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$150,000 Cash Flow: $6,000
Established Embroidery Marketing Business For Sale Established Embroidery Marketing Business For Sale

Westminster, CO

Selling our established retail embroidery franchise in the Westminster/Broomfield, CO area. Retail storefront location with high visibility, traffic and repeat customer business. Over nine years in operation. Purchase to include everything; equiptment, materials, computers, embroidery machines, software, book of business, inventory... No experience needed. Training and support included. Turn key sale

$66,000 Cash Flow: $20,000 Seller Financing
Full Service Beauty Salon- NO LONGER AVAILABLE Chair Rental Model

Broomfield, CO

This salon operates under a chair rental business model and offers a complete line of hair services as well as nail services, and facial waxing. The salon is fully equipped to operate with a full complement of eight chairs at least 5 - 6 days per week, including 4 shampoo stations, five hooded dryers and a manicure station.

$500,000 Cash Flow: $250,000
Seeking a Business Partner/Investor - Concrete/Flatwork Cons Greatest Opportunity Niche Concrete Biz Seeks an Investor/Partner

Denver, CO

We are a Minority and Women-Owned Concrete/Flat work Construction Contractor in Colorado that does public and private sector Highway and Roadway Concrete Pavement, Curb and Gutter and Sidewalk work. A True Win/Win Transaction: This is a very unique transaction as compared to a traditional sale of 100% of the business for a given fixed price. The owner is fine to sell 100% of the company and/or stay on for many years to come as she is only 36 years old. However, as you will read, it is likely that a buyer/investor/partner, will seek to NOT buy 100% of the company, but instead, to invest $500,000 into the business to pay down some debts to get the business on a better financial footing, in an effort to bond for larger jobs. This working capital is needed to get the business to $10MM-$15MM in sales next year, with much higher profits. Simply put, we are a $5MM/Yr. concrete contractor who can triple in size immediately and increase profits substantially. The seller is very confident of this growth because she is a 100% women AND minority-owned company. As such, she and the company have a tremendous advantage over a male/non-minority owner. Minority/ women-owned companies are considered disadvantaged and there are many designations certifications such as Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Emerging Small Business (ESB), Minority/ Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE), and Regional Transportation District – Small Business Enterprise (SBE). The seller has all of these invaluable certifications which will allow her and her 49% partner/ co-owner will a much higher percentage of jobs that other contractors and in the process submit a 8%-13% higher bid and still win the contract in most cases. There are NO OTHER WOMEN OR MINORITY CONTRACTORS THAT WE COMPETE AGAINST. This is a tremendous advantage for success. What We Do: Highway and Roadway Concrete Pavement, Curb and Gutter, Sidewalks, Handicap Access Ramps, Concrete Slabs, Parking Lots, Bike and Pedestrian Paths, Bus Pads, Foundations, Earthwork, Concrete Driveway, Concrete Curb Ramps, Remove & Replace Concrete, Concrete Ramps. We have a powerful combination of human, physical resources, and equipment to handle the largest project while maintaining high quality work, even in the smallest details. We work closely with clients, offering them a history of construction experience and we work as a proven team to produce excellent results at top speed. Who We Work For: We provide full site service development throughout the state of Colorado. We have served the greater Denver Metro area as a dependable, professional, on-time, and on-budget concrete contracting service. For over a decade we have successfully developed highways, roads, curb & gutter, and other flat work with City and County, CDOT, Commercial, Industrial, and private customer's jobs. Our mission is to meet and exceed our client's expectations while providing the highest level of service and excellence in the concrete industry. As one of the concrete construction companies in the greater Denver Metro area, we have the staff, equipment and knowledge to internally complete all facets of concrete construction. We provide all elements necessary to complete your concrete project for concrete paving, curb and gutter, sidewalks and much more. This $5MM per year concrete/flat work business has many great things going for it including the following: - In the recent-past the business grossed over $5,000,000 in sales. The seller has gone on record to state that she can have 3-4 X’s the work they now have on the books/under contract. She states that there is all the work she and other concrete contractors want out there. Even for non-women/non-minority contractors, there is more work than we can all handle. BUT, for a women/minority-owned contractor, we could easily do $20,000,000 in work in 2016 IF WE ONLY HAD THE BONDING CAPACITY AND WORKING CAPTIAL TO FINANCE THE WORK.. It takes money to make money. This is what we don’t have. - The business has always been 100% owned by a minority women and holds many invaluable certifications/designations that NONE of its competitors hold. Consequently, the company enjoys tremendous preferential treatment in the competitive bid arena for city, state, and federal public government work. These certifications/designations include: · State of Colorado – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) · City and County of Denver - Small Business Enterprise (SBE) · Emerging Small Business (ESB) · City and County of Denver – Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) · Regional Transportation District – Small Business Enterprise (SBE) - In addition to these coveted designations/certifications, the owner is immediately eligible for the incredible 8(a), WOSB & EDWOSB to secure potentially 10s of millions of dollars in contract work for dozens of defense