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Every Bloomin' Thing Floral Premier Florist

Colorado Springs, CO

Very well established flower shop close to a busy intersection surround by residences, businesses, churches, several funeral homes, and several health care facilities. Member of 1-800-Flowers as a premier florist of which there is only one other premier florist in the city and surrounding area. Also member of FTD. We have a very well established customer base which includes some of the following: Churches, Schools, construction company, and other small businesses.

$1,500,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $850,000
6 E-Cig/Vapor Retial Locations in Denver, Cash Flows $750K on $2.2MM 2014 Cash Flow Projected at $750K $2.2MM in Sales. The Cigarette is "dead" - Vap

Denver County, CO

For Sale: E-Cig/Vapor Business, 6 Retail Locations in Colorado. Cash Flows $750K on $2.2MM in Sales. We are an E-Cigarette company. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid nicotine solution in a disposable cartridge and create a vapor that is inhaled. In a sentence, we are NOT a “vice product”; as a point in fact, we are solution to one of the worst vice products in the world today – Cigarettes. As you will see in this sales packet/memorandum, “we are the Largest and Most Established Retailer of this type of E-cigarettes/Vapor product that we know of in the United States”, claims the owner. WE MAY BECOME THE “NEW” MARAJUANA INDUSTRY IN COLROADO. Sales Price: $1,500,000 down, plus another $1,000,000 in a Promissory Note to be paid over 5 years. This speaks volumes about the seller's commitment for a smooth and orderly transfer of all business operations and supplier relationships. It also ensures that the seller is "putting his money where his mouth is" as it relates to his bullish projections going forward. We are the ”Starbucks” of the E-Cig/Vapor Industry. Our 6 Retail Locations all have the same warm and class as any Starbucks location. That says it all. Historically the E-Cig industry has been fragmented with 1-2 store locations and look like pawn shops or classless smoke shops in quality. We serve the higher-end echelon of smokers who seek to quit. Simply put, we have the largest chain (6 locations), finest image/branding, and products in the entire West, claims the seller. The retail locations are A+ looking. This product and industry overall is VERY similar to the Marijuana industry in the west and is growing faster. The demand is just starting and it may be what Marijuana was just 3 years ago in the West. AFTER JUST 12 MONTHS IN OPERATION, our Monthly CASH FLOW is $70,000-$80,000 on $180,000 in sales. (12 Months ago we didn’t have 1 location or 1$ in sales.) Simply amazing!! Please email or call Paul at 303-382-1900 for a comprehensive sales packet with the past 3 years of company financials and tax returns, and a detailed 30 minutes video interview with the owner and a full site walk-through. We can immediately email the sales packet. We have excellent and comprehensive sales packets/data rooms that we will immediately email you upon receipt of this completed Confidentiality Agreement (CA) in this secure web link We are NOT a "Vice" product: If you have a problem with buying a “VICE” company like booze of Marijuana, this is the “opposite” of a vice company. We are NOT part of the cigarette problem; we are part of the solution. Vaping is the fastest-growing ‘anti-vice, anti-smoking’ product in the world today says many of the business articles below. The DEMAND for any product that helps people quit smoking has, and always will be tremendous. As stated above, there was approximately $80BB in cigarette sales worldwide in 2013. The cigarette industry is falling off rapidly. The E-Cig industry has exploded as an effected alternative to smoking and has helped millions of people GET OFF cigarettes permanently. In short, our Vapor product and our “exclusive” vapor-related products are the best in the entire country, bar none, the seller insists. The growth in sales from $0 to $220,000/mo. In just 10 months speaks for itself. Business Model and Continued Denver Retail Build Out: We has added 1 store each of the past 45 days spanning the past 10 months. It’s simple, the very first day that we opened each of the 6 doors, the sales immediately went through roof. EVERY LOCATION is thriving and highly profitable. The seller has a bit of a controlling personality and needs to manage everything like most entrepreneurs with start-ups. Because of this he cannot grow beyond say 2-3 additional locations because there are so many hours in a day, and it is hard when you want to do everything yourself. The seller seeks the right person to take the company to the next level since he has all locations running very well. This transaction is perfect for a PEG, a knowledgeable operator, or a larger company that knows how to take a solid business model and replicate it in other cities, and leveraging the time and talents of others. The owner/seller is NOT the person to take on this next phase. In short, this is perfect for a large PEG that missed out on the Medical/Recreational Marijuana boom that started 3 years ago in the West. We have the Absolutely finest quality Of All E-Cig/Vapor Products and Many Supplier Exclusives in all of Denver: Our supplier relationships alone are worth a fortune to a new owner wanting to expand rapidly. The seller spent enormous amount of time and energy identifying the finest Vapor units and vapor products that are being developed in California, many western states, and all over the world. Today, this company holds between 15 and 20 state-wide and regional exclusives for some of the highly-recognized product's and brands in the entire E-CIG/Vapor industry. He has negotiated aggressively to obtain the lowest pricing available in the industry because of his bulk purchases ($120,000 in March alone), which is of course because of his buying power and retail sales volume. The industry in Colorado and throughout the majority of United States, is in the very beginning stages of development and growth (California is the only well-established state at this point for E-CIG/Vapors.). Of the very few brick-and-mortar retail locations that exist today, they are comprised of small, independent, mom-and-pop shops that we compete with. Because most-all retail competitors that we compete with a are one-off locations, they simply don't have the sales volume and the buying power that we have today with our six locations producing approximately $180,000 a month in sales. Therefore, we have a substantial competitive edge in our wide array of product offerings, and we are also able to maintain the strongest statewide exclusives with fine vapor products with consistent suppliers. To summarize, our supplier exclusives and relatively low product costs are an enormous benefit to the new owner if they seek to expand to 10, 15, or even 20 locations over the next 1 to 2 years. Per website: Booming electronic cigarette sales in the U.S. will more than double this year, hitting $1.7 billion, a top tobacco analyst predicts. Analyst Bonnie Herzog of Wells Fargo Securities said "conservative data" already indicates that sales of e-cigarettes this year have already reached $700 million from traditional retail outlets like convenience stores. Throw in estimated online sales of $500 million to $625 million and total year-to-date sales are above $1 billion. The pace will only pick up this fall. "We estimate that it will be $1.7 billion by the end of the year," Herzog said. Although Herzog has been bullish on e-cigarettes, she said she was "surprised to some extent" by how fast sales have grown.

$150,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $73,574
#235 Franchise 500 - Profitable Fitness Club Membership Based Fitness Club

Northglenn, CO

Founded in 2008 our fitness club is the highest ranked franchise in our Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 category. With a growing roster of over 150 US locations and a flexible membership program that allows the member to work out at any location, you can’t beat the convenience and effectiveness of our fitness club. We offer explosive total body workouts include group fitness classes that help burn up to 1,000 calories in just one hour. No matter the current fitness levels and aspirations of the member, our fitness classes can help the member to achieve their goals. The trainers at our fitness club are here to work with members of all fitness levels. We want to see the members succeed and push themselves harder than they think they can. The fitness club has three revenue streams: memberships, personal training, and clothing & apparel. The current franchise owner is involved in another franchise concept and has not had the time to devote to this business unit. The business unit is currently profitable and poised for explosive net revenue growth as no incremental costs are associated with additional memberships above the break-even point. Long term lease in effect. Seven (7) additional northern Denver metropolitan area territories are also for sale.

$175,000 Cash Flow: $68,155
Don’t miss liquor store opportunity - price just reduced! Don’t miss liquor store opportunity - price just reduced!

Colorado Springs, CO

Outstanding location in North East Colorado Springs! The location has excellent visibility along a major corridor. You will be taking ownership of a very well managed store. The store is clean and bright and well stocked. The neighborhoods around the store bring a clientele with higher discretionary dollars to spend. The store is stocked with a large variety of micro-craft beer, wines and liquors. The store has been serving its loyal clientele for ten plus years. The location has excellent visibility along a major corridor.

Huge liquor store in the heart of a shopping center!! liquor store

Broomfield County, CO

Great liquor store in the heart of a shopping center. Very organized and well maintained. Lots of room for storage. And it has an establish clientele.

$169,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $79,684
Denver's Nicest Personal Training Studio! Double The Profit by Adding Memberships

Denver, CO

Great opportunity to own and operate one of the nicest Fitness Studios in the nation. This highly popular Personal Training club opened in 2010 and has built a loyal clientele base of over 110 active clients that pay between $300-$800 per month for training and nutritional services. The club offers one on one, small group training, boot camp classes, massage therapy and nutritional services. The business has many client testimonials, an excellent website and is consistently featured in the local media. The club is immaculate from the design to the spa-like finish-out to the state of the art equipment which over $289k was invested. The Owner has an opportunity that involves travel so he is willing to let the business go for $169k. Seller financing is available for the right buyer. If you want to be in the fitness business and you desire to live and work in the Denver area then here is your chance! Huge opportunity to double profits and convert the business to a membership model and sell executive memberships. Currently, only personal training clients are allowed access.

$900,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $470,956
CO's largest trailer dealer/rental Co. 4.5M Rev, 470K in Adj EBITDA CO trailer dealer priced at under 2X $470K in Adjusted EBITDA, over $400K in Cur

