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$19,000,000 Cash Flow: $370,883 Seller Financing
Vineyard and Winery West of RockyMtns, 370K earnings, family lifestyle CO Vineyard and Winery, 370K earnings, family lifestyle, Well Established

Delta County, CO

The Vineyard and the Winery are both over 25 years old. It still has the original vines in production. It is located in a prime area for growing grapes for wine making and is an increasingly popular tourist attraction. They have 25 wines and dozens of wine based food products that have won many awards. The formulas and wine making techniques are part of the sale. They did $970K in revenue in 2015 and believe their earnings were over 2014 but have not completed their tax return as of mid-February. They did $948K in revenue for 2014 with earnings of $370,883. They have consistently had revenues just above or below $1MM. They are not trying to grow the business because it is a family run business and they have found a comfortable size. They are estimated to have $750K of current value equipment, intellectual property, fixture, and other small ware. The inventory varies between just over $1MM in the fall and approximately half of that in the off season. The inventory levels vary seasonally. In October of 2015, they had an estimated $1.75MM in current value inventory, equipment, and inventory. The Vineyard(Land) is included in the sales price but will be a separate transaction. The sales price is $1.9MM for both the land and the business including all assets except the inventory which varies by season and will be negotiated. Other important Considerations: You could not start this operation from scratch for less than their sales price. Plus, all of the best land in the best area for growing grapes has already been developed and their area is expected to continue to increasingly grow in popularity. They also have additional space on their land that could have more vines planted or they could buy more grapes to easily grow the size of their operation. They currently sell directly to liquor stores by themselves and a new buyer can use a distributor or rent warehouse space in their main market and hire an outside sales person to increase volume and profits. Location: Western Colorado The broker can't give additional details without the NDA submitted by clicking on and filling out this link: Email or call 303-905-7607 to get hold of Jeff Chapman if you have any questions. ____________________________________________________________ Brief Overview and Selling Points: This will be an asset sale that will include all of the Brands that they use and all assets associated with the facility and the production. The Assets include the inventory which is 5,435 cases of bottled wines including 1/2 of their "Library" and approximately 15,000 gallons of liquid wine in tanks totaling $1,020,987*. The equipment includes 100 wooden barrels, 12 stainless steel barrels, an automated bottling machine worth, 18 large stainless steel fermentation tanks, a press machine that is a classic that can't easily be found anymore, a de-stemmer/crusher, 2013 van, merchandise, office equipment, and a lot of other specialized equipment and tools that you will see in the video walk through of the business worth $646,000. In addition, the intellectual property is included in the sale and they have gotten a professional opinion that it is worth over $100,000 but have valued it at $70,335. The intellectual property includes some very valuable details that can't be identified in this teaser without giving too much away. You can see the Assets in the video walk through of the business which is available after the NDA is filled out in the link above. The total Assets excluding their land/vineyard were estimated to be worth $1.74MM in October of 2015. The inventory varies by season and will be negotiated. The real estate is included in the sales price but it will be a separate transaction. It is estimated to be worth $950K for 6.2Acres with a 7,000 square foot custom building with a 20,000 watt solar array. There is also an area above the vineyard on their property that could be used to build a house for the owner to live in or to expand the production. They are in the best location in the best area in their State and have the original vineyard with the original vines still in production on their property. They will agree to sell the land based on one or more independent appraisals to the buyer of the business only and make an adjustment to the overall price if it needs to be. They produce 25 different wines and dozens of wine based food items. The formulas and techniques that they created to produce their wines will be passed on to the new owner and can easily be replicated. The owners are husband and wife and one of them is the winemaker. The new owner can hire another winemaker inexpensively because several schools have programs now and there is a glut of winemakers with the skills necessary to reproduce the wines as they have in the past. They have a model that works which they can transition to a new owner. Growth: The buyer of this company can increase sales and profitability by increasing the number of vines on their property, buying more grapes/raw juice, doing more marketing, upgrading their distribution etc. They have kept it a comfortable sized operation on purpose. On the video interview with one of the owners, he states that this business could easily double or triple. They found a comfortable size and decided not to expose themselves to the extra cost and pressure of using a distributor because of this. The new owner can change over from self-distribution to hiring salespeople that would work out of a warehouse in the areas that they sell most of their wine or hire a distribution company like most of the other wineries. This is a one of a kind opportunity that is very rare. You can operate the winery yourself which is its own distinct lifestyle or you can hire a winemaker and operations manager and own it remotely. They still operate all 4 tiers of the process themselves: grape growing, production, wholesale, and retail. Marketing: The owners have developed relationships over time and have never done much advertising. They have a website that incorporates sales but have never tried search engine optimization or any social media. The website looks and acts old and dated and they realize that it needs work. They do attend some of the wine festivals but only a fraction of the ones that they should attend. They do benefit from their States Dept. of Agriculture which has a $500K annual budget that is spend 1/3rd on promoting their States wines/wineries, 1/3rd of Research, and 1/3 at their discretion. The Dept. has a full time person dedicated to promoting the industry in their State