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$675,000 Cash Flow: $350,000
Home Improvement Business for Sale in Central Virginia Recognized Brand in the Central Virginia Area


Light & Raphael is pleased to offer for sale a home improvement firm. This family-owned business has a very strong reputation in the industry and has been in business for over 50 years. It employs a dedicated, experienced workforce with substantial tenure at the firm. The company installs siding, windows, sun rooms, lighting, performs gutter guard installs, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, etc. This is a family business that retails and installs quality products, on time, and at value for money prices. The team works to exacting standards to achieve the perfect finish, giving customers total job satisfaction and peace of mind. The business should qualify for a loan with as little as 10% down at closing.

$575,000 Cash Flow: $283,000
Windows and Siding Company For Sale- Retiring Owners Windows & Siding / Home Improvement For Sale

Olathe, KS

A local window and siding company (not a franchise) seeks to sell their business and retire. The age of retirement is here and they are seeking a buyer to carry on the name. The building can be sold with the business (not included in asking price) for $350,000 with a Real Estate Value of $500,000. The owners wish to move out of the country and are looking to sell quickly with a motivated buyer, but they are not motivated enough to take less than what is being asked for the business. It has provided them a great lifestyle, and many life benefits personally along the way. Perks abound being the owner of a home improvement company- serious inquiries only.

$249,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $75,000
Electric Sign Business with Great Market! Great Location and Profitable Sign Manufacturer

Washoe County, NV

This business has been established since 1992. Long list of great commercial customers with repeat business. If you are a design oriented person and like to work with electronics this may be your perfect business opportunity.

$350,000 Cash Flow: $296,944
SBA Pre Qual-Highly profitable refrig A/C Collier Co SBA Pre-qual. HIGHLY Profitable Collier Co. Refrigeration & HVAC

Naples, FL

SBA PRE QUALIFIED !!!!! This very profitable HVAC & Refrigeration company has been operating for 18 years with high earnings. They have well established accounts throughout Collier County. Approximately 70% is commercial and 30% is residential. It is currently a home based business. Realistically priced for its high earnings. Will pay back investment within 2 years! This business is ready to expand. Equipment and van for 2 crews. Owner willing to stay for extended time to gear the business to the next level. Get into your own business and prosper with this excellent business.

$1,500,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $600,000
Stucco, Brick and Stone Contractor Established Stucco Co. Owner Retiring

Franklin County, OH

Established Stucco Brick and Cultured Stone Contractor. Owner Retiring!! Current Projects on the Books are projected beat the last few record breaking years! Great Opportunity to pick up a very successful and Lucrative Business!! Central Ohio (Franklin, Southern Delaware Counties and surrounding Counties). Some of the fastest growing and strongest Home Building and Commercial Construction Markets in the Midwest!!

$100,000 Cash Flow: $40,000
Hardwood Flooring Contractor Hardwood flooring Contractor

Salem, OR

The company is a well-respected and established hardwood flooring contractor providing quality craftsmanship and service to residential customers in the Salem area for over 25 years. The company is known for providing excellent customer service and support to its customers. The company provides, installs, sands, and finishes virtually every type of hardwood flooring in residential construction. The company specializes primarily in "real" hardwood flooring - unfinished strip flooring that is sanded and finished on-site. The company provides and installs many different species of hardwood for builders as well as individuals, both in new construction as well as in remodels and also sands and refinishes hardwood floors in existing homes. The company is a home based business and will need to be relocated at closing. All equipment, tools, two vehicles, website and domain name owned by the company are included in the sale.

$265,000 Cash Flow: $139,873
Reputable and Profitable Plumbing & Heating Business for Sale A Market Leader with Strong & Established Relationships


This successful plumbing and heating company has carved out a strong market position in northern New Mexico. Their 21-year record of superior service has secured them a blue-chip reputation among the area’s homebuilders and contractors. These referral relationships and an extensive base of loyal, repeat customers account for approximately 85% of their revenues. This is a business that thrives with little paid advertising. With home building increasing in the area, the new owner will take over a profitable and established plumbing business with a strong upside potential. Discover the natural beauty, culture and people that make northern New Mexico the Land of Enchantment.

$600,000 Cash Flow: $218,000
Plumbing Contractor in Central Oregon- New Significant Contract ! Central Oregon Plumbing Contractor

Bend, OR

The company is a full service plumbing and heating contractor serving residential customers throughout central Oregon. The company was established in 2009. The rebranding initiative and the adoption of its tagline has enabled the company to grow substantially in the last two years. The company operates from leased space in Bend Oregon. The company is known for providing excellent service at a fair value to its customers. All vehicles and equipment used in the business are included in the sale. The company was just awarded a significant contract for future work.

$500,000 Cash Flow: $250,000
Seeking a Business Partner/Investor - Concrete/Flatwork Cons Minority and Women-Owned Concrete/Flatwork Construction Company Seeks a Partner