Denver County, CO

Selling for less than 2 times earnings and you get over $400K in current value equipment! The 2013 adjusted EBITDA was $470,596 on $4,591,674 in revenues. The owner is mostly absentee and there are many ways to grow this business and to add locations. The sales price is $900K and the buyer gets $400 to $500K in equipment including trucks, ATV’s, trailers, tools, machinery, forklifts, significant leasehold improvements, office equipment, merchandise, containers which serve as yard storage, and additional equipment that was recently purchased that they have not had time to add to their system(balance sheet). You must send in the NDA to see the video walkthrough of the assets of this business. The inventory is extra and can be bought at the sellers cost for the new dealer inventory that is there and a discount on all parts and used inventory which totals well over $1.4MM. He will liquidate whatever inventory you don’t want before the closing. They are internet and location driven with a long-standing, diversified, and partially recurring customer base. They have a great location that draws walk in business. They add hundreds of new customers every year! Seller’s Quote: “I have always been a builder and started this business to keep busy when the housing market went out of favor and now that the housing market is active again, I am needed more than ever at my construction company. I have never been full time at the trailer business and have spent only 10 hours a week there over the last 2 years as housing was recovering. I can’t pay the attention to the trailer business that it deserves and have fallen behind on advertising, categorizing the parts and equipment, being present for loyal customers, managing the employees, and by taking advantage of growth opportunities. My real interest has always been racing cars and building things.” This is a “Fun” business to own that is growing nicely and the owner has identified several ways to add significant growth including adding a location, better organizing the yard and equipment, and by being more hands on in general which would help the business in many ways. ________________________________________________________ The seller is asking for $900K plus inventory. You could not start this business from scratch and be better off under any scenario. He is in a hurry to be able to focus full time on his construction company. He would prefer a stock sale for tax reasons and will be keeping his cash, AR, and AP which are not large balances and transferring the business debt free. Companies that have a high market value to the assets compared to the sales price always deserve a high premium to earnings. Here is the link for the Non-Disclosure Agreement, “NDA”: If it is blue you should be able to click on it, if not please cut and paste that to a URL line and it will give you the NDA which will allow me to automatically send you the Full Sales Package containing a detailed data room with financials and a Comprehensive Video on the entire operation and a full interview with the owner by clicking on the secure web link to the NDA. If you have any questions or comments on the NDA please email me at or call me at 303-382-1926. Thank you. ______________________________________________________ Brief Overview and Deal Points: The buyer will also step into a solid pipeline of recurring revenue which is a direct result of our great locations and operating model. “2014-2015 should be great years with all of the hard work of positioning the company both on the internet and in their region is now done at great expense”, the owner states. In short, the seller is bullish on the short and long-term prospects of the business. They have a great reputation and the seller will agree to full Reps and Warranties to a solid legal and business standing. They have a great record for safety (OSHA) and no legal battles and have a low MOD rate to prove this. This business has grown from virtually nothing to $4.5MM in revenue in 5 years. He can teach the new owner how to do this anywhere if he wants to expand. The owner is happy to sign a non-compete. He is willing to transition the business and wants the buyer to know that there are many qualified people that can help the new owner long after the transition also whom are loyal to the business. In fact, the business will not change on bit the day after the closing. He will be available for longer in an advisory position if the new owner wants him to. They are the largest trailer sales, service, and rental companies in Colorado which allows them to purchase inventory and equipment at the best prices. This helps them to buy the equipment at the lowest prices available anywhere. He has been through 4 managers in the last two years and finally found the one he needed who knows the business, can manage the employees, and is honest. He permanently hired him in June 2014 and is 100% confident in his ability to grow and manage the business. The new manager is already making big changes including letting a couple of employees go and bringing in an another experienced mechanic. The owner is so excited about this that he almost took this off the market. They have great mechanics whom are capable of all the maintenance and customization needs of their trailers. Custom work helps them to generate a lot of extra profitable revenue but the main benefit is the loyalty and gratitude of the customers who keep coming back and sending other new customers. He has just finished reworking the sales department also per the new managers suggestions. The business will transfer debt free. They are, for the most part, a cash/credit card business. They do have some charge accounts, but they have less than a 1% default rate. Theft of their equipment has been non-existent since they installed a sophisticated security system with multiple cameras. The location was purchased by him in 2009. The land is located on one of Colorado’s busiest roads which is 6 lanes across with high visibility. It is surrounded by one of the fastest growing areas in the country. It is 7,000 Square feet with 2500 sq. feet of showroom on 3 acres of property. The property is fenced, well lit, and they still have room for growth. He prefers to sell the property to whoever buys the business at the same time. He will sell it for the appraised value which he believes is between $3.2MM and $3.3MM. Please fill out the NDA to see a video walkthrough of the land and facilities. There is substantial room for improvement in how the land and building is being utilized. A two year lease with a first right of refusal for the buyer is possible also. Growth and Expansion: “The company could grow faster by adding an additional location or by adding an outside salesperson. The model that I have created can be immediately replicated profitably. Most growth plans have inherent risk buy my model works. I know how to penetrate any market using my model which could be expanded nationwide. Trailers have always been popular in Colorado and I came in and took this business from almost nothing to dominating the market in less than 3 years. In addition, we are seeing rental rates increasing and the demand for customization increasing as the economy is gaining momentum. This will allow a new owner to increase rates which I have not done.” ________________________________________________________ Please Call of Email for Information: The broker is available at any time to discuss your interest in this offering and can set up a meeting either in person or by phone with the owner(s). Thank you for your interest. If you are NOT interested in this business for sale, but you refer someone to us who buys it and we collect the full commission, we will immediately pay you a referral fee of $5,000. Please send us anyone (or email this to anyone) who you think would be interested in this offering. Thank you. Sincerely, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle Company Broker Group, LLC. 999 18th St Ste 3000 Denver, CO 80216 303-905-7607 Direct 303-284-7025 Main 720-524-6482 Fax

$350,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $95,615
CO Flower shop, $504K Rev, $95K Adj EBITDA, Growing CO Flower Store, $504K Rev, $95K Adj EBITDA, Fun Business to Own

Denver County, CO

South Denver Colorado Florist 2013's revenues were up 29% compared to 2012. The 2013 revenues were $504,806 and the adjusted EBITDA was $95,615. The owner has operated the business for 3 years but has agreed to join the family manufacturing business that is much larger after as long of a transition as the new owner requires. The revenues are from online sales from their website, walk in traffic, a large customer base of over 8000 customers, monthly accounts, weekly accounts, wedding/event planners, referrals, recurring contracted work which comes from business, hospitals, funeral homes, event facilities, and an online “wire service” that sends them orders which they can chose to fill or not based on its profitability. The new owner will have several ways to increase its already fast growth rate by working closer to 40 hours, being open during the farmers market on Sundays, adding space to the store, adding website optimization, and by hiring a salesperson. The current owner has made her family her highest priority. She works 8-3 Mon-Fri., doesn’t work weekends, and doesn’t take advantage of the large amount of people that go to a large local event on Sundays during the summer. She also recommends hiring a salesperson to call on event centers, planners, businesses, etc. but didn’t feel that she had the time to train and manage them. The business is 10 years old and the employees are very loyal and passionate about what they do and to the business. It is a very positive work environment for either an individual or a family business. This business will not change the day after a new buyer becomes involved. The company has a prime location and with high internet sales, established accounts and a great reputation the new owner will walk into an established business that can continue to grow. In the owners words, “a new owner can continue to run the operation exactly like it is and pursue additional expansion opportunities.” The assets include $81,000 of current value equipment including a lot of currently unused equipment in storage that would give the new owner the chance to expand into the space next to them or to open a 2nd location. ________________________________________________________ Sales Price: $300,000 down as part of a $350,000 total sales price. This business will qualify for a bank and/or SBA loan based on the size of its assets and profitable history. For more specific information, simply email Jeff Chapman at Just click on and fill out the NDA link: to get the sales package which has the financials and a video interview of the owner. Please fill out the Non-Disclosure Agreement, “NDA”, located in this link: If it is blue you should be able to click on it, if not please cut and paste that to a URL line and it will give you the NDA. By filling this out, you will have automatically requested the Full Sales Package containing a detailed data room with financials and a Comprehensive Video on the entire operation and a full interview with the owner. If you have any questions or comments on the NDA please email me at Thank you. Business for Sale: _________________________________________________________ Brief Overview The owners are trustworthy people that enthusiastically want to find and support a new owner for continued success. They are a married couple with 2 kids and only she regularly works at the business. There are 5 sources of revenue: 1) Location driven walk in traffic: The sales package will be able to provide more detail on this and has a link to a video walk through of the store which is automatically sent to you if you click on the link above and properly fill out the NDA. The store is in a perfect location in the middle of a very high traffic area(both foot and car) with ample parking and surrounded by other retailers. It is a central area that is so popular that there is a large local event every weekend during the summer around the store. The video will make it obvious that a new owner should add additional high margin merchandise to the store to compliment the flower sales. It would help sales to have the owner there for more hours every week also. The new owner may have the option of renting the space next door which would double their size or add a 2nd location. The 2nd location would be able to be managed from the main store which would also be the central distribution point. Either option would give them more room for an office, greater high margin merchandise, a salesperson(s), and for them to be able to handle more business during the biggest flower holidays. In addition the area is primed for growth over the next few years with the Towns plans for expansion. 2) Online: The on-line sales volume continues to increase based on their website and the use of the “wire service” that sends orders to them every day. The company has sold on-line for 6 Years and has a user friendly website that is not search engine optimized. There are other wire services that they could use also if they had more space. The owner has stated how exciting and profitable the growth in this area has increasingly become and there is still strong potential for additional sustainable future growth. 3) Business/Residential contracted recurring deliveries: These are the companies and customers that they deliver fresh flowers to on a regular and continuous basis which range from high end homes/businesses that wants fresh flowers every week to hospitals that they deliver to daily. This is one of the areas with a lot of potential to grow significantly. Hiring a commission based sales associate(s) to include business as their prospects would be a great way to increase the recurring non-holiday, high margin sales. 4) Holidays: This will naturally grow as the business continues to grow. The company doesn’t currently have the space or drivers to handle all of the Valentines and Mother’s Day orders. They actually stop taking orders when they get to the point that they can’t get them all filled and delivered. The new owner can add space and hire additional temporary drivers to be able to fulfill all orders all year long. 5) Event & Venue Coordinators & Planners: These are the people that coordinate large events and rely on hand picking the best people and companies to make them look good because they have delivered on their promises for their customers. This company has very dedicated employees that do a great job of filling special orders for the people that coordinate big events and venues. The owner feels that she should be more hands on in the larger events by helping to set up the flowers for the bigger events. Again, hiring a commission based sales associate(s) to include business as their prospects would be a great way to increase the recurring non-holiday, high margin sales by introducing them to more of these people. Each of these sources of revenue are profitable and have had significant improvement in growth which can be increased. Marketing, Advertising, and Growth Potential: The company has done very little pro-active marketing. The company does have a customer email data base of 8000 customers which is an inexpensive means of advertising that continues to grow. Owner does not do mass emailing and runs no specials or discounts to bring in new customers. Customers shopping in the retail stores are generally happy to provide their email addresses. They are in the yellow pages and have brochures and a nice website. They need to add a salesperson(s) who should be commission based. They believe the salesperson will be successful because they have won many awards and accolades which will help the sales effort to be more effective. The store needs more attention paid to merchandise especially their card and gift selection. The new owner should open on Sundays during the summer. The new owner should be more present and hand deliver big orders and help set up big events in the evenings and the weekends which will help get more venues and event planners to use them more often. Adding more space to the store by either renting the space above or beside them to add employees, merchandise, and inventory would help also. Employees: The employees love what they do. The company employs 10 employees and adds some temporary employees for the holidays. They have many long-term employees and little turnover. The length of tenure and the low turnover rate means that employees know their jobs well. Ownership is comfortable leaving the business for vacations or to spend time with family based on the established systems, procedures, experienced personnel and the industry specific computerized point of sales system which is multi-functional. Competition: There has always been competition but the company has maintained the largest market share of their market for 10 years now and has recently seen an increase in growth. Competitors offer lower end options and few of them offer the quality and excellent customer service. The company has been paired against competition for years yet has continually maintained or grown their market share. Retail Store and Storage Facility Leases: The current retail store has 34 months remaining with the landlord. The lease is transferable and extendable which is important to any established business. It is believed that both of the leases can be easily extended if the new buyer prefers. The main owner will help with a positive, supported, and successful transition of the business. The active owner is very interested in seeing the business prosper and will help as much as a new owner wants her to. The hard work is done and has proved the test of time. The seller is willing to carry a portion of the sales price and will offer full warranties, indemnifications, and further states there have not been any legal or other issues of any kind nor are the owners aware of any items pending. This is a rewarding, positive, profitable business and industry and could be an ideal fit for the right individual or family to acquire. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle Company Broker Group, LLC. 303-905-7607 Direct 303-284-7025 Main 720-524-6482 Fax

$529,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $159,426
Liquor Store, CO Mtn Resort town, 1.5M Rev, 159K Adj EBITDA CO Liquor Store in Mtn Resort Town, 159K Adj EBITDA, 2014 up 18%