who also listens to an advisory board made up of local Vineyard and Winery owners. It is a great deal for a Company like this since their area has benefited from being promoted. They also use "natural growing techniques" that include leaf removal, canopy management, re-introduction of grape pomace as fertilizer, minimal natural pest control, measured irrigation, and hand harvesting. They have produced organic and Kosher wines in the past. These could be produced again someday if the new owner wanted to. They also use extensive cold fermentation with native yeast, natural fining and filtration, and exclusively use stainless steel fermentation tanks when most of the industry uses plastic. This is more expensive but makes a big difference in the quality of their product. Most of the newer Wineries use plastic tanks which reduces quality but is much less expensive to buy. Stainless steel tanks which last forever and help to produce the highest quality wines. They also have 2 of the finest employees in the industry that have been with them for the entire time that they have been a winery. The new owner will step into recurring cash flow from solid relationships with individuals and businesses that they have been selling their wines to for years. There are no concentration issues for them. The company’s financials are only basic P & L's that they give to their accountant once a year. A potential buyer will be allowed to discuss their financials with their accountant. They are farmers originally and do not have detailed financials but do have tax returns and all licenses etc. They do keep very detailed records which are mostly in paper form. They have to have meticulous records of everything because they are a regulated business by the ATF. Their numbers are considered at an audited level because of the Federal requirements on monthly bookkeeping. This doesn't mean they create a monthly P & L, just that they know exactly how much of each wine they have and in what form at the end of each month along with a record of where it was sold and to whom. A new owner will only need to apply for a Federal and State Liquor licenses. A limited winery license can be gotten by the new owner(State license). The limited winery license allows them to produce up to 100,000 gallons a year(they currently are around 25,000 gallons). The limited winery license allows up to 5 satellite sales outlets which is unique to this type of license. These satellite outlets can sell wine accessories, food or be a restaurant, and they can sell other local wines in addition to those of their own manufacture. The sellers are fully committed to sell the ‘Assets’ of the business and will help as needed for at least one full year post closing for reasonable salaries. They believe they are the best Winery in their region and have the awards and history to back that up. They are proud of what they have built and want to see it grow and succeed in the future. Plus, Colorado is the best State in the country to own a business. Colorado is THE "#1" fastest growing and strongest economies in the United States, per Money.MSN and Business Insider. This article ranks all 50 states by eight economic measures including GDP growth, housing prices, job creation and exports. ____________________________________________________________ *The inventory can be on the vines, in liquid form fermenting/aging, or in bottles depending on the wine and the time of year. The inventory level also varies by the time of year. Financial Information: Asking: 80% down on $750K for the business, $1.1MM for the property, and a negotiated amount for the inventory. The buyer will take over the balance sheet free and clear of all debts and the seller will keep the Cash and Receivables. Please fill out the attached NDA to be able to talk to Jeff Chapman at 303-905-7607 about your interest in this offering. If you are NOT interested in this business for sale, but you refer someone to us who buys it, we will immediately pay you a referral fee of $2,000. Please send us anyone who you think would be interested in this offering. Sincerely, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle Company Broker Group, LLC. 303-905-7607 Direct 303-284-7025 Main 720-524-6482 Fax This is prepared by Company Broker Group with information provided by the Seller. It was not created by the seller and neither the Broker or the Seller are responsible for its accuracy. Buyers are responsible for their own due diligence. Neither the Broker or the Seller will indemnify or guarantee any forward looking statements or projections. Different Brokerage relationships are available which include Seller agency, buyer agency, or transaction – brokerage. Brokerage disclosure to Buyer or Tenant of Property. Definition of working relationships. Seller's Agent: a seller's agent works solely on behalf of the seller to promote the interests of the seller with the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity. The agent negotiates on behalf of and ask as an advocate for the seller. The seller's agent must disclose to potential buyers all adverse material facts actually known by the seller's agent about the business/property. A separate written listing agreement is required which sets forth the duties and obligations of the broker and the seller. Buyer’s Agent: a buyer’s agent works solely on behalf of the buyer to promote the interests of the buyer with the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity. The agent negotiates on behalf of an accident advocate for the buyer. The buyer’s agent must disclose to all potential sellers all adverse material facts actually known by the buyer’s agent, including the buyer’s financial ability to perform the terms of the transaction. A separate written by a Buyer agreement is required which sets forth the duties and obligations of the broker and the buyer. Transaction broker: the transaction broker assist the buyer or seller or both throughout a real estate transaction by performing terms of any written or oral agreement, fully informing the parties, presenting all offers and assisting parties with any contracts, including the closing of the transaction, without being an agent or advocate for any of the parties. A transaction-broker must use reasonable skill and care and the performance of any oral or written agreement, and must make the same disclosures as agents about all adverse material facts actually known by the transaction – broker concerning the property or a buyer's financial ability to perform the terms of a transaction and whether the buyer intends to occupy the property. No written agreement is required. Company Broker Group, LLC, and Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle will be operating solely as a “Seller Agent” in all transactions.