Denver, CO

We are a Minority and Women-Owned Concrete/Flat work Construction Contractor in Colorado that does public and private sector Highway and Roadway Concrete Pavement, Curb and Gutter and Sidewalk work. A True Win/Win Transaction: This is a very unique transaction as compared to a traditional sale of 100% of the business for a given fixed price. The owner is fine to sell 100% of the company and/or stay on for many years to come as she is only 36 years old. However, as you will read, it is likely that a buyer/investor/partner, will seek to NOT buy 100% of the company, but instead, to invest $500,000 into the business to pay down some debts to get the business on a better financial footing, in an effort to bond for larger jobs. This working capital is needed to get the business to $10MM-$15MM in sales next year, with much higher profits. Simply put, we are a $5MM/Yr. concrete contractor who can triple in size immediately and increase profits substantially. The seller is very confident of this growth because she is a 100% women AND minority-owned company. As such, she and the company have a tremendous advantage over a male/non-minority owner. Minority/ women-owned companies are considered disadvantaged and there are many designations certifications such as Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Emerging Small Business (ESB), Minority/ Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE), and Regional Transportation District – Small Business Enterprise (SBE). The seller has all of these invaluable certifications which will allow her and her 49% partner/ co-owner will a much higher percentage of jobs that other contractors and in the process submit a 8%-13% higher bid and still win the contract in most cases. There are NO OTHER WOMEN OR MINORITY CONTRACTORS THAT WE COMPETE AGAINST. This is a tremendous advantage for success. What We Do: Highway and Roadway Concrete Pavement, Curb and Gutter, Sidewalks, Handicap Access Ramps, Concrete Slabs, Parking Lots, Bike and Pedestrian Paths, Bus Pads, Foundations, Earthwork, Concrete Driveway, Concrete Curb Ramps, Remove & Replace Concrete, Concrete Ramps. We have a powerful combination of human, physical resources, and equipment to handle the largest project while maintaining high quality work, even in the smallest details. We work closely with clients, offering them a history of construction experience and we work as a proven team to produce excellent results at top speed. Who We Work For: We provide full site service development throughout the state of Colorado. We have served the greater Denver Metro area as a dependable, professional, on-time, and on-budget concrete contracting service. For over a decade we have successfully developed highways, roads, curb & gutter, and other flat work with City and County, CDOT, Commercial, Industrial, and private customer's jobs. Our mission is to meet and exceed our client's expectations while providing the highest level of service and excellence in the concrete industry. As one of the concrete construction companies in the greater Denver Metro area, we have the staff, equipment and knowledge to internally complete all facets of concrete construction. We provide all elements necessary to complete your concrete project for concrete paving, curb and gutter, sidewalks and much more. This $5MM per year concrete/flat work business has many great things going for it including the following: - In the recent-past the business grossed over $5,000,000 in sales. The seller has gone on record to state that she can have 3-4 X’s the work they now have on the books/under contract. She states that there is all the work she and other concrete contractors want out there. Even for non-women/non-minority contractors, there is more work than we can all handle. BUT, for a women/minority-owned contractor, we could easily do $20,000,000 in work in 2016 IF WE ONLY HAD THE BONDING CAPACITY AND WORKING CAPTIAL TO FINANCE THE WORK.. It takes money to make money. This is what we don’t have. - The business has always been 100% owned by a minority women and holds many invaluable certifications/designations that NONE of its competitors hold. Consequently, the company enjoys tremendous preferential treatment in the competitive bid arena for city, state, and federal public government work. These certifications/designations include: · State of Colorado – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) · City and County of Denver - Small Business Enterprise (SBE) · Emerging Small Business (ESB) · City and County of Denver – Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) · Regional Transportation District – Small Business Enterprise (SBE) - In addition to these coveted designations/certifications, the owner is immediately eligible for the incredible 8(a), WOSB & EDWOSB to secure potentially 10s of millions of dollars in contract work for dozens of defense contractors that work for the army and other military departments. - It took 12 years to obtain all of these certifications/designations - and again, are ONLY AVAILABLE TO A MINORITY/WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS. (Owner must remain at least 51% owner going forward in order to maintain this status.) Simply put, because of its status this company is likely to win the large-majority of bid work it pursues, but most importantly, it can charge often 5%-10%, or more than the next-nearest competitor and still win the bid. This is because city, county and state governments MUST provide a minority or women-owned contractor a certain percentage of these contracts in order to secure free federal government grants federal monies. We are talking about $100s of millions annual budgetary dollars that are given to Colorado each year IF city, county and state government work is given to minority/women-owned contractors. In short, the owner has the deck stacked in her favor as it related to winning practically all the work she can perform and finance. Again, our company can be the highest bid in the "bid-hat" by a margin of 10% or more in some cases, and still win the contract... - We provide full site service development throughout the state of Colorado. Since 2003, we have served the greater Denver Metro area as a dependable and professional on-time and on-budget concrete contracting service and has successfully done business with City and County, CDOT, Commercial, Industrial and private customer’s jobs. During this time we have successfully developed highways, roads, curb and gutter, industrial and commercial sites, local, county and state projects for both private and public customers. Our mission is to meet and exceed our client’s expectations while providing the highest level of service and excellence in the concrete industry. - We hold a 12 year history of flawless performance and the cleanest reputation in concrete construction. We have completed hundreds of jobs with a stellar outcome, never left a job incomplete and have always achieved 100% client satisfaction. We have a perfect safety record with OSHA violations and no Workman's Comp. or insurance claims in the past. - The business already has over $8 million in contracts to perform in the immediate future. - We have $468,000 worth of very efficient and top-of-the-line equipment to perform for construction projects. Well.... of course all of this sounds great... The seller is only 36 years old and loves what she does… Therefore, why would she be selling, especially given the tremendous advantage in bidding government work? Truth be told, the business has a weak balance sheet with low working capital. Simply put, for a variety of reasons (that we will cover in this write up) the seller owes approximately $120,000 in past due payroll taxes. Being behind on payroll taxes has eliminated the seller's ability to obtain credit lines from banks and most importantly she can no longer bond big jobs, which is where the higher-margin/profitable work is. Being a minority women in the concrete construction business, the seller could bid work at a substantial premium and still be likely to win the bid vs. a non-minority male-owner company competing for the same work. (We will cover why this is the case below.) Further, a quick look at a recent balance sheet would show that there is not enough working capital to finance these larger jobs. As stated, with a weak balance sheet you cannot obtain bonding for the larger jobs in the 1- $5 million range, which are far more profitable and less competitive. Colorado, and the entire Rocky Mountain Region is currently experiencing