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$105,000 Cash Flow: $33,190 Seller Financing
6 y/o T-shirt Discovery Blog Earning $39,000/year 91,556 Pageviews/mo | 42,308 Uniques/mo | Affiliate Marketing | Advertising | Su

San Francisco, CA

Seller's Notes: I'd like to present to you, in the most transparent way possible, how I took a small blog earning $40 in 2012 to $6298.55 in March 2016 and has a healthy revenue stream from multiple sources: affiliate marketing, advertising and recurring/subscription fees. Who am I? I'm an advertising professional that worked for the past 7 years at a great start-up from Boston/MA by the name of BuySellAds. While I am not a website flipper per say, I do have a very strong reputation with the web master community and Flippa. Actually, 10 years ago, I sold my first website here (SitePoint). I have a nice super-seller badge given by the fine folks at Flippa. What is TeeHunter? It started as a blog that I have purchased in 2012 and pushed it to become a t-shirt discovery site, because we manually curate a bit over 10,000 t-shirts in our gallery. We have created a community, we are working with respected brands (that pay us!), we do amazing giveaways, generate brand awareness and really we are the t-shirt site. We've built a platform around Wordpress that allows us to pull awesome t-shirts we love in a matter of a few clicks. We work with great t-shirt brands that seek exposure and sales and we run cool campaigns, giveaways and so on.. How it works? Brands pay us a fee to be listed, we create them a landing page and from that point on, anybody with an account at TeeHunter can submit t-shirt designs from their shop to our gallery, really easy. We manually review every t-shirt to assure of the quality. On top of that, some of the brands also have affiliate programs, our complex backend automatically generates affiliate links from regular links. We also do well with content, we write entertaining and trendy blog posts that we then bind with t-shirts. Hey, we did discover there's a t-shirt for every topic out there. Talking about cotton and how soft it feels on the skin might get boring, however if you take a given topic and bind the topic with the t-shirt, you have a winner. That's how we made most of our affiliate sales. Traffic, how do you get the traffic? It's mostly organic, about 80% of it, coming for strong keywords like "Game of thrones t-shirts" for instance. Organic traffic converts best. We have setup our Google Analytics with goals/events in order to track every aspect of the site. We also run giveaways, they are sponsored by the brands, we generate awareness for them, give free t-shirts to folks and generate traffic. Posting on Social Media also generates some traffic. Let's talk about Revenue? Initially our focus was on what we called "brand pages". We sold them to early users at $50/yr and quickly jumped to $99/yr (where most are sitting) and $299/yr. You can find details here: While we still get brand page requests regularly, we focused on affiliate marketing more. Currently working with ShareASale because this is where the pool of t-shirt companies seem to hang out. That plus we made a nice SlackBot that alerts us when a sale happens (Hey, thanks, Brian from SaS). Affiliate sales have been doing extremely well for us in the past months due to a coupon code from one of our main partners. For the sake of complete transparency they have stopped the coupon code for the next months and affiliate sales will see a decrease. We're building up for more keywords (like "Suicide Squad t-shirts" or "Game of thrones t-shirts" while waiting for a re-enabling of this coupon code for Q4. Expecting April to end at $3-4k. Advertising has been handled exclusively through, we're earning about $500+/mo from ads as well. This has proven to be a stable, consistent income through the years. This is our listing: Technical aspects We're currently hosted on AWS. Running on an EC2 instance, an RDS for MySQL (separated), CDN via CloudFront, S3 for storage of media files, auto-scalable, fast. If that didn't bore you already, let's just say that we built something that we can build for you too in order to load the site real fast, which is probably why Google likes us. You don't really need AWS to run the site, it'll work with any hosting out there that can hold 20 people at once. The platform is the popular Wordpress. The admin section is easy to use and well organized, however it's custom made, a complete beast of code in the back-end that will help you automate a lot of the tasks, from building the affiliate URLs to allowing users to submit t-shirts and dealing with SEO, all inside the wp-admin. Once you take over, in a matter of minutes you can switch all the affiliate links to your account. We thought of pretty much everything. As a matter of fact, we have spent a bit over $12,000 in development until present. The theme was coded from scratch, started on a nice drawing board in our office. Costs of running I currently pay about $150-170/mo for hosting+cdn on AWS. Mainly because I cared a lot about speed and scalability. Would hold on any server <$100 should you want to reduce the costs. I pay about $400 for the content team to write (~$20/article). You could probably lower the cost but I wouldn't recommend, I like the creativeness of the existing team. We have used this app in the past months called for giveaways ($39/mo). We also spend <$200/mo in Facebook ads for giveaways or promos we want to try out. Experimenting a bit, will pass the know-how to the new owner. Stats: Overall Revenue 2015: $25,012.24 2016 Revenue until present month: $17.328,94 Projected 2016: $73,500 Avg. Monthly Revenue in the past 12 months: $3.372.04 Avg. Monthly Revenue in the past 3 months: $5,776.31 Articles written until present: 2162 Newsletter subscribers: 12,664 (MailChimp) T-Shirts Curated: 10,540 Brands we work with: 67 (Paying $50-$299/yr) Revenue from recurring subscriptions in the past 12 months: $5,021.10 Social Media Facebook: 6785 ( Twitter: 4662 ( Google+: 845 followers; 1,474,520 views Valuation/Assets based on stats Articles written until present: 2162 ($10-20/article) Newsletter subscribers: 12,664 (MailChimp) ($1.25/UAC) Brands we work with: 67 (Paying $50-$299/yr) ($5021.10 Recurring) T-Shirts Curated: 10,540 Social Media Facebook: 6785 ( Twitter: 4662 ( Google+: 845 followers; 1,474,520 views Domain name: All the media files / content will be transferred over. Wordpress + Custom back-end + Misc scripts. Any technical support, from documentation to migrating files over can be handled at our end should you need us to. Strong points: - #1 in the t-shirt blog sphere - Great amount of content, strong SEO - Links from, - Strong & Healthy distributed revenue (Affiliate/Advertising/Recurring) - Brands recognize our authority in the field and enjoy working with us - State of the art back-end, automation - Existing content team willing to continue the great work under new ownership - You're really going to own the #1 t-shirt "blog" out there. Simple as that. Weak points: - We spent and focused too much of our efforts into development to build something "perfect" while lacking Marketing. That's the honest truth, if I were to do things different, I'd probably MVP ideas more often and spend more money for marketing. - Never spent a significant amount of money on ads - Social Media should be more consistent to attract more sales/traffic - We never engaged into Email Marketing besides promoting our internal giveaways - SEO on-page, we never went aggressive, actually just recently I was made aware that we're a bit too soft on things. See: RedBubble and their aggressive winning SEO. Why selling? I'm going to start a consultancy agency in a completely different field, AWS/Cloud. I'd love to see the site in the hands of someone that loves the niche and will take this further. Someone that knows SEO, someone that knows how to generate more traffic is going to be the right buyer. The majority of listings for new/starter sites usually start with "Huge potential", I truly hope this goes into the hands of someone that actually realizes the potential of TeeHunter and hey it would be great if I can still have my photo in the about us section under "Worthy contributors". Thank you, addressing FAQ below. FAQ Anticipating the questions and also updating the listing with answers here. How much of the monthly revenue is Affiliate, Ads and Subscriptions? ~ 65% affiliate sales, 15% ads, 20% brands. It really depends on how many brands we sell in a given month, generally it's 65% affiliate sales, 15% ads, 20% brands and sponsored articles. Do you think the direction should be pursuing more brands or focusing on affiliate sales? I would stick with the existing ones while letting new ones come naturally/inbound. I strongly believe the future is in building a bigger community of designers that are interested in uploading their art on TeeHunter as a means of extra-exposure to generate sales. It's a win/win/win for teehunter, brands and the artist. How much time do you spend on it? 15 mins/day - Approval of new t-shirts 30 mins/day - Replying back to sales inquiries we receive, planning things. 30 mins/day - Editing the articles that go live and coordinating with the folks that write content Any amount of time spent extra is for business development. How will I generate a bigger income from affiliate sales? The future is definitely the content ranking on Google and the aggregated hashtags that we've been building. We rank well for game of thrones, suicide squad, breaking bad, etc. There are so many more topics to rank for. This is going to be a great deal for someone that knows his marketing. What do you except the revenue to be in March for affiliate sales? Given that the coupon code we had expired until Q4, we're looking at $3k for March, really looking forward to seeing how the upcoming TV Shows like GOT or Silicon Valley turn out. What should we except as the "best" months for sales? Definitely during Black Friday and Christmas. Why is the traffic lower in the past months? It's not, it's been growing actually. We have updated the site with our version 4 in September 2015 and we were running infinite scroll which in the end made the impressions/pageview count lower. We switched back to normal scrolling. How do the brands pay you the recurring fee? Paypal. Can you transfer the property over to our account? Yes. Do you get DMCA Takedowns / Licensing issues? We got 2 requests in 4 years which we deflected to the site that actually sold the merchandise. This resulted in the site taking it off and us doing it subsequently since we only list fresh t-shirts. Can I have access to Google Analytics? Yes but only after you have expressed interest by bidding. Alternatively great screenshots can be posted here upon request. Editor's Comments: Strengths: -Great User Engagement (2.42- Pages/Session, 1:12- Avg. Session Duration, 31%- Bounce Rate) -40.1k Backlinks including -Ranking Top 20 in Google USA for 1,734 Keywords -High Margin Business Weaknesses: -Significantly reliant on organic traffic -New owner should have industry standard DCMA Takedown procedures

$2,895,000 Cash Flow: $746,302
Office Furniture Manufacturing,Sales and Service Company PROFITABLE! current SDE for TTM ending March 31, 2016 is $1,154,909

Santa Clara County, CA

This company is in a dynamic and fast moving industry with the ability to offer products and services to virtually all companies within its geographic market. This opportunity to own a highly profitable company in the San Francisco bay area wont last long. This opportunity is perfect for an individual or a corporate client as well. A possible PEG opportunity exists with built in growth potential and synergistic value within the same and similar industries! They are a premier supplier of both new and used office furniture to the San Francisco Bay Area corporate community. The in house proprietary refurbishment program for used furniture has made it a leader in the refurbishment industry. The company also has an extensive catalog of new office furnishings of ALL types which allows the company to service any and all budget approaches within the business community it serves. The company is poised to grow with increased marketing efforts and a strong economic outlook for the geographic market of the San Francisco bay area. The quoted Gross Sales, Cash-flow and EBITDA are a five year average; (Including the TTM to March 31, 2016). The fiscal year for this company is July 1 through June 30th. The current years activity is performing at a $4,742,000 expected gross sales based on existing booked sales and confirmed backlog.