Cash Flow: $91,720 Seller Financing
Quality Colorado Winery and Vineyard for Sale International Award Winning 20 Year Old Winery with 12.5 acre Vineyard

Olathe, CO

Established in 1994, this Boutique Quality Colorado Winery is located on California Mesa at 5400 ft. altitude and is surrounded on 360 degrees by lovely views of breath taking mountains. Currently, producing 3500 cases and can expand to 10,000 cases without more capital expenditure. Positive Cash Flow. Allowed to have up to 6 Tasting Rooms. Turnkey Operation: Winery licensed to produce up to 100,000 gallons (41,660 +/-cases). Denver Storage and Delivery of 16 products in CO. * 3 Tasting Rooms - Glenwood Springs, Montrose and Olathe. * 65 Wholesale Accounts - appx. 75% of Income * Inventory - appx. 1900 cases. * Work in Process - 2480 gallons ready to bottle. * Optional Vineyards (10 ac.) and Acreage (15 Acres) - Buy Separate. * Wine making and vineyard equipment, lab and supplies. * 100 Oak Barrel capacity - in stock 30 - 70 gal. & 15 - 60 Gal. * SS Steel and Poly Tanks - 10,000 gallons capacity. * All LOGOs, Website, Copyrights, Approved Labels, Commercial Artwork, E-mail List, and much more. Buildings on 2.5 acres: Tri-County Water, Natural Gas & 3Phase Electric * Production Building: 1260 +/- Sq. ft. - 30' X 42" X 12" Steel Building with 10' X 10' Overhead Door, - 2 Steel entry Doors, 8" Concrete Slab Floor with In-Floor Heating, - French Drain, Hot Water Heater and Boiler, - 5 Ton A/C, 3 Ton Chiller with Piping, - 30' X 16' Concrete Crush Deck with small Trailer Dock. * Tasting/Barrel/Storage Building: 3360 +/- Sq. Ft. - 42' X 60' X 16' Steel Building with Build-Outs. 18 Wheeler Dock, - 12' X 12' and 8' X 9' Overhead Doors, 5 Ton F/A Heating and A/C, - 8" Slab with heat, French Drain, Finished Steel with Heavy Insulation, - Tasting Room - 600 sq. ft. with 18' Cherry counter, Cabinets & Cupboards, ceramic Tile Floor. - Upper Storage - 840 sq. ft. - Tast'g Room, Shipping & other Supplies - Warehouse - 42' X40' 16' (26,880 +/- sq. ft.), Barrels & Case Storage 12.5 Vineyard: Automated Drip System - 20 to 30 Acre Capacity - Irrigation - Uncompagre Water Users (Federal) - appx. 1 share per tillable acre, Headgate on property - Vines - 6 Vinifera: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Lemberger, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, and Gewurztraminer - 2 Newly Planted Hybreds - Elk Fenced with gates

