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$105,000 Cash Flow: $33,190 Seller Financing
6 y/o T-shirt Discovery Blog Earning $39,000/year 91,556 Pageviews/mo | 42,308 Uniques/mo | Affiliate Marketing | Advertising | Su

San Francisco, CA

Seller's Notes: I'd like to present to you, in the most transparent way possible, how I took a small blog earning $40 in 2012 to $6298.55 in March 2016 and has a healthy revenue stream from multiple sources: affiliate marketing, advertising and recurring/subscription fees. Who am I? I'm an advertising professional that worked for the past 7 years at a great start-up from Boston/MA by the name of BuySellAds. While I am not a website flipper per say, I do have a very strong reputation with the web master community and Flippa. Actually, 10 years ago, I sold my first website here (SitePoint). I have a nice super-seller badge given by the fine folks at Flippa. What is TeeHunter? It started as a blog that I have purchased in 2012 and pushed it to become a t-shirt discovery site, because we manually curate a bit over 10,000 t-shirts in our gallery. We have created a community, we are working with respected brands (that pay us!), we do amazing giveaways, generate brand awareness and really we are the t-shirt site. We've built a platform around Wordpress that allows us to pull awesome t-shirts we love in a matter of a few clicks. We work with great t-shirt brands that seek exposure and sales and we run cool campaigns, giveaways and so on.. How it works? Brands pay us a fee to be listed, we create them a landing page and from that point on, anybody with an account at TeeHunter can submit t-shirt designs from their shop to our gallery, really easy. We manually review every t-shirt to assure of the quality. On top of that, some of the brands also have affiliate programs, our complex backend automatically generates affiliate links from regular links. We also do well with content, we write entertaining and trendy blog posts that we then bind with t-shirts. Hey, we did discover there's a t-shirt for every topic out there. Talking about cotton and how soft it feels on the skin might get boring, however if you take a given topic and bind the topic with the t-shirt, you have a winner. That's how we made most of our affiliate sales. Traffic, how do you get the traffic? It's mostly organic, about 80% of it, coming for strong keywords like "Game of thrones t-shirts" for instance. Organic traffic converts best. We have setup our Google Analytics with goals/events in order to track every aspect of the site. We also run giveaways, they are sponsored by the brands, we generate awareness for them, give free t-shirts to folks and generate traffic. Posting on Social Media also generates some traffic. Let's talk about Revenue? Initially our focus was on what we called "brand pages". We sold them to early users at $50/yr and quickly jumped to $99/yr (where most are sitting) and $299/yr. You can find details here: While we still get brand page requests regularly, we focused on affiliate marketing more. Currently working with ShareASale because this is where the pool of t-shirt companies seem to hang out. That plus we made a nice SlackBot that alerts us when a sale happens (Hey, thanks, Brian from SaS). Affiliate sales have been doing extremely well for us in the past months due to a coupon code from one of our main partners. For the sake of complete transparency they have stopped the coupon code for the next months and affiliate sales will see a decrease. We're building up for more keywords (like "Suicide Squad t-shirts" or "Game of thrones t-shirts" while waiting for a re-enabling of this coupon code for Q4. Expecting April to end at $3-4k. Advertising has been handled exclusively through, we're earning about $500+/mo from ads as well. This has proven to be a stable, consistent income through the years. This is our listing: Technical aspects We're currently hosted on AWS. Running on an EC2 instance, an RDS for MySQL (separated), CDN via CloudFront, S3 for storage of media files, auto-scalable, fast. If that didn't bore you already, let's just say that we built something that we can build for you too in order to load the site real fast, which is probably why Google likes us. You don't really need AWS to run the site, it'll work with any hosting out there that can hold 20 people at once. The platform is the popular Wordpress. The admin section is easy to use and well organized, however it's custom made, a complete beast of code in the back-end that will help you automate a lot of the tasks, from building the affiliate URLs to allowing users to submit t-shirts and dealing with SEO, all inside the wp-admin. Once you take over, in a matter of minutes you can switch all the affiliate links to your account. We thought of pretty much everything. As a matter of fact, we have spent a bit over $12,000 in development until present. The theme was coded from scratch, started on a nice drawing board in our office. Costs of running I currently pay about $150-170/mo for hosting+cdn on AWS. Mainly because I cared a lot about speed and scalability. Would hold on any server <$100 should you want to reduce the costs. I pay about $400 for the content team to write (~$20/article). You could probably lower the cost but I wouldn't recommend, I like the creativeness of the existing team. We have used this app in the past months called for giveaways ($39/mo). We also spend <$200/mo in Facebook ads for giveaways or promos we want to try out. Experimenting a bit, will pass the know-how to the new owner. Stats: Overall Revenue 2015: $25,012.24 2016 Revenue until present month: $17.328,94 Projected 2016: $73,500 Avg. Monthly Revenue in the past 12 months: $3.372.04 Avg. Monthly Revenue in the past 3 months: $5,776.31 Articles written until present: 2162 Newsletter subscribers: 12,664 (MailChimp) T-Shirts Curated: 10,540 Brands we work with: 67 (Paying $50-$299/yr) Revenue from recurring subscriptions in the past 12 months: $5,021.10 Social Media Facebook: 6785 ( Twitter: 4662 ( Google+: 845 followers; 1,474,520 views Valuation/Assets based on stats Articles written until present: 2162 ($10-20/article) Newsletter subscribers: 12,664 (MailChimp) ($1.25/UAC) Brands we work with: 67 (Paying $50-$299/yr) ($5021.10 Recurring) T-Shirts Curated: 10,540 Social Media Facebook: 6785 ( Twitter: 4662 ( Google+: 845 followers; 1,474,520 views Domain name: All the media files / content will be transferred over. Wordpress + Custom back-end + Misc scripts. Any technical support, from documentation to migrating files over can be handled at our end should you need us to. Strong points: - #1 in the t-shirt blog sphere - Great amount of content, strong SEO - Links from, - Strong & Healthy distributed revenue (Affiliate/Advertising/Recurring) - Brands recognize our authority in the field and enjoy working with us - State of the art back-end, automation - Existing content team willing to continue the great work under new ownership - You're really going to own the #1 t-shirt "blog" out there. Simple as that. Weak points: - We spent and focused too much of our efforts into development to build something "perfect" while lacking Marketing. That's the honest truth, if I were to do things different, I'd probably MVP ideas more often and spend more money for marketing. - Never spent a significant amount of money on ads - Social Media should be more consistent to attract more sales/traffic - We never engaged into Email Marketing besides promoting our internal giveaways - SEO on-page, we never went aggressive, actually just recently I was made aware that we're a bit too soft on things. See: RedBubble and their aggressive winning SEO. Why selling? I'm going to start a consultancy agency in a completely different field, AWS/Cloud. I'd love to see the site in the hands of someone that loves the niche and will take this further. Someone that knows SEO, someone that knows how to generate more traffic is going to be the right buyer. The majority of listings for new/starter sites usually start with "Huge potential", I truly hope this goes into the hands of someone that actually realizes the potential of TeeHunter and hey it would be great if I can still have my photo in the about us section under "Worthy contributors". Thank you, addressing FAQ below. FAQ Anticipating the questions and also updating the listing with answers here. How much of the monthly revenue is Affiliate, Ads and Subscriptions? ~ 65% affiliate sales, 15% ads, 20% brands. It really depends on how many brands we sell in a given month, generally it's 65% affiliate sales, 15% ads, 20% brands and sponsored articles. Do you think the direction should be pursuing more brands or focusing on affiliate sales? I would stick with the existing ones while letting new ones come naturally/inbound. I strongly believe the future is in building a bigger community of designers that are interested in uploading their art on TeeHunter as a means of extra-exposure to generate sales. It's a win/win/win for teehunter, brands and the artist. How much time do you spend on it? 15 mins/day - Approval of new t-shirts 30 mins/day - Replying back to sales inquiries we receive, planning things. 30 mins/day - Editing the articles that go live and coordinating with the folks that write content Any amount of time spent extra is for business development. How will I generate a bigger income from affiliate sales? The future is definitely the content ranking on Google and the aggregated hashtags that we've been building. We rank well for game of thrones, suicide squad, breaking bad, etc. There are so many more topics to rank for. This is going to be a great deal for someone that knows his marketing. What do you except the revenue to be in March for affiliate sales? Given that the coupon code we had expired until Q4, we're looking at $3k for March, really looking forward to seeing how the upcoming TV Shows like GOT or Silicon Valley turn out. What should we except as the "best" months for sales? Definitely during Black Friday and Christmas. Why is the traffic lower in the past months? It's not, it's been growing actually. We have updated the site with our version 4 in September 2015 and we were running infinite scroll which in the end made the impressions/pageview count lower. We switched back to normal scrolling. How do the brands pay you the recurring fee? Paypal. Can you transfer the property over to our account? Yes. Do you get DMCA Takedowns / Licensing issues? We got 2 requests in 4 years which we deflected to the site that actually sold the merchandise. This resulted in the site taking it off and us doing it subsequently since we only list fresh t-shirts. Can I have access to Google Analytics? Yes but only after you have expressed interest by bidding. Alternatively great screenshots can be posted here upon request. Editor's Comments: Strengths: -Great User Engagement (2.42- Pages/Session, 1:12- Avg. Session Duration, 31%- Bounce Rate) -40.1k Backlinks including -Ranking Top 20 in Google USA for 1,734 Keywords -High Margin Business Weaknesses: -Significantly reliant on organic traffic -New owner should have industry standard DCMA Takedown procedures