Pitkin County, CO

The trailing 12 month earnings through March 31st were $159,426 on $1,463,073 in revenue. March 31st, 2014 completed their first 6 months of their fiscal 2014 year which had $95,116 in cash flow up 20% from the same period the year before. The 2013 earnings were $1479,995 on $1,439,000 in Revenue. The sales are location driven and this store has been there for 37 years and benefits from being right next to a grocery store. Their economy is improving and there is a lot of growth expected long term based on the increasing population and new developments. A long-standing location and customer base that consistently attracts recurring business. They had horrible weather in the Winter of 2012/2013 because of below average snow accumulations and still had a great year! Keep in mind that their Fiscal Year End is September 30th. This is a “Fun” Business to Own. The seller seeks a $529K sales price plus inventory with a total of $350K down payment. He will be keeping his cash and AR. Recurring revenue, absentee owner, location driven companies especially liquor stores. The buyer will step into a solid pipeline of recurring revenue with some of the highest gross profit margins in the industry which is a direct result of our great location and higher end products. “2014-2015 should be great years with the Colorado economy, skiing, and housing recovering”, the owner states. In short, the seller is bullish on the short and long-term projections of the business. The liquor license is easy to apply for and will not take very long to obtain. We have a perfect reputation for fair dealings. The seller will agree to full reps and warranties to a solid legal and business standing. We have a great record for safety (OSHA) and no legal battles. The business is for the most part, a cash/credit card business. The store does have a couple of charge accounts which have less than a 1% default rate historically. Based on the design of the store and cameras, shoplifting has been virtually non-existent. The owner has already implemented a computer system that tracks all sales and inventory so this business is very low maintenance. • There are 5 trustworthy, competent, and reliable employees. This includes a manager and an assistant manager that are capable of running the location on their own. They are loyal and will all stay after the transition. They also do delivery. The location is 2,184 square feet with 1784 square feet of shopping space and 400 square feet of office and storage space. You have to walk right by the store to get to the grocery store from the parking lot. There are other high volume tenants in the same strip mall all with long term leases. The lease is for 5 years with two 2 year extensions as wanted. You must see the store to appreciate how well laid out it is and how good the location is. There is also plenty of free parking which is hard to come by in CO mountain resort towns. The landlord will transfer the lease. Growth and Expansion: The owner is absentee and has never lived there. There are many opportunities an owner operator could take advantage of. The area the store services tends to like dealing with owners for some of the higher end wines and liquors which this store has never been able to cater to. The store will continue to grow without any changes. A local owner would be able to network and personally market to the resorts, event planning companies, etc. The current owner has not pursued any other form of marketing other than the yellow pages. Their online presence needs work which is important considering how many customers are from out of town on vacation. They could improve their online presence by adding landing pages and their website is old and is not optimized. The Non-Disclosure Agreement link is: If it is blue you should be able to click on it, if not please cut and paste that to a URL line and it will give you the NDA which will allow me to automatically send you the Full Sales Package containing a detailed data room with financials and a Comprehensive Video on the entire operation and a full interview with the owner by clicking on the secure web link to the Confidentiality Agreement (CA). If you have any questions or comments on the CA please email me at or call me at 303-905-7607. Thank you. Please Call of Email for Information: The broker is available at any time to discuss your interest in this offering and can set up a meeting either in person or by phone with the owner(s). Thank you for your interest. If you are NOT interested in this business for sale, but you refer someone to us who buys it and we collect the full commission, we will immediately pay you a referral fee of $2,000. Please send us anyone (or email this to anyone) who you think would be interested in this offering. Sincerely, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle Company Broker Group, LLC. 999 18th St Ste 3000 Denver, CO 80216 303-905-7607 Direct 303-284-7025 Main 720-524-6482 Fax

$1,450,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $393,030
Event Rental, Denver, 2.1M Rev, 393K Adj EBITDA, Absentee owner CO Party Rental, $1.5M Current Value Inventory/Equip, SP $1.45M

Denver, CO

As of May 31, 2014, the trailing 12 month earnings were $393,030 which are up 24% over the same time last year’s trailing 12 months. The 2013 earnings were $323,327 on $2,023,979 in Revenues. The owner is absentee, has not been hands on, and didn’t have commission based incentives for sales! The company has a custom facility, top of the line equipment and inventory, and an excellent reputation. The new owner needs to add a commission based sales force and sales manager. He believes they should be doing over $5MM in sales and have the equipment, inventory, and infrastructure already in place to do so. The market for their business is fantastic and expected to continue to grow long term based on the improving economy and increasing population of Denver. The company just needs a more proactive sales oriented management and sales. The sales price is $1.55MM which is close to its liquidation value(auction value) of $1.45MM. This is not a guess, a bank hired a 3rd party appraisal company to value just the inventory and equipment which came back at $1,455,860 for “auction value” and $1,978,250 for “orderly sale value” several years ago and they have “net” added both inventory and equipment including some very large and expensive items since then. The $1.45MM is actually below what the expected auction value of equipment and inventory will be at the closing plus the buyer will benefit from an additional $1.3MM in build out and leasehold improvements customized for this business. If you include the benefits from the custom build out specifically for this business, you get $2.75MM in the total value of both upon the transfer of the business and the lease. The lease is below the market rate and the landlord will allow a choice between a one year lease or a long term lease giving the buyer a chance to move the business if they choose to. They have many well-known and long-standing customers from a diversified customer base that send them business every single year creating a strong base through this recurring revenue. This is a “Fun” Business to own that is growing slowly and the owner has identified several ways for the new owner to grow it much faster. See his interview in the data room in the full sales package. The sales price is $1.45MM. This will be an “asset sale” and the owner will be keeping his cash, AR, and AP which are not large balances and transferring the business debt free. Recurring revenue equipment rental companies with a large value of the inventory and equipment always sell for a high premium to earnings and I believe this is priced just below the market for two reasons: The potential to change the sales from reactive to proactive and the leasehold improvements are an enormous bonus that can’t be recreated by a new owner anywhere else. Equipment rental companies sell for between 4.5X and 6X and this is priced at the very low end of that scale. Brief Overview and Deal Points: The owner states: “All the business needs is a new owner to come in and drive sales, the equipment and infrastructure is already in place at great expense to be able to fulfill whatever orders the new sales team brings in.” The bottom line is that there is nothing wrong with the demand for their services, their reputation, quality or quantity of equipment, and the employees that all make it happen. The problem is that while the economy and their competitors grew, they didn’t have a sales force that was proactive. The new owner recently added commission based incentives but believes management needs to be restructured with an emphasis on proactive sales. The Assets include $1.5MM in current value equipment and inventory made up of $1.25MM in rental equipment and over $250K in delivery trucks, supporting equipment, small tools, and office equipment. You must send in the NDA to see the video walkthrough to appreciate the quality and amount of their equipment and inventory. Keep in mind that the $1.5MM in equipment and inventory is valued at almost half of what it cost new. In addition, the landlord spent $1.3MM customizing a building for this business which includes a special floor, conference room, showroom, 5 offices, new electrical, energy efficient lighting, etc. The company spent over $10,000 in addition to the build out to further perfect the space. For example: the electrical was completely redone to 800 AMPS, 277/480 Volts, and 3 phase. You couldn’t come close to starting this company for the sale price. It would cost close to twice the sales price just to buy the equipment and inventory ignoring the $1.3MM in build out/leasehold improvements. They also have a very large quantity of high quality rental items including event tents and canvas that lasts forever and will maintain its used value for a long time. If you include leasehold improvements, you get over $2.75MM in hard assets and value to the new owner upon the transfer of the business and the lease. Plus, they add new equipment and inventory as needed in the offseason and just ordered another $48,500 worth of inventory including a new dance floor to help keep up with demand. They have been given several awards, been voted the 2nd best rental company in all of Colorado, and have many letters from happy customers and people that refer them business. They have a perfect reputation for fair dealings and have an A+ rating with the BBB. The company is an LLC. The seller will agree to full Reps and Warranties to a solid legal and business standing. They invoice approximately 70% of their sales with less than a 1% default rate. The rest is credit cards or cash. They also have an automatic 8% damage waiver that very few clients reject. Most big rentals require a 50% payment up front dramatically reducing their risk of non-payment which helps even our their cash flow. The owner bought the business in 2006 and moved it to its current location in 2012 at great expense. He is selling because he is a large commercial real estate developer and he has never owned a business like this and wants to focus on his primary real estate business. He will sign a non-compete. Current management will help transition the business and stay on for as long as the new owner would like them to. They are full service with a full line of products from the very highest end to the low end and everything in between. They also triple check all orders before they are delivered to a client. Once you get me the non-disclosure agreement, you will see the full list of services they provide and a video walkthrough of the equipment, facility, and inventory. I promise that it will exceed your expectations. “We have been very aggressive in maintaining our rental equipment. Great care and attention is given to each piece of inventory and equipment after it is returned from a rental. We learned that the better your equipment looks and works... the better our customers treat it and the more likely they are to recommend us and come back themselves. Our facility is the nicest in our market to accomplish this with many special features custom built to accommodate this philosophy” The business will transfer debt free with all liabilities on the balance sheet paid at or before the closing. The seller will be keeping the accounts receivables and cash. We have 8 salaried managers including a CFO making $50K from this business. We also have a part time sales rep(20 hours per week) at $16/hr, and up to 8 drivers at $10-$14/hr as needed, along with between 8 to 30 helpers as needed, and 7 to 11 kitchen staff as needed. The staff has proven to be trustworthy, competent, and reliable employees. The owner assumes that there will be changes made to upper management based on the need to be more sales oriented with substantial savings of fixed salaries. The company is located in a 51,000 Sq. foot facility of which they occupy 43,777 fully customized sq. feet that was moved into April 1, 2012 with a build out to an existing warehouse of approximately $1.3MM. It has ample parking, a spacious carpeted showroom with even the showroom ceiling painted, customer pick up area, reception area, private offices, conference room, 4 ADA approved bathrooms including 2 for guests, sprinkler system, 5 front 12’ bays, energy efficient lighting set to motion sensors, custom floors, and the best infrastructure available. The lease is below market for the area and there may be some flexibility to the term. Growth and Expansion: The new owner just needs to focus on new sales. This could be done various ways and with little additional fixed cost by adding a couple of commission based sales people. Also, they could improve their online presence by add landing pages for people searching for their type of equipment in their area. They currently have only a single webpage that is not properly optimized. Sincerely, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle Company Broker Group, LLC. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Exit Planning Professionals 999 18th St Ste 3000 Denver, CO 80216 303-905-7607 Direct 303-382-1900 Main 303-382-1905 Fax

$2,400,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $383,802
CO Winery & Vineyard, $950K Rev 365K CF, 1.65M Assets Profitable CO Vineyard and Winery, $1.65M in Current Value Assets


