Business Financing with IRA/401k-Guidant Financial Business Opportunity

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Business Financing with IRA/401k-Guidant Financial Business Opportunity

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Guidant Financial Group

Invest your IRA or 401(k) funds into a franchise without taxes or penalties and potentially become more profitable – faster! Only $50,000 in retirement funds needed to get started.

Click “Add to Request List” to find out how to finance your future.

In today's complicated economic environment, traditional funding sources have dried up, making it almost impossible to find working or startup capital. An excellent "non-traditional" financing source is an IRA, a 401(k) or other roll-able retirement funds.

You can use retirement funds to:

  • Purchase a new business
  • Purchase inventory
  • Pay employees
  • Use in combination with other loans or financing
  • Use as a down payment to secure SBA, unsecured loans
  • Eliminate the need for debt-financing

Only $50,000 in retirement funds needed to get started.

Join the thousands who have successfully used their retirement funds with Guidant Financial Group. As the recognized leader in the industry, we hold more top honors and have structured more 401(k) small business financing plans than any other provider in the space. Contact us today by clicking, “Add to Request List”.

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