$400,000 Cash Flow: $128,173
7 y/o Travel App Network Earning $130k+ In Diversified Passive Income 7 Apps | 150k+ Social Media Followers | 60k Email List | 5 Hours Of Work Weekly

San Francisco, CA

Listing: Seller's Notes: Description of app: This is a critically acclaimed Top Travel App Network with a 7-year diversified passive income stream that has hundreds of thousands of monthly active users and millions of downloads. A solid cross-platform brand (iOS, Android, Windows, online) that has one of the largest and most loyal built-in mobile/web social communities. We have a large social media following with years of natural, organic, word of mouth growth. This is not just an app, we are on several platforms, including the web (with over 700,000 pages of original content). Our iOS presence includes updated, cutting edge designs that favor the most popular devices, an Apple Watch App, and Apple TV App. The main app in the network has an overall 4.5 star rating (which is extremely difficult to achieve for a 7 year old FREE app), the second largest app in our network has 5-star overall rating which is almost impossible to maintain for over 3 years. There’s a ton of room for growth in this 50 million-user niche. I have a plan to triple the existing revenue in only a few years and I’m willing to help the new owner accomplish this goal. Why the app is being sold? I want to help my kids with a venture they’ve been working on for almost seven years. I will use the proceeds from the sale to help them realize their dream. I am interested in retaining a small amount of ownership in the App Network due to the exponential room for growth, I love the community, and I have a passion for the niche. I will guide the buyer with my expert knowledge of the niche, the App Store, and development—I know how to develop apps quickly and efficiently after seven years of real-world experience. I know what works, what to put in each update, how to start a new app from scratch, and I have valuable insights that successful developers are usually not willing to reveal. Development: We developed this app from scratch on iOS and Android. We use PHP on the server-side to service the app with updated information. This backend system also runs our web version that has over 700,000 pages of original content. I will also show the buyer our system for low-cost/high-impact development, and our proven App Store strategies. Operation: Low expenses, small time commitment. Operation is simple and can be outsourced because of the systems and automation we have programmed into our App Network. We have spent a lot of time and money on automated systems that do most of the work. It takes approximately one hour per day (5 hours per week) to maintain the App Network. I will provide detailed instructions/video tutorials. You can either do these tasks on your own to save money, or easily outsource them. Monetization: The diversity and longevity of our monetization channels are one of our strongest assets. Our App Network has been monetized through click ads (which have performed very well for seven years). We developed paid versions of our app that have done very well. In addition to that, we have secured anonymous data clients (some are publicly traded companies) which allow us to monetize our proprietary data without compromising personal data. We also have corporate sponsors. All income streams have been obtained without a sales team. Probably the most impressive income stream is our own built-in economy where people spend money for coins that can be used throughout our App Network. This has been very successful in creating extra income, brand loyalty, and has strengthened our overall community—therefore strengthening our entire App Network. Marketing: Marketing expenses are very low. We’ve done almost no paid advertising in the past seven years. We have used our strong social presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We have also cultivated a 60,000 person email list that we email at least two times per month. We have a 2000 person text message list. Since our launch, we have benefitted from organic word of mouth growth, which has continued to this day. People feel compelled to tell others about our App Network because it truly is the best in its class. Natural, organic, word of mouth recommendations have allowed us to grow significantly, with limited expense--making our user acquisition cost almost nothing. What is being included in the sale? (Detail list could be found in listing attachments after NDA has been signed) Our entire Travel App Network (iOS/Android/Windows) All of our social media accounts with ~150k followers in total Our websites complete with admin panels and everything necessary to run the business. The website has around 200,000 unique visitors and 13 million page views per month. Source code All designs Access to our developers and our system for building strong apps fast, with limited expenses. Future Opportunities: I have a specific plan for expansion that is realistic and attainable. This plan utilizes our existing code and structure, and allows us to expand in places (like China) that will make money, while growing our existing successful App Network. A recent BI Intelligence report predicts 3x more App revenue between 2016-2020 than what was made in 2008-2015. They stated app saturation and high customer acquisition costs as the two biggest challenges--we have already solved both of those problems in our niche. More Information: The following information could be provided after NDA has been signed: - Profit and Loss Statement for the past 5 years. (See listing attachments) - Business Presentation and Prospectus (See listing attachments). - App Ranking Data. App & Website Analytics data (See listing attachments). - Proof of Revenue could be provided. Post Sale: - How long is the inspection period after you transfer the assets to the buyer? TBD - Will you provide post-sale support & training, in order to ensure that the buyer is able to fully take over the business and its operations? How long is the support period? I am interested in retaining a small amount of ownership in the App Network, due to the exponential room for growth that I know is possible. I will guide the buyer with my expert knowledge of the niche, the App Store, and development—I know how to develop apps quickly and efficiently after seven years of real-world experience. About NDA and Reserve Price When you sign the NDA and apply to view more information, please include a short intro of your background (would be great if you can include LinkedIn profile URL or your personal/company website). Only vetted buyers will be approved to view the listing. Listing:

$155,000 Cash Flow: $49,800
8 y/o Portfolio Of 4 Social Casino Facebook Games Earning $60k+ 3,000 MAU | 400 DAU | $3 ARPU | Various Kenos | Lotto | Casino Including Slots

San Francisco, CA

Listing: Seller's Notes: About the Seller: Location: Vancouver, Canada Background: 10 years web apps dev Description of app: The games consist of the following style games: Various Kenos, Lotto, Casino including slots. The detail list of apps and their URLs will be disclosed in the listing attachments to buyers who have signed the NDA. I have created, built, and maintained these apps since 2008. I have put together a niche gaming community, that is loyal and love the games. The apps are currently on Facebook Web/Canvas but could with time and investment could be ported to Mobile as well. I am selling these games simply because I have been doing this along time and need to move on to a different stage in my life. Why the app is being sold? The games are being sold because the owner has been doing this for 8 years and looking to move on and start a new career Are you going to reuse or resell the app’s design or source code after this sale? I will not be using any of the source code and will sign a non-compete. Development: The apps were built from the ground up and use PHP/MySQL/Nginx/Memcached which is hosted on Amazon Web Services The frontend on 3 of the games is Flash/Actionscript and the others are HTML5/Javascript There is some backend work that needs to be done concerning tasks that need to be made automated and an upgraded Admin Console. I wear all of the hats in the operation, including backend, javascript, graphics, promos, marketing and pretty much everything except the Actionscript in a few of the games. There are many loyal players who act as Admin's and Mods in chat. Operation: Currently there are some manual tasks that need to be done which can also be automated. Current tasks include, putting a ‘Weekend Special’ on as well competitions. Monetization: All revenue is generated via in-app purchases, which are usually done on a “special’. A special is usually put on, on the weekends and the amount of in game currency is increased on purchases. Marketing: Have recently purchased app installs via Facebook and waiting the monetization results. App Performance/User Intelligence: I have included some screenshots of User Information from Facebook in the listing attachments. Those information will only be disclosed to buyers who have signed the NDA. What is being included in the sale? -4 Facebook Apps (detail list of apps is in listing attachments.) -I have a personal social media account that I have been using for them and am willing to delete it if requested. -All the source code will be transferred -All graphics and assets will be transferred -Once the transaction is confirmed, all admin accounts will be transferred to the new owner in Facebook, along with the Facebook Pages. -The banking/wire information will transfer manually with Facebook. Payments are wired every 7th and 21st of the month and is Net/21 Future Opportunities: With the right investment these apps could be taken to mobile and monetized immensely Post Sale: - How long is the inspection period after you transfer the assets to the buyer? 7 - 14 days - I will offer hands on support for 30 days, and indefinite support with whatever questions the buyer may have in the future. - I would be available for consultancy for the buyer post-sale but not updates. Would negotiate with the new owner on the hourly rate. Miscellaneous: This is a huge opportunity for someone looking to break into the app business or to expand to expand their current business. The creator has built a solid and loyal gaming niche community that has proven profitable for the past 8 years. Listing:

$499,000 Cash Flow: $188,000
Specialty Retail Store with E-Commerce Component in South SF Bay Specialty Retailer with Ecommerce compnent