$9,950,000 Cash Flow: $309,408 Seller Financing
Award Winning Restaurant-Best Sacramento Location Profitable, Semi-Absentee Restaurant in Downtown Sacramento

Sacramento, CA

This is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to acquire an established and exceptionally well-run Sacramento restaurant located in the heart of the city within walking distance of the Golden 1 Center, new home of the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise. The highly anticipated opening of this state-of -art arena in the Fall of 2016 is expected to draw an additional 1.6 million new visitors annually to the Mid-Town/Downtown area. The restaurant is already seeing a surge in business activity this year and management expects a record year for revenues for this well-positioned restaurant franchise. With numerous prestigious awards, this location is truly one of a kind in all of Sacramento with virtually zero direct competition. - Ample parking, both street and adjacent covered structure. - Very attractive lease up to the year 2023. - ABC Type 47 Liquor License (100+ wine/spirit list plus beer). - Strong customer loyalty (close to 20,000 enrolled in loyalty program). - Delicious/innovative/fun menu creates a "must visit" restaurant experience. - Sustainable business with many "green" cost-saving initiatives. - Full and ongoing support in addition to current owners transition. - Open 7 days a week. - SBA financing eligible. - Semi-absentee/Absentee ownership possible. 2015 revenue: $2.2M 2015 Sellers Discretionary Income: $309,408 Operating margin: 14.3% Interested parties are required to complete a legally binding Confidentiality Agreement. A Confidential Business Review will then be emailed with complete restaurant details. If necessary, financial and credit information may be requested for buyer qualification. Contact persons: Ritchie Labate (916) 358-9115 Jeffrey Potts (916) 673-9778 Gold Country Advisors of Folsom

$500,000 Cash Flow: $560,000 Seller Financing
Very Profitable Established Pediatric Practice Profitable, Established Pediatric Practice

Providence, RI

Well established and efficiently run Pediatric Practice with well trained staff.. Located in the Greater Providence area of RI serving South Eastern MA and Rhode Island. Top hospital affiliations and accreditations. The practice is focused on wellness care. No surgeries are performed except minor lancing and drainage. Up to date medical billing processes and patient tracking. Excellent current rent. Open to offers and a merger with a going office so the doctor can transition into retirement.

$65,000 Cash Flow: $12,500 Seller Financing
"Wine and Canvas" business for sale. Wine and Canvas business for sale

Jacksonville, FL

This is your opportunity to have fun and make money all at the same time. Have you been looking for the right investment? You have found it. Low cost to get in on the ground floor of a growing market. Excellent location in the heart of Jacksonville, FL.

$900,000 Cash Flow: $217,000 Seller Financing
Glass Distributor - Cannibus Industry Rare Opportunity to Capitalize on Growing Cannabis Market

Golden, CO

Founded 45 years ago, the Company distributes glass and glassmaking supplies including raw glass, supplies, tools, classes, educational videos and studio space. With 80% of revenues related to marijuana paraphernalia, the Company provides a unique opportunity for a buyer seeking to capitalize on the quickly growing cannabis market without the regulatory hurdles associated with the production and sale of the physical marijuana plant. The Company generates 20,000 invoices per year between its two locations in Denver, Colorado and Eugene, Oregon. Current ownership has a roadmap to growth, but does not have the time nor energy to execute. Ownership would like to move quickly and is willing to sell the Company at a discount to net asset value.