Beautiful Location, Very Profitable, and can be expanded easily. A well-established, state of the art winery that is one of the oldest and largest wineries in Colorado, with a totally unique first class tasting/retail sales room and all around spectacular views. There are 3 acres of long producing vineyards on the 6.2 acre property including the 7000+ sf production facility/warehouse which is fitted with a 20,000 watt photovoltaic system. This is a completely turnkey operation with top of the line equipment including stainless steel tanks, a fully automated bottling line, multitudes of premium oak barrels and all the other equipment necessary to continue current operations. Included in this sale are two brands, a substantial inventory of bottled and bulk wines and additional unplanted acreage suitable for a residential building or future expansion. The hundreds of wine competition awards won by this winery have created a demand for its products which exceeds the current supply - however, increased production is possible with the current equipment. This listing is a truly unique opportunity which offers the buyer a rewarding and glamorous new lifestyle which is also highly profitable. They have dozens of wines and wine based food products that have won many awards. The formulas and wine making techniques are part of the sale. The business cash flowed $383,802 in 2013 on revenues of $950K. They have consistently earned over $350,000 because they are a family run business and have found a comfortable size. The business can be easily grown to up to 4 times its current size through a combination of ways. They have $2.8MM in current value Assets: $1.6MM in inventory, equipment, etc. and $1.2MM in vineyard and the buildings. This will be an Asset Sale for $2.4MM and the Vineyard(Land) is for sale separately for $1.2MM. Important Considerations: You could not start this operation from scratch for less than their sales price. Plus, all of the best land in the best area for growing grapes has already been developed and their area is expected to continue to increasingly grow in popularity. They also have additional space on their land that could have more vines planted or they could buy more grapes to easily grow the size of their operation. You can use a distributor or rent warehouse space in their main market and hire an outside sales person to increase volume and profits. Location: Colorado, USA The broker can't give additional details without the NDA submitted by clicking on and filling out this link: Email to get hold of Jeff Chapman if you have any trouble. Brief Overview and Selling Points: Growth: The buyer of this company can increase sales and profitability by increasing the number of vines on their property, buying more grapes/raw juice, doing more marketing, upgrading their distribution etc. They have kept it a comfortable sized operation on purpose. On the video interview with one of the owners, he states that this business could easily double or triple. The new owner can achieve that increase with either doing self-distribution by hiring salespeople or by hiring outside salespeople that would work out of a warehouse in the areas that they sell most of their wine or hire a distribution company like most of the other wineries. Marketing: The owners have developed relationships over time and have never done much advertising. They have a website that incorporates sales but have never tried search engine optimization or any social media. The website looks and acts old and dated and they realize that it needs work. They do attend some of the wine festivals but only a fraction of the ones that they should attend. They do benefit from their States Dept. of Agriculture which has a $500K annual budget that is spend 1/3rd on promoting their States wines/wineries, 1/3rd of Research, and 1/3 at their discretion. The Dept. has a full time person dedicated to promoting the industry in their State who also listens to an advisory board made up of local Vineyard and Winery owners. It is a great deal for a Company like this since their area has benefited from being promoted. The new owner will step into recurring cash flow from solid relationships with individuals and businesses that they have been selling their wines to for years. There are no concentration issues for them. The sellers are fully committed to sell the ‘Assets’ of the business and will help as needed for at least one full year post closing for reasonable salaries. They believe they are the best Winery in their region and have the awards and history to back that up. They are proud of what they have built and want to see it grow and succeed in the future. Sincerely, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle Company Broker Group, LLC. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Exit Planning Professionals 999 18th St Ste 3000 Denver, CO 80216 303-905-7607 Direct 303-382-1900 Main 303-382-1905 Fax

$1,900,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $488,128
3 Growing Restaurant Franchises in Western CO Cash Flowing $488K 3 Growing Restaurants in Western CO with $488K in Adj EBITDA

Mesa County, CO

2013 Cash Flow Was $488,128 on $3.3MM in Sales You get $650K in Assets Debt Free! This includes over $400K in equipment which is its current value. The Total Assets also include leasehold improvements, fixtures, and inventory. This is a turnkey franchise operation which has made money every year and will continue to grow with Colorado's Economy and especially based on their locations. Western Colorado is expecting a boom in Energy. Many long-standing loyal customers which has resulted in a high percentage of recurring business, plus they add hundreds of new customers every year! The staff is trained to interact with the locals and take a sincere interest in them which continues to feed the growth of the business. This is a Fun business to own and has loyal and long term employees whom will all stay post-closing. The Concept includes a custom, proprietary cooking system which has helped them win many awards for their food and service. Location: Western Colorado Seller s Quote: I am confident that we will continue to grow in 2014 and beyond because of the anticipated growth in the economy and energy sectors combined with our unmatched service and food. We are starting to see a recovery in our area which means the next 3 years should be huge for us. This could be the best time to buy this business! " The seller seeks $1.3MM down as part of a $1.9MM total sales price. Recurring revenue always deserves a premium and this company has a lot of recurring business based on its locations, service, food, and reputation. This is an asset sale with a net zero debt transfer transaction for the buyer. The debt will be paid at the closing and he will take any residual cash. Sincerely, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle Company Broker Group, LLC. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Exit Planning Professionals 999 18th St Ste 3000 Denver, CO 80216 303-905-7607 Direct 303-382-1900 Main 303-382-1905 Fax

$4,750,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $965,887
3.7MM in Assets, Cash Flow of 860K, Huge Increase in Equity Potential CO Heavy Equipment Sales/Rental Co, $3.7MM in Assets, $10M Rev

Garfield County, CO

Western CO Equip Sales/Rental, on track for $12M in Rev in 2014 The Seller has decided to focus on growth again, not go to Alaska this year, and hired an outside sales person as of March of 2014. The company is already growing again but I believe it will be July 2014 before it will have enough improvement to be worth what he is asking for it. Plus, the oil and gas industry is starting to show signs of improvement in Western Colorado. The Seller believes they will do $13MM to $15MM in revenue this year. Sales were $4.9MM through May and improving. Keep in mind, he took this business from a start-up in 2002 to $22MM in Revenue in 2008 with over $3MM on the bottom line it has the exact same potential to do the same again with him back managing the business. That is why it has the potential equity growth that it has. Someone will steal this company for $5MM this year and it will be worth twice that over the next 3 to 5 years. NDA link is: If it is blue you should be able to click on it, if not please cut and paste that to a URL line and it will give you the NDA. Please request the full sales package containing a detailed Data Room with financials and a Comprehensive Video on the entire operation and a full interview with the owner by clicking on the secure web link to the Confidentiality Agreement (CA). If you have any questions or comments on the CA please email me at or call me at 303-905-7607. Thank you. For Sale: 10 Year Old Medium/Heavy Equipment Sales and Rental Business 2013 Cash Flow was $800K on $7MM in Sales $3.7MM down and you get $3.7MM is hard assets which includes $3,328,236 in equipment at their cost which is over $4.7MM in market value(what they will sell it for). The asset total also includes $50K in Parts and Equipment, $150K in Small Tools, and $25K in Merchandise. You get $3.8MM in Assets Debt Free! The business also benefits from over $500K in Additional Equipment on consignment which is not their assets but the least risky and least expensive way for them to make money on sales. They make between 5% and 10% with virtually no overhead on this equipment. Many long-standing customers with big names like Exxon, Encanna, and Williams along with hundreds of other long term customers has resulted in a high percentage of recurring business, plus we add hundreds of new customers every year! This is a “Fun” business to own and has loyal and long term employees that will all stay post-closing. The owner spent 19 weeks last year in Alaska gold mining during peak season. This negatively impacts the bottom line by at least $400,000 a year which means they should have made at least $1,2MM last year. In fact, he takes 25 weeks off a year. See the video interview with the owner to fully understand that he is unable to buy and sell equipment for a profit while he is gone and therefore the inventory his sales team has to work with is dramatically decreased until he returns. A new owner will be able to substantially grow this company by just being there more than half of the year or by hiring a new manager and we have a perfect candidate for an absentee owner. For Example, the owner got back from Alaska on Sept 23rd, 2013 and did over $1MM in Revenue in Oct, Nov with net income of 13% or higher. The business averaged $350K per month in revenue during the 4 months he was gone and only broke even and summer is typically their peak season. Location: Western Colorado Seller’s Quote: “I am confident that we will grow in 2014 and beyond because of both the loss of competition, anticipated growth in the economy and energy sector, and our unmatched location. We are starting to see a recovery in our area which means the next 3 to 10 years should be huge for us ". This could be the best time to buy this business over the last 5 years and it is the best time of year to buy also! The seller seeks $3.7MM down as part of a $4.7MM total sales price. Recurring revenue always deserves a premium and this company has a lot of recurring business based on its location, oil field customers, and reputation. It also has an enormous ratio of assets to the sales price. This can be either a stock or asset sale with either being a net zero debt transfer transaction for the buyer. In a stock sale, the owner will leave enough cash to cover the debt on the books zeroing it out and in an asset transaction, the debt will be paid at the closing and he will take any residual cash leaving the AR and AP in a positive net balance. ________________________________________________________ Brief Overview and Deal Points: This is a truck and trailer sales, customization, and equipment rental business. They can find, customize, rent, or sell anything a buyer would need at competitive pricing with great margins. This Company gets orders from all over the country as proof of how impressive their operation is. They are the only medium to heavy equipment sales and rental company located in the heart of America’s energy development in all areas: oil, gas, and oil shale. As energy development recovers, it will directly benefit their growth. They have a huge advantage in providing the equipment and trucks energy companies will need as the oil in that formation is extracted over the next 50 years. They are located near the largest deposit of oil and gas in the United States and one of the largest in the entire world. It is not if but when this formation goes into full production. The oil companies have been improving their extraction techniques for decades and are ready to start full production. This article was dated 3 11 2014: SHALE OIL DEVELOPMENT CLOSER? The White River Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management has given approval to the development plans for ExxonMobil and Natural Soda Holdings Inc. for the companies‚ research, demonstration and development leases on federal land southwest of Meeker in Rio Blanco County. The projects still need approval from the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety. The approval marks the return of ExxonMobil to oil shale development following Exxon‚s shutdown of the Colony Project in 1982. -GJ Daily Sentinel, 03.11.14 Also click on This will create the need for other equipment sales and rental locations along the formation which runs all the way to North Dakota which could dramatically increase sales and the bottom line. re is more good news about the gas basin: Thursday June 6, 2013 WPX: MORE RIGS COMING TO THE PICEANCE Energy company WPX Energy Wednesday announced it will deploy seven drilling rigs in the Piceance Basin natural gas field for the remainder of 2013, two more than the company had previously announced would be in operation in the area. The company said the additional rigs were a product of slowly rising prices for natural gas and the company‚s existing investment in infrastructure in the Piceance Basin. GS Post-Independent, 6.06.13 The buyer will also step into a solid pipeline of recurring revenue with some of the highest gross profit margins in the industry because of their operating model and location. “2013-2014 should be great years with the economy and the energy industry recovering”, the owner states. In short, the sellers are bullish on the short and long-term projections of the business which is why they are comfortable carrying a portion of the sales price. In fact, Ursa, Encanna, and Williams are all currently increasing their rig count in the area which is the first of these type of increases in years and a very good sign for the future of the company. Plus, “A couple of direct competitors have shut down over the last 3 years within a 60 mile radius of our location.” The company also has very little overhead for their size and has relationships with some suppliers that allows them to carry inventory on consignment which frees up working capital and saves them money. We are over 10 years old and have a solid name and the finest reputation in the region. The owner owned the largest trucking business in the area before this company and is very well known and liked along with the company itself and its employees. The company is a S Corp and they would prefer a Stock Sale. A Stock sale is not a requirement but makes sense based on the contracts they have in place with both customers and vendors and that they don’t have a lot of exposure to liability. The seller will agree to full Reps(indemnifications) and Warrantees and further guarantee a solid legal and business standing, no “ghosts in the closet”. In fact, the seller will offer a full “right to off-set” against the sales price for any liabilities that originated before the closing. We have a great record for safety (OSHA) and no legal battles. The business was started from scratch by the current owner who owns the land and built a custom building in 1999. He will sign a non-compete. He will offer a full time transition and stay on part time if the new owner wants him to. He knows his customers and enjoys the buying and selling of equipment. He says a buyer does not need any special skills because he can teach him/her what they will need to know to grow the business. We are one of the largest independent sales and rental companies around and are a dealer for a lot of the equipment that we rent which means that we can buy it at the lowest prices available anywhere. We also have always offered the newest and best maintained equipment. Most rental companies keep equipment until it totally breaks down; not us. We believe the customer wants the most reliable equipment in the best shape possible. Plus, we also have the finest Techs and Mechanics in the region. It took years to train them and we treat them well. We buy the equipment so inexpensively that we can actually rent it for years and in some cases still sell it for close to our original purchase price. The owner further states “We are the only Dragon dealer in Co and have permission to sell where ever, we sell into Utah, Wyo, SD, ND, Idaho, NM, Neb, KS. We are exclusive the Ranco dealer on the Western Slope. We are also an Eager Beaver dealer for Colorado. Basically a dealer in Co for Nuttall trailers , paper work is in progress, Working on a dealership agreement with Wink Trailers. We buy direct from Wacker, Genie, MMD(air compressors), Hustler mowers , Pro Tech truck accessories , Vibrotech screens. We are the NVE(vacuum pumps) dealer for Colorado. We are what Peterbilt calls a MAPP dealer for parts, main reason we deal in PACARR trucks, Pete & Kenworth.” We Have 4 Main Revenue Areas: 1) Equipment Rental - They have hundreds of pieces of equipment that they track how often they are rented and keep them maintained accordingly. They sell/rent/customize trailers, most Caterpillar Equipment including 3 D-8’s, Sakai compactors, Wacker light towers, generators, Genie Man lifts, Vibrotech screens, fracking trailers, etc. 2) Sales – The company has dealership status with several big names and they also buy, fix up, and resell equipment when the owner is in town. This is an area that can be greatly improved with the owner out of town 25 weeks a year. 3) Service – They provide long term service for the equipment that they sell with is an area that can also be expanded to other equipment. The owner has considered being a tire dealer also with onsite service which is a big and very profitable need for his customers. 4) Customization – The oil industry in particular has special requirements that they are uniquely able to fulfill in their area. They are constantly getting orders to customize trailers for specific jobs that their regular customers need. This is high margin work that really increases dramatically when the energy companies are expanding their production which they are starting to see again. “We have the finest employees anywhere. We have 16 employees that are capable of running the business on their own and are all trustworthy, experienced, loyal, and will all stay after the transition. The two salesmen will both stay which is important for the new owner. It is good timing to add an outside sales person like we had when the area was growing back in the mid 2000’s” which is a very inexpensive way to grow the company because they would be paid a commission on new sales and rentals. This company is located in a beautiful and very moderate weather part of the Colorado with 300 days of sunshine per year. This area is obviously growing with a brand new hospital, schools, hotels, theater, shopping, etc. They recycle oil which is either from their equipment or from a service they offer that allows customers to drop it off for free. They use this oil to heat our building in the winter which saves them a lot of money. This also positions the company as being GREEN. Another area that a new owner can expand the business into is more on-site equipment service and repair for whatever a customer’s needs might be. They also have the ability to offer a mobile tire service also which is highly profitable. Their location includes 11,200 Square feet of very functional space on 5 acres of property. The business can be seen from I-70 and is located along the busiest road in town with tremendous exposure meaning free advertising. The building is custom designed for working on equipment and trucks as you can see from the video walk through of the business in the link above. This is the largest and most functional sales, repair, and rental shop location in the region with plenty of room to accommodate a larger business as it grows. The real estate described here can be leased at the market rate or purchased for $2.2MM which is equal to its appraisal value almost two years ago. The property is certainly worth much more now and recently passed a Phase 1 environmental test. The lease will start at $104,000 per year which is what it was adjusted to on the Net Benefit to Owner Spreadsheet in the data room link we will send you after we get the NDA. “We have found a comfortable amount of advertising that works for us. We will grow in the coming years, without any changes to our advertising or marketing efforts but we could grow faster. Our sales can be much greater if the new owner hires an outside salesperson to visit job sites and other industrial companies.” Growth and Expansion: The seller has identified other locations that they could profitably expand into. The model that we have mastered can be immediately replicated profitably. Most growth plans have inherent risk. This one does not. Getting the highest quality techs and mechanics will also be easy because we know what to look for in workers. “We know what works and what doesn’t work and how to grow using our successful model.” The owner is retirement age and wants to spend his summers gold mining in Alaska but will transition the business over the next year taking his regular salary. He requires a 100% sale with approximately 80% down. He will skip or dramatically reduce the time he spends in Alaska this summer to accommodate the sale. The seller’s commitment to carry some of the sales price confirms his confidence in the short and long term performance of the business and the achievement of the cash flow and revenue targets stated above. _________________________________________________________ Please Call of Email for Information: The seller or the broker is available at any time to meet to discuss your interest in this offering. Thank you for your interest in this offering. Sincerely, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle Company Broker Group, LLC. For 20 Years, We Sell Businesses "Quickly and Quietly" 999 18th St Ste 3000 Denver, CO 80216 303-905-7607 Direct 303-284-7025 Main 720-524-6482 Fax