explosive growth in all sectors of its economy, but construction for public and private sector construction has been nothing short of the incredible lately. There are hundreds of large concrete and flat work projects in every area of the state and all sectors. If we had more working capital and were able to bond these larger jobs, the seller is 100% confident that she could obtain $10-$15 million of highly-profitable work in the next 12 months But again, she simply doesn't have to working capital to pay off the back payroll taxes due and have another $200,000-400,0000 to finance the work she can win due to het status. The Deal: The seller seeks a win-win partnership/relationship whereby she can obtain the working capital to pay off about $130,00 in back payroll taxes, as well as another $200,000 - $400,000 in new working capital to strengthen the company balance sheet so she can once again hold the credit-worthiness to re-obtain her bonding status the pursue and perform bigger jobs again. She also seeks a business partner who can work in concert with her to get the company back in shape and drive it forward. It has become clear to the seller, that she has a wealth of knowledge in the concrete/ flatwork industry itself, however, she realizes she is NOT the best “business person” when it comes to managing finances, collecting money and bidding work more aggressively, i.e., with greater profits. This is a $5MM/yr. company that can easily grow to $15MM within 12-18 months, with the right working capital. However, even with a stronger balance sheet, it is too much for her to manage the operations and field and ALSO the business, sales, marketing, HR, collections, and business development. She admits she has no formal business background to run the business-related aspects of a company this size and needs help going forward to get the business on a more profitable footing. In summary, she seeks working capital and working partner that can complement the areas in which she is weak. The reason the balance sheet is weak and the business has NOT been as profitable as it should have: As a business broker who has reviewed this business, it is clear to me that the seller has simply NOT been charging enough (bidding the work with enough profit in it) as she should or can. Being a minority/women-owner contractor, the seller can likely bid work much more aggressively and still get it, thus making more jobs. As they say, “ it costs nothing to raise your prices”. For instance, in 2013 she grossed over $5MM in sales, but netter $23,000. Denver/ Front Range and the entire state of Colorado is going through an explosive construction boon; most-all contraction and construction-related companies are making money hand-over-fist, especially during the past 4-5 years. Things are going absolutely nuts out West. The seller is a “very nice, but is not an aggressive” business" person, to put it mildly. As stated above, having all of the women/minority designations possible, she could charge perhaps 10%-15% more per job and still be confident to get it. During the past 5-6 years she has been forfeiting substantial profits that should be falling to the bottom line. This is another reason she needs a partner – not only for the capital infusion, but more importantly to take over the “business/finance/sales and marketing aspects of the company. The seller does NOT want to sell the company, but needs an aggressive business partner ASAP. The seller is only 36 years old, absolutely loves the industry, and has a wealth of knowledge on how to run jobs, runs crews, and how to get work from city, county and state governments as well as private sector work. She states, “everyone wants us to do work for them”, but we need someone to step-in and take control of all aspects of the “business” so then she can cover the field operations and procuring work due to her and the company's excellent reputation for high-quality work. Safety and Training: Our safety program is a high priority for management and field employees. The mission of our safety program is to ensure that workers at all levels are properly trained in the safest ways to perform their jobs. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated by our commitment to on-going training, a full-time safety direct and quarterly management meetings that stress job site safety. We work closely with our insurance risk managers to complete job site safety audits and evaluations on a regular basis. We maintain a strong focus on safety in every task we perform and this has become an important element that sets us apart from our competition. We provide training for all levels of personnel to meet and exceed OSHA requirements. This begins with our new hire orientation; which involves safety videos, review of the safety manual, and on the job safety training. We require a high level of safety training for all field supervision and provide the tools necessary to complete the jobs safely with the emphasis of preventing accidents and ensuring a safe working environment for all employees. Organization: One of the key elements to the success of the company is strong organization. The company’s organization is built upon the owner, which happens to be the starting component that forms the company’s organizational structure. It is through this structure that we are able to maintain quality service to their clients. The company owner is responsible for overall supervision and direction of the company in all phases of operation. The company takes pride in the work it performs and the clients take pride in the product they receive. This type of interaction allows the firm to build quality relationships with their clients. These relationships help the company maintain steady work and gain future clients. ___________________________________________________________ Please email below or call Paul at 303-382-1900 for a comprehensive sales packet with the past 3 years of financials and tax returns, and a detailed 40 minutes video interview with the owner and a full site walk-through. We can immediately email the sales packet. Type of Work for these Customers: Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Concrete Driveway Concrete Curb Ramps Concrete Pavement Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Concrete Cross pan Remove & Replace Concrete Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Concrete Pavement Median Cover Concrete Pavement Curb & Gutter Median Cover Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Curb Ramps/Truncated Domes Median Cover Remove & Replace Pavement Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Concrete Pavement Concrete Pads Concrete Pavement Concrete Ramps Curb & Gutter Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Foundation/ Footing Pads Handicap Ramps Earthwork Foundations Concrete Slab Curb and Gutter Some Projects Completed: 120th Avenue Connection/Design Build Project Project No.: STA C800-001 Broomfield, Colorado CDOT SH52 Boulder Creek Bridge Project No.: ES4 052A-031 Boulder County, Colorado Park Meadows Drive Reconstruction Project No.: 061-0279 City of Lone Tree I-25/Arapahoe Road Interchange Improvements Project No.: IM 0881-021 Centennial, CO CDOT SH 287 AT LCR 21C Intersection Project No.: SH 2873-152 FT Collins, CO 80th Avenue over US36 Bridge Replacement Project No.: BR M356-022 Adams County, CO Civic Center Station Concrete Denver, CO RTD - East Metro Pavement Repairs Project No.: 39DE001 Aurora, CO Madame CJ Walker Park City & County of Denver of Parks & Recreation Denver, CO Reunion Square Colorado East 103rd Avenue Commerce City, CO ALSCO Denver 5090 Cook Street Denver, CO Our Customers/General Contractors: Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc. 900 West Castleton Road, Suite 220 Castle Rock, CO 80109 SEMA Construction, Inc. 7353 S. Eagle Street Centennial, CO 80112-4223 Aggregate Industries - WCR, Inc. 1707 Cole Blvd, Suite 100 Golden, CO 80401 Structures, Inc. 4 Inverness Court East, Suite 250 Englewood, CO 80112 Mountain Constructors, Inc. P.O. Box 405 Platteville, CO 80651 Structures, Inc. 4 Inverness Court East, Suite 250 Englewood, CO 80112 Regional Transportation District 1560 Broadway, Suite 650 Denver, CO 80202 Quality Paving Company 9700 Alton Way Henderson, CO 80640 American Civil Construction 4901 South Windermere Street Littleton, CO 80120 Rim Rock Construction, LLC 1635 S. 700 E. STE 100 Draper, UT 84020 ARCO/Murray Construction Company One Oakbroo Terrace, Suite 300 Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Cash Flow HVAC Cash Flow HVAC