$149,000 Cash Flow: $64,090 Seller Financing
Very Busy ...Quaint Pizza Shop... Near the Beach SHOP ONLY.. OPEN 4PM - 9PM 5 DAYS/WK ... STILL NETS OWNER $64K

Cortez, FL

IT'S A FACT...Even though this nice Pizzeria is near the beach, it stays busy all year round. The nicest part: It's ONLY OPEN 4pm - 9pm 5 days per week. The owner also closes for a whole month EVERY summer for vacation AND it still makes GREAT PROFITS! The seller founded the shop in 2010 and all pizzas are hand tossed with hand crafted dough and baked in an "All Wood Fire Oven" Rent is low and the employees are trained and knowledgeable...making for a true turn key opportunity. In fact to show confidence of the shops continued success,with $80k down... the seller is wiling to finance the remainder. for 5 years at a fair interest rate.

$169,000 Cash Flow: $114,000 Seller Financing
Grove City Marathon Gas Station and Drive Thru Profitable Gas Station/C-Store, Growth Potential, Priced to Sell!

Grove City, OH

Grove City Marathon Gas Station and Drive Thru BUSINESS AND PROPERTY. $169,000 plus inventory for business only. PROPERTY CAN BE PURCHASED FOR 480,000. Total annual sales is over $1.26 million dollars. Strong discretionary income of $114,000+ for the owner/operator, Drive Thru not presently utilized, but blueprints are approved. ATM, Lotto, and Other strong rebates. Nice area with easy access. Favorable triple-net lease with option to renew. Profitable station with lots of potentials.

$191,000 Cash Flow: $79,730 Seller Financing
Thomas English Muffin Route Pg/Arcadia New Publix Opening Net $80k <<<< LOOK <<<< ... NEW PUBLIX OPENING.....ONLY $66K DOWN..FINANCING

Punta Gorda, FL

YES - YES...There is a NEW PUBLIX being built right now! It will increase profits in a big way on an already fantastic $$$$ making route. The route includes or will include.. a Walmart, 2 Publix stores, 2 Winn Dixie stores and others. You will have an exclusive territory with Bimbo, a National Food Company that makes such products as Thomas English Muffins, Entenmann"s Baked Goods, Sara Lee, etc. The seller delivers product 5 days per week from about 3am-1pm. ASK BROKER ABOUT PULL UPS. Sales are over $500k and profits, AFTER all expenses, are about $80k...THEY WILL INCREASE SUBSTANTIALLY WHEN THE NEW PUBLIX OPENS. With $66k down, the Company will finance the remainder, if qualified. The route comes with a nice dual axle trailer. **Sun Business Brokers is not affiliated with the Bimbo Bakeries Companies and therefore makes no warranties or representations on their behalf.

$9,800,000 Cash Flow: $4,000,000 Seller Financing
Lumber and Building Supply Co Highly Profitable Lumber and Building Supply Company

Fenwick, CT

Family owned and operated company that is exceptionally managed and highly profitable. Long list of loyal and steady customers which kept the company going strong during the last economic downturn. Owners are willing to stay with the company for full transition and would even consider longterm employment

$624,900 Seller Financing
Motivated Seller - Cabinet Remodel & Resurfacing Company Motivated Seller - Profitable "Turnkey" Cabinet Refacing & Remodeling Business!

Cincinnati, OH

Turnkey Operation! Award winning "Real wood" cabinet remodeling and resurfacing company, filling a very profitable niche segment, resulting in a very profitable opportunity. Real Estate available for sale or lease separately.

$99,000 Cash Flow: $78,741 Seller Financing
Flowers Bread Rte...NW Bradenton..Nets $79k..Steal This! ONLY $64k Down...Company Financing

Bradenton, FL

YES..for ONLY $99k...have your own business, distribute National Products, with an exclusive territory, work decent hours AND make $79k per year profit. This fantastic route covers Cortez Rd in Northwest n, Bradenton. Product is delivered 5 days per week...Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri and Sat...from about 3am till noon. Some of the stores include Publix, Olive Garden, CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General Stores, etc. Flowers is a HUGE National Bread Company offering products such as Nature's Own Bread, Cobblestone Mill, Wonder Bread, Tastykake and others. The route comes with a very nice 2006 Isuzu NPR HD 24ft Box Truck with ONLY 85k miles on it. With $64k down, the Company will finance the remainder, if qualified. **Sun Business Brokers is not affiliated with the Flowers Bread Company and therefore makes no warranties or representations on their behalf.

$1,050,000 Cash Flow: $359,000 Seller Financing
Transport Refrigeration Unit Repair Svc - 15 Years - SBA Stable, Clean Records, Unique, SBA

San Bernardino County, CA

Established for 15+ years, this Transport Refrigeration Unit Repair Shop "Reefer shop" has established itself in the industry as a trusted, well-known place for service and repair of Refrigerated Transportation Truck/ Trailers and Related Services becoming the 'go-to' reefer shop. The Business is established in the center of a Busy and Popular Transportation Hub in the Country. SBA and Seller Financing Possible Very stable and loyal customer base. The seller has consciously maintained the size of the Business at a level comfortable to them, they have little to no online presence. The Business has the potential to grow and could be scaled, Assets such as name, reputation, loyal client base, and much more are all a part of the package. The Business is also an approved dealer/ vendor for major brands in the industry and has service accounts for well reputed companies as well. The Business maintains a stellar reputation. The seller is accommodating and open to providing extensive training per buyers requirements. The Seller is also open to staying on-board after the training is over for a smooth transition.

$150,000 Cash Flow: $295,000 Seller Financing
SEO Business Is Booming/$425,000 Gross$/295,000 Net!!! SEO BUSINESS IS BOOMING/$425,000 GROSS/$295,000 NET!!!

McKinney, TX

Founder/CEO began serving clients in the SEO space in early 2000. Many clients at that time inquired about availability to help them in Yahoo, MSN and AOL. At that time there was a new search engine called “GOOGLE” on the horizon saying they were going to be the main search engine of the future. Once google launched, the business owner and his tech team took a few months to figure out how and why the search engines placed certain sites as #1 and #2 and so on. Once he had a grasp on it, the business owner called his existing 50 clients and offered search engine marketing services free of charge, but quoted a rate should it prove to be successful. 100% of them agreed for them to proceed and 100% of them obtained multiple new front page listings. To date, this business owner has helped over 10,000 businesses, over 9,000 of them use to use pay-per-click for their front page visibility and now they don’t have to. His same tech staff has been in place since 1998!!! Their clients typically see 4-5 times more traffic to their site after they are hired. What’s even better, what the clients were paying in 3-4 months with Google pay per click was the same amount of money they pay our client's business over 12 months. Five times the traffic at 25% of the cost! The business owner offers a money back guarantee for multiple first page listings, no long-term contracts and references upon request. The business owner's core methodology raises the relevance for their client’s sites and that same methodology is used today with 100% success. It will always be the search engines’ goal to provide relevant results, therefore, our SEO services will always be in need and offer a great value to our clients. Differentiators: ***15 year proven track record ***100% successful in achieving multiple 1st page listings ***Published pricing programs on website ***Money-back guaranteee We are representing this incredible business owner because everyone claims to achieve SEO results, but nobody we have ever researched offers the benefits listed above and has achieved such stellar results over the last 15 years. Only the right person with a sales and marketing background will be interviewed by us and put in contact with the CEO/founder of this business will be considered... SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!!! THIS BUSINESS IS PERFECT FOR THE SALES AND MARKETING EXECUTIVE THAT WANTS LIFESTYLE, SERIOUS INCOME POTENTIAL AND LOW OVERHEAD, SIMPLE BUSINESS TO OPERATE! NO TECH EXPERIENCE NECESSARY AS CURRENT BUSINESS OWNER WILL BE 100% BACK END SUPPORT TEAM!!!