North America's Number One Brand in Real Estate Advertising North America's Number One Brand in Real Estate Advertising

Denver, CO

Own Your Own Advertising Business. The Real Estate Book/ is expanding and has new markets available. Sell and create multi-media real estate advertising in print, on the web, mobile apps, direct mail programs. As the local independent distributor, you sell, create and distribute the advertising to home buying and selling consumers. Turnkey business, complete training and support systems in place. To find out more, go to and contact, or call Patrick McGroder 855-556-7544.

$700,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $366,622
Colorado General Construction with Recurring Rev, 1.8M Rev, 376K Net CO Construction, Recurring Rev. $1.8MM Rev, Lower SP of $700K

Colorado Springs, CO

General Construction, Abatement, and Roofing Company South of Denver, CO June Update: They just lowered their price to $700K with a $500K down payment as part of the sales price. They could have hired a 2nd project manager and choose not to finding a very comfortable size around $1.75MM where they make an adjusted EBITDA of $350K. They can be bigger very easily with the addition of a 2nd project manager because they already have the work being referred to them. The current owners are brother and sister and are family oriented people and she is wanting to pull back her hours even further(or sell). The recent hail damage will keep them very busy until October and a new owner can get in there and benefit from this high margin work if they move quickly. They are offering this at less than a two times earnings and it has steady recurring revenue from insurance companies. Recurring revenues is always worth a bigger multiple than two times. The biggest risk in construction has always been if will there be business there a year after the closing and this company has already established relationships with both insurance companies and third parties that send them business every day which will not stop post-closing. These relationships will send them business anywhere making this expandable and therefore much more valuable to an owner willing to finance the growth. The trailing 12 months earnings as of May 31, 2014 were $366K on sales of $1,756,282. The earnings for 2013 were $357,397 on sales of $1,736,751. A new owner can add a 2nd project manager which would allow the next 12 months to be $1.9MM in revenue with at Least $400K in Earnings. They are established with a great reputation already in their community and with the insurance companies and individuals that refer business to them. They are as busy as they can be with only one project manager who is also one of the owners. He will stay post closing if the new owner would like him to. This company has a very high percentage of recurring revenues because it gets its customers from insurance companies and 3rd parties that refer work to them. This business would be easy to expand throughout the front range of Colorado with the work just waiting because of their relationship with the insurance companies. This creates predictable growth which should demand a higher premium to their earnings than they are asking. The Sales Price is $725,000 with the Seller willing to carry a portion. The sellers are 50/50 owners with one being the project manager and the other being the main administrator. Both will stay as long as the new owner would like them to. No construction experience is necessary. They will train you and help you get your licenses. They are just starting to get commercial roofing referrals and expect this to contribute to their growth. Location: Colorado Springs, CO Please request the full sales package containing a detailed data room and comprehensive video on the entire operation and a full interview with the owners by clicking on this secure web link to the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA): Email or call Jeff Chapman at 303-905-7607 to discuss the business after sending in the non-disclosure agreement through the link in the previous sentence. _______________________________________________________ We install all types of roofing, gutters, do water and fire abatement, and general repair work for insurance companies creating steady year-round revenues. The next 12 months sales are expected to be at least $1.9MM as insurance companies send us more work. We get the vast majority of our work from insurance companies and have added more while increasing our standing with the others each year. They send us all kinds of work all year round including during the winter when roofing slows down. We are a preferred contractor with Triage who represents Allstate, American Family, Farmers, the Armed Forces, etc. and sends us various types of claims that require our services. We are also a preferred provider for Code Blue who is another third party that refers water mitigation and water damage claims for us to repair. Alacrity is still another that we have preferred status which refers roofing work to us from Allstate roofing insurance claims being filed. This is a very profitable way to grow our business because we do not have to maintain an expensive sales force. We close over 80% of those referrals. We also have started getting referrals from Contractor Connection which refers USAA and Nationwide which could double our business alone within a short period of time. We are a Genflex certified firm and we "inspect" every one of our installations, which is not the norm in our industry. Insurance referral work is steadier and more profitable than the traditional ways of growing and it takes years to get approval, be activated, and now relied upon as we are now. In fact, we are now on the "Cat" team(catastrophe team) with Contractors Connection which has taken us years to achieve. They just started doing commercial jobs late last year and are just starting to get commercial referrals from 3rd party insurance referral companies like Triage. They estimate this could add $500K per year. The business has $137,243 in current book value equipment and vehicles. They also have approximately $11,000 in inventory which is included in the sale. They have a large backlog of work currently totaling $200K that will benefit a new buyer. They expect to have a great summer and fall for 2014 because of recent hail damage which has resulted in an increasing amount of referrals that they are getting from the insurance companies. Referrals include general construction, abatement work from pipes freezing, fires, hail, and other jobs that originate from regular claims. Since 2008 we have completed hundreds of new roofs, insurance mitigation jobs, etc. and have never had one complaint that we didn't fix right away. From the beginning we have been A-rated with the BBB with no complaints and have a perfect track record. We have a 5 star rating through which is determined by customer feedback. We were just awarded "remodeler best roof of the year" by Contractors Connections. We also have a stellar worker’s safety history without one claim ever and we enjoy the lowest insurance and workman’s’ comp rates available due to our “perfect” safety record. The seller will agree to full Reps and Warrantees to a solid legal and business standing. Colorado is growing and healthy economies compared to the majority of the Country right now. Roofs are replaced every 8 to 15 years in Colorado. We have extreme freezing and thawing, strong continuous winds, and more importantly hail storms. Hail storms are unpredictable but history shows we get several every year and big ones every 2-3 years on average. Big hail storms can bring in $1MM plus in business and keep us busy for 3-4 months. Colorado just had some hail which will increase their numbers for the year but Colorado is still overdue for a big hail storm. Forrest fires can be bigger than hail and are happening more often also. Marketing: We have a very effective way to market and grow our company through insurance companies and companies that refer insurance work. “The work just comes to us”. We also have real estate agents, appraisers, and adjustors that continuously refer work to us and we are adding to our referral network every month. We entered the roofing market 5 years ago without any connections and have literally grown our business from $0 to $2MM in revenue in just 5 years. The new buyer can either grow this company organically throughout the front range by taking advantage of our insurance relationships or grow us vertically by buying other roofers and then taking advantage of our insurance company referral relationship. It is a business that could sell franchises. We would like to expand initially by adding an office in Denver and a satellite office in South Eastern Colorado where they always get hail and where we have done many jobs in the past. TV Advertising: We have run television commercials that we will identify in the sales packet. Phone Book/Super pages: We have (3) Full-page yellow page Ads in the phonebook with another advertisement on the Front Cover. Further, we are in and on several online weather pages. Our company uses 5 immediately identifiable clean ‘bright yellow’ professional-looking vehicles with logos, uniformed employees, and very classy brochures. Our roofing company is an IICRC Certified firm (special water mitigation certification). The average Gross Profit on jobs in the roofing industry is 15% - 20%. We, however, enjoy a 40% Gross Profit margin which translates to a 21% net profit margin. In short, for a variety of reasons we cash flow more than what our competitors cash flow. Please click on the NDA link in the first paragraph to request the sales package to see the 40 minute video detailing exactly how we have steadily held this cash flow over time. We use only the finest materials and have a great relationship with our suppliers including the rights to use the pink panther logo representing Owen Corning which supplies roofing and insulation among other items that we use. We have strong supplier relationships which have taken years to develop. We enjoy the lowest costs, best service and highest quality products from our diversified group of suppliers. The business has the finest employees in the industry, the seller insists. We also use subs that are well-trained and licensed cleaners for abatement work and whom are 100% loyal to the company and save us money in liability and payroll taxes. The sellers will stay on as long as the buyer would like them to. They will guarantee a comfortable transition of employee, vendor, and customer relationships and agree to continue to work afterward. Again the seller is carrying 35% of the gross sales price and has a tremendous commitment and financial interest to ensure a smooth transition. The seller has a wealth of knowledge and many ideas to grow the business. In short, they are committed to help the new owner take the business to the next level. The new owner will step into very strong reoccurring cash flow from solid relationships with individuals and insurance companies that send millions in work to them every year. We have the finest reputation in the area and have no complaints or legal battles. We are high exposure with strong brand recognition. Our name is trademark protected. The lease is below market with a low maintenance landlord who will let the new buyer either renew annually or commit to something long term. The current rent is $2500 per month for 4000 square feet of updated usable space with 2 parcels of land included that we could use if we need to. The sellers are fully committed to sell either the 'Stock' or ‘Assets’ of the business and will agree to full Reps and Warrantees to a solid legal and business standing. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Financial Information: Asking: $700,000 with $500,000 down or $675,000 all-cash offer. They will be keeping their cash and AR net of AP and transfer the business debt free. Please use the NDA link to get the full sales package or Email or Call for Information: or call Jeff Chapman any time at 303-905-7607 to discuss your interest in this offering. If you are NOT interested in this business for sale, but you refer someone to us who buys it, we will immediately pay you a referral fee of $5,000. Please send us anyone who you think would be interested in this offering. Sincerely, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle Company Broker Group, LLC. For 20 Years, We Sell Businesses "Quickly and Quietly" 999 18th St Ste 3000 Denver, CO 80216 303-905-7607 Direct 303-284-7025 Main 720-524-6482 Fax

