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$1,100,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $391,000
Trailer Dealer West Rocky Mtns, 5.5M Rev, 391K Adj EBITDA, 625K Assets Colorado Trailer Dealer, $5.5M Rev, $391K Adj EBITDA, $625K Equipment and Invent

Garfield County, CO

Trailer/ATV/Snowmobile Dealer, Growing, $625K of Assets, $5.5M Rev Trailer selling, servicing, customizing, and rental company representing major brands along with snowmobiles and ATV’s The trailing 12 months revenue were $5,518,872 through November 30, 2014 and the adjusted EBITDA was $391K. The 2013 revenues were $4,679,396 with an adjusted EBITDA of $349,353. The business has over $625,000 of current value equipment and inventory that the buyer will get Debt Free! The business has many long-standing customers which has resulted in an increasing percentage of recurring business. This is a “Fun” business to own and has loyal and long term employees that will all stay post-closing including a capable and trustworthy manager capable of running the business himself. Location: West of the Rocky Mountains The sales price is $1,100,000 with at least a $900K down payment at the closing. Recurring revenue always deserves a premium and this company has a lot of recurring business. This can be either a stock or asset sale with either being a net zero debt transfer transaction for the buyer. _________________________________________________________ Brief Overview and Deal Points: This is a truck and trailer sales, customization, and trailer rental business. It specializes in horse stock, combo, utility, cargo, equipment, and pick up flatbed trailers. They are also an Arctic Cat dealer which means snowmobiles in the winter and ATV’s in the summer and offer Line-X spray applied bed liners. The residents in their immediate area are very much the outdoors recreational types. Therefore, whether it is for the needs of a ranch or to carry a boat/ATV/snowmobile for fun, the demand is very high for their products. They have the best selection at the best price in their region. This company already operates at a low cost structure based on its size and location. They can find, customize, rent, or sell anything a buyer would need at competitive pricing with great margins even if they have to custom order it from a factory. Accessories are in big demand in their area and have big markups like truck beds, grille guards, tool boxes, hitches, winches, toppers, etc. The assets included in the sale are estimated to be $250K in merchandise, $71K in trailer inventory which includes used trailers, $150K in parts & accessories, and $175K in equipment and other fixed assets. The less detailed breakdown of this is $471K in inventory and $174K in equipment. This totals $645K and to be more conservative, we are advertising $625K. They represent many of the largest manufactures exclusively for a 250 mile radius and also carry many others that are very popular and are a good fit for their customer base. We Have 6 Main Revenue Areas/Sources: 1) Trailer Sales – The company has exclusive dealership status with many manufacturers and currently has an estimated $1.4MM in new inventory that they don’t own and pay floor plan interest on to have on site to sell to customers. The floor plan interest program allows them to have a large volume of new inventory without having to pay for it until each item is sold. New trailer sales make up about 43% of their overall sales. New trailers sell for between $2,000 and $50,000 and average close to $8,000. They also sell used trailers which makes up about 10% of their revenue. A new owner can increase cash flow by buying more inventory and reducing the amount of floor plan interest that they pay. 2) Trailer Rentals – The company also rents trailers which can sometimes lead to a sale and is a high margin part of their business. They use this to help increase sales also. For example: If they don’t have a trailer in stock that a customer may want or they need time to customize it, they will either allow a customer to use a trailer or rent a trailer to the buyer ensuring the sale and creating customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is only 1% of their revenues and could easily be expanded with advertising. 3) Arctic Cat Sales– They are an Arctic Cat dealer which means ATV’s in the summer and snowmobiles in the Winter which helps them stay profitable in the slower months. Arctic Cat makes up about 11% of their revenue with average sales of around $11,000. 4) Customization – The horse, construction, and especially the oil industry has special requirements that they are uniquely able to fulfill. They are constantly getting orders to customize trailers for specific jobs that their customers need. This is high margin work. The business also owns a Franchisee of Line-X which will transfer with the sale for $8,000 which the owner is willing to split with the buyer. This product brings them new customers but is only currently 1% of revenues. The seller believes a new buyer should consider having a salesperson call or visit all the dealerships, auto supply stores, and service stations to offer this service. 