$132,500 Cash Flow: $65,000 Seller Financing
Independent West Denver "Fast-Casual" Eatery & Catering Independent Franchise Style Set-Up Without the Franchise Fees!

Golden, CO

This restaurant and catering company is an independent, franchise-style, “fast-casual” restaurant concept. It is located in the middle of a high-growth area of Golden, on West Colfax Avenue, near the Jefferson County Government Center, two new hotels and the newest ½ million square foot Corporate Center Office Park. Its specialty is a unique set of premium soups, salads and sandwiches tailored to a variety of customer dietary needs, a growing category among quick-serve restaurants. This is a year-round restaurant and catering model that works, which can be left alone to grow as an individual entity, or used as a prototype for future expansion. The business leases about 1,200 sq. ft. of shopping center space with an awesome kitchen facility with seating to accommodate 34 patrons. The improvements include a complete package of modern equipment in a smartly designed layout. Golden is a lifestyle-rich community. It has a high per-capita income, award-winning schools and incredible amenities. The lifestyle and company growth options for a new owner are many and varied. This restaurant is currently open only from 11AM to 3PM Mondays through Saturdays, ideally creating a work/life balance for a new owner, while still profitable. The up-side opportunity here is huge. Current sales growth is healthy, but change is creating additional opportunities for a new owner to explore. A complete Offering Summary description of the opportunity and complete financials for this business is available to qualified, registered buyer prospects through the broker.

$175,000 Cash Flow: $60,000 Seller Financing
Exciting Bag-in-Box Beverage Manufacturing w/Service Route Potential, Potential, Potential - Price reduced below asset value


“SAY IT AIN’T SO”. . . A 4-Day work week; A simple business to operate: No alcohol involved: and the potential to increase sales substantially with only a little effort. The business already has an employee/delivery person in place to do most of the hard work and deliveries. Not only that, the business is very reasonably priced at less than one times seller’s discretionary earnings plus equipment and inventory. This long established business provides bag-in-a-box beverage products and equipment setups to restaurants, bars, and food service operations in Southern Colorado. Operating only 4 days a week, this easy to run part-time operation offers syrup products (as well as CO2 canisters for dispensing) delivered on a scheduled route. The products include juices, mixes, cola substitutes and basically anything that can be dispensed through a beverage gun system. Most of the products are easily mixed at the company’s location on a bi-monthly basis and then packaged for delivery. Virtually 100% of the business is repeat clientele. Their pricing and customer service allows them to easily compete with the two major brand cola products. They are able to service large accounts and small accounts that may not meet the minimums required by the national brands.

$1,450,000 Cash Flow: $355,000 Seller Financing
Brew Pub

Denver, CO

Award winning Brew Pub and restaurant for sale. Providing an excellent location to its customers for food and beer this is a rare opportunity! In house brewery produces beer for consumption on site as well as distribution through a supplier to more than 100 bars and liquor stores in Colorado. The brewing facility has the room to grow. Excellent staff in place and a location that is extremely desirable. Buyers will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure and provide financial ability to purchase. Please call or write now to view this outstanding opportunity. Contact: Robert Minor, Business World Brokers, Inc. (970) 704-1100 Although this information is deemed reliable, it is not guaranteed by Business World Brokers, Inc.