contractors that work for the army and other military departments. - It took 12 years to obtain all of these certifications/designations - and again, are ONLY AVAILABLE TO A MINORITY/WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS. (Owner must remain at least 51% owner going forward in order to maintain this status.) Simply put, because of its status this company is likely to win the large-majority of bid work it pursues, but most importantly, it can charge often 5%-10%, or more than the next-nearest competitor and still win the bid. This is because city, county and state governments MUST provide a minority or women-owned contractor a certain percentage of these contracts in order to secure free federal government grants federal monies. We are talking about $100s of millions annual budgetary dollars that are given to Colorado each year IF city, county and state government work is given to minority/women-owned contractors. In short, the owner has the deck stacked in her favor as it related to winning practically all the work she can perform and finance. Again, our company can be the highest bid in the "bid-hat" by a margin of 10% or more in some cases, and still win the contract... - We provide full site service development throughout the state of Colorado. Since 2003, we have served the greater Denver Metro area as a dependable and professional on-time and on-budget concrete contracting service and has successfully done business with City and County, CDOT, Commercial, Industrial and private customer’s jobs. During this time we have successfully developed highways, roads, curb and gutter, industrial and commercial sites, local, county and state projects for both private and public customers. Our mission is to meet and exceed our client’s expectations while providing the highest level of service and excellence in the concrete industry. - We hold a 12 year history of flawless performance and the cleanest reputation in concrete construction. We have completed hundreds of jobs with a stellar outcome, never left a job incomplete and have always achieved 100% client satisfaction. We have a perfect safety record with OSHA violations and no Workman's Comp. or insurance claims in the past. - The business already has over $8 million in contracts to perform in the immediate future. - We have $468,000 worth of very efficient and top-of-the-line equipment to perform for construction projects. Well.... of course all of this sounds great... The seller is only 36 years old and loves what she does… Therefore, why would she be selling, especially given the tremendous advantage in bidding government work? Truth be told, the business has a weak balance sheet with low working capital. Simply put, for a variety of reasons (that we will cover in this write up) the seller owes approximately $120,000 in past due payroll taxes. Being behind on payroll taxes has eliminated the seller's ability to obtain credit lines from banks and most importantly she can no longer bond big jobs, which is where the higher-margin/profitable work is. Being a minority women in the concrete construction business, the seller could bid work at a substantial premium and still be likely to win the bid vs. a non-minority male-owner company competing for the same work. (We will cover why this is the case below.) Further, a quick look at a recent balance sheet would show that there is not enough working capital to finance these larger jobs. As stated, with a weak balance sheet you cannot obtain bonding for the larger jobs in the 1- $5 million range, which are far more profitable and less competitive. Colorado, and the entire Rocky Mountain Region is currently experiencing explosive growth in all sectors of its economy, but construction for public and private sector construction has been nothing short of the incredible lately. There are hundreds of large concrete and flat work projects in every area of the state and all sectors. If we had more working capital and were able to bond these larger jobs, the seller is 100% confident that she could obtain $10-$15 million of highly-profitable work in the next 12 months But again, she simply doesn't have to working capital to pay off the back payroll taxes due and have another $200,000-400,0000 to finance the work she can win due to het status. The Deal: The seller seeks a win-win partnership/relationship whereby she can obtain the working capital to pay off about $130,00 in back payroll taxes, as well as another $200,000 - $400,000 in new working capital to strengthen the company balance sheet so she can once again hold the credit-worthiness to re-obtain her bonding status the pursue and perform bigger jobs again. She also seeks a business partner who can work in concert with her to get the company back in shape and drive it forward. It has become clear to the seller, that she has a wealth of knowledge in the concrete/ flatwork industry itself, however, she realizes she is NOT the best “business person” when it comes to managing finances, collecting money and bidding work more aggressively, i.e., with greater profits. This is a $5MM/yr. company that can easily grow to $15MM within 12-18 months, with the right working capital. However, even with a stronger balance sheet, it is too much for her to manage the operations and field and ALSO the business, sales, marketing, HR, collections, and business development. She admits she has no formal business background to run the business-related aspects of a company this size and needs help going forward to get the business on a more profitable footing. In summary, she seeks working capital and working partner that can complement the areas in which she is weak. The reason the balance sheet is weak and the business has NOT been as profitable as it should have: As a business broker who has reviewed this business, it is clear to me that the seller has simply NOT been charging enough (bidding the work with enough profit in it) as she should or can. Being a minority/women-owner contractor, the seller can likely bid work much more aggressively and still get it, thus making more jobs. As they say, “ it costs nothing to raise your prices”. For instance, in 2013 she grossed over $5MM in sales, but netter $23,000. Denver/ Front Range and the entire state of Colorado is going through an explosive construction boon; most-all contraction and construction-related companies are making money hand-over-fist, especially during the past 4-5 years. Things are going absolutely nuts out West. The seller is a “very nice, but is not an aggressive” business" person, to put it mildly. As stated above, having all of the women/minority designations possible, she could charge perhaps 10%-15% more per job and still be confident to get it. During the past 5-6 years she has been forfeiting substantial profits that should be falling to the bottom line. This is another reason she needs a partner – not only for the capital infusion, but more importantly to take over the “business/finance/sales and marketing aspects of the company. The seller does NOT want to sell the company, but needs an aggressive business partner ASAP. The seller is only 36 years old, absolutely loves the industry, and has a wealth of knowledge on how to run jobs, runs crews, and how to get work from city, county and state governments as well as private sector work. She states, “everyone wants us to do work for them”, but we need someone to step-in and take control of all aspects of the “business” so then she can cover the field operations and procuring work due to her and the company's excellent reputation for high-quality work. Safety and Training: Our safety program is a high priority for management and field employees. The mission of our safety program is to ensure that workers at all levels are properly trained in the safest ways to perform their jobs. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated by our commitment to on-going training, a full-time safety direct and quarterly management meetings that stress job site safety. We work closely with our insurance risk managers to complete job site safety audits and evaluations on a regular basis. We maintain a strong focus on safety in every task we perform and this has become an important element that sets us apart from our competition. We provide training for all levels of personnel to meet and exceed OSHA requirements. This begins with our new hire orientation; which involves safety videos, review of the safety manual, and on the job safety training. We require a high level of safety training for all field supervision and provide the tools necessary to complete the jobs safely with the emphasis of preventing accidents and ensuring a safe working environment for all employees. Organization: One of the key elements to the success of the company is strong organization. The company’s organization is built upon the owner, which happens to be the starting component that forms the company’s organizational structure. It is through this structure that we are able to maintain quality service to their clients. The company owner is responsible for overall supervision and direction of the company in all phases of operation. The company takes pride in the work it performs and the clients take pride in the product they receive. This type of interaction allows the firm to build quality relationships with their clients. These relationships help the company maintain steady work and gain future clients. ___________________________________________________________ Please email below or call Paul at 303-382-1900 for a comprehensive sales packet with the past 3 years of financials and tax returns, and a detailed 40 minutes video interview with the owner and a full site walk-through. We can immediately email the sales packet. Type of Work for these Customers: Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Concrete Driveway Concrete Curb Ramps Concrete Pavement Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Concrete Cross pan Remove & Replace Concrete Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Concrete Pavement Median Cover Concrete Pavement Curb & Gutter Median Cover Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Curb Ramps/Truncated Domes Median Cover Remove & Replace Pavement Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Concrete Pavement Concrete Pads Concrete Pavement Concrete Ramps Curb & Gutter Curb & Gutter/Sidewalk Foundation/ Footing Pads Handicap Ramps Earthwork Foundations Concrete Slab Curb and Gutter Some Projects Completed: 120th Avenue Connection/Design Build Project Project No.: STA C800-001 Broomfield, Colorado CDOT SH52 Boulder Creek Bridge Project No.: ES4 052A-031 Boulder County, Colorado Park Meadows Drive Reconstruction Project No.: 061-0279 City of Lone Tree I-25/Arapahoe Road Interchange Improvements Project No.: IM 0881-021 Centennial, CO CDOT SH 287 AT LCR 21C Intersection Project No.: SH 2873-152 FT Collins, CO 80th Avenue over US36 Bridge Replacement Project No.: BR M356-022 Adams County, CO Civic Center Station Concrete Denver, CO RTD - East Metro Pavement Repairs Project No.: 39DE001 Aurora, CO Madame CJ Walker Park City & County of Denver of Parks & Recreation Denver, CO Reunion Square Colorado East 103rd Avenue Commerce City, CO ALSCO Denver 5090 Cook Street Denver, CO Our Customers/General Contractors: Edward Kraemer & Sons, Inc. 900 West Castleton Road, Suite 220 Castle Rock, CO 80109 SEMA Construction, Inc. 7353 S. Eagle Street Centennial, CO 80112-4223 Aggregate Industries - WCR, Inc. 1707 Cole Blvd, Suite 100 Golden, CO 80401 Structures, Inc. 4 Inverness Court East, Suite 250 Englewood, CO 80112 Mountain Constructors, Inc. P.O. Box 405 Platteville, CO 80651 Structures, Inc. 4 Inverness Court East, Suite 250 Englewood, CO 80112 Regional Transportation District 1560 Broadway, Suite 650 Denver, CO 80202 Quality Paving Company 9700 Alton Way Henderson, CO 80640 American Civil Construction 4901 South Windermere Street Littleton, CO 80120 Rim Rock Construction, LLC 1635 S. 700 E. STE 100 Draper, UT 84020 ARCO/Murray Construction Company One Oakbroo Terrace, Suite 300 Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Full Service Commercial Kitchen Ready for use on day 1