This is a very nice HVAC company with very strong net income. They are dealers for popular, high quality, and highly regarded boilers and water heaters, air conditioners, thermostats and controls, hydronic heating systems, heat pumps, gas fireplaces, and filters, and they also have a custom sheet metal fabrication shop. They offer heating installation, maintenance & repairs, air conditioning installation, maintenance & repairs, refrigeration services, indoor quality services, commercial services , new construction, retro-fit and offer maintenance programs. The company has become very active in the community providing residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and restaurant equipment service. They are involved in Habitat for Humanity, YMCA/YWCA and the Wheat Growers Association The business has long been recognized as the leader in south-eastern Washington heating and cooling industry. They have received many awards for its sales, service and customer satisfaction. The number of employees vary from four to as many as eight. If you are looking for an HVAC business then don't miss this opportunity.

$244,500 Cash Flow: $170,000
Lucrative franchise opportunity in the asphalt sealcoating industry. Motivated seller. Season starts soon! Do not miss this opportunity!

Milford, NH

Black Dawg SEALCOAT has been at the top of the industry for the past 6 years and continues to flourish. This particular franchise is the largest and most profitable in this region. The current owner has spent the past 6 years building the brand in the Soughegan Valley Region as well as Northern Massachusetts and Worchester county, making Black Dawg a household name. Black Dawg has an amazing support system in their franchisors who provide for all of your advertising, materials, and tech support needs. They even have a fantastic online system to help you keep your business organized and easy to run. The ROI on this company is unprecedented. This is a once in a life-time opportunity. Individual franchise prices available for individual territories.

$899,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $455,000
Commercial Cabinetry Company In North Atlanta For Sale Commercial Cabinetry Company In North Atlanta For Sale


This growing company is a designer, manufacturer and installer of custom commercial cabinetry and associated architectural millwork. Approximately 30% of sales are medical office/hospital related. The remainder of the revenues originates from work on high-end corporate offices, general offices and light industrial installations. The company markets and sells its products to an established customer base of general contractors located throughout the Atlanta and N. Georgia area. The price of the projects can vary between $5,000 and $200,000.

$1,200,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $164,393
Profitable Cabinet Shop great location Profitable Cabinet Shop great location

Panama City Beach, FL

Profitable full-service custom cabinetry shop meeting the needs of the greater Florida panhandle area and beyond. They turn the custom home or office project of your dreams into a reality with the many choices our company offers. In the last ten years their outstanding reputation has allowed them to complete projects for households, businesses, and government establishments making them one of the most well known cabinet companies in the panhandle. Their quality work speaks for itself.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Opportunity East Central Wisconsin HVAC Business

Fond du Lac County, WI

Retiring owner has built a broad based HVAC business serving a three county area. The dealership represents several top names in air conditioning, home heating, geothermal, humidification, commercial boilers, in-floor heating, air filtration, and more. Trained and experienced crew provides top notch service capability. Revenues approached $1.4 million in 2014. The benefits of an acquisition of this business include the following: • Modern 15,200 sq. ft. office and shop facility on .82 acre lot with capacity for additional growth. • An extensive customer list. • Additional revenue streams if paired with an existing, related business. • Strong name recognition and history. • Seller availability to assist with smooth transition to assure no interruption of business. If you are an existing business owner in the residential or commercial HVAC or related industry looking to expand, or an aspiring entrepreneur willing to take a well established business to a higher level, this option is worth exploring. To learn more, please send a statement of interest and your qualifications. Your inquiry will be treated confidentially.

$450,000 Cash Flow: $75,472
Golden Opportunity- Bathroom Remodeling Company in Hartford County Premier Bathroom Remodeling Business For Sale

Hartford County, CT

With over 1 Million in sales, this bathroom design and remodeling service company for sale in Connecticut is a fantastic opportunity. The company installs custom showers, whirlpools, ceramic tile, granite, vanities and counter tops, as well as providing plumbing repairs and services. Their financials show the company is growing quickly. A priority has been maintaining the well-known, excellent reputation in the field. The company is an authorized Kohler dealer. The business and its employees have over 20 years experience remodeling bathrooms. A 2,800 square foot showroom displays a huge selection of products and options to consumers. Although this is a turn-key operation, a new buyer can further grow the business by expanding into kitchen remodeling and/or expanding to a full service plumbing operation.

Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $680,000
Trenchless pipe contractor Chemical root control


This relocatable, rapidly-growing, highly-profitable municipal service firm uses an established, chemical-based process to perform preventative maintenance that saves substantial money for public maintenance budgets. With a limited number of competitors nationwide and a strong reputation for both price and performance, it anticipates continued accelerated growth. It operates from leased space in New York’s Capital District but is EASILY RELOCATABLE given the national scope of its sales. Sales and EBITDO have increased to approximately $1.7MM and $680K respectively.

$195,000 Cash Flow: $98,901
Full Service Remodeling Company For Sale Remodeling Contractor & Handymen Services For Sale


This 11 yr. old full service remodeling company does beautiful work with flooring and kitchen and bath remodeling. The company has a great reputation for quality workmanship throughout the counties of Warren, Lincoln, St. Charles and St. Louis. The staff of artisans are skilled in both indoor and outdoor projects. The company hired and trained additional staff in 2014 and a new owner will benefit from the expanded and highly skilled staff.

Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $400,000
Profitable & Reputable HVAC Contractor & Service Provider 50+ Years of Reliable Service and Repeat Customers

Boulder County, CO

This is a great opportunity to continue the legacy of a company founded over 50 years ago that has a consistent record of growth and profitability during the ups and downs of economic cycles. The company provides heating and air conditioning products, including fabrication/installation of new systems, replacement of HVAC equipment, service and planned maintenance contracts to residential and commercial customers. The company is a leading provider of HVAC services in its market. The company is also one of the only companies providing custom duct design and fabrication of sheet metal in its service area.