Denver's award-winning sweet (& savory) brands with REAL ESTATE

Denver, CO

$900,000+ in assets for $1.1M sales price. One of Denver's premier, fresh-made, sweet and savory restaurant brands. This 8-yr old business is regionally, and nationally known for their "made-from-scratch" sweet, and savory foods. The business comprises a retail "gathering-place," in historic and up-scale neighborhoods. Plus an offset commercial kitchen, opened in 2013 due to growth in same-store sales, as well as custom cakes, wedding cakes, and their thriving catering, mail-order, and food-truck businesses. This gives the business the capacity to feed the growing demand. All with a proven business model, excellent, and well-documented policies and procedures, as well as solid financial-control systems already in place. The Sale includes 1 retail location (leased) and an off-site commercial kitchen (owned and included), as well as a thriving catering and food-truck business that has thousands of followers on Facebook, and 4 stars on Yelp. The asking price is basically equal to the market value of the assets alone! The 2 sellers each work the business about 20 hrs a week.

$1,700,000 Cash Flow: $410,000 Seller Financing
Cash Flow $410K, Food Manufacturing for "Largest" National Food Corp's

Denver, CO

OFF THE MARKET We manufacture for some of the largest regional and national food chains and wholesalers such as: Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Wholefoods, Safeway, Kroger, Dawn Foods, Brookshire Grocery, Alpine, Wegmans Food Markets, Nobel Sysco, Perrone and Sons, and literally 100’s of other who purchase products through our ecommerce site established in 1996. Today we JUST have our “foot in the door” with $1.2MM/yr. in sales with these companies, because these are relationships are relatively new. However, a new owner can immediately increase business volumes with some or all of these companies if we can increase our production capacity. The hard work and risk of starting these relationships is done and we are well-past the “introductory and trial phase” with the nationals, now we have to go out there let them know we can step up our capacity and provide for more of the demand they have. All the risk of failure is long gone. We have the finest caramel product, and the reputation of the newest and best ‘guy on the block’ as a supplier. We only need more capacity.. For Sale - 65 Yr. Old Niche Confectionary (Food) Manufacturing and Distribution Company 2012 Cash Flow was 358,573 2013 Cash Flow was 401,551 2014 Projected Cash Flow at 400,000 The Seller will Assist in the Full Transition to the New Owner: As stated the seller is committed to carry up to 1MM of the total sales price and will do all he can to provide for a smooth and orderly transfer of ownership and long-standing relationships with employees, suppliers and customers. The seller seeks a win-win transaction structure that motivates both the buyer and seller to grow the company going forward. The seller's willingness to carry a great portion of the total sales price speaks volumes about his confidence in the company’s ability to grow fast going forward with a new hands-on owner, preferably in the foodstuffs/confectionary industry. Depending on the buyer, the seller is committed to an earn-out for an amount above 1MM-1.2MM down. We are open to a reasonable structure whereby the more the business grows in the coming years, the more the seller will be paid. The risk would be mutually shared between buyer and seller. For instance, if the gross sales grows by say 5% per year, then the seller would be paid say just another $200,000 over 5 years, but he doesn’t this think will happen. Conversely, if the business grows by say 20% per year over 5 years, then the seller would earn say another $600,000 or another reasonable structure. Please Email today for the comprehensive sales packet, including 3 years of financials and tax returns and a 45 minute long video detailing the shop and full interview with the owner. We have a great sales packet! Or please call 303-382-1900. We are the largest caramel manufacturer and distributor west of the Mississippi, and have without a doubt the highest quality caramel products in the United States. We use the fewest ingredients of any caramel manufacturer we know of and use only the purest highest quality ingredients available in the market. It took us years to figure out how best to manufacture on a large scale basis the highest quality variety of caramel products that we now have. We have everything