Cash Flow: $330,000 Seller Financing
National Distributor of Medical Equipment & Supplies Medical Equipment & Supplies Distributor

Oklahoma County, OK

The Company is a full-line, national distributor of name brand medical, surgical, and radiologic supplies and equipment.

$1,700,000 Cash Flow: $500,000 Seller Financing
Motivated seller Highly Profitable Liquor store and Bar Highly Profitable Liquor Store and Bar

Sarasota, FL

Highly Profitable Liquor store and Bar which has been business for almost 60 years same location and same license. This is one of Sarasota county's best Gems, Full service Liquor store and Full Liquor smoking bar with it. You really wont beat this combo, It is a well oiled machine. The seller is motivated to sell his business

$4,200,000 Seller Financing
Lawn Industry Leader(based In Sw Florida) Seeks Merger-Buyer LAWN INDUSTRY LEADER(based in SW Florida) SEEKS well-funded Strategic BUYER


South West Florida's ICONIC, BEST KNOWN, Most Established NICHE Commercial Lawn Contractor is seeking a strategic well funded "Lawn Industry" Merger/Buyer to take the current company to new heights. The Sellers are well known and well respected in SW Florida and have been in Business since the early 1980's.The chapters in their history speak volumes of success and they even survived the harshest recession of modern times from 2008 to 2012.Just like all great champions, there comes a time to retire and pass on the legacy that has been created to another generation so they too can write even greater history in the future success chapters of two companies merging into one. ********************THIS is a HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL SALE********************** ALL SERIOUS BUYERS should be financially qualified and expect to provide PROOF of FUNDS and a signed NDA before any information can be released.

Cash Flow: $1,423,000 Seller Financing
Distributor of Housing Components Manufactured Home Parts Distributor

Denver, CO

One of the most trusted and successful distributors of components for manufactured homes in the Western United States. The Company sells most of the items that can be found in a manufactured home and specializes in custom and exclusive products. The Company has established a dominant competitive advantage through premium customer service, proprietary products and strong vendor relationships fostered over the past 43 years. The Owners are retiring but available for a normal transition. The segment is experiencing rapid growth and the Company is well poised to grow significantly with new Ownership.

$270,000 Cash Flow: $106,718 Seller Financing
Nets $107k...big Thomas English Muffin Route BRANDON ... PRICE REDUCED - PRICE REDUCED

Brandon, FL

Make BIG BUCKS!!...with National Food Company, Exclusive Territory, 5 day delivery AND minimal expenses. This Brandon route has 2 stores, both on Causeway Blvd ...A Super Walmart and A Big Publix. Product is delivered Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri and Sat from about 3am - 11am. (with helper). *Ask Broker about pull ups. Bimbo is a National Food Company that makes such products as Thomas English Muffins, Entenmann's Baked Goods, Sara Lee, etc. The route PROFITS $107k...AFTER all expenses, which are minimal. A nice 2007 International Box Truck is included in the price. With about $114k down, financing is available for the remainder, if qualified.

$525,000 Cash Flow: $385,000 Seller Financing
Profitable Bronx Tax Office - Discounted Ultra profitable tax practice for sale. Must sell now

Bronx, NY

The office is up in revenue from last year. Over 2,000 tax returns for 2016. Great staff. Very busy high foot traffic area. This is the best location in the Bronx and possibly in the country for a tax office (383 E 149th Street, Bronx, NY 10455). Completed approx. 1700 returns in 2015, on pace for over 2,000 in 2016. Collected $753,000 in fees in 2015, on pace for over $800,000 in 2016. Collected 752k as of 4/20/16 so far. Asking $525,000 or best offer. KPMG has audited the office and it passed with flying colors. Location is right in the heart of the HUB on high foot traffic corner of 149th Street and 3rd Ave. Right in front of bus stop and steps from train. 200,000 Pedestrians average daily foot traffic walk by the store. Additional upside if sublease during offseason or run other business.

$175,000 Cash Flow: $101,000 Seller Financing
Profitable, Well-Established Home Handyman Business Serving prosperous counties of Northern VA. Strong growth potential!


Outstanding opportunity for a qualified buyer to step into a smooth-running business poised for immediate further growth. This independent (non-franchise) company performs a range of small home improvement tasks, such as installation of doors, electrical fixtures and plumbing fixtures, as well as deck repair, power washing, and other comparable jobs. In a few short years it has become a well-established, profitable enterprise. Cash Flow over first nine months of 2015 is up 40% over prior year! Major assets include: (1) Turn-key operation with well-trained personnel and proven operating systems; (2) Strong reputation for excellent work, leading to a steady stream of referrals and repeat orders from its data base of 1,160 previous customers; (3) Excellent reviews on Home Advisor, Yelp and Angie’s List; (4) Revenue and profit that can be increased rapidly by adding additional personnel and equipment and adjusting outside lead generation to the desired level. The owner, not wanting to add to his field staff in view of the imminent sale of the company, is currently turning away business; (5) Well-designed operating and record-keeping systems that provide clear visibility into the Company’s past and current operations, and a reliable basis for projecting into the future; (6) Increasing profit margin as current market demand is allowing the owner to be more selective in which jobs to accept and to price them to assure a fair profit.

$375,000 Cash Flow: $167,755 Seller Financing
Fence Company Fence Company

Ocala, FL

Consistent earnings with repeat clients and referrals, this fence company specializes in CHAIN LINK FENCING, privacy fencing as well as iron gates and spa/balcony railing. Centrally located to service his current clients and add additional ones through out Marion and Lake Counties in Central Florida. Company is a select vendor for Home Depot and does work for several governmental agencies as well. Excellent opportunity to buy a company that is positioned for growth.