Very Profitable Auto Dealership In Denver, Colorado for Sale Very Profitable Auto Dealership In Denver, Colorado for Sale

Denver, CO

Here is your chance to own a very profitable auto dealership on one of Denver’s Hottest corners! This location focuses on the pre-owned luxury car market and has a fantastic business model that keeps the profits rolling in. Huge traffic counts, great visibility, and easy access makes this location a can’t miss. Average of 80 Cars on lot Business Model Allows for Larger Profits on Each Car Sold

$119,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $50,000
Cleaning: Owner works 10 hrs/wk; $50K CF Passive; Easy to Run Service Business

South Metro Denver, CO

Full service house cleaning business; very easy to run operation. $50K cash flow. Current owner is primarily passive working 10- 15 hours per week and is responsible for general business/ employee management; does not do any cleaning. The business has a long term reputation and clientele focused on the South Denver metro area. 6 quality long term employees will stay on with the business. Owner will train in all aspects of the business and will be available longer term to ensure a smooth transition. This is a great opportunity for an owner looking for stable cash flow or a starting point for a more active owner operator looking to expand the business. Clean books and records will verify all information. Contact us at or call 303.325.7790 for more information.

$159,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $101,183
Liquor Store; Rent $1000/mth: $100K+ CF to Owner Liquor; Low Rent, Very Profitable

Denver, CO

This is a LOW rent liquor store; current rent is $1000 per month and is a small store that can be run by an owner operator with minimal help. Strong sales growth -- on track for $550,000 in 2014. With the low rent and minimal need for labor -- this is an extremely profitable store. Also benefits from being in an up and coming/ high growth area -- River North District. Store is located directly next to a new light rail stop to be completed in 2014 – owner feels this could significantly increase business. Motivated Seller -- Make a reasonable offer. Contact us at or call 303.325.7790 for more information.

$290,000 Cash Flow: $182,414
Home Control Systems Sales & Installation Home Control Systems Sales & Installation

Denver, CO

This business has been built on their impeccable reputation for providing quality service and quality products, installed and serviced by top of the line employees. They offer home automation, audio/video systems, security systems, cameras, monitoring and climate control systems to homeowners and some commercial clients. The discriminating consumer that wants control of their electronic systems has and continues to be their primary customer and this client base seeks their knowledge, equipment and design services and the pride that comes with each installation. This business has been in business for over 10 years and was started by the current owner. They specialize in high-end home electronics products that are well respected in the industry as well as being on the leading edge in the technology field. They do have some accounts for which they receive monthly reoccurring revenue.

$48,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $80,398
Well Established Profitable Residential Home Remodeling Work & Live 1of USA's Best Cities Great Housing Market Sunny Colorado

Fort Collins, CO

Residential Home Remodeling Construction Service. 2013 Gross remodeling sales of $216,849.51 with $80,398.00 ODCF. BBB accredited with proven track record. Our customers here are very easy to work for, and willing and able to pay for quality work and good service. Since 2009 we have offered full service remodeling of Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements, Entire Homes including make ready for sale jobs, house painting and room additions that we have partnered with a local GC to build. We perform trim carpentry and tile installation. We have a strong referral network and visible marketing system in place that generates a steady flow of work. It is currently being operated as owner/operator along with utilizing a few sub-contractors. The foundation for expansion is set in place for an owner desiring to expand. Or the business could be operated as is and the owner could enjoy the simplicity of easy going customers and the Colorado lifestyle. Outdoor recreation abounds. We usually work 3-4 days January – April and spend many weekdays at Vail, Breckenridge or Keystone. We have built a solid reputation on quality workmanship that endures and provides our customers the best value for their money. Many of our customers call us each spring to schedule the next project they need done.

$57,000 Seller Financing Available
Very Attractive Beauty Salon Turn-Key Salon with Upside Potential

Arapahoe County, CO

This established beauty salon is beautifully furnished with high end finishes and is located in an affluent area of South Arapahoe County. Great location, plenty of parking, national tenants and anchors. Eleven talented, professional, highly trained staff. Commission and booth rental. ABSENTEE OWNER . This is a Perfect Opportunity for an Established Stylist with a Following that is currently working as an employee or booth renting. You can own your own upscale shop with all the fixed costs associated with the shop easily covered by the established commission and booth rental income. Services:Hair Services, Waxing Services, Eyelash Extensions, Hair Extensions and Keratin Smoothing

$87,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $74,000
Carpet,Tile,Duct Cleaning....Be Self-Employed Today Turn Key Business...Be self-Employed TODAY!!

Fort Collins, CO

This is a new Carpet, Tile, Upholstery and Duct Cleaning business. It comes with brand new equipment along with all the bells and whistles. Everything is included for you to become self employed today! If you are a self-motivated individual, eager to be your own boss, excited at unlimited potential for income, then this could be the perfect business for you. No need to spend months creating a business. All the research and leg work is done. This is truly a TURN KEY OPERATION. With minimal training you could be self employed and earning money tomorrow. The business has a catchy name, great logo, state of the art equipment and a fabulous website. Website is set-up to have a store front to sell cleaning products and accessories. This is an excellent opportunity for a family run business or as a part-time income to supplement your current job or business. Due to owners health this business is under-developed. The potential for growth and expansion is huge. The carpet cleaning industry is expanding tremendously. Traditional carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning businesses have now expanded to include duct cleaning, garage floors, RV's, mattress cleaning, leather cleaning and leather restoration, wood floor refinishing, fine rug cleaning, mold remediation, fire restoration and much more. All of these areas of cleaning are in place with the purchase of this business. This is not a franchise. However, this model is easy to duplicate and potentially expandable to other geographic locations. State-of-the-art Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning System has fewer than 70 hours on the engine. Its virtually brand new as is all the accessory equipment. The van is in mint condition with less than 70,000 miles and brand new tires. It has been outfitted to optimize space efficiently allowing for easy accommodation of all equipment with creative logo design and slogan wrapped on the exterior. Brand new duct cleaning system with compressor (still in box) Program in place to generate repeat business and establish customer loyalty. Store front in place to sell products on website for additional income

Mesquite Grill (Greenwood Village) Seefood & Steak Grill For Sale

Greenwood Village, CO

Since 1988. Mesquite Grill Seafood & Steaks boasts a cozy dining area with a slight ocean theme.

$105,300 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $38,067
Healthy Food Vending Business Profit from the National Nutrition Trend

Denver Metro Area, CO

A true turnkey business! This healthy food vending business already has some of Denver’s best educational, cultural, athletic and business locations. In just four years, the business has landed 15 choice locations and averaged 38% annual growth. Unlike many franchises, excellent support has been provided for securing new locations, branding, marketing and product selection. Best of all, the current owner will share secrets to minimizing cost and maximizing profit that he has learned over the years. Leverage the existing momentum and build this into your own easy to operate, thriving enterprise.

Nationally distributed home-based greeting/bouquet card business $29K $300K wholesale of inventory

Boulder, CO

In 2005 I began Landscapes Within to share my photography in an affordable form. After the investment of much time and money, we are a preferred vendor for 1800 Flowers retail franchise stores and an approved vendor for Whole Foods. We sell greeting cards, small bouquet cards, boxed notes, and poster prints. After obtaining the valuable connection with 1800 Flowers, I re-entered social work. The business needs a new steward to take advantage of this opportunity and maintain relationships with our existing stores.

$600,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $248,000
Marketing Services Company Full Service Medical Technology Based Marketing Company

Evergreen, CO

This marketing services company (“The Company”) provides a full complement of marketing services to medical technology and biotechnology companies. The Company is very active locally and this foothold is important in Colorado with the likes of DaVita, Amgen, Covidien and many others continuing to expand their local footprint. While many of The Companies’ clients are located in Colorado, they also serve clients world wide. The The Company is a leader in this unique niche, generating brand, technical communication and marketing materials targeted toward healthcare equipment purchasers, clinicians and scientists. The Company provides world class marketing services to regulated markets. Understanding the critical nature of regulated industries and how to approach them is key to The Company’s business model. Adopting these successful programs and leveraging them in other regions and offices makes this an important, scalable and strategic acquisition opportunity. The value added proposition that The Company provides its customers is based on superior knowledge and ability to execute in a regulated industry. An unmatched understanding of buyers and their behavior in the Medtech and Biotech space allows The Company to rapidly and effectively deploy marketing tactics faster and more economically than their competitors.

$500,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $270,047
Niche Retail/Rental highly unique $270K Net Below asset value retirement owner carry


Price is PLUS retail inventory at cost Seller requests confidentiality is maintained, detail provided only with NDA and qualifications provided. Revenue is 35% rental 65% retail. The company has enjoyed very stable growth from $800,000 to $1,400,000, through the challenging economic times and an average seller NET income of over $220,000 in each of the last 8 years. 2013 clean owner cash flow is $285,334! Price listed is PLUS resale inventory at cost. Owner is retiring and is willing to finance a qualified buyer with a true equity investment on very favorable terms 10 years @ 6%. The business is being offered at less than value of its assets which include in excess of $650,000 in rental inventory, $400,000 in resale inventory at cost, and $150,000 leasehold improvements and furniture, fixtures and equipment, a total in excess of $1,200,000.