Santa Clara County, CA

Specialty Retail Store with E-Commerce Component in South San Francisco Bay Area Title: Long established Specialty Retail Store with ecommerce component in SF Bay Area Asking Price: $499,000 2015 Revenues: $750,000 2015 Adjusted Cash Flow: $188,000 Following items are included in the purchase price: (approximate) FF & E: $10,000 Inventory: $59,000 AR: $45,000 AP: $25,000 (Industry: Specialty Retail Store) This company was established about 23 years ago and has been under the current ownership for the past 7 years. Owner is relocating out of state and wishes to sell the business. This company sells products used by businesses and home owners every day. They carry a large variety of these products and are a one stop shop when looking for them. They have the expertise to help the customer find the correct replacement item or a new and improved version. They sell to individual customers, owners of high-end homes, hotels and other commercial establishments, as well as to contractors. They are also a top rated seller on Amazon and eBay and sell through several of their own websites. This company has done consistent business over the years and has steady, repeat customers. They are located in Santa Clara County in the same high-visibility, centralized location since their inception. This opportunity would be ideal for an individual with a sales background and good customer service skills. The Owner has the store very well organized and uses a sophisticated inventory management system that simplifies the daily operations. The specific product expertise can be picked up over time as the current owner had no experience in this type of business when he purchased it. This opportunity could also be a great addition for another company in a similar business located in another part of the state or out of state. The store is open from 9AM to 5PM Monday thru Friday and 10AM to 5PM on Saturday. Business has one full time employee that has worked with the business for a very long time. Business also has another part-time employee. Owner works in the business full time. The offering includes all equipment free and clear of all liens and also includes approximately $59,000 in Inventory and approximately $45,000 in Accounts Receivable and buyer’s assumption of approximately $25,000 in Accounts Payable (Net $79,000 value). Hence the asking price for the business excluding these items is only $420K. This is very attractively priced. SBA loan is possible for a well-qualified individual with good credit, relevant background, and 25% down payment. They are currently housed in a 2,000 SF leased retail facility with the monthly lease payment of $4,217 and NNN of approximately $1,054. The current lease is expiring in the fall of 2016 but landlord is willing to sign a long term lease on comparable terms. Seller is willing to sign a non-compete agreement and will support the buyer with training and transition. Owner is relocating out of state and hence wants to sell the business. If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please complete the confidentiality agreement and buyer profile from and fax them to us at (408) 852-4358. Upon receipt we will contact you with the details of this opportunity.

San Francisco CPA Firm for Sale Great practice with loyal clients

San Francisco, CA

CPA firm for sale in San Francisco. Practice consists of approximately 85 individual clients and 15 entities. CPA firm also generates about 40k in revenue from Audit's & Reviews. Office is located off of highly traveled road close to GG park. Please contact Accounting & Tax Brokerage at 855-428-2225 for more information, or complete the buyer inquiry sheet online at to receive the Practice profile immediately. ATB, Inc. CA Bre 02002824.

Shopify Niched E-commerce Web Design - Successful! Explosive growth, owner turning away $15,000-60,000+ in leads a week!

Los Angeles, CA

Successful e-commerce web design business with explosive potential for new owners. Established in 2010, this e-commerce web design business has a flawless A+ reputation that provides consistent income currently with a large over abundance of leads. Specializing in cloud based e-commerce software Shopify, this business is heavily niched for online shopping websites, providing high quality theme design & development, app development, marketing, SEO, SEM, and more. The business also provides WordPress web design, but 95% of leads are geared toward shopify e-commerce. Highly ranked organic regional searches & Shopify experts profile brings in continuous profitable leads every day from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the entire USA. All Shopify leads provide long-term client relationships with unlimited up-sell potential going forward. With extremely low overhead (below $2,000 a year) and the bonus of earning Shopify's partner commissions on all projects, the sky is the limit for profits for the new owner. This web design business has been run solely by the owner from home, which has seriously limited the profits to this point to around $100-140k a year. Owner is turning away $15,000-60,000+ leads a week per month and that does not include the phone call leads received, which owner does not have time to contact any. New owner will have the opportunity to turn this well oiled machine it a robust superpower in the shopify e-commerce domain. • Consistent premium Shopify leads from Los Angeles, California & USA • Owner turning away $15,000-60,000+ in leads a week • Company currently does not outsource any work • No paid marketing being done to acquire leads, all leads are coming from organic sources only • Long-term A+ 5 star reputation online • Current client list includes well known global brands and Shopify PLUS clients • Rock solid reputation & impressive portfolio • Business has some clients on WordPress also

$460,000 Cash Flow: $122,000
Long established Tools Distributor in SF Bay Area Attractively priced money making Tools Distributor


Tools Distributor in San Francisco Bay Area Title: Long established Tools Distributor Asking Price: $460,000 2015 Revenues: $1,500,000 2015 Adjusted Cash Flow: $122,000 Following items are included in the purchase price: FF & E: approximately $?? Inventory: $184,000 AR: $60,000 AP: $30,000 (Industry: Machining Industry) This company was established about 65 years ago, has been in the family for almost 50 years, and under current owner’s ownership for the past 11 years. Company is a distributor of Tools needed for machine shops. Business has done consistent business over the years and has steady, repeat customers. This opportunity would be ideal for an individual with sales background and good customer service skills. It will also be ideal for another company to acquire. The offering includes all equipment free and clear of all liens and also includes approximately $184,000 in Inventory and approximately $60,000 in Accounts Receivable and buyer’s assumption of approximately $30,000 in Accounts Payable (Net $214K value). Hence the asking price for the business excluding these items is only $246K. SBA loan is possible for a well-qualified individual with good credit, background, and 25% down payment. They are currently housed in a 4,200 SF leased facility with the monthly lease payment of $2,500 plus NNN. Owner is willing to help with training and transition. Owner will sign a non-compete agreement. Owner wishes to sell the business in order to retire. If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please complete the confidentiality agreement and buyer profile from and fax them to us at (408) 852-4358. Upon receipt we will contact you with the details of this opportunity.

$350,000 Cash Flow: $150,000
Highly Profitable Quick Service Restaurant - Haight-Ashbury Favorite! Popular San Francisco Haight-Ashbury Restaurant!

San Francisco, CA

This highly profitable quick service restaurant has been a Haight-Ashbury favorite for years! The ideally located venue caters to local residents, business operators and tourists offering what’s oftentimes considered the best quick service options around. The fantastic location means that little advertising, marketing or promotion is necessary, and that the customer base is somewhat ‘built-in’.

$750,000 Cash Flow: $150,000
3 Subway Sandwich Stores For Sale 2 in San Francisco 1 in San Ramon California

San Francisco, CA

My name is Herbinder and I am looking to sell 3 of my Subway stores. I have owned them for more than 10 years now and my Husband and I are ready to retire. Two of the stores are in the financial district of San Francisco. The other store is in San Ramon, CA. If you would like to request more information please call me at the details listed below.

$160,000 Cash Flow: $85,624
Education Site Selling Courses in the Online Marketing Niche Established platform in a growing niche!

San Francisco, CA

For sale is a website that sells educational courses primarily focused on technical skills ranging from programming languages such as Ruby on Rails to UX design, developing Apps and Internet Marketing. The typical customers are primarily males ranging from 18 - 40 who are interested in expanding their technical skillsets within the programming and internet marketing niche. For sale is the automated platform along with a list of over 30k students along with the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter). The backend features an automated platform to convert Udemy courses, and the payment backend which manages the payables and payments to the instructors and affiliates. The owner is selling as he wishes to focus on helping his brother with their family business and spend time on a different project of his. The business is monetized through the sale of education courses through the website and affiliates. The owner currently spends about 10 hours a week on the business sending out daily emails to students regarding new courses and promotions. The current owner spends roughly 1 hour a week on support. The primary growth opportunities would be finding more affiliates to offer the current courses within the curriculum and expanding the curriculum. A stronger curriculum base would drive more visitors and revenues into this business. Other growth opportunities would be to increase SEO through blog posts, and course descriptions. Adwords or other paid advertising would be useful as this site currently only depends on affiliate and email marketing. Increasing the catalog of the technical educational courses would definitely drive more students to use this site versus other sites like Udemy as it makes a name for itself within the technical education industry.