$649,000 Cash Flow: $283,719 Seller Financing
Semi Passive Opportunity: Could be Passive /w owner help! $283K/yr for only $649K! Light Work Schedule

Denver, CO

Recently received a top producer award within the industry, making the company one of the most solid, and well respected in the industry! Growing Service business, with solid processes in place, no experience needed. The company offers home repair and roofing repair/installs throughout the Great Denver area. Established for years, and showing consistent growth year after year. Main revenue stream is from repairs and installing roofs. NONE of the installs or daily work is completed by the owner. They are strictly in an overseeing/management role and the best part is that the owner is only involved with the business roughly 20-25hrs/week. 2015 sales exceeded the projections by nearly $500,000! Everything in place for a smooth transition to new owner, from complete sales team, office manager, production manager and a business development employee. **Please complete the attached NDA and email back or fax to 720.306.2383. All financials and details will be provided once the NDA has been sent back. Thank you, and we look forward to speaking with you.

$800,000 Cash Flow: $264,146 Seller Financing
Well Established Hunting Accessories Ecommerce Business Long Successful History Online!

Contra Costa County, CA

Hunting has been an integral part of the American experience since its beginning. To the millions of people who still practice the rich tradition, it provides a powerful connection to the outdoors, as well as to family and friends who share a passion for the sport. Current license data suggest about 16 million Americans went hunting in 2015. Outdoor recreation is a huge contributor to our Nation’s economy, as $6.87 billion was spent on hunting and firearms equipment to support hunting activities in 2015 alone. Opening in 1998, this business sold one line of hunting products mainly at Trade Shows. As business developed and the internet matured as a commerce platform, the company soon moved online and continued to expand the lines they carried offering dozens of premium products. Today, the website offers one of the largest selection of high quality hunting optics and accessories online. With longevity in the industry, this business has amassed a large customer base of over 40k many of which are loyal return customers with about 35% of sales generated from repeat customer buyers. Product is about 65% drop-shipped and 35% fulfilled from stocked inventory with an avg. value of about $250k on hand throughout the year. In addition to an owner operator, the business can be run by 1FT and 2PT employees utilizing about 2,000 sq. ft. of space. This business has proven sales and profitability, high quality, top notch product lines, and longevity in the industry with a long track record and solid credibility making it an outstanding business opportunity for any buyer looking to acquire a successful, established ecommerce business!

$330,000 Cash Flow: $180,000 Seller Financing
Fantastic transmission shop This unique transmission shop won’t last long!

Denton County, TX

An amazing growth story is developing at no cost to the business (or buyer) coupled with what is already the best location in Denton County! This unique transmission shop won’t last long. It offers 3 things none of the others do or can: (1) Don’t buy this business just because it is THE BEST LOCATION IN DENTON COUNTY with traffic counts of 400,000 vehicles daily. (2) & (3) Don’t buy this business just because this best location in Denton County WILL SOON GET EVEN BETTER…….TWICE! For two separate and distinct reasons (other than that previously mentioned) significantly more traffic will be motoring by the front door and more cash into the register WITHOUT COST TO YOU OR THE BUSINESS! Each, on its own, will drive sales for the foreseeable future. Don’t buy this business just because these two additional revenue sources will drive future sales to the business and are NOT FACTORED INTO THE ASKING PRICE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY TODAY! Call 817.637.1508 to learn more. (This information cannot be published publicly.) Rent is outstanding at $2,500 monthly, or just 7.5% of sales! Most transmission shops pay rent that is 8%-12% of sales, meaning this shop should be paying between $2,666 and $4,000 per month. This business is stealing the place! One lease option is available through 2022. But don’t buy it for this reason alone. After over 25-years in the business my seller knows everything you’ll need to know to be successful and wants you to be as well. There is another reason to buy this business though. Buy it so when you look back one day you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you made the right choice to accomplish your business and financial aspirations. Buy it for peace of mind knowing your future is secure.

$149,000 Cash Flow: $40,000 Seller Financing
Art Gallery and framing iwith real estatest desirable location Art Gallery/ Framing +real estate

Warwick, RI

Superb Seller financing package available to a qualifed Buyer A long established Gallery and framing business with a significant presence in a high traffic area . Location and reputation and Gallery feature set this business apart from the competition The Gallery display area is very good. Exceptional local artists display and sell their works of art through the gallery. The business is profitable and the retiring Seller will stay during transition. The price of the real estate and business package is the most attractive price that we have seen for this type of business in a very long time. This is perfect for an artist, furniture designer, interior decorator, or someone who appreciates art and wants a business that would be fun. Ample off street and on street parking , There is expansion capability for both building and parking. This business must be seen to be appreciated.

$1,099,000 Cash Flow: $343,672 Seller Financing
Highly Profitable Charlottesville Cleaning Services & Supply Store Highly coveted commercial cleaning business' owner retiring!!!

Charlottesville, VA

This Charlottesville based cleaning services company is dedicated to providing a personalized tailored service for customers through its expertise. It is able to supply a stable, productive work force and the highest quality cleaning products and equipment. It is a full service company dedicated to providing competitively priced contractual or special project services to its customers. This business has been in service for 15 years. It is a well-established and successful company with excellent customer base. This company has not only currently 14 local accounts, but also government contracts for the next 5 years. It provides extensive and complete service including janitorial, housekeeping, carpet, tile and grout cleaning, landscaping and specialty trade contractor. The success of this business is driven by not only its wide range of janitorial service, but also its competitive pricing, personalized service, environmental safe cleaning, dedicated and knowledgeable staff, single source facility, quality management and strong capital flow. This company also includes a cleaning supply & equipment store to capture both internal needs and wholesale business to other cleaning companies in the area. After 15 successful years of running, owner would like to change focus for other business interest, hence this great business is right now available for the next enthusiastic entrepreneur to continue his great legacy. Business is already established and with great client base. With the right business mind and discipline, the new owner can take this business to the next level. It is especially great for existing cleaning service owner to capture this business to capture additional market share and broaden its territory. It is also a win-win situation for someone that currently owns a large scale property management company to incorporate this company to its current business model. • 1,200 sf at business office, $1300 rent • 1900 sf at the supply store, $ 2600 rent plus CAM based on percentage of sales revenue • Supply store is at a beautiful location in the heart of Charlottesville • Extremely high traffic road • Parking space is very adequate • Current signage can be reused

$3,100,000 Cash Flow: $671,000 Seller Financing
Metal Fabrication Company Leading Metal Fabrication Company

Denver, CO

A leading sub contract Custom Metal Fabricator serving the Front Range region of Colorado. The Company works with a wide range of metals including: steel, aluminum, bronze, brass and copper. Their capabilities including: engineering & design, project management, bending, breaking, sheering, sawing, welding, polishing, roll forming, CNC waterjet cutting and installation. Typical products include: signage, hand rails, cab interiors, entrances, interior and exterior finishes and reception areas. The Company has worked on many high profile projects including: City & County Buildings, Airports, Shopping Mall, Entertainment Facilities, Commercial Buildings, etc. The Company has an excellent reputation and is well known for completing projects on time and on budget. They focus on the commercial construction industry but could easily be expanded into other metal fabrication products and services to grow the Company rapidly. The Owners are retiring but available for an extended transition.