set to grow to a 5MM/yr. caramel manufacturing company that can distribute products throughout the United States. Only 4-5 years ago we had no regional/national distributors, retailers, or wholesalers to speak of in the caramel manufacturing business. Today we have a whole new ballgame here, with significant and solid relationships with 10 to 15 of the largest regional and national food service retailers, wholesalers, and distributor. The greatest asset being sold here is NOT the equipment; it is the relationships we have forged with these large companies. Companies in the food manufacturing business know how hard it is to get products into these national chains. The seller is confident that a business/sales/marketing-oriented person can take us to the next level quickly. We have an excellent safety history and we have an insurance “Mod Rate” below 1.0, which means we have not 1 safety violation and minimal employee injuries. We have NO disclosure items here. The seller is committed to reside locally and continue to be available as needed to ensure a smooth and orderly transfer of all employee, customer and supplier relationships. It must be clear here that we have an excellent team in the facility which is a 10,000 SF. Please Email today for the comprehensive sales packet, including 3 years of financials and tax returns and a 45 minute long video detailing the shop and full interview with the owner. We have a great sales packet! Or please call 303-382-1900. No sales and Marketing Efforts to speak of: Prior to two years ago, we have done very little to proactivity grow the business over the past 5-10 years. In fact, we have just 1 outside, part-time sales rep representing our products, and she has just been with us for the past 2 years. Also, she just represents us in 1 small geographical area of the US. It would be relatively easy for the new owner to get 2-3 additional regional or national food reps to become familiar with our caramel products and present them to their customers. Food reps REALLY ARE everything in our industry to grow sales. It is simple... get the outside rep excited and in love with your product and it will take off like Starbucks sales!! These food reps, especially the most established ones, hold standing-meetings with key product buyers with large regional and national food chains, wholesalers and distributors. We are now to the point that these renown reps will absolutely take on, and give our products a ringing endorsement. This was NOT the case just 2 years ago. Everything that we have today has occurred by people contacting us because they've heard of our Custom Caramel and Bulk Caramel products. In fact for the first time ever last May we began efforts to proactively build the business and expand our relationships by installing an incredible sales booth at the largest national food industry tradeshow. This provided great exposure for us and really put us "on the map" so industry professionals can learn about our company. We created and amassed an enormous level of contacts. But more tangibly, we forged 4 new relationships with large national companies who have committed to use our products. We are recession proof: We sell the highest-end caramel products in the entire industry. We are high-price and high quality. We do NOT compete with the lower-end candy/confectionary products. In the low and mid-range products, profit margins are thinner, and if demand falls due to another recession, you can lose money or at least have your margins/profits trimmed fast. Conversely, in the high-end market, we consistently enjoy 50%-60% gross profits, and with gross profits like this, coupled with a low overhead structure, we are assured to maintain great profits in good times and bad. Besides, during good times, people have disposable money to spend on our products. However, we have also learned, and all candy-related industry experts have long-known, that in bad times, people always have $5-$10 to spend on a consumer item that makes them “feel good”. Therefore, from an economically-sensitive standpoint, we are considered somewhat “inelastic”. We have a solid 65 year history and have built a solid name and great reputation in our industry, especially over the past 4-5 years with our new caramel lines. As stated above, the Seller will Stay On and fully train and ensure a Full Transition to the New Owner. The final and most critical aspect of this offering is the seller’s commitment to carry most-all of the good will and blue sky of the sales price n this transaction.