5) Service, Parts, and Accessories - This is where there size really helps them get and hold onto customers. They are the largest trailer dealer in their area and carry the largest supply of parts and merchandise. The company also has several experienced mechanics and counter people that really know their products and how to treat local customers. They can repair and customize trailers, do steel fabrication, hitch and brake installs, pick-up flatbed installs, and install the accessories they sell. Parts and Service make up over 15% of their revenues and accessories another 7% and both have profit margins of at least 40%. 6) Internet Sales – They currently have 19% of their sales coming from out of state buyers that they find by advertising their products through 3rd party websites over the internet. They sold 73 of their 400 total units out of state including 3 in Canada last year. This is another area that a new owner can grow by adding additional landing pages, spending money on search engine optimization, and by contracting with additional 3rd party websites. Keep in mind that their website is not interactive meaning that you can’t actually buy or reserve a trailer or other product online. This could be upgraded in the future. Currently 3rd party websites feed into theirs. The company is 8 years old and has a solid name and reputation. The seller will agree to full Reps(indemnifications) and Warrantees and further guarantee a solid legal and business standing. They also have a great record for safety (OSHA) and no legal battles. They are a member of their Chamber of Commerce, the National Truck Equipment Association, and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau since March of 2007 with an A+ rating. The owner will sign a non-compete. He will offer a full time transition to ensure an successful transfer. A buyer does not need any special skills because he can teach him/her what they will need to know to grow the business. Plus, this business comes with a very capable manager/right hand man that will stay post-closing. The owner does not live where the business is and has grown tired of the two hour commute each way. He has been in the trailer business for over 18 years now. He is 57 and wants a change in lifestyle. He enjoys investing in real estate which he wants to do closer to where he lives and this will also allow him to slow down a little while he is still working. Growth Potential: The company is growing at 22%. The new buyer can expand geographically by taking advantage of their relationships and buying power. The buyer can also increase their market share by adding an outside sales person which makes sense again with their economy improving again. In addition, the new owner could improve their internet presence by adding landing pages, optimizing their website, and by making it interactive so customers can order parts, accessories, order and customize trailers, and schedule service or rentals. The buyer could acquire one or both of the other similar businesses located in their area that would increase the value of them together, create instant cost savings, and increase sales at each location by expanding each of their separate dealer relationships to the new location(s). This also allows for one location to do the detailed customization work etc. to be more efficient, another to sell the larger trucks and trailers, etc. Their main competition is 50 miles away and there is one closer which is mostly RV’s. Neither competitor can carry the exclusive lines that they do based on their exclusive agreements with the manufacturers. The company has 12 employees including 6 sale people including a manager, 5 mechanics, and the owner. The manager is capable of running the business in the owners absence and makes $70,000 a year. The company focuses on a customer centric approach with customer service and satisfaction the main goal. They have knowledgeable and responsive employees that combined with a very large inventory and not much competition gives them an edge. If you divide their total revenues per employee, you get a very impressive $380,000 per employee which is an indication of how efficient the business is. The real estate the business is located on can be leased at the market rate or purchased for $1.8MM which it should easily appraise for. The lease will be $9,000 per month +NNN. The company is located in a beautiful part of the Country. The town is growing with a brand new hospital, high school, hotels, theater, shopping, etc and has maintained the feel of an old west town by preserving it historic downtown area also which includes everything from an old saloon to a wine bar/restaurant with a lot of outdoor activities all around it. There are larger towns nearby which offer more activities and restaurants. Conclusions: The company has great products that are in increasing demand in a beautiful and growing part of the country. The company is already established making it very low risk to a buyer and is growing. The company currently has an excellent manager and employees along with a well-trained back office. This company can grow even faster through expansion or acquisitions. This company comes with over $625K in current value hard assets already owned by the company and dealer exclusivities that would make it very difficult for a competitor to penetrate their market. Plus, The seller’s commitment to carry some of the sales price confirms his confidence in the short and long term performance of the business.