$35,000 Cash Flow: $45,170 Seller Financing
Beer Enthusiast eCommerce Business Generating Over $130,000/yr Superb Product Reviews | Multiple Growth Opportunities | 32,000+ Social Media Fo

San Francisco, CA

Seller's Notes: Executive Summary: Established in 2013, Craft Beer Hound sells gifts and gadgets for beer lovers and beer novices alike. The business aims to enhance the beer drinking experience by helping beer drinkers celebrate, appreciate and share their beer adventures. Craft Beer Hound does this by creating excellent, innovative and stylish products and content. Craft Beer Hound has been featured in Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Men’s Journal, and Mashable, and it has superb product reviews. The business is best known for its highly-popular Cap Collector Product line. As a result of its quality products and content, Craft Beer Hound has an active, loyal social media following and customer base. The sale of Craft Beer Hound includes the business domain (, all social media accounts (32,000+ followers), all customer information, and a mailing list with 6,500+ addresses. With a quality supplier, excellent products, and a recognizable brand, the new owner will be perfectly positioned to take Craft Beer Hound to new heights. Business Model: Craft Beer Hound generates 100% of its revenue through ecommerce product sales to beer lovers and their gift giving friends/family. Over the trailing twelve months, the business’ gross revenue was approximately $131,000 USD and its net profit was approximately $21,000 USD. This business carries inventory and stores it on-location. However, given the manageable number of SKU’s, inventory could easily be transitioned to a 3rd party fulfillment site without a significant impact to the bottom line. While the current inventory (approx. value- $15,000) is not included in the sale, it is available to the new owner at cost. On average, the owners spend 25 hours per week operating the business. However, this time increases substantially during the holiday season. The owners’ responsibilities include product/content development, marketing, social media management, customer service, and order fulfillment. Growth Opportunities: There are several compelling growth opportunities that the new owner of Craft Beer Hound could pursue. A new owner could expand marketing efforts outside of the United States to further develop the customer base. Introducing a brick and mortar sales channel by selling to breweries and retailers could increase revenue. Additionally, a new owner could increase the product offerings on Amazon to increase sales volume. Optimizing operations is another opportunity the new owner of Craft Beer Hound could pursue. He or she could reduce shipping cost by renegotiating the Fedex contract or finding a more cost effective shipper. The owner could also outsource to a 3rd party fulfillment center to greatly reduce weekly time commitment. Lastly, the new owner could look to increase recurring revenue by introducing a monthly subscription box. When was the business established? October 2013 What does the business do? We sell gifts and gadgets for beer lovers. Our mission is to provide the best experience for beer lovers and beer novices alike who want to celebrate, appreciate and share their beer adventures. We do this by creating excellent, innovative and stylish products and content. Who is the typical customer? Our typical customers are beer lovers and their gift giving friends and families. What is included in the sale? -Our registered trademark -Our website on the Shopify platform which includes excellent customer ratings and back-linking from features in Business Insider, Huffington Post, Mashable, and -Men’s Journal among others -Our email list of 6,500+ subscribers -Our social media following of 32,000+ followers across platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Wanelo, YouTube, Google+ and Untapped -Our product specifications, designs and supplier contacts Is there anything unique or interesting about the business? We are known for our Cap Collector Product Line: CBH put this category on the map 1st page organic search results (see Google Analytics) 79 verified customer 5-star ratings for beer glass design alone Reliable and affordable supplier Solid product specifications Streamlined packaging and shipping Why is the business being sold? My partner, Gina and I co-founded the business and are its only employees. We have each had major changes happen in our personal lives that have required us to re-prioritize how we use our time. We want to sell the business to someone who can make it a priority and develop it to its full potential. How does the business make money? eCommerce sales Are there different types of revenue streams? Not at the moment, but there is certainly potential to add revenue streams such as on-site advertising. How much time, on average, does it take to operate and maintain the site, per week? Depending on the season (Father’s Day and Christmas are very busy) 25-60 hours a week. Please list all owner’s responsibilities Product development Content development Social media management Sales strategy and execution Marketing, advertising and promotion Operations (primarily purchasing and order fulfillment) Financial management (primarily planning, accounting and cash flow management) Process improvement Does the owner of the site need any specific skillsets in order to successfully maintain and manage the site? Understanding the craft beer market is essential. Retail experience is a big plus. Do you employ any people or use any freelancers? We do not employ anyone other than the 2 co-founders. We occasionally use freelancers (the cost of which has been accounted for on our P&L) but have no standing contracts. How much would it cost to the buyer to outsource all of content production, and will you be able to make the necessary introductions? It’s highly possible that the new owner could recruit college interns to do content creation, which might be a much lower cost than to outsource to an established industry expert. We can certainly make introductions to individuals with a range of expertise in the industry. Have you done any Search Engine Optimization? Yes. As mentioned in the executive summary, we have reached out to many online publishers to secure backlinks to our site. These backlinks will continue to drive traffic into the foreseeable future. Continuation of this effort should be a high priority for the new owner and will likely take 4-6 hours each month. To your knowledge, has the site ever received any search engine penalties (manual or algorithmic)? No Do you or have you ever purchased traffic? Yes. We have advertised on Google Adwords and on Facebook. We can provide specific data about the ROI for advertising on each of these platforms along with guidance about what imagery/copy was most effective. Does the business carry any inventory? If so, approximately how much inventory does the business keep at any given time and is any current inventory included in the price? Yes – we do carry inventory. We currently have about $15,000 of inventory on hand. We build inventory leading up to our major holidays: Father’s Day and Christmas. We have had as much as $50,000 of inventory on hand leading up to Christmas. We do not have current inventory included in the price, but we can sell current inventory at cost to the new owner if they want to acquire it. Where is the business’s inventory kept? It is currently kept in a storage unit in Boulder, Colorado. The lease can be transferred. Is it necessary for the business to keep its inventory in a particular country or a state, in order to retain the current profitability? No How are shipments into and out of the warehouse / storage units managed? Shipments are received and fulfilled by the owners. How many suppliers does the business use and for how long has the business used these suppliers? We have about 5 major suppliers who we have used for the life of the business. Our Cap Collector supplier is located in China and they are very interested in continuing to sell to the new owners. Does the business benefit from any volume pricing arrangements with any of its suppliers? Yes. We receive volume discounts from our Cap Collector supplier as well as from FedEx. We also receive standard volume discounts from our apparel suppliers. Explain your payment terms with your supplier(s)? With our Cap Collector supplier, we pay 30% down, 50% upon shipment and 20% upon receipt/inspection. With most of our other suppliers, we have 30 day terms. Do you have written agreements with said suppliers in place, and are such agreements transferable to the new owner? Yes. The majority (including our Cap Collector supplier agreement) are transferable. What is the average lead time from the day order is placed until customer receives the good? Our Cap Collector lead time is about 6 months. All other product lead times are typically less than one month. Have you changed suppliers in the past, if so, why? No What are the primary growth opportunities that you see for the business going forward? Offering Cap Collector Customization (e.g. clubs, fraternities, states, teams) Brick and mortar sales channels (e.g. breweries, retailers, Bottlecraft) Further reducing shipping costs by re-negotiating FedEx pricing contract Subscription-model Beer Appreciation Club Automating fulfillment and selling products that others drop-ship (e.g. brewery partners) Are there initiatives you have yet to test explore and you think may lead to significant growth? We tested a subscription model Beer Appreciation Club that we feel has strong potential. We can share our findings with the new owner. Editor's Comments: Strengths: -1.01k Backlinks from Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Mashable and more! -Good User Engagement (3.18- Pages/Session, 1:09- Avg. Session Duration, 35%- Bounce Rate) -Diverse Traffic Sources (Social- 35%, Organic- 20%, Direct- 18%, Referral- 15%) -Superb Product Reviews -Multiple Growth Opportunities Weaknesses: -The business’ revenue is quite seasonal. -The owner time commitment can vary from 20-60 hours/week depending on the season.

$39,999 Cash Flow: $14,437 Seller Financing
Rapidly Growing Contest Marketplace Providing businesses dozens of copywriters for the cost of a single freelancer!

San Francisco, CA

For sale is an online contest marketplace connecting businesses with copywriters for work on brand names, slogans, ad concepts/writing, and more. For the price of a single freelancer, businesses are enabled to elicit creative work from dozens of experienced copywriters. The business was established in 2013 by the current owner. The typical customer varies based on the demand or supply side. The demand side consists primarily of entrepreneurs, creative directors, and corporate marketing managers. The supply side consists of freelance copywriters, creative writers, and business writers. The sale will include 5 domains, social media accounts, mailing lists, and 4 monetized creative name generators that have first page rankings for terms such as "business name generator”, "company name generator” and "business name ideas.” The majority of the sites income derives from retaining 33% of each contest package price, and 100% of any contest upgrade purchased. The other 67% of the package price goes to the winning copywriter. To continue marketplace growth, the owner spends 10-20 hours per week on the business. The owner’s tasks include: creating job ads to acquire copywriters, developing strategies to bring in more business, answering customer support requests, and informing the copywriting community when new contests are live. Freelancers have been used in the past for SEO, design, and development, and they will be introduced to new ownership. One growth opportunity would be to monetize the supply side of business through the introduction of an “advanced” membership. The business would charge a monthly fee for the advanced membership, but copywriters would receive potential features such as: -Access to a copywriting education center, "Copy College" -Allow up to 10 entries per contest, instead of 3 -Access to Platinum contests (higher prizes available) Editor's Comments: Strengths: -Rapid Growth with a 67% Increase in Users YoY (2014 to 2015) -High Traffic Engagement (6.77 Pages/Session, 4:39 Avg. Session Duration,36.25% Bounce Rate) -Diverse Traffic Sources (52% Organic, 27% Direct, 15.5% Referral) Opportunities: -Search Engine Optimization to Increase Growth -Introduction of a ‘Workroom’ platform where clients can hire their favorite copywriters to work with them 1 on 1.

$25,000 Seller Financing
8 y/o, PR5 Shopify Dropship "Designers Marketplace" With 1000+ Sellers Niche Industry | Robust Seller | Under Monetized | Grow It!