High Grossing Cafe in Tech Center Bldg Popular Cafe with excellant location in Tech Center Building

Denver, CO

This Cafe is located at the entrance of a busy business building in the Tech Center with great traffic flow and has been in operation for the past 4 years. The cafe offers quick turnaround coffee, espresso, latte, breakfast, lunch food and drinks and the opportunity to cater to the buildings tenants. There is a patio with tables and chairs for outdoor dining, provided by the landlord, directly in front of the cafe. This is a great opportunity for an owner operator with restaurant/food service experience or for an existing restaurant looking for more exposure with a branch location. All equipment included in sales price.

$1,660,000 Seller Financing Available
Heating, Cooling, Sheet Metal Company in Colorado Profitable Fabrication HVAC, Heating Business in CO


Well established heating and HVAC company that customizes systems for their clients including business and residential. Their sheet metal shop allows for great flexibility in production, efficiency and customization and serves over 6,000 customers by providing exceptional service and products.

$1,000,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $163,890
Popular Wine Bar with Secure High Traffic Location Turnkey Wine Bar with Full Liquor License

Denver County, CO

Wine bar located in highly affluent suburb in North Denver Metro with established management and employees, clients, and almost ten years of experience. Secure lease in high traffic commercial area, commanding web presence and multiple opportunities for expansion and growth. The wine bar has a reputation for premium selections, knowledgeable staff, and unique events. Sale price includes transferable full liquor restaurant license, over $180,000 in equipment, and inventory.

$200,000 Seller Financing Available
Senior Adult Day Care and Wellness center Keeping Seniors home longer, avoiding assisted living or nursing homes

Littleton, CO

A 6000 Sq foot newly designed SeniorDay care offering, Physical and Occupational therapy, Alzheimers and dementia care, cognitive therapy. Kitchen for daily hot meals and snacks, beauty shop for beautician services, Theater, wheelchair accessible, secured doors, arts, and crafts supplies, music supplies, specialized art programs, piano. The facility is attractive, scrupulously clean,m and designed for seniors' comfort and enjoyment. opened 7am to 6pm. Connects to physicians' office . MEDICAID certified! We accept Medicaid, private pay and some insurances.

$1,875,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $350,881
Franchise Restaurant- Fine Dining Franchise Restaurant- Fine Dining


This unique fine dining restaurant offers customers a memorable dining experience. Diners are fully engaged in the preparation of their own food, from appetizer to dessert, resulting in a customized, intimate, unhurried meal. Definitely lends itself well to a romantic date or a special-occasion group celebration. This is an easy to run and highly profitable restaurant that generally only serves dinner. The franchise has over 145 locations nationwide in 37 states. This location was opened in 2003 and has been profitable since day one. In spite of a slow economy they have continued to maintain very similar sales and profits for the past several years.

$95,000 Cash Flow: $52,000
Want To Have Fun In Business? Budget Blinds franchise territory in beautiful Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO

Established in 1992. In 1992, five young entrepreneurs with a passion for building a unique niche in the home furnishings industry founded Budget Blinds. In the early years, they ran Budget Blinds out of a small apartment. By combining their industry experience and people skills, they pounded the pavement the old-fashioned way to grow the company into what it is today--America's #1 window coverings franchise since 1996* with a vast network of consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada. *Entrepreneur magazine Specialties Local personal design consultants with superior service & professional Installation. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Each one of our nationwide Budget Blinds locations is an expert in the latest styles. Combine this expertise with our extensive product line, add your personal sense of style, and you have the perfect recipe for stellar window décor. Schedule your personalized in-home consultation with a Budget Blinds style expert today! You avoid the hassle of tricky measuring for window treatments, selecting ideal hardware & accurate installation. As highly trained professionals, we do it right. You'll get your window decorating done easily with a consultant that is highly trained and proficient in measuring and installing custom window treatments for a perfect fit. Our sales & installation experts stand behind their work. Whether you choose wood shutters, roller shades, or satin drapes, the Budget Blinds team will provide ongoing service to make sure your window treatments last for years. So, this is what we do. It is the most fun job ever! I have to sell due to health issues and family circumstances. But the business comes with trained and experienced staff, if you wish to keep them. You can also start by doing it all by yourself if you know how to use a tape measure and drill.

Passion for Yoga ? Looking for a way to share your passion of yoga with your community


This space allows the flexibility of one large studio, or dividing it into two smaller studios with a 5 minute wall modification. It has astounding Rocky Mountain sunset views, beautiful bamboo floors, and “spa-like” feel décor. The studio also has an established recurring membership revenue, treatment rooms with contracted/leased tenants, and fully trained staff with business management software in place. The studio has two certified Yoga Alliance teacher training programs and has already held three successful teacher trainings. Send your letter of interest for further details to, note PASSION FOR YOGA in the email description before this “jewel of an opportunity” is gone!

Cash Flow: $493,155
SEO Firm - Digital Marketing Agency - Recurring Revenue Internet Marketing - Triple digit sales growth, 3 years in a row.


This digital marketing firm provides subscription-based SEO, SEM and social media services to businesses seeking a better online presence. Recurring revenue streams account for more than 93% of the company's monthly income. Monthly service fees are pre-paid by the client, leaving minimal A/R or bad debt. The seller maintains 100% ownership and the business is debt free. The founder is a pioneer to the industry and the firm has an excellent reputation. Monthly SEO fees range from $550/mo to $7,500/mo. There are currently over 115 customers and their average longevity is excellent. The firm has clean books and a solid business plan. Year - Total Income 2009 - $133,301 2010 - $135,853 2011 - $357,786 2012 - $590,305 2013 - $1,268,794

$300,000 Cash Flow: $46,979
Fort Collins Business/floral/food Established Fort Collins Business

Fort Collins, CO

Franchise with lost of expansion opportunities. There is NO direct competition.

Own an established Sears Retail Store in Silverthorne, CO! Own an established Sears Retail Business for less than startup!

Silverthorne, CO

Established SEARS HOMETOWN STORE for sale in Silverthorne, CO! This is a unique business model unlike any other opportunity. All inventory in the store is owned by Sears, which allows the buyer no investment expense toward inventory and lower risk for the owner operator. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in forming an alliance with one of the biggest names in retail, Sears. Do not wait, this opportunity will not last long!

$198,000 Seller Financing Available
Self Serve Laundromat and Car Wash Opportunity comes to those who are ready to act.

Adams County, CO

Established turnkey, all cash laundromat and car wash located in excellent area. Incredible upside and room to grow. The Seller has done all the hard work and found the perfect location with plenty of parking, with easy access. Equipment and property are extremely well maintained. Excellent market expansion possible for an involved ambitious working owner. Laundry built in 2006 with 2781 sq ft and good mix of equipment including dryers and front load washers, all Huebsch equipment. Car wash built in 2006 and includes 3 self service bays and 1 touch less automatic bay. The sale includes the equipment and operations of the business and does not include the land. Seller is willing to finance with an appropriate, substantial down payment. If you are interested and are a serious qualified Buyer, don't wait or it will be too late!

$329,000 Cash Flow: $64,198
Profitable North Metro Liquor Store Great Revenue - Profitable - Potential to Grow

Adams County, CO

TAKE OVER BUSINESS RIGHT AWAY!! Rare opportunity to buy this profitable liquor store on a busy street in Adams County. This is THE business for family operators. Great location with lots of traffic and viability, ample parking and easy access. Attractive, well stocked liquor store with a loyal following in a friendly neighborhood. The business is a steady money-maker with excellent growth potential. If you want to make money this the right business for you.

$850,000 Cash Flow: $286,000
Cash Cow Foreign Car Repair Shop Fantastic Money Maker wi Building

Broomfield, CO

9 bay shop in Broomfield specializing in foreign car repair. Rent of only $6,500/mo. and owner is netting over $286,000/yr. This one won't last!!

Child Care Center in Littleton Co, with Real Estate Financing, Licensing & Insurance assistance provided!!!!

Littleton, CO

This is a fantastic opportunity to own a fully enrolled, profitable child care center with real estate. It is clean, well maintained and fully equipped with room to expand. The tree shaded playgrounds are perfect for outside play. Currently run by an absentee owner. Call Marianne Anzaldua for all the details and be sure to ask about my other listings. Financing, Licensing & Insurance assistance provided. School Investment Properties, Inc Marianne Anzaldua 888-881-0118

$895,000 Cash Flow: $150,000
Restaurant with Real Estate in CO Mountains - 2321 Own the Real Estate too! Successful Restaurant in the Mountains


If you are looking to buy a restaurant in the Colorado mountains, look no further. This growing restaurant boasts numerous awards including Best Burger, People’s Choice and Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence. It is in the midst of all the Colorado Mountains have to offer, world class skiing, snowmobiling, championship golf, gold medal fly fishing, hunting, camping, boating and so forth. All this keeps the place jumping with tourists and vacationers in the Summer, Fall and Winter months. Being a favorite of the locals, all year long, helps to fill in the early Spring season. The building features state highway frontage with lots of traffic, almost 5,000 sq ft. finished and over 6,500 sq.ft. in all. An outdoor patio with a view seats 40, with a band stage and small service bar too. There is even a 2 bed, 1 bath apartment up stairs. All on half an acre of land with plenty of parking. Clean financial records and tax returns that will support an SBA backed loan for an industry experienced buyer. Further details will be made available to financially qualified prospects who sign a confidentiality agreement. This is the best restaurant for sale in the Colorado mountains on the market today. Contact us for your once in a lifetime opportunity.

$45,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $10,000
Handyman Matters Franchise- Aurora East Aurora Handyman Matters business with GREAT Reputation!

Aurora, CO

For sale is an established business in the Aurora Colorado area. One owner selling several locations. The asking price is based on 62,500 households. First come first serve. Business is a nationally recognized concept that serves the repair, restoration and maintenance needs of both residential and business customers. Business specializes in small- to medium-size jobs covering a wide range of “around-the-house” handyman tasks, repairs, installations and maintenance found on everyone's to-do lists. By building a base of happy repair customers and selling more to them this business enjoys a high repeat business. The business owners are Aging in Place Specialists who work closely with nationwide case managers, insurance companies, workers compensation and rehab groups. Market Position: This business has taken the traditional handyman business and created a tech-savvy handyman service that offers one-stop shopping for both consumers and businesses. This business has developed systems, documented operations and proprietary technology - including proprietary software that systematically manages estimating, scheduling, marketing, dispatching and numerous other areas - to create a “retailing of services” concept that combines a highly structured business management model with the hands-on talent of craftsmen. While the handyman industry remains highly fragmented with many “mom and pop” operators, this businesses craftsmen are employees of local franchise owners and have undergone extensive background checks, adhere to a dress code and call customers the evening prior to a job to verify the time of arrival. They respect customers' property and never ask for any payment upfront. Business can be operated from a small office or from home based office. Business will come with over 1,500 existing clients with a high percentage of repeat usage. Customers with all contact information stored in the business data base. Business has a great reputation and an established web site that appears on the 1st page of all search engines. Business is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating and is a neighborhood favorite on This is a great opportunity for someone that wants to own their own business. 2013 sales will be just north of $385,000 and represent a 13% year over year growth rate. Business has had double digit sales increases for the past 3.5 years. There is a great corporate training program here in Colorado and current owner will help with the transition. This is a turnkey profitable business and can be run by the owner or a manager. The Franchise itself has been around since 1998 with a very successful business model where the owner is the executive of the business with the responsibility of running and operating the business. There are currently 8 employees working for the company. Owner is willing to sell and may consider terms. This is a great opportunity to own an established business.