$140,000 Cash Flow: $60,000 Seller Financing
4.5MM Visitor High Traffic San Diego Retail Shop! Awesome Lease! 4.5MM Visitor High Traffic San Diego Retail Shop! Awesome Lease!

San Diego, CA

Seller focuses on primarily on women's accessories presently and that runs the gamut of handbags, hand crafted jewelry, men's accessories including ties, travel bags, overnight kits, etc...t-shirt lines too. Presently 80% accessories sales, moving into more home goods and tourists goods these days to capture more sales from the visiting customer base. Seller forecasts it's theoretically possible to capture another 20% of walk through can increase sales another $50k a year top line. Busy 11-3 and post dinner traffic from 6-8pm+ depending on the day. Hours open are 11-8 M-Fri, Sat 10-9, Sun 11-7. Seller is an active owner operator and also has a manager that will stay with the Buyer as needed after closing. NDA is required for further details from Ace Business Brokers.

$270,000 Cash Flow: $116,804 Seller Financing
Residential Care Home plus RE Residential Care Home with Available Real Estate

Union City, CA

Residential Care Home with Available Real Estate BTI 8375 This is a 1,888 sq. ft. 4 bedroom 2 bath Adult Residential Facility (ARF) providing care for adults age 18-59, who are unable to provide for their own daily needs. The seller works here part time in conjunction with a part time licensed administrator for the facility. The business is licensed for a maximum of 6 adults under the CA Dept of Social Services (CDSS) The seller operates a six bed facility for disabled clients with the majority of income provided for the clients by the Regional Center of the East Bay. The RCEB was established in 1976 as a private, non-profit corporation under contract with the California Department of Developmental Services. The RCEB works in partnership with many individuals and other agencies to plan and coordinate services and support for people with developmental disabilities. The seller will entertain offers for the real estate at this location but a price for the real estate has not been determined as yet. The seller will offer a five year lease to a qualified buyer and thought he may charge apx. $3,400 per month depending on the price he receives for the business. He will also offer seller financing for 30 mos @ 6% with $150,000 down payment to a qualified buyer. Business Type: Care Home Business Category: Health and Medical Sales: $229,728 Adj. Cash Flow: $116,804 12 mos ending Dec 2014 from Fed Taxes Purchase Price: $270,000 Down Payment: $150,000 Owner Finance: $120,000 6% 30 Mos Inventory: $2,500 (Included) Real Estate Avail: Yes Incl: No Price: 0 Assets Not Included: One Personal Computer Farley Gouner CA BRE 01271117 408-385-0402

$385,000 Cash Flow: $37,000 Seller Financing
Passionate about music and have the entrepreneurial spirit? This is the business for you!

Hillsboro, OR

This business is an innovative music retail concept called a Studiostore. The compact 4000 square foot layout consists of: *Eight oversized teaching studios for individual lessons in guitar, piano, bass, drums, ukulele, and vocals. *One large classroom/performance room for ensemble and rock bank instruction. * Upscale music retail space with best-practice merchandising. This business is an education company first and foremost. Each and every instructor is a qualified and experienced teacher and musician that is part of the staff and not a month-to-month renter teaching from their home. This Studiostore features state-of-the-art lesson studios with qualified instructors plus a family friendly retail environment that makes it easy to not only learn to play, but to learn how to choose instruments and accessories that are right for the individual. Gone are the hundreds of brands of guitars, drums, and keyboards; by focusing on smaller selection of high quality instruments geared toward the beginner and intermediate player, the Studiostore staff is able to guide anyone of any age in their choosing the gear that's right for them. Be the owner of a business that is so positive and that brings something special to the community and beyond. You will work with and inspire adults and children alike by making a real difference in sparking their inner musician. This business has a strong repeat business and a well-established reputation and partnership with many churches and schools in the community. This Studiostore offers a significantly superior customer experience to their competitors. Their teaching facilities are larger, more appealing and better equipped. Their educational offerings are more comprehensive, ranging from early childhood to adult interests as well as private and group instruction. This business has reasonable working hours due to the depth and breadth of staff, the efficient operating system, the support of the franchisor in the way of marketing, music and instruction materials. The owner is always in control of their schedule.

$5,200,000 Cash Flow: $2,083,332 Seller Financing
Six Unit Check Cashing Business-28279 Six Unit Check Cashing Business-28279


Six Unit Check Cashing Business. TRULY UNIQUE BUSINESS. Long established, this business and its six locations handled nearly $200,000,000.00 in gross checks cashed last year. Cash flow was approx. $2,083,332.00 after paying all management and staff salaries. THESE FIGURES COME DIRECTLY FROM THE TAX RETURNS. This is ideal for an institutional investor or private equity group The business has not needed any bank borrowing since 1992 as they have enough revenue to self-sustain. They handle small payroll checks for individuals as well as large corporate accounts. They have enough working capital to cover large checks that most individual check cashing companies cannot. The current owners spend less than 20 hrs/wk operating the business. The owners will stay on for a training and transition period. We are seeking a serious and qualified buyer with at least $5mil. in liquid funds to cover the $3.2 mil downpayment and roughly $2mil in working capital. Proof of Funds and NDA will be requested prior to releasing the physical addresses, tax returns or meeting with the owners. If you meet the criteria, please call 1-877-735-5224. Attention Business Owners: We are always in search of quality businesses to list, so if you are thinking of selling your business or would like to acquire another business, please email us at or call us at 1-877-735-5224 to discover the difference that is Vested Business Brokers.

$160,000 Cash Flow: $24,000 Seller Financing
#6 Neighborhood Bar #6 Neighborhood Bar

Phoenix, AZ

Excellent North Central Phoenix location. #6 license alone is valued at $80.000. Seller is ready to move on.

$199,000 Cash Flow: $97,000 Seller Financing
Buy 40 Year Old Pool Service & Repair Business Buy 40 Year Old Pool Service & Repair Business

Scottsdale, AZ

Great homebased business, pool service and repair business. A + rated by BBB. Most income comes from repair side of business. Business has agreements with home warranty.