Broomfield, CO

All appliances, equipment, dishes and utensils included: -8'x8' walk in cooler -8'x8' walk in freezer -Ice Machine -Recently upgraded Ansul system (good for 10 years) -Hobart 30qt mixer -Hobart 2 speed automatic slicer -Convection oven -Regular oven -Grill and stove top -Dish machine -All pots, pans, and serving dishes -Glassware, plates, silverware for 250 people -Multiple colors of tablecloths and cloth napkins

$265,000 Cash Flow: $120,000 Seller Financing
Spa - Turnkey ROI In 1 year . 1500 Clients Awesome Location- High Client Return Rate-Zero Debt-100 Top Reviews

Broomfield, CO

Completely TurnKey Spa with Medical Director on Board specializing in Esthetic services , Laser Hair removal , IPL, Derma planning , Micro Needling , Teeth whitening , Lash extensions , medical grade chemical peels, and waxing . Can easily grow to hair and massage . Vagaro booking Software , Website and Client revenue websites. All Menus , and marketing. Over 100 Excellent Client reviews ! We currently have over 1550 clients in our data base and growing weekly. Over 580 clients the last 6 months , over 720 laser Clients. Booked out currently 6 weeks in advance. Perfect Studios In Sola Salon Spas. Lots of pass through referrals from other studios. Excellent window location for high volume foot & vehicle traffic in The Orchard Mall. Stores immediately next Door Include AT&T , H&M , Victoria Secrets, T-Mobile , AMC Movies Theater & many more.

