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Boca Tanning Club® has proven itself as the premier tanning salon in the entire industry. We believe in providing the perfect tanning experience by offering perfection in customer service with a highly trained staff, only high end super beds, one-of-a-kind beautiful rainforest decor, up beat club like atmosphere, reasonable prices, effect advertising and America’s only 24 hours tanning salon are just a few of the ingredients that has made us famous. At Boca Tanning Club, we have a fantastic business model and we are looking for qualified partners who really are interested in what we have to offer and want to share our success by join the fastest growing tanning salon franchise in America. Our franchisees enjoy a incredible LIFESTYLE due to the relaxed, streamlined, low maintenance, minimal staff and easy business operation we have created.

Why invest in a tanning Salon?
The service sector is the fastest growing segment of the US economy and the tanning industry has grown to and incredible US$7 billion dollars a year with no signs of slowing down. A tanning salon is a fun business which makes people look and feel better about themselves. Customers come to your salon to get away from their busy lifestyle and leave in a great mood. What business could be better then having fun, making people happy, and a super return on your investment.

What makes Boca Tanning Club stand out from the rest?

  • We are the world's first and only 24 hour tanning salon franchise in America which give our customers extreme flexibility to come into our salons
  • We have a private labeled Boca Tanning Club super bed that is the strongest, most technologically advanced bed in the entire industry which competitors can’t copy or compete with
  • The incredible rainforest décor and club like atmosphere is like-no-other
  • Reasonable, easy-to-understand and effective pricing
  • Boca Tanning Club is a SBA approved Franchise and has many other forms of franchise financing
  • Franchisees benefit from lower tanning bed costs, tanning lotions, supplies, branded products, etc from our vendors due to our tremendous buying power
  • Franchisees receive unparalleled training, marketing, advertising and support from top management and local area representatives who own their own Boca Tanning Club
  • Our experienced Real Estate Team will help research, locate and negotiate the best possible location in your protected territory.

Why NOT some other tanning franchise?
99% of all of the tanning salons in America have level tanning which means they lure customers in on the pricing and/or membership fees of their lower level tanning beds and then try to up sell them on their higher level beds. This tactic often upsets customers, steers customers away and creates a long wait of customers waiting to use the super bed(s). Not at Boca Tanning Club! The Boca Tanning Club set out to drastically change the tanning salon industry and the first and most important step was to offer ONLY Super Beds. This key ingredient to the formula has established BTC as the premier tanning salon leader. Every lay down and stand up bed is a top of the line Super Bed and now Boca Tanning Club has its own private labeled most technologically advanced Tanning Bed in the industry. No other tanning salon in the country can compete with this bed which gives Boca Tanning Club the upper hand. Choosing the right tanning franchise is an important decision and these major issues are often overlooked.

Here are just some of the additional benefits included with your Boca Tanning Club Franchise:

  • A perfected and streamlined business operating system
  • Site Location & Lease Negotiation
  • Layout, Décor, Construction Assistance, Equipment & Product Vendors
  • On ongoing training programs for you and your staff covering tanning memberships, employee certification compliance, sales & marketing techniques, management methods, software, product knowledge, etc
  • An aggressive Marketing and Advertising Program designed to optimize your market (including TV Commercials and Radio Ads)
  • Boca Tanning Club is constantly looking for cutting edge equipment, products and marketing materials to keep Boca Tanning Club at the top of it’s game
  • Sales training and motivational programs for your team members
  • One week hands on corporate training at the headquarters in Florida and one week of training at your store with you and your staff

We have changed the future of the tanning industry so don't miss out on this ground floor opportunity. We are currently franchising nationwide and we look forward to you joining the BTC Team at the start on becoming the premier nationally dominating tanning force. (We are currently offering Single Unit, Multi-Unit and One Per State Area Developer)

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