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North American Alliance of Business Brokers

Selling - We are predominately business brokers so what is the difference between us and our competitors well we guarantee confidentiality with NDA's and qualifications for all potential buyers. We value a business at a competitive market price before we even sign you as a client. We practice full disclosure with our clients and to buyers, we have no hidden fees we pay for advertising and our expenses while attempting to sell your business the only amount you will ever be charged for a business sell is our commission price at closing. Seller Coaching - Sometimes a business owner has hired another business broker and is unsatisfied with the job they are doing and at other times a business owner would rather sell their own business rather than paying a commission to a business broker in either of these cases we offer to teach the business owner how to sell their own business for a flat-fee. We also give them access to our resources for an additional fee so they don’t have to start their own accounts with things like biz buy sell. Business Market Valuations - While we provide potential clients with a free business market valuation we also offer them for a fee to people who are just looking for a business market valuation. If you are serious about using another service you don’t need this option as you will get a free market valuation as part of the service. Investor Services - Includes finding your business a legitimate business partner someone who knows your industry and can help you grow your company as well as finding your business a person who is simply a silent partner who infuses cash flow into your company when its needed and lets you run everything while collecting their percentage of the business’s profits. Consulting - For an hourly fee we will consult on your business, we always give free advice when sitting down with a client about certain things however somethings require a more in depth explanation to be of any use and for these things we will offer you consulting at an hourly fee. The best example of when you may wish to consult us is when you are looking to license your business and you have no clue on how to go about doing it. For an hourly fee we will sit with you and teach you how in addition we will connect you with our network of people in order to help you get your license’s in order so you can move forward more quickly into the actual selling of license’s. Licensing Services - Requires the broker to learn a lot about your business before it is implemented in this case you hire the broker to go out and sell licenses of your product instead of doing it yourself. In addition to the area which the broker themselves covers there is also the option of the national market with us in which we list your business’s license’s through the NAABB and then every broker that is licensed by the NAABB will be trying to find you buyers for your license’s across the United States. Many options are available in how a business goes about licensing itself and all of these things must be discussed and decided on before the broker can find buyers for your licensed products.

No Coast Business Advisors is an independent business brokerage Certified by the North American Alliance of Business Brokers.

Jethro Hopkins and Jason Wollen have been business owners in the Lincoln community for several years and private business brokers for 2 years on October 1, 2015 they founded No Coast Business Advisors LLC and started working on business brokering publicly.

The Goal of No Coast Business Advisors is to help the business owners of our territory to succeed whether that means selling a business, finding them an investor/business partner, or helping them license their business’s or products we want our clients to succeed. Which is why we also include recommendations for accounting, legal services, and financial advisors at our first meetings with our clients the people we recommend have our trust that they are out for our clients best interests and have the knowledge base to help our clients succeed even after they stop being our clients.

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