$3,200,000 Cash Flow: $1,000,000 Seller Financing
6 Niche Retail Locations, Cash Flow $80K/Month or $960K/Year.

Denver, CO

8 Locations. Just $2,000,000 Down, plus $1,200,000 from the income of the company. For Sale: E-Cig/Vapor Business, 6 Retail Locations in Colorado Cash Flows $100,000-$120,000/MONTH. on $220,000-$240,000/PER MONTH in Sales. We are the largest E-Cigarette company that we know if in the United States. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid nicotine solution in a disposable cartridge and create a vapor that is inhaled. In a sentence, we are NOT a “vice product”; as a point in fact, we are solution to one of the worst vice products in the world today – Cigarettes. As you will see in this sales packet/memorandum, “we are the Largest and Most Established Retailer of this type of E-cigarettes/Vapor product that we know of in the United States”, claims the owner. WE MAY BECOME THE “NEW” MARIJUANA INDUSTRY IN COLORADO. The seller's commitment to carry $1,200,000 speaks volumes about the seller's commitment for a smooth and orderly transfer of all business operations and supplier relationships. It also ensures that the seller is "putting his money where his mouth is" as it relates to his bullish projections going forward. AFTER JUST 24 MONTHS IN OPERATION, our Monthly CASH FLOW is almost $100,000-$120,000/PER MONTH on $200,000-$240,000/PER MONTH in sales. (24 Months ago we didn’t have 1 location or 1$ in sales.) Simply amazing!! Please email or call Paul at 303-382-1900 for a comprehensive sales packet with the past 3 years of company financials and tax returns, and a detailed 30 minutes video interview with the owner and a full site walk-through. We can immediately email the sales packet. We have excellent and comprehensive sales packets/data rooms that we will immediately email you upon receipt of this completed Confidentiality Agreement (CA) in this secure web link Motivated seller will carry 2/3 of the sales price and is committed to stay on and help grow it since part of his earn-out is tied to growth.. . The seller has perfected the business model and retail locations build out and operations. He has taken the company as far as he can at this stage and seeks to have someone else take the company to the next level and build out the rest of Colorado like California was build out over the past 4-5 years for the -CIG/Vapor industry. We are NOT a "Vice" product: If you have a problem with buying a “VICE” company like booze of Marijuana, this is the “opposite” of a vice company. We are NOT part of the cigarette problem; we are part of the solution. Vaping is the fastest-growing ‘anti-vice, anti-smoking’ product in the world today says many of the business articles below. The DEMAND for any product that helps people quit smoking has, and always will be tremendous. As stated above, there was approximately $80BB in cigarette sales worldwide in 2013. The cigarette industry is falling off rapidly. The E-Cig industry has exploded as an effected alternative to smoking and has helped millions of people GET OFF cigarettes permanently. In short, our Vapor product and our “exclusive” vapor-related products are the best in the entire country, bar none, the seller insists. The growth in sales from $0 to $220,000/mo. In just 15 months speaks for itself. Business Model and Continued Denver Retail Build Out: We has added 1 store each of the past 45 days spanning the past 10 months. It’s simple, the very first day that we opened each of the 6 doors, the sales immediately went through roof. EVERY LOCATION is thriving and highly profitable. The seller has a bit of a controlling personality and needs to manage everything like most entrepreneurs with start-ups. Because of this he cannot grow beyond say 2-3 additional locations because there are so many hours in a day, and it is hard when you want to do everything yourself. The seller seeks the right person to take the company to the next level since he has all locations running very well. This transaction is perfect for a PEG, a knowledgeable operator, or a larger company that knows how to take a solid business model and replicate it in other cities, and leveraging the time and talents of others. The owner/seller is NOT the person to take on this next phase. In short, this is perfect for a large PEG that missed out on the Medical/Recreational Marijuana boom that started 3 years ago in the West. We have the Absolutely finest quality Of All E-Cig/Vapor Products and Many Supplier Exclusives in all of Denver: Our supplier relationships alone are worth a fortune to a new owner wanting to expand rapidly. The seller spent enormous amount of time and energy identifying the finest Vapor units and vapor products that are being developed in California, many western states, and all over the world. Today, this company holds between 15 and 20 state-wide and regional exclusives for some of the highly-recognized product's and brands in the entire E-CIG/Vapor industry. He has negotiated aggressively to obtain the lowest pricing available in the industry because of his bulk purchases ($120,000 in June alone), which is of course because of his buying power and retail sales volume. The industry in Colorado and throughout the majority of United States, is in the very beginning stages of development and growth (California is the only well-established state at this point for E-CIG/Vapors.). Of the very few brick-and-mortar retail locations that exist today, they are comprised of small, independent, mom-and-pop shops that we compete with. Because most-all retail competitors that we compete with a are one-off locations, they simply don't have the sales volume and the buying power that we have today with our six locations producing approximately $190,000 a month in sales. Therefore, we have a substantial competitive edge in our wide array of product offerings, and we are also able to maintain the strongest statewide exclusives with fine vapor products with consistent suppliers. To summarize, our supplier exclusives and relatively low product costs are an enormous benefit to the new owner if they seek to expand to 10,15, or even 20 locations over the next 1 to 2 years. We feel we have Biggest name in Vapor and Strongest Branding in the Entire US. To our knowledge we are not aware of another company in the US (including California) that has as many as 6 locations, with the wide array of products like we do. We sell it all: E-liquids, vapor units, starter kits, accessories, batteries, chargers, vapor tanks with every flavor and nicotine strength/level imaginable. We have a website with the most extensive choices with an-easy-to-follow shopping-cart-filling programs for on-line shoppers. POSSIBLE Projections IF the New Owner Continues to Expand. Gross Sales $3,500,000 - $4,000,000 in next 1-2 years: Again, we are just a 24 month old company at this stage and are already grossing up to $10,000-$12,000/day “7 days”/week. That is $10,000-$12,000/day X 30 days/mo. = up to $240,000/mo. X 12 months/year = $2,500,000 - $2,800,000. This is our goal over the next 12 months. And we feel very confident that these numbers can be reached. In terms of cash flow/EBITDA, we hope to cash flow about $140,000/month or $1,500,000/year. At least that what we are cash-flowing now, and everything points to an up-trend as we bring in more steady customers. Disclosure, there are absolutely no guarantees or assurances of to the achievement of these projections. Of course, going forward, eventually each store will hit capacity, or at least a point of diminishing return. Must-Read Industry Articles: business boom across north Alabama (photos) Per.