$60,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $82,967
Great Decorative Concrete Resurfacing business company Great buseinss opportunity.

Davidson, NC

Well established business in the area with superior customer satisfaction. Owner currently works 20-30 hours per week and is clearing over $1500/ week. Sales have increased every year and will grow even more by increasing hours worked or adding more employees. Great business with few competitors. Has over $32,000 of jobs scheduled through September plus has $1000+ recurring referrals each week. Owner willing to stay on for training and will introduce to suppliers. Owner is leaving money on the table by only working part time. This business would be great as an added service to landscapers / landscape architects. Owner is willing to finance the business for qualified buyers.

$2,900,000 Cash Flow: $696,212
Leading Cabinet Company High end Designer Cabinet Co with $4.5 Million sales 2015

Naples, FL

This 15 year old established trend setting cabinet business is a leader in Naples' kitchen and bath market. Continual annual growth represents the development of the efficient and organized systems and market knowledge the current owners have put into place which can be easily taught. Present annual gross revenue levels trending toward $3,000,000.

$3,200,000 Cash Flow: $1,647,165
Engineering Business – High Profit Margins Repeat Customers

Bergen County, NJ

Civil and Structural Engineering Business with very high profit margins. To supplement their New Jersey staff, they have high quality overseas employees that are able to do labor intensive work at very cost effective salaries. Their employees have been with them for a number of years and are full time dedicated employees. The New Jersey and overseas office functions as a seamless unit. Almost all of their clients are large industrial companies that provide them with repeat business over the course of many years. Their clients pay within 30 days so this provides them with steady cash flow.

$1,050,000 Cash Flow: $336,164
Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing Company For Sale Profitable Heating and Air Condition Company For Sale

Lubbock County, TX

Well established residential and commercial Heating, Air conditioning and Plumbing Company in Lubbock Texas. The company specializes in new and repair service for residential and commercial. The company has developed long-standing customer base with more than a 1000 customers. Revenues have increased each of the last 3 years with 2014 showing the strongest increase.

$599,000 Cash Flow: $246,634
Kitchen Design/Cabinet Sales and Install High growth with lots of potential!


This Kitchen Design Business is very well established in it's market area. The market area is very high growth with lots of potential business. There is a building boom in the area. Numbers presented are annualized 2015 and are indicative of 100% growth over prior year. This company weathered the recession and is bursting with business. Growth is phenomenal. Owner is almost overwhelmed with business at a time when retirement is near. Great opportunity for ambitious younger person. Our website:

$339,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $145,000
Marketing Dominating Industry Leader Industry Leading-Marketing Giant Boss Mud Jacking

Overland, KS

Boss Mud Jacking is a specialty trade, service related business- with massive marketing behind the name and unlimited growth potential; ready to franchise if the new owner wishes to do so. Franchise documentation and readily available markets with marketing already in place is considered in the asking price. The current owner is afforded long trips and breaks. Highly organized with high call volume brings clientele. The need will always be there. This company has massive marketing behind them and a great name. Forward thinking on the front end prompted nationwide placement of websites already seasoned and ready for someone to franchise nationwide if they choose to do so. Over 35 websites, dominating the Mud Jacking market in the Kansas City area- it is a turn key cash flow machine. The unique trade brings high profit margins and costs of operation are less than 30%. Not only is the marketing and staff in place, but the employees are incentivized by a percentage of the gross sales; insulating the owner from loss through built in safety nets on salaries and waste. Each city is heavily marketed and seasoned through Google and leading SEO through in house staff. Key men are able to stay with the business after the sale is complete. The biggest name in the business in Kansas City, wide spread through the entire Midwest and beyond in untapped markets, high margins, great staff, turn key operation makes this an immediate income for the new investor.

$325,000 Cash Flow: $171,000
Full-service home remodel, repair, and maintenance company available f Full-service Handyman/Remodeling Company for Sale

Issaquah, WA

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - The target company is an independently owned local construction company that specializes in residential remodeling, repairs, and maintenance. As a full-service contractor, the company offers a wide range of services to clients including painting, kitchen alterations, carpentry, plumbing, flooring installation and repairs, and bathroom conversions. The target company has knowledgeable, trusted, and respected staff that all have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and a broad range of relevant skills. All technicians are trained to provide exceptional personal service to all customers and are highly skilled professional craftsmen. The company has a commitment to convenience for and communications with customers. The company is poised for consistent growth in the area as the economy recovers and as the need for home repairs maintenance and upgrades increases due to the aging stock of residential homes with the decline of new home construction over the past five years.

$249,000 Cash Flow: $156,764
National Brand Franchise Installing Epoxy Flooring and Storage Commercial and Residential Epoxy Flooring and Storage Systems

El Dorado Hills, CA

This national brand franchise company is a leader in the industry and well known throughout America and Canada. This outfit is established and reputable, covering several counties in Northern California. They perform and install: • industrial and garage floors • pool decks • epoxy floor coatings • concrete repair, cutting, grooving, etching • concrete epoxy and polymerized coatings • storage systems • racks, cabinets, baskets, hooks The products are backed with a lifetime warranty, and there are millions of square feet of product installed over ten years without failure. At super high profit margins of almost 50%, the current owner sees huge growth potential ahead, as much of his territory is yet untouched. Will require a license with the State Contractor's license board to operate this business (either a C-8, C-15 or B). Licensing is possible several ways - ask broker (who is a contractor) how it can be done.

$275,000 Cash Flow: $133,849
Highly Respected Garage Door Company - SBA Lender Pre-Qual. Great Opportunity!

Hillsborough County, FL

Since 1997 this business has specialized in the installation and repair of residential and light commercial garage doors and garage door openers. The business has an outstanding reputation for providing quality service, with about 45% of the business coming from repeat customers. Seller may consider seller financing for a well-qualified buyer. This is a turnkey business; don’t miss out on this opportunity. Interested in learning more? For a complete presentation please contact Tim Bellon at 813-326-7252.