San Francisco, CA

Seller's Notes: History: This is a niche e-commerce retailer and marketplace specializing in handmade, high-quality, unique designer goods. Founded in 2007, this internet-based business pioneered the handmade designer goods space and recently underwent a major redesign and platform upgrade, increasing time on site by 45%. The site transitioned to the Shopify e-commerce platform in October 2015, and we built a unique and robust custom application to create the marketplace functionality with Shopify. Current owner purchased from founder in 2013. In 2015, owner focused on migration to Shopify and did little marketing. How It Works: This is a marketplace that uses all third-party sellers, that sell and fulfill the products. No inventory is held by Supermarket. Sellers apply to be a designer/seller on Supermarket. Once approved they manage their listings, orders, and fulfillment. All orders go through Supermarket's Shopify account, order notifications are routed to Sellers, and then Sellers ship an order, they are automatically paid out (less commission) through PayPal or Dwolla. Monetization: Currently, commissions are charged to sellers on sales. Commission rate is 12-15%. The site/platform is under-monetized. Current owner has done little marketing over the past year. Growth: Excellent content ready to use: strong product images, diverse product catalog, seller profiles, etc. For the current business model, Revenue could be increased with: -Merchandise products w/ collections & features through Shopify -Send regular email campaigns -Update/use Pinterest more (strong social traffic source) -Engage sellers to add/update products & write blog posts -Review and approve new sellers -Consider paid ads - Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter/Adwords Expand Business Model -Move to subscription model - see details below -Add private label, branded products (partner with a designer) -Add sellers at a wholesale/retail cost structure Included Assets & Accounts: Product Catalog: 15,000+ products published (35,000+ total) Sellers: 1,500+ system, 900+ active, 400+ seller application backlog, 260+ sign in last 7 months Email list: 4,500+ subscribers Facebook: 6,000+ followers Twitter: 3,734 followers Pinterest: 4,600+ pins / 813 followers Blog articles: 1,200+ posts Domain: Freshdesk: Support ticketing & Knowledge Base Business Details: Annual sales peaked in 2010 fell to $33k last year due to a developing industry trend questioning the sustainability of the commission-based business model. I’m confident that the answer to this industry shift is either: 1) use different monetization model. E.g. Move the seller customer base to a subscription model (a straightforward shift that has proven successful for similar companies) OR 2) find a strategic partner to best utilize the existing buyer, seller, ecommerce and/or brand assets. While I'm confident in the clear path forward of shifting to a subscription model, I’m looking to sell the business for personal reasons — I had my first child last year and I have new family obligations. I'll be happy to support new owners with a high level plan for this transition (financial implications and opportunities of this new model are outlined below). Subscription Model Potential: Rather than charge sellers a commission for each sale, offer a monthly subscription in which sellers can list and sell as many products as they want. We conservatively estimate 40% of sellers would sign up for the monthly subscription. That is over 750 sellers, from a total of almost 2,000 sellers (existing database + seller request backlog). An existing, comparable site offers a seller subscription for $20, currently discounted to $12.95. Note, Supermarket is a better looking site with higher quality merchandise. Based on 750+ sellers, and a monthly subscription price between $10 to $20, this would generate a monthly cash flow of $7,600 to $15,000 or $92,000 to $184,000, per year. This assumes no growth, and is only working with the existing seller base. This business has less overhead than the typical drop ship model — Supermarket sellers handle questions and customer service, orders, inventory management, etc. LINK to 13 Months Financials Monthly Time Requirement Currently, minimal 1-2 hours/week. Seller: Erik Silver, Web Developer, United States Will provide up 60 days post-sale support & training Willing to sign non-compete agreement Reason For Selling: As mentioned above, I have new family obligations and I can't give the business the attention it deserves. Editor's Comments: Strengths: -Established business with over 100+ artisanal suppliers -No Inventory (fully drop-shipped) -Established Strategic Relationships -Strong brand recognition, featured in GQ, Food Network, InStyle Magazine, Lucky Magazine -Shopify business. Beautiful custom theme & custom developed marketplace software (web app) Weaknesses: -Sales dropped in 2015 making it unprofitable. (See comments) -Popular designers get the most sales Opportunities: -Expansion into subscription box would elevate the brand and the revenues with a diversified and renewable revenue source -Introduction of wholesalers into the business could increase volume and product diversification -Selling below replacement value (cost to build & acquire traffic/user base) -Leverage large seller base for more products and content (e.g. blog posts) -Better merchandise and showcase products & collections

$30,000 Cash Flow: $15,612 Seller Financing
Site Earning $2686/mo. With 2,481 Uniques/mo. 2 y/o | eCommerce | Low Maintenance

San Francisco, CA

Seller's Notes: Established in 2013, ELOCoach is an eCommerce business that sells accounts, coaching, and assistance in the on-line game League of Legends (over 67,000,000 million active players worldwide each month with the annual championships of over 32,000,000 viewers). The typical customer is a League of Legends player worldwide aged 18-34 years old. All assets related to the business are for sale…domain name, website, email list of over 4,500, and all existing agreements with suppliers and independent contractors. Daily operations consist of responding to emails, checking inventory levels, and checking on the progress of duo coaches. I have contracted coaches who are paid by the job. They were paid at a rate of 58% per job, which has been reduced to 45% per job. I get daily applications to become a contractor for the site. Strengths: -Cash flow during high season -Opportunities to lower costs significantly -Low maintenance Weaknesses: -Seasonality -Adjusting to changes in game Opportunities: -Add different payment options to open up Europe and Asia further -Add different services; hourly coaching, membership coaching packages, add affiliate marketing.

$30,000 Cash Flow: $43,344 Seller Financing
Dropship Scooter Website Earning $30,535/mo. Nearly Passive | Easy to Operate | Niche Industry | Highly Rated Products | No I

San Francisco, CA

Seller's Notes: Scooter Madness is a 13 year old e-commerce dropship website that specializes in selling inexpensive gas scooters and other low-priced powersports vehicles including adult ATVs, kids ATVs, pit bikes, trikes, go karts, electric scooters and electric bicycles. As a dropship business, Scooter Madness carries no inventory. Customers order from our website, I forward their information and payment to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer ships the product directly to the customer. The business profits the difference between the manufacturer’s wholesale price and the price paid by the customer. Scooter Madness’ typical customers are middle class males ages 30 to 50, although our full customer base consists of both males and females ranging in age from college students up to people in their 70s. This business can run well if you put in about 15-20 hours per week with the current owner spending about 3-4 hours per day doing actual required work. Daily operations include: processing orders (average 1-2 orders per day), talking to customers on the phone, email and live chat, occasionally helping existing customers with troubleshooting and scooter maintenance, updating the sales spreadsheet and other general business records/paperwork. Opportunities: -Create accounts with additional inexpensive scooter manufacturers (currently only working with 3) and sell their products on the website. -Sell scooter accessories and parts on the website (already been pre-approved to sell helmets and parts, but haven’t added the products) and add “frequently purchased together” options in the shopping cart. -Sell Scooter Madness scooters on Ebay, Craigslist, Google Shopping and Amazon, or open an Amazon affiliate account to link to Amazon scooter parts and accessories from -Provide more and better scooter assembly, maintenance and troubleshooting videos and monetize them on the YouTube channel, which already has many subscribers and views. I purchased our most popular selling TaoTao scooter myself and began making some of these helpful videos (for example, when customers have questions about how to find their VINs, I’ll send them the link to a video that shows them, rather than try to explain it to them over the phone).

Iconic Sushi Restaurant location, location, location

San Francisco, CA

This iconic restaurant has been drawing hordes of young, style- conscious San Franciscans for over 20+ years. Situated in the heart of the trendy Marina district this location is hard to beat. Ideal for an owner operator to add their personal touches and continue to build on this very successful establishment.

$199,000 Cash Flow: $75,000
Very Busy Smoke Shop - Great Bargain - Huge Potential to Grow $$$$$ Very Busy Smoke Shop – Great Bargain - Huge Potential to Grow - Great $$$$$ Flow

Campbell, CA

* Great $$$$$$$ Flow for Family Operation. * • This smoke shop is located in a very busy shopping center in San Francisco / Campbell Area. * * Current gross revenues are about $60,000 a month, at HIGH MARGIN * * It is a beautiful built 1800 square feet store with a lot of space to grow by adding new products. * • You can increase revenue by adding and selling like lottery, snacks, and drinks. Which current owner is not doing it. * • Lease is $3,655 a month. * • Payroll $4,300 / month * • It is a bargain at its asking price of $199,000 * • Gross sales $720,000 * * Cash Flow is approximately $75,000 * • Seller is very serious and motivated to sell. * • Inventory is about $45,000 (Not included in asking price) * • Please call for showing * • Must sign NDA before showing the business

$525,000 Cash Flow: $100,000
Established SF Dog Walking Business Personal, Family owned

San Francisco, CA

This is a personal, family owned dog walking service. We specialize in group walks, consisting of up to 8 dogs per group. We also offer private puppy daycare. We've been providing our dog walking and puppy training services to San Francisco residents for over 10 years. Over 100 clients, 5 dog walkers, 1 general manager. Our client base is centralized around Pac Heights, Russian Hill and stretches to N. Beach, Marina, Inner Richmond, and Mission Districts. Clients pay for a monthly plan (full time plans begin at $500/ month, and part time plans at $350). We also provide All Day services, starting at $40/ day, and full time plans for $700). The past 5 years we have grossed over 350K. Very little overhead. Our dog walkers drive their own vehicles.

Beauty Store located at excellent location of the san francisco. Fabulous Beauty Store Business - High Traffic Neighborhood!