$129,500 Seller Financing
Sports Bar Grill Are You a Sports Fan? Then This Your Opportunity

Raleigh, NC

This Sports Bar has a loyal following and with a little TLC it will be a real money maker as it has all the ingredients. The Bar-Grill has 3000 sq. ft. with seating for about 80 and 15 at the bar. A great feature is that it has a 2000 sq ft in closed or open air patio, with another bar and stage area. Another bonus is the 3000 banquet meeting room that is perfect for private parties, weddings, and business meetings. This is a great opportunity for a sports enthusiast or a husband-wife team to bring it to the next level of profitability.

$285,000 Seller Financing
Profitable/ Motivated Seller / Great Cash Flow Staffing is one of the top ten job-growth industries in the U.S.!

Albuquerque, NM

Walk into a terrific opportunity and immediate cash flow with a highly recognized, well-operated staffing firm. The business is turn-key and easy to operate. The Owner's role is high level management of a great team of dedicated employees, and building relationships in the community. The location has been in operation since 2013 with solid consistent business, serving local businesses with both full-time and temporary staffing and job placement in addition to providing human resource services and consulting. Personal reasons are compelling this sale and the seller is highly motivated. A well-seasoned staff is in place and ready to help make your transition into the business smooth. Perfect time to own a staffing firm in a growing industry...Staffing has added more jobs in the last three years than any other industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts the staffing industry to be one of the top ten job-growth industries in the U.S. through 2018. Sale is confidential. Seller requires an NDA...The business name, location, financial data, etc. disclosed only with an NDA in place. Contact us for details. We will send you the NDA upon request. Please make sure your contact information, telephone number and email address, is correct so we can be sure to reach you.

$225,000 Cash Flow: $90,000 Seller Financing
Mediterranean Grill #1365 Very Profitable Restaurant Near A.S.U.

Tempe, AZ


$280 Cash Flow: $124,000 Seller Financing
Foxboro-Landmark Gourmet Sandwich $ catering Restaurant-Facility Foxboro-Landmark Gourmet Sandwich & Catering Restaurant!!

Foxboro, MA

Affluent Foxboro area. Price $280,000- w/ $150k Down, Owner financing Lease $4,600, yrs left 12.5 plus extensions sales 13,000 wk Strong. Square Footage 3200 plus huge full basement( clean, organized and dry) Hours Mon-Fri am-pm/ sat am-pm- closed sundays Seating. inside 25 *outside 12 This is one of the most popular TAKE-OUT Restaurants in the area. Family responsibilities take precedence over money making. The facility is large w/ loads of equipment & expansive space for catering or food distribution. Big clean Basement, real estate Available. Owners are passionate about the business and relationship with their customers, will stay on part time to ASSIST BUYERS. Beer & Wine underutilized Perfect for wine dinners & Specialty nights Open on Sundays ( customers are screaming for them to open) could be their busiest day. great word of mouth but push the Social media.& advertise. Terrific write up for the past 2.5 yrs. EASY to operate, THIS IS THE ONE !! call Bob @ 781-820-9288 or to see this GEM!! NDA REQUIRED, this location is Highly Confidential!

$380,000 Cash Flow: $130,000 Seller Financing
Established Franchise for Sale - # 1 rated in it's industry Existing Franchise with above the system's average sales

Fulton County, GA

Financials available upon qualification and signed non-disclosure agreement ABOUT THE BUSINESS: • Well over six figure income • Sales over 40% higher than system average • Great location – High traffic area • Established customer base • Experienced staff in place • This location in business 50 years-established in 1965 • $$$ Owner Financing Available $$$ ABOUT THE FRANCHISOR: • #1 in their industry as rated by the Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 - 30 years running • Over 96% name recognition – You know the name! • Over 50 years in business with a proven business system • Extensive training program and field support • Over 700 locations system wide WHY BUY THIS BUSINESS? • Quality of life – no nights, no weekends • Recession resistant industry • Above average Return on Investment (ROI) • No prior industry experienced required • Cash flow from day one!

$97,500 Cash Flow: $42,000 Seller Financing
$42k Net Utz Route. Company Financing. Truck Incl. 35 Hrs/Week Turnkey Route. Major Accts. Flex Sched. Truck Incl

New Brunswick, NJ

This Utz chip/snack route has accounts in the New Brunswick, Edison, Piscataway and South Plainfield areas. The owner has two routes and is hoping to downsize since they can not manage both properly. Route includes major accounts such as Stop & Shop, ShopRite, Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens and many others. There are 7-8 cash stops that will also be included. The route average $4,800 per week in sales and is paid at 20% commission on those items. This leaves a gross weekly income of $960. With an estimated $150/week in business expenses, the new owner can expect a weekly net income of approximately $810. This will provide a yearly net income of approximately $42,000. Owner is paid weekly and can return empty boxes for additional income. The schedule will typically allow for Wednesday and Sunday's to be taken off. Current owner estimates a 6am-2pm schedule for every day besides Saturday which would be a shorter 6am-12pm day. The schedule is very flexible and the hours would likely decrease as the owner becomes more accustomed to the business. This purchase does include the 2000 Chevy Express box truck necessary to run the route. A handcart will also be included to stack product on during deliveries. This is a turnkey opportunity. You will get a commission check the first week you run the route. Utz requires a 20% down payment which will be approximately $19,500. That amount will be due at closing. The remaining purchase price will be financed through Utz and their banking partners. Of course the route purchase and financing are subject to Utz approval.

$59,997 Cash Flow: $37,333 Seller Financing
Dance and Music School Established and profitable dance & music studio

Dover, NH

Established Music and Dance studio located in Dover, New Hampshire. Under the same ownership since inception in 2008. Solid and consistent enrollment numbers that maximize the profitability of this studio. Gorgeous light filled studio located in leased space of a converted mill building. Huge charm and warmth! Rent has not changed since 2008. Take ownership now, all rent is prepaid for July and August.