$199,000 Cash Flow: $94,047
$50K down for $94K in Cash Flow Commercial Services: $94K CF for $50K Down

North Denver Metro Area, CO

Commercial services business in the Denver area; with bank financing available. $50K down would get you a business making $94K per year. Very attractive for someone trying to get into a commercial service business or expand their existing plumbing, heating, HVAC operation. Current owner works less than 30 hours per week. One of the key clients is one of the largest front-range municipalities. This is somewhat of a unique business; owner is willing to consider non-traditional transfer options including a longer term agreement where he would stay involved in transferring/ maintaining the business. Please contact us for additional information.

Wondervu Café Must See to Appreciate the Quality, Value & Potential!

Golden, CO

WonderVu Café & Gift Shop MLS #: 736573 After 38 Years of Continuous Successful Service and Dedication to the Entire Boulder Front Range Community and Patrons from All Around the Globe... We PROUDLY Present to You the WonderVu Café & Gift Shop! A Profitable Restaurant in a mountain community west of Boulder CO in the Beautiful Roosevelt National Forest. Elevation of 8888 Feet with HUGE views of the Continental Divide, located Just 30 minutes from Boulder or Golden and just 50 minutes to Downtown Denver. Seats 100 guests indoors plus accommodates an extra 40 guests out on the deck. Meticulously maintained & new equipment; positive year-to-year growth; long-term dedicated staff, liquor license; high producing well - 100/gal per minute; Advantex filtration septic system; All make this an ideal turn-key operation for those wanting to live, work & play in a Rocky Mountain Community. Sale includes real estate and improvements, including all kitchen equipment, fixtures, well (100 gpm stated), Advantex septic system, liquor license, coolers, freezers, electronics, POS system, security system, HVAC equipment, and inventory. Real estate and assets alone approach the sales price. Must see to appreciate the Quality, Value & Potential! Property behind restaurant also available for sale for those wanting to expand outdoor seating, kitchen facilities, special events venues, or lodging. Out of Area Buyers interested in taking Residence? Potential Residence/Tri-Plex also available. Ask Agent for details... To continue dedicated community support and satisfy high demand, the Owner is willing to help acclimate the new owners if desired! Maintain the successful business as it is or make it your own! Lots of potential for growth. Take a Virtual Tour: Company Web Site:

$199,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $25,000
TCBY Frozen Yogurt Greenwood Village TCBY Frozen Yogurt, a world wide franchise right here in Denver!

Greenwood Village, CO

The current owners, a husband and wife team, have run an amazing business since opening in July 2011. Unfortunately, the torch is ready to be passed on to the next highly dedicated owner who is willing to put forth the time and effort needed to run a successful frozen yogurt franchise. This sale should come as no surprise as this dynamic duo have other lifelong second careers with advanced degrees in pursuit, as well as other medical and personal reasons for needing to sell the store at this time. This is a great location as a turn key store in beautifully and basically still brand new condition, dedicated and long time staff, amazing relationships with both customers and neighboring schools, businesses and athletic clubs, as well as a large customer email membership and various successful social media sites already all established. The current owners have taken the last three years putting this location on the map and securing great marketing with monthly events, fundraisers and catering available, as well as daily repeat customers. ??It is because the owners at this time cannot continue to give the necessary commitment, that a sale is imminent. This great location in Greenwood Village is in a shopping center with plenty of parking along a high trafficked road, with well known neighbors such as Starbucks, Sprouts, Five Guys and Office Depot. The self serve store is surrounded by high end shops, the Cherry Creek school district, minutes from the light rail and freeway, and many million dollar business offices. The current owners are confident that an active owner/ operator could take this business to the next level and significantly increase profitability. ??You would need to become a TCBY franchisee which is an easy transfer and only requires a local training at corporate headquarters in Broomfield. A training agreement with the current owners can be made for ease of transition. Employees do not have knowledge of the sale, so please only contact the name below.

$149,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $95,000
Outdoor Services Business in the Boulder-Broomfield Area Home Based Business with $95K SDE !!

Boulder - Broomfield Area, CO

Home Based and 30% Growth in 2013 ! This is a great business opportunity to own a home improvement “sealing services” dealership, serving the Boulder County area. This business focuses primarily on residential customers who need maintenance and restoration of their wood decks and fences as well as concrete walkways, flagstone, and masonry. This company offers state of the art solutions that provide long-lasting, earth friendly options for sealing & staining both wood and concrete. This particular dealership gives the distributor exclusive access to a line of products that are not available on the public market. The majority of the revenue is generated between April and October and minimal equipment is necessary for operations. This business also currently operates a full service interior and exterior painting company that has been established in the Boulder area for nearly 2 decades. No Contractors License Needed! Work from Home! The operation itself is very simple and the seller can train a buyer in a couple of week’s time, but the seller will remain available for questions for several months after the sale. Cash flow from the business has been growing and came in at $95,000 in 2013. The business has been pre-qualified for an SBA Loan with 20-25% cash down from a qualified buyer. All details on this opportunity will be provided with a signed NDA and Buyer Qualification Profile. Please contact Brian Mueller at or 720-242-7870.

$325k Revenue eCommerce Toy Retailer Locate Anywhere - Turnkey, 3 Established Domains, $100k in Inventory

Centennial, CO Our broad-based toy website averaged 60k monthly visitors over Christmas 2013. It includes a carefully maintained, active opt-in newsletter list of over 15k subscribers, which have been receiving weekly newsletter sends. The site has almost 5500 Facebook fans. This is a well-converting niche site primarily focused on Thomas the Tank Engine, Chuggington and Dinosaur Train character lines. It has a highly targeted opt-in email list of almost 4000 subscribers. A site focused on birthday party planning and accessories. It provides a great upsell opportunity for toys from the other two sites. Additionally, the peak birthday party season is summertime, which balances out seasonal revenue fluctuations from the other sites.

Paint Your Own Pottery & Mosaic Studio! Overlooking Creek in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado!

Evergreen, CO

Charming ! Adorable! Successful! Loved by locals and visitors alike this well established studio is the perfect opportunity! Community involvement and fundraisers have helped this business grow year over year. Named Business of the Month in local magazine. Fundraisers include "Empty Bowls Project" and a Spring Egg Decorating Contest.

$400,000 Seller Financing Available Cash Flow: $180,000
36 Yr.Old Specialty 4 Wheel Drive Auto Repair and Retail Parts 13 Bay 4 X4 Niche Auto, Repair and Retail, $400K Down Gets $500K in Assets. Debt

Denver County, CO

For Sale: 36 year Old Specialty 4 Wheel Drive Auto Repair and Retail Parts Facility in Colorado - 13 Bays. Location: North Denver Sale Price: $400K down and get over $500K in inventory and assets COMPLETELY DEBT FREE! (This value is "quick sale value" - replacement value is over $750,000.) The seller seeks another $150K-$200K over the next 6-8 years from the income of the business. The seller is committed to make this transaction largely performance-driven (an earn-out) and seeks a win-win structure that motivates both the buyer and seller to grow the company going forward. The seller will carry over 30% of the sales price. This speaks volumes about his confidence in the company’s ability to grow fast going forward with a new hands-on owner, vs. what we have had during the past 2 years, which was more of an absentee-owner operating and has not worked out as well. 2011 Revenues were $965,490 with a Gross Profit of $474,215. 2012 Revenues were $912,381 with Gross Profit of $455,657. 2013 Revenues were $862,271 with a Gross Profit of $401,886. Email today for the comprehensive sales packet, including 6 years of financials and tax returns and a 45 minute long video detailing the shop and full interview with the owner and new GM. "We have a great niche in 4 x 4 and general auto repair and retail auto parts in one of Colorado's best markets", the seller states. We have a large retail auto store filled with high-margin unique products, as well as a very clean and functional 14 bay garage, including 13 lifts and 1 large RV-sized bay. For what we do we have almost NO competition. We have invested heavily into the finest equipment available. We sell General and Unique 4 X 4 Retail Parts and Auto Repair Services: We are VERY unique in our niche industry in that we sell retail parts and we do comprehensive auto repair, concentrating on 4 X 4 vehicles of all models. Very few people do sales AND service. This is the reason we enjoy the great profits that we do year-after-year (again except for the recent past.). "There is much more money to be made in repairing vehicles, than there is in accessorizing vehicles. But we can do both, the profits are even greater. There really isn't anyone who can do the work we do and sell the retail parts we have for 4 X 4 vehicles in our entire market; or at least 15-20 mile radius. We have held a lock on this industry for 20-25 years now. We have protected vendor relationships and are an exclusive dealer for many lines. For many years we have enjoyed steady drive-by traffic and exposure even though our facility has been on just a 1 lane road for 36 years. However, as can be seen in the sales figures above, during the few years our store sales have fallen because of disruptive highway construction in front of our store to expand to a 4 lane highway and many of our loyal customers have avoided us since access to our store was difficult due to congestion. FINALLY, As of September 2013, the road work has been completed and the highway has expanded to 4 lanes. The drive-by traffic in front of the store has exploded since the highway is now a major vein in and out of the central business district. WE ARE THE BEST SPECIALIZED 4x4 AUTO CARE CENTER IN COLORADO!! We have been in business for 36 YEARS, and have been very successful as absentee-owned for the many of the past 15 years. In the past he seller has another very large company he manages full time. This means a new owner who can "operate" the location full time WILL grow the businesses substantially! The business is in GREAT SHAPE today since the current owner made substantial improvements in all areas of operations. He also recently hired 2 critical and long-standing key employees from the past that managed the business when it was cash-flowing up to $400,000/yr. on sales of $1,800,000. However, company sales and profits DID fall during the past 2 years due to the absentee-owner management and lack of experience with the new owner during that period. We now have a great GM who has over 18 years with the company! He is 100% committed to stay on and sell products and services for the new owner. This will also greatly improve sales and net income. We have excellent and comprehensive sales packets/data rooms that we will immediately email you upon receipt of this completed Confidentiality Agreement (CA) in this secure web link The seller is confident that a new owner can double the gross sales and cash flow over the next 3-5 years and get is back to cash flow $240,000-$350,000 on sales of $1.5MM-$2MM/yr. The seller insists that a new hands-on owner can easily get the cash flow to $250,000/yr. once they take over. It has been long-known that absentee-owned business seldom perform as well as businesses with an on-site owner! The seller states that we have "excellent SYSTEMS" in place. The systems run the business, and the people run the systems", the seller insists. Also, we have invested over $100,000 recently on the most advanced state-of-the-art software and computer systems to streamline every procedure in our operation. All the kinks have been worked out. If the buyer puts down $400,000 at closing, they will invariably get at least that amount back in the next 24-36 months. If sales are doubled in the next 3 years or so, them the cash flow may triple since the owner has covered most of their fixed costs at the first $750,000/yr. in sales; much of the rest falls to the bottom line. At this stage we are now a fully turn-key operation, however, 8 months ago the business needed many operational and personnel changes to get the business back on track. We just need someone who wants to get the sales up to capacity. We have "everything" in place for the new owner to get to $2,000,0000-$3,000,000/yr. The new owner needs nothing other than the talent and vision. We have everything in place; we have all the equipment, inventory and space to handle $3,000,000/yr. We have excellent and comprehensive sales packets/data rooms that we will immediately email you upon receipt of this completed Confidentiality Agreement (CA) in this secure web link


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