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We are not a Franchise...you are in Control! No Franchise Fees, Royalties, or Huge Start up Costs


As you know, phone numbers like 1800FLOWERS, 1800CONTACTS, 1800PETMEDS are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.   You will own the exclusive licensing rights to 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES) for an entire city for as little as $12,000 per year, plus a one time setup fee of $4950. 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES) is the ultimate phone number to attract MOTIVATED SELLERS who want cash for their house!!!!

With an ownership program, think of 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES) as an ASSET, that you can build your business around and perhaps someday sell for a HUGE PROFIT!  We are Not a Franchise… you have complete control.  1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES)  just enhances your existing advertising message!

1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES)  makes branding instantaneous.  1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES)  saves you tens of thousands of dollars, as you do not need as much advertising to get the same response.   With 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES), people see your number once and never forget it and that means they never forget YOU!!   


The 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES)  phone system recognizes where the caller is planning to sell a house based on their area and routes the call seamlessly to your phone.

Just tell us what areas you would like and all calls from that area will go directly to you.

You have a password to the phone system that lets you see all of your calls 24/7 and even unblocks, blocked calls.


OWNERSHIP OF THE EXCLUSIVE LICENSE to 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES)  in your territory for house buying.  All calls ring directly to you from consumers planning to sell a property in your area.

INTERNET LEADS: As an exclusive licensee all consumers who go directly to CASHFORHOUSES.com or 1800CASHFORHOUSES.com and fill out a form to sell their house are provided to you EXCLUSIVELY and are FREE .  You can also participate in our pay per click program where WE CAN PUT YOU ON OVER 1000 KEY WORDS AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TOP PLACEMENT.  Our internet program is monitored 24/7 by our staff. No other company provides the exclusive leads and domination that we offer to our 1800CASH-FOR(HOUSES) licensees. 

DELUXE: 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES)  MAGNETS for your car, turning your vehicle into a free moving billboard!.  Look how successful 1-800-GOT-JUNK became by just putting the number on a truck!!

SIGNS: 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES)  YARD SIGNS to place in busy areas.
(Think how much business you lose when people cannot remember your phone number driving by your signs at 30 miles per hour or too lazy to stop and write down your telephone number.)

MARKETING KIT: to get you started. Business cards, flyers, print ads, post cards, custom designed with 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES).

ADVERTISING CONSULTING from DIRECT RESPONSE OF AMERICA, an ad agency with 9 nationally advertised brands!!!  No charge to you to place TV, radio, or billboards.  HUGE advertising SAVINGS with our expertise and buying power.


Vanity Phone Number Effect” It is a fact, when you have an industry defining phone number like 1-800- CASH-FOR(HOUSES) on an advertisement, it can increase the response rate from 30 percent on a print ad to as much as 800 percent on a bus bench, sign, radio or TV ad.

“Advertising Savings” The phone number is so easy to remember, you can run less advertising and get more total response!  Do you need to see an ad for 1800FLOWERS?  You just call it! Save thousands by running short and sweet commercials.

“Spill Over Effect” When hundreds of investors are using the same phone number across the country, you get clients without doing anything!  Somebody sees a 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES)  ad in another territory,, but they want to sell a house in your area, BINGO, your phone rings with a NEW SELLER for no advertising cost to you!

“Pass on Effect” 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES) or CASHFORHOUSES.com is so easy to remember, it allows people to tell others.  It gives you instant credibility and is undeniably impossible to forget.   On a sign, bus bench, TV, radio or print ad, everybody will recognize it, remember it, and repeat it to their family, friends and neighbors.  This will exponentially increase your business!

Unlike subscribing to lead generating services where every dollar you put out is building the lead company’s brand, every dollar you put into 1-800-CASH-FOR(HOUSES) is building YOU, and STILL GENERATING YOU LEADS!  By adding 1-800- CASH-FOR(HOUSES) to your existing ads or new ads YOU ARE BUILDING YOU and BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS!   If you ever decide to sell your business, the phone number and matching .com give it incredibly more value.  Simply put, 1-800-CASHFOR(HOUSES) is an asset, and your EXCLUSIVE licensing contract is saleable, assignable or transferable.

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