$485,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $35,000
Electrical Contracting Business for sale Electrical Contractor with design/build capabilities

Sacramento, CA

After 38 years of successful Commercial/Industrial Electrical Contracting in and around the Sacramento CA area I've decided to retire. Great opportunity for anyone interested in starting an Electrical Contracting business. Will be selling electrical tools, materials, inventory, equipment, supplies, test equipment, lockable storage containers and office equipment. We have contracted commercial and industrial parks, commercial building, institutions, shopping centers, medical facilities, strip centers, restaurants, tenant improvements etc. many of which were design/build projects, working with an array of professionals and owners.

Cash Flow: $752,000
Profitable Full-Service General Contracting Firm Full-Service General Contracting Firm - Great Growth Potential!


The Company is a full-service general contractor primarily targeting commercial, industrial, multi-family, and institutional market segments. With a superior industry reputation, strong customer relationships, significant backlog, and solid management team, the Company is well-positioned for growth. The Company's design-build services combine architectural engineering and construction services in one contract. The Company takes responsibility for projects using in-house architectural capabilities, and partnering with select engineers to create an optimal design solution. Also, the Company's long-term relationship with sub-contractors, and an earned reputation for prompt payment and fair business practices, has earned the Company competitive pricing for client’s projects. The Company has the experience and is licensed to provide construction services to clients in the medical, retail, corporate and office, hotel, as well as multi-family segments throughout the Southeast. To ensure efficient operations, the Company’s customer database, project management, and sales systems are completely integrated.

$650,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $160,000
Cabinet Remodel & Resurfacing Company Award Winning Cabinet Remodel & Resurfacing Company

Cincinnati, OH

Award winning "Real wood" cabinet remodeling and resurfacing company, filling a very profitable niche segment, resulting in a very profitable opportunity.

$800,000 Cash Flow: $320,000
Very Profitable NC Commercial HVAC Biz serving the regional Southeast. 4 CONSECUTIVE years of INCREASED cash flow!


Experienced technicians and high performing key managers overseeing each segment of the business will enable the buyer to hit the ground rolling in revenue. Current mix is 46% Commercial HVAC, 20% Residential HVAC, 27% Non-HVAC Contractor, and 7% Industrial/Other. Business has been prescreened for an SBA loan for 10 years, $211,000 down payment, with a fixed rate at 6.5% to a qualified buyer. Optional working capital of $140,000 or more also available. Consider the advantages of investing in this business. Trained, tenured employees are already in place. Vendor relationships have been established. Transition training is included. But perhaps most important of all, there is a loyal, established customer base providing a positive cash flow from the new owner's first day of operation. Email Andrew @ for more details.

$800,000 Cash Flow: $156,864
Water Pump Service, Commercial, Industrial, Repair, New Construction Install & Repair Water Systems Agricultural, Poultry, Municipal

Benton County, AR

Lack of water due to unexpected equipment failure can be critical for business owners in the cattle and poultry industry where hundreds and even thousands of dollars can be at stake. It can also be severe for other small business owners that can lose substantial income when finding themselves without water to service their customer base. This pump service company does it all: commercial, industrial, residential, repair and new construction with a special interest in poultry house servicing and installation. Offers a full 24 hour emergency services on most major manufacturers’ pumps.

$180,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $100,000
Distributor of Exterior Metal Cladding for commercial, industrial, government buildings

Loganville, GA

we are a building material supplier receiving contracts via public bids with large General Contractors. 40% of projects are with state or federal government. 30% of projects are with colleges and hospitals. We had established great connection with almost all GCs in the south-east region. The owner of the company is retiring due to health condition. We will be happy to pass on all of the experience and goodwill completely to the new owner. It is rarely a newcomer to this industry since it was too many details to learn. This is a great opportunity that we are willing to teach the new owner all of the details. Great profitability.

Swimming Pool Design/Build Contractor Very Profitable Business


For years this company has provided design/build services for clients seeking high-end custom swimming pools and related amenities. Clients are typically high net worth individuals, custom builders and architects of finer homes. The market area which the company serves boasts a demographic ranked highest or among the highest in the nation relative to growth, income and education. A staff of long tenured employees joins forces with reliable subcontractors, many working exclusively for this company, to deliver an end product that excites and exceed client expectations. It is these finished projects that lead to a long list of referrals and a steady cash flow. Company financials reflect a very successful and sustaining business, far exceeding industry averages in terms of operational efficiency and profitability. The firm has been reviewed and qualified for SBA acquisition financing.

$900,000 Cash Flow: $293,292
Plumbing Service and Repair; Established and Very Profitable Consistently Profitable with Large Customer Base

Orange County, CA

Well known, very profitable plumbing service, repair and installation business generates over $1 million in revenue and has averaged for last three years over $300,000 in cash flow. Full service business is located in an affluent OC area and can handle any plumbing project – large or small; emergency, remodels or new construction. Certified reseller of brand products. Large customer base and referrals generate the majority of business. Branded trucks and facility are easily recognized. Long tenured employees - three plumbers and one office staff. Facility is owned and can be leased or purchased.

$30,000 Cash Flow: $25,000
Concrete Specialty Supply Great Opportunity! Awesome Ecommerce potential!!

Manchester, NH

I would like to sell a retail business that I just started. I am currently involved in too many businesses and need to simplify. This can be a really great business for the right person, most of the leg work is complete to focus on online sales / e-commerce but some more ducks have to be lined up to really hit it out of the park. The store should be open at least during normal business hours, and even early mornings if possible. This is a great opportunity for the right person. I have about 100k invested. If I found the right person to take over, I would really give a great deal. This business can be like a concrete ‘Fastenal’ … the growth potential is there! VERY OPEN MINDED to a partnership with someone who can offer web marketing and website value.. An ECOMMERCE expert!! The store is dedicated to supply products to the decorative concrete market. This includes but is not limited to: Polished concrete / Epoxy coatings / Concrete patios / Vertical cement work. The products for these trades are all types of concrete colorants and stains, diamond tooling, sealers, densifiers, maintenance products, etc. ***What this business needs is money or a credit line for equipment / inventory, and ECOMMERCE expertise for a better all around web presence.

