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High Return On Investment Franchises

As hard as it is to believe, many people who buy into a franchise do it without evaluating the single biggest factor in predicting whether their venture will be a success – High Return on Investment or - ROI.


Passion, hard work, and timing are all important, but without a return significant enough to provide value for these traits, owning a franchise can never be as rewarding, intellectually or financially, as a new owner expects. 


That’s where we come in. Why put everything you have to offer into a business that cannot provide you with sufficient return? The answer is obvious - you shouldn’t. High return for your investment is critical to your future success.


Here’s more:

  • Some of the least “sexy” businesses provide some of the highest ROI.
  • Many of these pedestrian-seeming businesses operate in such a manner as to provide lifestyle benefits such as reduced hours and weekends off.
  • Opportunities are abundant in many parts of the country, making this the right time to get involved.


What Kind Of Franchises Do We Represent?  

  • Blue Stone Business Group focuses on 3 main business segments (Senior Care, Staffing and Cleaning– each of which is very similar in terms of management, structure, and lifestyle.

  • We are affiliated with numerous companies within each of these segments - Each offers unique opportunities for the discerning businessperson.

  • We represent several business models, and they all share a commonality – managing people is the key skill requirement for success.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning One Of These Franchises? 

  • Exceptional Return on Investment

  • Affluent and plentiful clients – senior’s account for over 25% of the population, staffing companies are servicing 25% more companies since 1999.

  • A future – these business segments are growing and expanding in a difficult market.

  • Multiple Income streams.

  • Quick ramp up to profitability

  • Built-in exit strategies. When the time comes to sell, these businesses pencil-out easily.


Why Blue Stone Business Group? 

  • We have created and packaged this group of franchises into an opportunity unlike any other.

  • We are experts in these business segments and focus our efforts on High ROI franchise opportunities.

  • Since we represent multiple companies in each segment, we can help you find the one that is right for you.

  • We never charge you a fee for our services.


So why wait? If you have $85, 000 or more to invest, and are ready to investigate franchise acquisition, a Blue Stone Business Group representative is ready to help you navigate these exciting High Return on Investment opportunities.

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