Denver Area Mediterranean Bar and Grill for Sale at Regional Airpor

Broomfield, CO

Mediterranean Bar and Grill for Sale is located at a busy Denver Regional Airport and caters to business commuters, flight schools, and more! Buy this Bar and Grill for Sale featuring an incredible upstairs patio overlooking the busy runway. Recent renovation to this restaurant was in excess of $100,000 and it is ready and waiting for new owners. Don't miss out on this opportunity offered by the restaurant brokers. The current owners have good books for the two months they have been open and the previous owner can prove sales in excess of $600,000 in past years. Now only open for lunch and dinner, there is a great demand for breakfast at this Bar and Grill for Sale and delivery that could propel the business to new heights for sales and profits. The current owners must return east to see to their other food service operations but can stay on to train the new owners. To get more information and pictures of this exciting restaurant opportunity click on the box below to sign an electronic Confidentiality Agreement or call your Colorado Certified Restaurant Broker, Bob Steinberger at 303-901-4938.

$165,000 Cash Flow: $90,000
Skin Care Spa

Broomfield, CO

This beautiful Skin Care/Facial Spa is tastefully decorated and provides an elite service to over 220 members and clients. Each client is cared for in a clean private room. It is located in a vibrant King Soopers Shopping Center with great visibility, easy access and ample parking. The surrounding community consists of high income families and this is the favorite Skin Care Spa choice for many repeat clients from miles around. The business is very profitable and is being offered for sale at a just reduced price substantially below market value due to the owners relocation out of State.

"New Listing" in Broomfield

Broomfield, CO

Great store for sale in broomfield! 2014 sales are 1,378,000, rent - $5164 27% margin ample parking non anchored recently expanded FOR MORE INFO GO TO: WWW.SINGHCORE.COM

$150,000 Cash Flow: $115,586 Seller Financing
Carpet Cleaning: Residential & Commercial

Thornton, CO

BUSINESS SOLD. 12/31/13 year end Discretionary Earnings are up $20,675 vs. 12/31/12 year end – due to lower labor costs. Predominately services Thornton, Westminster, Arvada and Broomfield areas. Approximately 75% residential, single family home carpet cleaning with approximately 25% commercial cleaning (businesses & property management). About 1500 active customers in the last 3 years with the top 2 customers comprising approximately 8.7% of sales. No apartments or water damage carpet cleaning. Business has had good earnings since the Seller bought the business. Usually no work is done on Saturdays. 2 well maintained vans with powerful truck mounted equipment included with the business.

$125,000 Seller Financing
Auto Repair Franchise - Broomfield County - Be Your Own Boss

Broomfield County, CO

Never before has there been a better time to BE YOUR OWN BOSS in the multi-billion dollar automotive service industry. High margin vehicle maintenance services are steadily increasing as consumers keep their current vehicles in favor of purchasing new vehicles. This leading national franchise opportunity enables you to be an independent business owner, but still have access to the expertise of a firmly established chain. You will have the freedom to BE YOUR OWN BOSS, but benefit from the buying power, marketing programs and expertise that comes with over 40 years of proven success in the auto repair industry. Contact Art Blumenthal, LLC for details on over 500 auto repair business opportunities nationwide. I can help steer you in the right direction and arrange for the best possible deal because of my working relationship with top tier automotive franchise organizations and over thirty years of experience as a former Auto Center franchisee and aftermarket technology executive. There is no charge or obligation for this valuable business advisory service. For further information visit: Email Art Blumenthal or complete the confidential Buyer Registry at to be advised of auto repair business opportunities in your area. Franchise opportunities are subject to and limited by the FDD and any applicable Federal, State, or Local governmental rules, regulations and laws.

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