San Francisco, CA

Fabulous Beauty Store Business for Sale - High Traffic Neighborhood !! Located in the heart of the 24th Street Shopping Corridor you will find this fabulous Beauty Supply business for sale with tremendous possibilities. Great quality products with an esthetician’s room and salon chair located in the store! The space is 700 sq. ft. Monthly Rent - $3,700 with reasonable LL Lease Terms – 3.5 years remaining + 5 year option that has a cap on increases High traffic area Walk score = 96 Transit score = 78 Bike score = 82 Current revenue is from product sales only (2015): Estimated Gross Sales - $241,000 (annual) Estimated Gross Sales - $221,700 (annual after tax) Cost of Goods Sold - $107,000 (annual) Profit - $114,600 (annual) Estimated Net Income - $6,000 per month running as absentee owner * Salon Chair is currently being rented out at an additional $600/month - on a month-to-month agreement. * Esthetician Room currently not in use. Inventory available for $30,000.

$1,137,000 Seller Financing
Dental Practice for Sale in SLO County, CA Dental Practice for Sale in SLO County, CA

San Luis Obispo County, CA

Gross Income 2015 $1,554,983 Asking Price $1,137,000 Practice Background & Location: Established for 25 years in this very attractive residential area, this dental practice is now available for purchase. Halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Luis Obispo County enjoys year-round sun, a warm Mediterranean marine climate, thousands of acres of protected open space, and an award winning downtown filled with charming shops, restaurants and hotels. Premises Information: Within this medical, office condo there are 9 fully equipped and 3 hygiene operatories, 1 lab, 3 X-ray systems, 1 sterilization room, 3 offices, a reception area, and a waiting room (seats 10). The right and left handed equipment is in excellent condition. There is plenty of parking at this facility, and has lots of accessibility. More Potential: Internal as well as External marketing could benefit for this practice. 100% Financing Available. Call ProMed Financial for more information! 888-277-6633 or Email (Ref# D245)

High End Japanese Sushi Restaurant High End Japanese Sushi Restaurant

San Francisco, CA

This high-end newly remodeled japanese restaurant, excellent location. Great lease & terms. Possible back yard built out for out door seating. It is located in the UCSF area near the corner of 9th Avenue and Irving Street, drawing a loyal customer base for many years. The Inner Sunset is one of the top favorites neighborhoods in San Francisco because of its laid-back, small-town feeling where people know each other and enjoy a great mix of dining. Nestled between Golden Gate Park to the north and Vicente Street to the south, from Stanyan Boulevard to the east and 19th Avenue to the west, Inner Sunset is only three miles from the ocean. The area includes nearby parks, such as Shakespeare Garden, Strybing Arboretum and Middle East Drive. And with an abundance of mom-and-pop diners, drug stores, shoe repair shops and grocery stores, the area continues to stay down to earth and welcoming. The location has a Walk Score of 98 out of 100, and is a quick walk from the N JUDAH and the N-OWL bus at the Irving St & 9th Ave stop. Car sharing is easily available from City CarShare, Zipcar and Getaround. The business includes a 41 License. Reason for sale: Owner retiring. Please call or email me for NDA. Eric BRE#01996011

High traffic cafe sandwich location High traffic cafe sandwich location

San Francisco, CA

Newly remodeled downtown cafe deli, unbelievable below market rent $1150/month water included. About 7-8 years left on the lease. About 700sf, currently serving breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday, close at 2 pm. A lot of foot traffic, very close to cal-train and AT&T park. Huge potential to growth by adding menu items or by adding nights and weekend hours.

$795,000 Cash Flow: $271,635
Northern California Kids Summer Camp For Sale MUST SELL - OWNERS HEALTH FORCES IMMEDIATE SALE

San Francisco, CA

The Company runs award-winning, nationally accredited summer camp programs for children ages 3 – 17. Founded in 2002, its unique curriculum has been designed by leading education experts based on world-class pedagogies and research and is centered on the fastest growing learning segment of the education industry. OPPORTUNITY • Highly scalable right out of the gate • Exceptional program with strong brand name • Diverse revenue streams • Strategic locations • Custom built proprietary software system • Strong margins, low capital expenditures Owner recently discovered health issues that are forcing the immediate sale of the business. ACCEPTING OFFERS THROUGH APRIL 25TH SBA pre-qualified State Guarantee Loan Program pre-qualified

$165,000 Cash Flow: $135,000
San Francisco Mobile Grooming & Pet Care Buiness for Sale Award winning 4.5 star Yelp rated business

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Mobile grooming company for sale. Yelp 5 Star Award winning well established San Francisco grooming & pet care company for sale in San Francisco, California. This is a turnkey opportunity for any investor or groomer who wants to own a shop. The company is staffed with an office manager to manage all your customer service, booking, inventory, and ordering needs as well as grooming and care taking staff. Contact or call (415) 483-9024 Company sale includes: -Company name & logo -Company website -Facebook site -Yelp account -Twitter account -Email accounts -Instagram accounts -Current supply inventory -Client list -Books from 2009 to current date -Advertising materials -Vendor supply & support list -Van Maintenance schedules Ford E350 2009 Grooming van Ford Includes --Owner/Operator Manual -Complete instructions on the use of your conversion elements. --Dedicated customer service staff- for technical support, parts and warranty. Don't lose time and money over problems. --Floor to Ceiling 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Tub. This full size tub will hold the largest breed with room to spare and has double drains for uneven slopes. --Smart Table. Never lift a large breed dog with our table-to-tub bridge that extends from under the table. --Super Suds Bathing Unit w/4.0 GPM --50 Gallon Fresh and 60 Gallon Grey Water Tanks. --Chrome Single Lever Hot and Cold Water Demand Water System with 4.0 GPM. Dirty Towel Laundry Chute Dual Overhead Vent above the tub Deluxe Vent Cover keeps leaves, debris and rain out of your vent with this exterior vent cover. --Onan Gas generator with shore line back up power --Heat and AC in the grooming room --K-9 Two-Motor High Velocity Dryer (17 amps) with its retractable hose --Commercial Central Vacuum System with 15' Reinforced Hose. --Clipper Vac /Extra 10 Foot Crushproof Hose/Remote Switch/Floor Locks --Kool Dry Variable Speed Dryer with Variable Speed Remote --New Tires!

Turn Key Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant For Sale “Home of the Original Baked Fries!”

San Francisco, CA

This mom and pop organic, gluten free, vegan baked fries shop was featured on the Vegan Roadie Food Network Show watch episode here: Located in the heart of the most visited destination in San Francisco, at Leavenworth and Jefferson St, where the City Sightseeing and Yellow Bus double-decker Tour Busses load and unload every 30 minutes. 200 seating court yard and ADA restrooms are 60 ft away and maintained by management. Lease is only $2500.00 per month for 3 more years with an additional 5 year option to continue (8 more years on the lease). Equipment: 2 freezers, 1 refrigerator, POS system, floor safe, 1 catering oven, 1 proprietary oven, franchise licensing, vendor contracts, 24 hr security system, coffee center, and all retail times (t-shirts, hoodies, and bottled proprietary sea salts). All equipment and furniture included in the sale. HIGHLIGHTS: • Easy to manage, low labor costs: size: ±400 sq.ft (plus 200 seat courtyard) • Rent: $2,500 per month with 3 years remaining + 5 year option • Well established restaurant with 2 yrs of community networking and good-will relationships with locals. Serving baked fries, gourmet dipping sauces, gluten free breakfast burritos, organic soups, vegan ice cream, coffee, tea, juices and assorted beverages. • 5-Star reviews on Yelp, Google and Trip Advisor • Asset Purchase Price : $85,000 (incl. all equipment and franchising fees) • Area with High Foot Traffic (30,000 people per day during Summer) • All City & State taxes, franchising fees and licensing fees were just paid and valid for April of 2016-April 2017 (1st qtr sales tax paid) • Off- premise catering opportunities • On site training provided for new owners. Trained staff available to stay on through the busy Summer Season Why are we selling? We just received investor funding for 50 more chain locations, so we are selling this franchised location just before the busy Summer Tourist Season in Fishermans Wharf. This is a franchise, so all of your discounted vendor contracts are in place, your media has been developed for you and you’re licensed to use the federally registered trade mark. Plus as we open more stores you will benefit from the brand strength and recognition. You’ll have access to all proprietary recipes. To qualify for this franchised location you will need to demonstrate a minimum of $250K in assets, $85K to purchase the business and $50K in available operating expenses. Qualified Prospective Buyers need to sign an NDA and Confidentiality Agreement, have restaurant and management experience and a basic understanding of franchising. Please reply to this ad for more details. Schedule a site visit in advance.

Financial Data Platform for US-Listed Companies R&D product development company, family business, privately funded

San Francisco, CA

We cover over 5,000 US-listed companies including ADRs filing via XBRL. We mine financial data from SEC filings, normalize the data items across all companies and publish it within 2 days of a company’s report. With our superior and proprietary data, ratios, and metrics, your customers will be comparing apples to apples and making better decisions sooner. Customers can use our browser-based platform that provides company side-by-side data comparisons, a stock screener, multiple time-periods, insider trading, and data export features. Or they can use our data within their own desktop and other applications via data feeds.

Cafe on busy street in Union Square San Francisco Cafe on Union Square San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

* Established Cafe in busy Union Square location * Serving Crepes, simple breakfast, lunch, dinner * No hood * Surrounded by hotels, apartments, offices & department stores * Great location for all types of cafe operation including sandwich shop for hotel catering. * More upside potential

Cash Flow: $400,000 Seller Financing
Designer Fashion Accessories Designer Fashion Accessories Company

San Francisco, CA

A successful branded product line of men’s and women’s designer fashion accessories. These products are designed in-house and manufactured overseas and in the U.S., exclusively for the Company. Products are sold through independent brick-and-mortar retailers, catalog, internet and mass merchandisers.

