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A Big Opportunity Awaits

Looking for a new business venture? If explosive growth opportunities interest you, then the new franchise program offered by Big Box Storage Franchising, Inc. might be just for you. By combining the stable, long term growth of the self-storage industry with the higher convenience levels demanded by today's consumers, a portable storage franchise, as offered by Big Box Storage Franchising, makes for the most logical of businesses.

Big Box Storage Franchising, Inc. was founded in an effort to capitalize on the golden opportunities created by the rapidly growing portable storage industry. Via our franchise program, we are focused on expanding our portable storage network of committed entrepreneurs throughout the United States. After reviewing the information herein, should you have further interest in our franchise program, we’ll be delighted to provide you with more insightful details.


Since its inception in the mid-1960‘s, the self-storage industry has grown to become an inherent part of the economic, as well as physical, landscape of the United States. Today, there are well over 25,000 facilities located across the country. Numerous trends have hastened the growth pace of the industry, including:

  • a far more transient society
  • the steady climb in housing costs resulting in smaller homes
  • the corresponding elevated demand for apartments and condominiums
  • society’s insatiable demand to accumulate
  • the industry’s relative resistance to economic downturns
  • a steady increase in small businesses

The self-storage industry is one of the few remaining fields where small, local operators continue to play the dominant role. Generally, they draw clientele from within a four mile radius of their facility—with the average operator enjoying occupancy rates of approximately 90%. Over the last four decades, such occupancy rates have helped to make the self-storage industry an increasingly lucrative investment. While the self-storage industry has been steadily growing since the 1960’s, portable storage has only just begun to enter the mainstream consciousness of America’s storage renters.

The evolution of the self-storage industry has brought about a spin-off industry now known as portable storage. Sometimes also referred to as containerized or mobile storage, our industry allows the consumer to significantly streamline their self-storage experience.
Previously, a storage renter was faced with the burden of renting a truck, loading it, hauling their belongings to a storage facility, and then unloading the truck—all before ever even getting the chance to load the actual storage unit. Today, with portable storage, a container is delivered right to the customer’s home or business. Once they’ve loaded the Big Box, it is retrieved for storing at the company’s secure, indoor facilities where the customer may access it, if so desired.

In a world where higher levels of convenience are increasingly demanded by consumers, it’s simply amazing that the mainstream service of delivering the storage unit to the consumer didn’t arise decades earlier. Customers of Big Box Storage are consistently heaping praise upon the company’s service for itssheer convenience and tremendous value.


  • Using flatbed trucks with portable forklifts mounted to the rear, Big Box Storage
    franchisees are able to efficiently service a steadily growing demand for portable
    storage services.
  • Storage containers, or “Big Boxes,” each measure 8' x 5' x 7' (L x W x H).
    Primarily made of wood, they can each hold up to 2,000 pounds or the contents
    of up to approximately one and a half rooms.
  • One or more Big Boxes are delivered directly to the exterior of client homes and
    businesses where the client can carefully pack it to their exacting standards. Packing supplies are also readily available for purchase by the client.
  • Upon completion of the packing, the franchisee then returns to retrieve the Big Box(es). After the pickup, they are transported to the franchisee’s secure
    storage warehouse.
  • The cliché, “it’s what’s inside that counts,” has never been more relevant. The safeguarding and care of every Big Box is an essential aspect of the franchised business.
  • Clients are able to readily access their Big Box(es) any day of the week by visiting the franchisee’s facility.
  • Once the client reaches the point when storage is no longer needed, the Big Box
    is then re-delivered to them for unloading.
  • Should a client be undertaking a long distance move, their Big Box can be shipped to the Big Box Storage franchisee in their destination city (based on coverage areas).


In addition to offering a stellar idea at exactly the right time, Big Box Storage Franchising stands beside every franchisee every step of the way. To begin, you’ll draw upon the years of industry-related knowledge held by our helpful staff members. We’ll also share our company’s clearly stated values, philosophies, standards, and procedures. And then we’ll go to work helping you with everything from site selection to implementing your marketing.


The Big Box Storage franchise program provides franchisees with tremendous benefits. The program's tools for success include:

  • Brand Name—Our powerful, trademarked brand name will consistently help you in attracting new customers.
  • Site Selection Assistance—Utilizing preferred demographic profiles and market characteristics, we’ll assist you in finding a facility in your local market to house your new business.
  • Exclusive Territories—You’ll receive an exclusive, protected territory for your new business. Most major metropolitan areas are serviced by a single franchisee, with the exception of a handful of the largest markets in the U.S. that are handled by two franchisees.
  • Advertising and Marketing Support—Utilize proven marketing concepts and solutions. Additionally, franchisee co-op advertising will provide you with further brand name recognition.
  • Advertising Materials—Television commercials, radio spots, yellow page ads, direct mail postcards, and billboards are all part of the library of advertising material at your fingertips.
  • Customized Online Portals—Four unique websites, each targeting your local geographic market, will be created solely for your business for the purpose of generating sales leads via online search engines.
  • Corporate Website—Our website provides your prospective clients with a thorough understanding of the service, while also allowing them to schedule actual Big Box deliveries.
  • Software Programs—No need to worry about an IT department as we’ll provide you, via our independent software development firm, with extensive software programs that will assist with every aspect of your daily operations.
  • Collective Buying Power—You’ll enjoy volume discounts on everything from packing supplies, padlocks, boxes, company apparel, and other items.
  • Equipment Acquisition and Leasing—Benefit from established vendor relationships when obtaining trucks, forklifts, and equipment for your business.
  • Comprehensive Training—Utilizing proven methods and approaches, you’ll receive intense training, covering each detail of establishing and operating the business. Training is provided at our company headquarters and also on-site at your facility.
  • Extensive Manuals—The operations manual, and supporting documentation, will act as your blueprint to success, providing you with systems, procedures, and tips to constantly guide you.
  • Communication Tools—While support representatives are always just a phone call away, you’ll also have 24/7 access to our online intranet that offers a franchisee forum, updated manuals section, and news briefings area. Get connected and stay in touch.
  • National Customer Support Center—Our professional, friendly, and knowledgeable staff will ensure that you never miss a sales call (or email, or even an online chat). In addition to sales calls, the support center also handles communication with your existing clientele on matters ranging from accounting questions to scheduling Big Box accesses.
  • Centralized Billing—Our centralized accounting, collections and invoicing staff will ensure that you are supported with professional services you can rely on—giving you more time to grow your business.
  • Inter-franchisee Container Shipments—While your new business is, first and foremost, a storage company, you'll also enjoy revenues derived from long distance, container shipments between yourself and other franchisees. Such service will also broaden your potential customer base significantly.


Qualification to the franchise program is based primarily on the prospective franchisee’s general business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, and available investment. Simply stated, the company is desirous of creating relationships with entities that are as committed to success as the company itself is. As we do not believe that a franchisee should have to compete with other franchisees within the same market, please note that, generally speaking, we are only seeking one franchisee in each major, U.S. metropolitan area.

Join us as we capitalize on the emergence of the portable storage industry, while also maximizing the strong benefits offered by our franchising program. To learn if a franchise is still available in your area, please

Expanding only in the following states:
California; Colorado; Connecticut; District of Columbia; Florida; Georgia; Hawaii; Illinois; Indiana; New York;

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