  • Respect for your needs and dreams. We are there to support you every step of the way.

Franchise Training

The initial week of training at our headquarters in Chicago will establish the foundation for your success. This training will help you put your business on the fast track. There will be much to learn, but you will always feel comfortable and in control.

The BrightStar training will exceed your expectations. We know what it takes to succeed because we ourselves are in the business. We will help you avoid many of the pitfalls we faced when we started. "How do I talk to caregivers? How do I recruit clients? How do I work the software?" We'll discuss every aspect of starting a healthcare staffing business. You'll get to apply what you learn in simulations that mimic situations you'll encounter in the field.

Ongoing Franchise Support

Our ongoing franchise support is designed to keep you current. In the early stages of your business, we will help reinforce the techniques and methods you learned in training. This includes:

  • Experienced staff available when you need us
  • A formal mentoring program
  • Conferring with other franchise owners
  • Updated business information on our world-class web site
  • An Internet bulletin board
  • Annual meetings

State-of-the-Art Business System

BrightStar Healthcare includes in its franchise package the Athena Business System, state-of-the-art technology for the healthcare staffing industry unavailable anywhere else. Developed by the founders of BrightStar, the program was created with you, our franchise owners in mind. You handle the selling while the computer handles the paperwork: scheduling, client information, payroll, billing, recruiting, management reporting, competitor tracking and more are all managed by the Athena Business System.

One unique highlight of this system is its staff check-in feature. Caregivers coming to work phone the computer to report their arrival. If the Athena Business System doesn't log a call within ten minutes of a designated start time, an alarm goes out to management to notify you of the problem.

Marketing and Advertising

The BrightStar marketing program is a proven system that is effective and produces results. We will show you how to attract clients to your company and find the staff to fulfill the orders.

Our presentation materials create a positive and professional impression. Employed correctly, they will help you become the most successful healthcare service provider in your community. Our marketing materials break through complexities, presenting information about your business in simple, appealing and understandable terms.

Our national sales program also works to your advantage. We are constantly forming relationships with other companies that will help you achieve more business locally.

Taking the Next Step

If you are excited about achieving financial freedom while you help other people, then you are ready to learn more about BrightStar Healthcare. Connect with us and find out what kind of people we are, what we have achieved and what we can bring to your life.

Become part of the healthcare solution. Brighten your future today!

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