$2,100,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $490,000
CO Trailer Dealer/Rental Co. 4.7M Rev, 490K Adj EBITDA Denver Trailer Dealer, $4.7M Rev, $490K Adj EBITDA, Absentee Ownr

Denver County, CO

Selling for only $200K over the cost of the current value of the Assets. The 2013 adjusted EBITDA was $470,596 on $4,591,674 in revenues. The owner is mostly absentee and there are many ways to grow this business and to add locations. 2014 is ahead of 2013 through October 31st and trending toward $4.8M in Rev and over $500K in adjusted EBITDA. The sales price is $2,100,100 and the buyer gets $1.9MM in Assets including $1.4M in new trailer inventory and an estimated $400K to $500K in equipment including trucks, ATV’s, tools, machinery, forklifts, significant leasehold improvements, office equipment, merchandise, containers which serve as yard storage, and additional equipment that was recently purchased that they have not had time to add to their system(balance sheet). You must send in the NDA to see the video walkthrough of the assets of this business. They are internet and location driven with a long-standing, diversified, and partially recurring customer base. They have a great location that draws walk in business. They add hundreds of new customers every year! Seller’s Quote: “I have always been a builder and started this business to keep busy when the housing market went out of favor and now that the housing market is active again, I am needed more than ever at my construction company. I have never been full time at the trailer business and have spent only 10 hours a week there over the last 2 years as housing was recovering. I can’t pay the attention to the trailer business that it deserves and have fallen behind on advertising, categorizing the parts and equipment, being present for loyal customers, managing the employees, and by taking advantage of growth opportunities. My real interest has always been racing cars and building things.” This is a “Fun” business to own that is growing nicely and the owner has identified several ways to add significant growth including adding a location, better organizing the yard and equipment, and by being more hands on in general which would help the business in many ways. ________________________________________________________ The seller is asking for $900K plus inventory or $2.1MM total. You could not start this business from scratch and be better off under any scenario. He is in a hurry to be able to focus full time on his construction company. He would prefer a stock sale for tax reasons and will be keeping his cash, AR, and AP which are not large balances and transferring the business debt free. Companies that have a high market value to the assets compared to the sales price always deserve a high premium to earnings. Here is the link for the Non-Disclosure Agreement, “NDA”: If it is blue you should be able to click on it, if not please cut and paste that to a URL line and it will give you the NDA which will allow me to automatically send you the Full Sales Package containing a detailed data room with financials and a Comprehensive Video on the entire operation and a full interview with the owner by clicking on the secure web link to the NDA. If you have any questions or comments on the NDA please email me at or call me at 303-382-1926. Thank you. ______________________________________________________ Brief Overview and Deal Points: The buyer will also step into a solid pipeline of recurring revenue which is a direct result of our great locations and operating model. “2014-2015 should be great years with all of the hard work of positioning the company both on the internet and in their region is now done at great expense”, the owner states. In short, the seller is bullish on the short and long-term prospects of the business. They have a great reputation and the seller will agree to full Reps and Warranties to a solid legal and business standing. They have a great record for safety (OSHA) and no legal battles and have a low MOD rate to prove this. This business has grown from virtually nothing to $4.5MM in revenue in 5 years. He can teach the new owner how to do this anywhere if he wants to expand. The owner is happy to sign a non-compete. He is willing to transition the business and wants the buyer to know that there are many qualified people that can help the new owner long after the transition also whom are loyal to the business. In fact, the business will not change on bit the day after the closing. He will be available for longer in an advisory position if the new owner wants him to. They are the largest trailer sales, service, and rental companies in Colorado which allows them to purchase inventory and equipment at the best prices. This helps them to buy the equipment at the lowest prices available anywhere. He has been through 4 managers in the last two years and finally found the one he needed who knows the business, can manage the employees, and is honest. He permanently hired him in June 2014 and is 100% confident in his ability to grow and manage the business. The new manager is already making big changes including letting a couple of employees go and bringing in an another experienced mechanic. The owner is so excited about this that he almost took this off the market. They have great mechanics whom are capable of all the maintenance and customization needs of their trailers. Custom work helps them to generate a lot of extra profitable revenue but the main benefit is the loyalty and gratitude of the customers who keep coming back and sending other new customers. He has just finished reworking the sales department also per the new managers suggestions. The business will transfer debt free. They are, for the most part, a cash/credit card business. They do have some charge accounts, but they have less than a 1% default rate. Theft of their equipment has been non-existent since they installed a sophisticated security system with multiple cameras. The location was purchased by him in 2009. The land is located on one of Colorado’s busiest roads which is 6 lanes across with high visibility. It is surrounded by one of the fastest growing areas in the country. It is 7,000 Square feet with 2500 sq. feet of showroom on 3 acres of property. The property is fenced, well lit, and they still have room for growth. He prefers to sell the property to whoever buys the business at the same time. He will sell it for the appraised value which he believes is between $3.2MM and $3.3MM. Please fill out the NDA to see a video walkthrough of the land and facilities. There is substantial room for improvement in how the land and building is being utilized. A two year lease with a first right of refusal for the buyer is possible also. Growth and Expansion: “The company could grow faster by adding an additional location or by adding an outside salesperson. The model that I have created can be immediately replicated profitably. Most growth plans have inherent risk buy my model works. I know how to penetrate any market using my model which could be expanded nationwide. Trailers have always been popular in Colorado and I came in and took this business from almost nothing to dominating the market in less than 3 years. In addition, we are seeing rental rates increasing and the demand for customization increasing as the economy is gaining momentum. This will allow a new owner to increase rates which I have not done.” ________________________________________________________ Please Call of Email for Information: The broker is available at any time to discuss your interest in this offering and can set up a meeting either in person or by phone with the owner(s). Thank you for your interest. If you are NOT interested in this business for sale, but you refer someone to us who buys it and we collect the full commission, we will immediately pay you a referral fee of $5,000. Please send us anyone (or email this to anyone) who you think would be interested in this offering. Thank you. Sincerely, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle Company Broker Group, LLC. 999 18th St Ste 3000 Denver, CO 80216 303-905-7607 Direct 303-284-7025 Main 720-524-6482 Fax