$10,000,000 Cash Flow: $910,000
Niche Food Manufacturing/Distribution Facility

Englewood, CO

This opportunity has success writen all over it. "The right products for the right market." As described above the proprietary nature of the recipies and production techniques create a competitive edge poised for expansion that has limiless bounds. New Ownership could take this business to the next level with well placed capital and visionary expectations. Inquire and sign a Non-disclosure agreement for additional information and plant inspection.

Cash Flow: $292,000
World-Class Winery


Reasons to acquire one of Colorado’s most respected wineries include its award-winning wines with high brand recognition; a loyal customer base; and an experienced winemaker, sales, and production staff. The winery is located on a pristine, historic property and produces a range of high quality varietals (approximately 11,000 cases annually). Two-thirds of revenue is attributed to the general public (over 13,000 retail customers) and one-third from 250 wholesale accounts consisting of gourmet restaurants, liquor stores, and specialty wine shops. In addition to wine sales, the Company generates revenue from the sale of wine glasses, kitchenware, cookbooks, specialty food items, and gift sets.

Colorado canning and distribution company with well-known product line

Palisade, CO

Business Only. A Colorado canning and distribution company with a well-known product line; perfectly situated in the heart of western Colorado's fruit country. This profitable and proven company offers a delightful combination of good old fashioned agriculture and modern entrepreneurship. The current owners have concocted a delicious variety of canned and dried products from the fruits of their labor. This business has thrived on a local image and phenomenal goods. The inventory is built up from souvenirs and products made from local produce. The company is poised for success with distribution throughout Colorado and major retailers. This business is primed for a new owner to bring additional perspective on growth, including the ability to leverage existing relationships. Make this business grow further with on-line sales and distributions to other markets. Purchase the business with the real estate for $650,000 which includes manufacturing warehouse, store front at Warehouse, 1396 SF 2 Bedroom 1 ¾ Bathroom House, Orchard and lease the downtown retail store. Purchase just the business for $275,000 and lease the orchard, warehouse facility, warehouse store front and downtown retail store

Unique Alcoholic Frozen Pop Opportunity

Englewood, CO

Enter into the liquor business with tested and proven flavors of Alcoholic Frozen Pops. Or broaden your existing market share by appealing to a new purchasing segment. Capitalize with flashy/clever marketing, packaging and POP display. All product development from packaging sourcing, flavor development, equipment sourcing to meeting federal COLA’s included. Distillery access (limited and hard to obtain) holds licenses for production. Also included - existing individual and case packaging. Private label packaging available. Whether you are looking for a new business venture or looking to expand into other horizontal markets, this is an excellent opportunity to jump right in with a proven product line to capture the rapidly growing frozen pop market in the liquor industry.

Vineyard in Colorado

Model, CO

Cabernet! Merlot! Sauvignon Blanc! Riesling! Twelve acres irrigated and fenced producing vineyard on 640 acre estate. Private, quiet and peaceful setting. Spacious 2500 sq ft Hacienda style home with handcrafted doors and woodwork. Vigas and latia ceilings. Completely solar and wind powered w/ backup generator and good water well. Gourmet kitchen and so much more! An Oenophile's dream!