Soundproofing Company in San Francisco Soundproofing Company Business Opportunity

San Francisco, CA

Soundproofing Company Business Opportunity I’m seeking active equity partner/CEO, manager for specialized construction company. Ideal person would invest their equity share with option to buy out founder’s share over time. ….Possible third party financing available. Contractor/Builder/Designer/Building Materials/Architect/Structural/Civil or Mechanical engineering experience and/or commercial property owner in San Francisco, is right fit. Many leads and unable to handle all, great expectation plans for future of this unique convergent business model with an 18 year history. Lean forward with me and make it yours… time opportunity in San Francisco and all of California and beyond. Associates, vendors, business model process, and strategic future plans all in place, ready for a runner.

$395,000 Cash Flow: $130,000 Seller Financing
Home Staging Business — Growing, Profitable Serving the Real Estate Profession on the San Francisco Peninsula

San Mateo County, CA

A highly-respected, in-demand, profitable home staging business with escalating sales & profits. Solid clientele, a very organized & efficient crew and warehouse system, & a sterling reputation make this an extraordinary opportunity. No experience, credentials, or contractors license required.

$423,000 Cash Flow: $183,000 Seller Financing
Import Auto Repair Specialist – Over $183,000 Cash Flow Contact Art Blumenthal on over 500 auto repair businesses

San Francisco County, CA

Are you looking for an amazing opportunity to purchase an independent auto repair center with annual sales that have averaged over $900,000 for the past five years? This highly profitable business has averaged over $200,000 in cash flow, affording an owner/operator an excellent salary after debt service. The Business is well established with over 37 years of goodwill and an excellent reputation for honesty and outstanding customer service. Virtually every review on Yelp is 5 stars and the shop is a multiple time winner of a best auto repair award in the San Francisco area. The Business comes complete with the state-of-the-art equipment required to run a high end import auto repair business, including brakes, oil change, engine performance, steering and suspension, starting and charging, and heating and cooling. The 8,245 square foot building has 10 service bays (5 lifts), with room for parts storage, interior parking and a customer reception area. Experienced, long term employees will support an entrepreneurial new owner who wishes to further grow the business. The mix of vehicle service is 50% Asian, 35% European and 15% domestic. The Seller will provide extensive training and support during the transition period. The Asking Price for this profitable Business is $423,000, plus $2,000 in inventory. The Business is pre-qualified for 85% Bank/SBA financing for 10 years @6%. The Seller has experienced health issues over the past several years and is motivated to retire after building a successful business over almost four decades. The building lease has recently been extended with 12 years of renewal options at an attractive rent and minimal increases. With a great reputation for quality, convenience and trusted service, this Business offers a Buyer a unique opportunity to control your own destiny and realize your dreams of owning a respected business in the community.

$740,000 Cash Flow: $185,000
Profitable Designer Boutique w/ E-commerce Established designer fashion clothing brick & mortar, online business

San Francisco, CA

Contemporary/designer clothing store with an established clientele and established vendors. Focused on hard to find designers, we've built relationships with sought after designers and hard to get brands. This business is ripe for someone who loves fashion and is passionate about retail and e-commerce. 70% in-store, 30% internet break-down. The hard work has been done for you!

Establd Signarama Store Alameda County Bargain Bargain deal on TWO national franchise territories in SF Bay Area

Berkeley, CA

This full-service franchise sign operation uses the latest technology and highest quality products to produce custom signs for their diverse business and institutional clientele. It has the advantage of a high-profile, well-respected, nationally-recognized franchise brand, and thousands of loyal long-term customers based on over 20 years of successful business excellence in the same locale. The physical plant and retail outlet is located in northern Alameda County, but the franchise also includes a San Francisco market and the right to open a retail outlet in San Francisco! Buy TWO established territories for FAR less than what it costs for just one new territory; this has existing long-term customers, an operating physical plant, trained employees, existing sales, positive cash flow. A "diamond in the rough" exceptional opportunity for the innovative entrepreneur!

Leading National Massage Franchise in Marin County near San Francisco Auto-renewing contracts ensure consistent revenue month to month

Marin County, CA

This is a rare opportunity to own a leading massage spa franchise that is well-established, in a great location, and with growth opportunities. Backed by a strong national advertising presence, this franchise promotes a healthy lifestyle through the art of massage and spa treatments. As one of the country’s fastest growing wellness brands, a proven system offers strong margins from membership-driven recurring revenue. Operating successfully for over a decade, this attractive location is in an upscale community in southern Marin County not far from San Francisco. The attractive premises are in a popular high quality shopping complex with a good landlord. Highly trained therapists offer a full range of massage services to over 1,400 active client members. Members have auto-renewing contracts that ensure consistent revenue month to month. The business generates over $1,100,000 in annual revenue, and is consistently profitable. A well trained staff is in place and the business runs smoothly. The franchise utilizes a sophisticated POS & operations software system, with detailed management reports to keep the owner on top of the business, tools for targeted advertising and in-house promotions, and tracking of sales and business trends to capitalize on expansion opportunities. The current owner is willing to train the next lucky owner, in addition to continued comprehensive training made available from the national franchise. Franchisees benefit from a robust operations and support system that includes everything from field training to massage therapist recruitment support. The owner lives a great distance away from the business, with other full-time business interests and a growing family. He is selling to focus on these other priorities. This franchise brand is highly desirable, and this well-situated unit will go fast! Don’t miss this opportunity to own a turn-key business in a growing industry. For more information, email us at or contact us by phone at (831) 625-5581 today!

$75,000 Cash Flow: $38,000
Family Hair Salon Kids and Family Salon and Retail

Tiburon, CA

We are a boutique upscale retail store started by a Marin mom who saw a need for a different kind of hair salon for kids. We offer a full service salon experience for kids of all ages, cater to children's and families' needs, and retail high quality natural products. We have a loyal existing clientele, a full staff, and were built out brand new 2.5 years ago. We have a string presence in the community, and clients come from all over Marin, San Francisco, and the east bay. The operation is fully turn-key. We are located in the courtyard at the Boardwalk Shopping Center in Tiburon, CA, directly behind a brand new Rustic bakery. The location is ideal with ample, free customer parking, and a designated personal parking spot on site. It is surrounded by retail business including shops, restaurants, services, and a Woodlands market. It is one block from downtown main street and the ferry dock.

$180,000 Cash Flow: $84,447
10-Year-Old Established Site Selling Premium WordPress Themes 10 y/o Theme Site Up For Sale

San Francisco, CA

For sale is a 10-year-old premium WordPress theme store. The site has over 18,000 registered users, many of which are paying for a yearly subscription. The owner hasn’t produced a new theme in over a year and has increasingly less time and motivation to manage the website, which is the primary reason for selling. Up until December 2015, the business sold both single themes in addition to offering a quarterly subscription to access all the themes. In December 2015, the business shifting its pricing model to a 3-tier subscription model consisting of two annually-recurring memberships and one lifetime membership. The owner currently spends 3-5 hours per week, working primarily on sales and support. However, it is recommended that the new owner of the business releases at least 4 new themes per year in order to grow.

$1,800,000 Cash Flow: $548,113 Seller Financing
SaaS to Search and Download Usenet Newsgroup Files - Digital Product / Established, verified, cash flow positive web business for sale

San Francisco, CA

Being offered for sale is the foremost digital product to easily and successfully navigate, search, and download Usenet newsgroups. Traffic is established affiliate, referral, direct, and organic search. Revenue is generated primarily through digital product licenses, Recurring subscription fees, and Affiliate memberships with noted Usenet news service providers. Included in the sale is all client software, Source Code, Android Remote software, Usenet Search indexing software, Usenet Search frontend, Key Server software, Customized shopping cart, Message of the Day (MOTD), system for releases and tracking, 6 Dell rack mount servers running CentOS 5/6 Linux and around 12 VM's across 3 machines. forums, phpbb3 forums, IRC, Help wiki (mediawiki), Development server, Main web server, secondary web server. Included in sale are is a member list of 209,000 and 16,700 active subscribers to Usenet Search service. Current owners are willing to stay on indefinitely.

Shoe and Accessory Store Motivated Seller- great for first time buyer!!

San Francisco, CA

We are an Accessory & Shoe store in the Haight Ashbury. We have a wonderful selection of curated items. We have a great reputation in the neighborhood and a popular social media fan base. Store is completely fixed up with inventory

$375,000 Cash Flow: $139,366
Cold Stone Creamery San Francisco Bay Area Profitable main street business with growth potential!

Contra Costa County, CA

"Cold Stone Creamery's ""super premium"" ice cream is made fresh every day in every store. Each ice cream ""creation"" is blended on a frozen granite stone with endless combinations of toppings. Cold Stone Creamery was founded in 1988 and began franchising in 1994. There are nearly 1,000 stores operating in the US and over 400 stores worldwide." Franchisor requires a minimum of $250K net worth with at least $100K in liquid assets. Buyer or Operating Partner should have business experience and be willing to work F/T overseeing the store.

$489,000 Cash Flow: $211,895
Niche Commercial Refrigeration & A/C Contractor Specialty Wine Cellar, Bio-Tech Refrigeration and More!