$240,000 Cash Flow: $158,116
Countertop fabricating and installation business Great growth opportunity


This business is a one-stop shop for all of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs. The company offers a wide selection of mosaic tile backsplashes, countertops, and cabinets to suit their customer's unique design style. Plus, refacing your cabinets (as opposed to tearing them out) can save the customer money; often they can save up to half of what they would have paid for a full replacement. In addition, the company's glass countertops and backsplashes contain up to 72% post-consumer recycled content (and include specks of recycled glass bottles, making them glisten beautifully in the sun). The company is dedicated to green remodeling practices.

$269,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $108,000
Middle Tennessee Handyman Business Middle Tennessee Handyman Business since 1996

Nashville, TN

The business activity of the company includes making maintenance repairs and remodeling upgrades to homes in the Nashville, and surrounding areas. They perform plumbing, electrical, painting, drywall, roofing, guttering, carpentry and various other small tasks. They also provide complete bathroom remodeling and complete design and build for small projects including decks and additions.

$950,000 Cash Flow: $302,000
Pool, Spa & patio sales and service Well Established in Fast Growing Kentucky City


For 30 years the staff has been providing pool, spa and patio products and service to Kentucky and neighboring state . Products include above ground and in ground pools sales, installation and service, spas, gas ceramic or pellet grills, and patio furniture. Their selection of services provided include; spring openings and winter closings, custom replacements, pump and filter repairs or replacements, outdoor kitchen and complete living areas, weekly or bi-monthly pool maintenance, commercial pool and spa repair, and much more. In addition, the firm has a well-established retail location stocked with spa and pool chemicals and supplies, plus patio furniture and accessories.

$1,449,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $437,400
Very Profitable Coatings Contractor Available for Acquisition Turnkey Business; Price includes $400,000 Working Capital

Orange County, CA

There are three compelling reasons you should buy this business. The company is a (B2B) licensed coatings contractor specializing in various forms of floor finishes and wall systems. Services include resinous epoxy / urethane flooring, concrete polishing and staining, seamless floor and wall coating, traffic coating, industrial flooring, chemical resistant coating, safety and non-skid coatings and more. Its primary market is manufacturers, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, aerospace, retail / commercial, automotive, transportation and public works. Companies seeking growth by offering related services or regional expansion will find this company a turn-key opportunity. Here’s why – knowledgeable project management, experienced installers, good controls and longevity in the marketplace. The numbers on the business are strong and you won't find any surprises because they have clean books and records without a lot of add-backs and adjustments. When you close, you will start out with a financially strong balance sheet and $740,000 in tangible assets ($300,000 in fixed assets, $42,500 inventory and $400,000 working capital). This means you can buy the company without having to worry about bringing extra money or tapping lines of credit to run the day to day operations. Entrepreneurs with strong business and financial backgrounds should not overlook this company. If you are seeking a good family business with a proven business model, we invite you to contact our office today. Excellent financing is available. And here are the three reasons you should buy this business… • It’s established – and very profitable. • The company has clean books and records (with no surprises). • The owner has a good reason to sell – retirement. For all these reasons and more, I warmly invite you to call me right now at 714-282-7146 and I’ll tell you more about: • How you can own this company and close in the next three months. • Which banks have received information about the company and what they say about financing it. • What you need to do right now to own this business. • and more … Call today to learn more about this established, profitable, family owned company. Key words: B2B, Service, Specialty Contractor, family owned. Presented by | JMR Capital, Inc. | | CA DRE 01815017

Flooring Business for Sale Western North Carolina Flooring Business with 20 year history

Hendersonville, NC

North Carolina is one of the greatest relocation states in the Union and the mountains of North Carolina are a very desirable destination. Relocations and second homes have made this a very vital business over the last 20 years. Owner retiring, but will help in any transition period to new owner.

$199,900 Seller Financing Available
Profitable Contracting and Manufacturing Company Cash In on the Florida Building Boom!

Melbourne, FL

Serving Brevard and Indian River Counties for over 20 years, this company offers brand name garage doors, hurricane shutters and safety screens. Also a leading supplier of electric rolling screens lanai shutters. New and existing structures, huge customer and contractor base. Pre-recession sales in excess of $1 Mill per year and are rapidly returning with the resurgence of construction. Price has been adjusted down accordingly. Invest in this company now, before the price increases.

$495,000 Cash Flow: $177,140
Developed Handyman Franchise Business The owner doesn't do the jobs, they run the business!

Washington County, AR

This business is a well-developed and highly profitable handyman franchise territory that has exclusive marketing rights to Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley including Benton, Washington, Crawford, & Sebastian counties.

Cash Flow: $795,800
Growing, Very Profitable Manufactured Home Dealer Very strong cash flow business - growing!


Award Winning Modular/Manufactured Home and Commercial Coach Dealer with 2 locations. Since 1998, the Company has earned a reputation for quality and customer service that is unparalleled in the modular/manufactured construction industry. Despite the recent recession, the Company has remained profitable. Owner willing to stay on. The company has seen a steady upswing in sales in the last 3 years and continues to grow. As Nevada continues to attract new businesses, the economy is expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace for years to come. According to EDAWN, since Telsa signed on to open its plant in Northern Nevada, an additional 34 companies have signed on which will bring approximately 50,000 new jobs to the area in the next 12 months sparking an immediate need for affordable housing. With that in mind, the company is expected to see consistent growth in the coming years.

$29,990 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $48,765
20-Year Old Busy Cabinet Manufacturing Shop Ready For New Owner Priced for quick sale.

Yolo County, CA

Work is lined up for the next four months. The owner is simply ready to retire. Price includes all equipment.