$1,550,000 Seller Financing Available
OWNER CARRY Auto Dealership In Denver Profitable Main Street Dealership For Sale

Denver, CO

Here is your chance to own a very profitable auto dealership on one of Denver’s Hottest corners! This location focuses on the pre-owned luxury car market and has a fantastic business model that keeps the profits rolling in. Huge traffic counts, great visibility, and easy access makes this location a can’t miss. Average of 80 Cars on lot Business Model Allows for Larger Profits on Each Car Sold Gross Income $4,479,330.98 Net Income $421,372.75

Premium Multi-Line Dealership Business for Sale Come Live the Colorado Lifestyle!


This highly successful dealership offers top selling brands of motorcycles, ATV s, UTV s, snowmobiles, and personal watercraft. It is a longstanding business that is ideally located in the Rocky Mountain region. An extensive line up of new and used inventory offers products for all seasons. Solid opportunity with a diverse demographic and very loyal customer base. New owner will enjoy strong and consistent cash flow. An exceptional chance to experience the magic of the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. Additional financial information upon request. Business for sale by Sam Goldenberg & Associates of Santa Fe New Mexico, Santa Fe's oldest and most successful business brokerage since 1983 and a member of The Sunbelt Network.

Existing AAMCO For sale In Broomfield, Co Join the AAMCO team today!

Broomfield, CO

AAMCO is number one in the transmission repair industry, but it doesn t end with transmissions. AAMCO is well positioned to become the market leader in brakes, tune-ups, air conditioning, and other aftermarket services. Think of it this way: In the $200 billion general automotive repair aftermarket, we have brand recognition in excess of 90 percent. Add to that almost 900 locations nationwide and the most highly skilled technicians in the industry, and we have the tried-and-true recipe for success. -NO AUTOMOTIVE EXPERIENCE NEEDED -Recession Resistant Business -Opportunities for Multi-Unit Growth -Low Inventory/Low Number of Employees -A High Ticket, Specialized Business Franchise Disclaimer This advertisement is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. An offering is made by a prospectus only. American Driveline, 201 Gibraltar Rd, Horsham Pa 19044

$125,000 Seller Financing Available
Econo Lube N' Tune Business in Denver, CO Econo Lube N' Tune & Brakes Business for Sale

Denver, CO

If you are looking to “be your own boss” and love to work with people, this may be the ideal opportunity for you. Econo Lube N’ Tune & Brakes, Inc. offers a complete turn-key program. Automotive experience, although an advantage is not a requirement. We offer long term leases on wonderful stand alone commercial pads. Our buildings are approx. 2800 square feet with drive through bays. We have a great niche market, and provide a fantastic environment for a hands-on owner operator.

$1,800,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $650,000
Cash Cow Used Car Dealership Car Dealership doing $10,000,000/yr. & $600,000/yr. net!!!

Brighton, CO

Used car dealership on over 2.1 acres with a 2,300 sq. ft. sales office that recently had a 1,000 sq. ft. addition built. Dealership will do approx. $9,000,000 in sales in 2014' with an average of 60 cars/month being sold. The price of $1,800,000 includes the business and land and the inventory of cars of approx. $800,000 is not included in the price. What a cash cow with the owner working part-time and clearing $650,000/yr.!!!

$215,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $145,000
Tire Sales & Automotive Repair

Carbondale, CO

$939,000 Cash Flow: $164,349
Cash Cow Foreign Car Repair including Bldg.

Arvada, CO

$125,000 Seller Financing Available
Auto Repair Franchise - Broomfield County - Be Your Own Boss

Broomfield County, CO

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