San Mateo County, CA

San Francisco Bay Area Commercial Refrigeration & A/C specializing in Niche markets including the wine industry. 40 year successful Heating, Ventilating, and A/C contractor servicing the San Francisco Bay Area focusing on commercial niche markets including Wine Cellars, Bio Tech, Water Chillier Systems, Refrigeration Systems, Design Build Systems. This business has 6 FT well trained multi-talented employees, and 1 PT employee and enjoys referral business from a diverse source of business referral partners. Excellent opportunity for an aggressive marketing plan and higher web presence to take this business to the next level. This, along with pursuing potential service contracts from existing and new customers. Seller ready to retire and will provide training to help with successful transition. Buyer should have knowledge of engineering and technical information in the refrigeration and HVAC industry. Contractors C20 & C38 license. FFE included in price

$100,000 Cash Flow: $10,000 Seller Financing
Baby Products Business For Sale Business in Booming Baby Products Industry

Contra Costa County, CA

Overview The Company is a wholesaler of premium high quality award-winning diaper bags that are made in the USA. The growing trend for diaper bags that look and feel like handbags along with the steady demand for “Made in the USA” products has made the Foxy Vida brand a well-respected name in the $40+Billion baby products market that is set to expand to $60+Billion by 2017. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for this market is estimated to be approximately 7%. The company’s wholesale customer list includes Blue Chip names like Nordstrom, Babies R us, Amazon,, Zulily, Ebags and XYZ. It also sells directly to retail customers. The company utilizes a direct sales model and a robust e-commerce site to reach it’s largely U.S. centric customer base. The “Made in the USA” moniker also creates desirability in international wholesale distribution channels including the Netherlands, Japan, Australia and Canada. The company operates in a single location with low overhead. The manufacturing operations are outsourced to a factory located in San Francisco, CA and future design work has been completed through its spring 2017 line. Marketing is conducted through issuing surveys to customer database, retail “trunk” shows, internet marketing outreach, and partnerships with media and bloggers.

Drilling & Excavating S.F. Bay Area Location! Location! Location! A diverse heavy equipment business!

Alameda County, CA

Business is centrally located in San Francisco Bay Area since 1984. We work with other contractors and supply many unique to basic needs that they require. Many different services are available here for the Contractor. Structure excavation, utility trenching, foundation drilling, shoring, concrete demo & equipment rental. We also have reliable subcontractors that work for us and we have a network. Corporation has the A General Engineering License, Certified California Small Business, Cal Trans, Certified San Francisco Human Relations Commission, That's some of what we do! Options, business sells as a operating small business, with or without location, with or with out equipment. Listing price includes everything for the business, rolling stock. Real estate is another price.

$199,000 Cash Flow: $60,710
Wingstop- San Francisco Bay Area New store!

Contra Costa County, CA

Wingstop currently has over 500 locations and is continually ranked among the best franchise concepts in the nation. Franchisor requires a minimum of $400K net worth with at least $200k in liquid assets. This location is completely absentee owns, great opportunity for owner-operator to reduce costs and maximize profits!

$259,000 Cash Flow: $85,000 Seller Financing
HI Vol C-Store No Competition Potential Cash Flow $100+K HI Vol C-Store - 100% UPSIDE to Grow Biz - Potential Cash Flow $100+K (current $

Stockton, CA

$ $$$ $$$$ * * This is a high volume convenience store in San Francisco/Stockton Area. . * Prime location with high foot traffic and a lot of business people. . * Right now this store is doing about $60,000 a month. HIGH MARGIN . * DELI 5-10% (50-70% Margin), Groceries 65%-70% (30% margin), Cigarettes 15%-25% (12%-15% margin) . * Lease is $2,045 a month. . LONG TERM LEASE - 20 YEARS. . * Payroll $3,300/month . $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ *************** $$$$$$$$$$$ . $$$ HUGE POTENTIAL TO GROW BUSINESS EXPONENTIALLY $$$ * You shall ask ------- HOW ...? . Well .....This store does not sell lottery or liquor… This store used to sell both and this owner took it out due to his religious beliefs. . $ By adding lottery and liquor will increase the earning potential at least 100%. . Please call for showing. * Liquor License Available - Add liquor and reap the reward of 40-60% increase business. $ Lottery not sold right now = Add lottery and increase the sales aby another 20%-40% - Before the current owner took out the lottery, this location was 8th highest selling lottery in the surrounding counties. $ Must sign NDA (attached here) before showing the business. Thanks. $ CORNER LOCATION, MAJOR INTERSECTION, TRAFFIC LIGHT STOP MORE SPACE AVAILABLE NEXT DOOR TO RENT TO ADD TO STORE * Price DOES NOT INCLUDE inventory. Inventory shall be counted at the rate of seller's actual cost of purchase, and it shall be paid at the time of sale and shall be an additional cost. * $$$$ 4$$444 $$$$$$

Exciting Senior Placement Opportunity Join The Nation's Leading Senior Placment Franchise

Pleasanton, CA

This is a recently established territory in the lucrative greater Tri-Valley area of the San Francisco East Bay. Most care providers are already under contract. Much of the up front work has already been done. All that is needed is for someone to come in and start marketing. This is a busy Senior Care (non-medical) franchise business. Our business focuses on assisting seniors and their families when making the tough decisions to find Assisted Living or In Home Care in their area. We earn income by making contracts with established area care providers and get paid handsomely every time our clients choose care with one of those providers. We help families at very difficult times in their lives and feel great while doing it, knowing that we have made a difference with each and every client that we support. Unlike other senior care businesses, we provide our services absolutely free to our clients. We get paid by the hundreds of care providers that contract with us to connect our clients with them. The Senior Care industry is booming. The US Census Bureau states that the over 65 population will grow by 10,000 PER DAY. We have a unique, award winning system that creates the most clients and produces the highest profit margins in the industry. With years of combined experience and full, extensive training and corporate provided leads you will be set up for success. We are the industry leader; this is a scalable business model serving an industry with explosive growth. Founded in 1995 by a social worker after observing the personal trauma experienced by a family whose loved one had been placed in the wrong type of facility, this company became the pioneer organization of the now thriving senior placement industry. Today, under the careful direction of that same founder, we're helping families make safe choices all over America and are developing our brand with a steady and calculated growth to ensure a superior platform for the support of our franchisees nationwide.

Established Successful Full-Service Franchise Sign Shop Established Successful Full-Service Franchise Sign Shop

Berkeley, CA

This full-service franchise sign operation uses the latest technology and highest quality products to produce custom signs for their diverse business and institutional clientele. It has the advantage of a high-profile, well-respected, nationally-recognized franchise brand, and thousands of loyal long-term customers based on over 20 years of successful business excellence in the same locale. The physical plant and retail outlet is located in northern Alameda County, but the franchise also includes a San Francisco market and the right to open a retail outlet in San Francisco! Management has implemented state-of-the-art software to streamline order entry, bookkeeping, and project management. The customer database contains over 4,000 contacts, many in major national corporations and public institutions; an aggressive pro-active outside sales approach to these established customers should reap immediate substantial return to the bottom line. This s hop can custom produce any type of sign, including: Banners, Box Signs, Channel Letters, Custom Graphics, Custom Logos, Digital Graphics, Signs, Directory Signs, Individual Letters, and more. In addition, it offers a complete line of ad specialty items and trade show exhibit materials. And, the franchisor maintains a comprehensive 100+ page website for the franchisee for e-commerce and online ordering. All equipment is well-maintained and in fine operational shape. The purchase price includes the franchise transfer fee and extensive training (five weeks). The franchise offers national exposure and ongoing support, guidance, and continuing education. The very professional and experienced team of three full-time employees (one in sales, two in production) is eager to stay in place and continue to make this business a success. Annual Gross Sales are approximately $440,000. Net cash flow for an owner-operator would typically be about 25% or more. Specific financial details will be available to a serious prospective buyer. Sales are verifiable through the franchisor’s royalty records. (Buyers may make their own independent determination of cash, credit card, and check sales.) The current owner wishes to re-locate out of the area for other business ventures. The price includes the franchise transfer fee and comprehensive training by the franchisor. A similar new franchise would cost a buyer an investment of approximately $225,000 or more to start from scratch—but this is two franchise territories! For less than that amount, you buy an established, ongoing business --- state-of-the art equipment, 24+ years of market presence, trained employees, existing customers, and immediate positive cash-flow. Company Facilities and Operating Hours: The store’s operating hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. The store rents ~1650 sq ft of retail space in northern Alameda County. The current rent is approximately $1,800 per month. The Transaction: The reason for sale is the seller’s desire to re-locate. The owner would agree to stay for a brief reasonable transition time at buyer’s option. The price is $229,500, this includes all assets, inventory, franchise transfer fee, and complete franchisor training of new owner. This is an exceptional value! ~ The cost to establish just one new franchise location—with no existing customer base, no local market presence, and no established recurring revenue stream—exceeds $200,000. Note: All data on this business are provided by the Seller for information purposes only, and no representations are made as to accuracy. No independent verification of the data contained herein. Buyer is advised to perform its own independent due diligence and seek the advice of professionals prior to purchasing the Business.

Catering Kitchen Catering Kitchen San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

Catering Kitchen (cafe/Restaurant). Centrally located with great freeway access to down town and Peninsula. Type one hood, walk-in. Upgraded utilities. Must See!!!!

Restaurant - Haight Haight Street Restaurant

San Francisco, CA

Restaurant located in lower Haight Street area of San Francisco. Tremendous growth potential. Must See!!

Restaurant 328 large Chinese Restaurant gross $1,600,000. a year

San Francisco, CA

if some one like big Chinese Restaurant this is will fit for you and can apply L1 or EB5 to get green card more detail ask your own attorney