$1,038,250 Seller Financing Available
Profitable & Growing Manufacturer for Sale in Texas Motivated Seller - Great Business

Bell County, TX

BUSINESS SUMMARY: Fantastic opportunity in a rapidly growing, owner operated business. For more than 20 years this business has been creating custom products for Central Texas homes with unsurpassed quality and service. They provide exceptionally designed and crafted products for home and business needs. Their services include Pre-design Measurements, Design and Build, Delivery & Installation and Follow-up Service & Warranty. This is an owner-operated business. All key staff (with an average of 10 years or more of experience) are reliable, knowledgeable, efficient and take extreme pride in their workmanship. The booming growth in the Central Texas area will continue for many years which will continue to drive revenue and profits. HISTORY: This privately owned and operated business was established in 1995. They have been providing custom products in the Central Texas area since then and have a sterling reputation for their service and quality products. With strong values and a close working relationship with clients, they bring creative, functional design in the finest grade products to homes under construction, remodeling or renovation. CURRENT MARKETING STRATEGY: Word-of-mouth and reputation drives the current business. There has been little or no marketing or advertising efforts as order backlogs exist and revenues are growing as a result of their reputation and referrals from long time builders who know about this shop. OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH: A new owner could expedientially grow the business to take advantage of the exploding market in the Harker Heights, Killeen, Temple, Georgetown, Round Rock areas. *Expand marketing and advertising efforts *Current sales are word-of-mouth and reputation *Opportunity to market the business to builders and the public *Update and utilize website and other media for advertising and visibility.

$350,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $128,000
Well-Established Denver Plumbing Business Pre-Approved for SBA Financing!

Denver, CO

This is your opportunity to acquire a well-established and very profitable plumbing business that was established in 1998 and serves the Denver Metro Area. This business is Pre-approved for SBA financing to a buyer with a master plumber’s license and strong credit. With as little as $60,000 down, this business can be purchased, and even with servicing the loan, the new owner can still a net profit of over $90,000 per year! This plumbing business mainly serves a unique niche in the residential market, and the service the plumbing business provides is much more interesting than general household plumbing repairs. Over 75% of the revenue for this business is derived from annual contracts that have been in place for 10 years. Another excellent benefit of owning this business is that the owner spends about 50% of his time in the office managing jobs and interacting with customers. This a great benefit for a plumber that may be a bit tired of the physical tolls plumbing can take on the body. Business is currently booming and trending towards even higher levels of profitability. The current staff includes a Master Plumber, one Journeyman and also one assistant. The Seller’s day to day duties include going out on jobs as required, but typically about half the day is spent in the office managing jobs and administrative tasks for the business. The sale of the business includes all furniture, fixtures and equipment that has a used-replacement value of $40,000. Notably included are two fully equipped plumbing service vans with laptops and wireless scheduling systems. There is also a $15,000 supply of plumbing parts inventory, both in the shop and on the vehicles that is also included in the purchase price. This business is profitable to the point that a Buyer could enjoy a healthy profit while hiring a Master Plumber to operate the business. This is why this business would be an excellent strategic opportunity for another plumbing company, a Master Plumber, or a different trade altogether that is growth-oriented. If the Buyer plans to also operate the business, they will need to possess a Colorado Master Plumber’s license or be in the process of obtaining one. The Seller is negotiable regarding keeping his Plumber’s License with the company. Another opportunity for growth for this business would be to augment the business with a website and some marketing. Currently the business has no website and has only done word of mouth advertising. Inquire about this plumbing business opportunity today and take advantage of the service contracts that are in place, the niche market served, and the overall longevity of this plumbing business. For full information on this outstanding opportunity, contact Chris Gerard at 303-395-3800.

$545,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $259,106
16 Year Old Residential & Commercial Door & Trim Shop Outstanding Opportunity to Buy a Growth Oriented Business

Tempe, AZ

This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking for a well established business. They provide Doors, Hardware, Molding, Trim, Shelving, and Windows to Residential Builders, and Contractors through out the Valley. The Company has built an Excellent Reputation for Providing Quality Material, Outstanding Customer Service at Competitive Prices. Sales are ahead of last year. The Owner Estimates, based on the first 5 months of Sales, 2015 should exceed $1,500.000 in Gross Sales, and Net Profits should exceed $300,000.

$1,250,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $527,103
Oilfield Dirt Contractor More than 30 MSAs


When you ask this business owner what his company does, it’s a simple response you get back – “if it deals with dirt in the oilfield, then we do it.” There’s a laundry list of services they provide – they build locations and pads for drilling companies, they build roads leading to the locations, they deep burry reserve and frack pits, they maintain pipeline right of ways, and they even have roustabout gangs to provide services after the well is complete. Additionally, they have gotten into the remediation of contaminated dirt, which is becoming a big segment of the industry in Texas. Currently the dirt work accounts for about 80% of the revenue and roustabout is the other 20%. The owner started the business in 2001 and before the recent oil price dip he was running close to 100 employees. The owner isn’t new to the industry and has been through his share of oil price booms and busts, like in 2008 when his business came out of that dip and had its best years ever. He sees 2015 the same way and knows the business will grow back into what it was when the prices go back up, but he was ready to sell before the drop and has not changed his mind. There is a significant opportunity for a buyer to acquire a good company with an outstanding reputation and dozens of MSAs – and to “buy it right,” as the seller says.

$1,200,000 Seller Financing Available
Landscape/Hardscape/Technical Maintenance Money Does Grow on Trees!

Green Bay, WI

Business Description: This profitable landscape company is a niche provider of landscape and maintenance services offered to businesses and high end residential customers throughout Northeast Wisconsin. The firm offers a four season’s approach to creating and maintaining a professionally designed landscaped presence. Utilizing both in-house capabilities and managed subcontractors, the company installs and maintains the grounds surrounding upscale homes, apartment buildings, offices and retail locations. Long term maintenance contracts provide a stable cash flow and replacement sales. A unique commitment to staff training and service standards assures consistent delivery of the company’s products and services. Excellent back office systems support a smooth running, profitable business operation with minimal owner involvement. With a staff of 6 year round plus seasonal employees, the company has a service footprint including the Fox Valley, Green Bay area, Oconto, Marinette and Door County. The 2015 season is in full swing with record sales on the books and excellent profit margins. This is a turnkey business with unlimited opportunity for the right new owner, with a strong brand, great location, well maintained equipment and great staff. Limited seller financing will be considered.

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