$650,000 Seller Financing
Wholesaler of Nursery & Landscape Products Wholesaler of Nursery & Landscape Products


This profitable and efficiently managed wholesale landscape and nursery products business started with a purchase of an 11.2 acre tree farm. This business specializes in the sale of landscape, nursery plants, and products primarily serving the landscape contractors in Iowa and Nebraska on a wholesale level. A small percentage of sales are local retail customers, as well as an increasing amount of install and design of mid to larger custom landscaping projects for select clientele. The business has enjoyed steady profit growth and success due to its focus on high quality products and unmatched customer service. This company’s reputation as a reliable single-source provider of on-time delivery of diverse plants, shrubs, and trees to project sites has substantial value to its clients. This business is positioned for exponential growth by expanding its geographic reach and providing ancillary products to these landscape contractors. By adding sales and marketing efforts, the present business has a solid foundation to continue aggressive growth. The company is productive, profitable, and already has everything a new owner needs to step in and assume control. This is a turnkey operation, and the sellers willing to provide training and support for a season to ensure a successful, prosperous, and hassle-free transition. Short driving distance from Omaha

$1,000,000 Cash Flow: $232,801 Seller Financing
Proprietary Exit Intent Software SAAS Business 92% Net Profit Margin!

Orange County, NY

Online businesses and website owners spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year attracting customers to their sites. In the modern world of e-commerce, acquiring paid traffic from Google, Bing, Facebook and a host of other advertising networks is not only required for success, it is also one of the fastest growing categories on the expense ledger of most online ventures. With 99% of users leaving a website without making a purchase, this business listing offers an essential and economical service for increasing conversions and the ROI of ballooning online advertising budgets. The website offers a Software as a Service (SAAS) approach to capturing business that is about to leave your site and make one last attempt at a conversion before it goes. Once onsite, this site’s proprietary software is an online marketer’s secret weapon to help ensure the money they spent getting visitors there is well spent and leads to the conversion they intended. Unlike simple pop-ups, its software provides a comprehensive and rich set of features to support, track and optimize the conversion of exiting traffic. The business operates as a monthly subscription based business model providing recurring revenues for the company. The owners currently spend only a few hours per month running the business from their home based offices. The website business has experienced tremendous growth since inception. Currently, Profits are up 28% for Jan-Apr 2016 over the same period in 2015. The fast growth of this business coupled with the continued trend for high spends on online advertising and paid traffic mean this business has just begun to tap into the huge potential of this market with many years of growth ahead for a new owner.

$850,000 Cash Flow: $155,397 Seller Financing
Established and profitable Firearms business for sale Protection for the ones you love

Palm Beach County, FL

This business is exploding! Established Gun Sales business offering guns, safes, ammo, accessories, fishing and outdoor products. Concealed weapons and shotgun training classes. Sales through retail store, website, and gun shows. The only Sub-D Glock dealer in the area. Sells to police and security personnel. Strong purchasing power with vendors. Great location with many repeat clientele. Please refer to Listing #640154667 and advisor Simon Polzer when inquiring.

$630,000 Cash Flow: $170,000 Seller Financing
Tennessee Based Meat and Food Distributor and Retailer. Tennessee Based Meat and Food Distributor and Retailer.


This company provides wholesale/retail meats and frozen foods. They offer delivery service to approximately 50 mile radius. Their customers include several schools, restaurants, convenience stores, etc… They have a walk up retail position where customers can order direct from the company itself. They actually cook all their own meats, with offerings ranging from BBQ, Ribs, Hams, Lunch Meats, etc. USDA APPROVED FACILITY.

$178,000 Cash Flow: $89,109 Seller Financing
Gigi Cupcakes Franchise in Kentucky well established franchise


Fully operating and functioning store requiring no lapse or lost business days awaiting permits or build-out. Gigi's Cupcakes currently is operating over 100 locations and continues to expand and develop new ideas to strengthen the brand. This store has a very tenured team and customer base. Avoid the costs associated with a build out and franchise fees. A very fun and rewarding ownership opportunity with sales approaching $500k. The Gigi's brand is built on a delicious product, stimulating environment all while celebrating every special occasion. A unique franchise that concentrates on growth and creativity.

Cash Flow: $600,000 Seller Financing
Cafe/retail bakeries plus wholesale sales Steady cash flow from brilliant bakery cafe

Lynn, MA

A great opportunity exists to acquire a well-established profitable bakery cafe business with positive cash flow, consistent income and a solid customer base on Boston's North Shore. These full-line bakeries sell a large assortment of pastries, cakes, custom themed and wedding cakes, and breads. Food offerings of salads, soups and hot, cold and breakfast sandwiches (served all day), are enhanced by a full coffee service. The bakeries also sell prepared dishes for take home and in-store consumption and catered trays of food for private events. All locations are open 7 days a week.

$198,000 Seller Financing
Frozen yogurt shop Voted metro Detroits best froyo shop 2013

Rochester, MI

Prominent, historical location in the heart of a vibrant downtown retail business district surrounded by a huge residential base that is experiencing substantial residential new construction within walking distance. Over a dozen restaurants, a five star hotel, bakeries, salons etc. round out the balance of main street. A major hospital, three college campuses, multiplex theater and amphitheater are within 2 miles. A newly completed double tier parking deck is within 80 ft. of this locations back door. This establishment boasts a 4.7 star rating on facebook and other social media sites with a consistant 98-100% satisfaction rating through the DDA's Secret Shopper program.

$140,000 Cash Flow: $89,739 Seller Financing
Profitable Yoga Studio in Coastal San Diego Solid Sales & Profits, Beautiful Facility, Large Customer Base!

San Diego County, CA

Successful yoga studio with strong management, solid sales & profits, a beautiful facility and a large customer base. The business has a prime location, beautiful amenities and a passionate following. Studio consistently has 100-150 new students per month due to location and marketing. Excellent Yelp reviews and Facebook following. If you are interested in health, wellness and fitness, this is a great opportunity. Cash buyer only - Call today!

$759,000 Cash Flow: $180,000 Seller Financing
***In Contract*** Great Opportunity Laundromat in Brooklyn Great passive income, proven location, truly absentee

Brooklyn, NY

For sale by OWNER is a 3,000+ sq ft laundromat with 80 machines. Very stable income. Proven location of over 30 years. Store was totally rebuilt about 4 years ago with all new super efficient Dexter Express washers and dryers. Card system. Great investment for a busy individual who is looking for a steady, guaranteed income for years to come.

$450,000 Cash Flow: $151,355 Seller Financing
Nearly A Million In Retail Sales! Pool Supply Store Now Avail!! Opportunity To Double Sales With Adding Outside Services!

Gainesville, FL

Astounding financing terms are offered by the owner! Well renowned and highly profitable, this pool supply store is recognized as having the absolute best name in the industry. There is a very high demand for pool cleaning in this area that a new owner could prosper on immediately! This beautiful store has an eye-catching showroom floor that their customers have come to appreciate! Located in the heart of the Gainesville area, having opened in 1980, this business continues to have a great reputation as the premier store with an astounding staff in place! Retail sales alone were nearly 1 million $$ in 2015!! This year is off to a tremendous start as well!