BrokerWorks Rates & Fees

All charges are in US dollars and appear on your credit card statement as "BizBuySell."
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Monthly Membership Fee

The monthly membership fee is $59.95 per individual and is charged automatically to your credit card during the first week of each month, until membership is cancelled. For your first month of membership, the fee will be pro-rated from the date your membership is activated.

Up to 25 of the individual subscriber's Basic established business-for-sale listings at a time are included in the monthly membership at no additional charge. Business listings will only be added to the BizBuySell web site if all contacts added to that listing are also subscribing BrokerWorks Members.

30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

If within 30 days of joining BizBuySell's BrokerWorks service you cancel your membership due to dissatisfaction with the service, you may request that the setup fee and first month's membership fee (or partial pro-rated fee) be credited back to the credit card submitted on the Membership Application. This is available only to first-time members who are professional business brokers.

You will be liable for any additional optional charges you may incur during your membership.

Account Setup Fee

The account setup fee is $24.95. This fee is charged to establish your BrokerWorks account.

BrokerWorks Premium (Optional)

For 1 Showcase Plus Email Credit a month ($39.95 value) and to increase your visibility on BizBuySell and in the Broker Directory, we offer the optional BrokerWorks Premium upgrade. The cost for BrokerWorks Premium is $89.95.

BrokerWorks Elite (Optional)

Get 1 Showcase Plus Email Credit a month ($39.95 value), up to 10 service areas, and top exposure on BizBuySell and in the Broker Directory, with the optional BrokerWorks Elite upgrade. The cost for BrokerWorks Elite is $149.95.

Termination of Membership

You may cancel your BrokerWorks membership at any time, without penalty by sending an email or faxing us at 415.764.1622.

All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. The web pages, websites and for-sale listings of members who cancel their membership, or whose credit cards expire without first providing another card for us to bill, may be removed.

Changes in Rates & Fees

These rates and fees may change at any time. However, members will be given at least a 14-day notice before any rate or fee change takes effect.

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Have a question?

If you have any questions about these rates and fees, please call us at (888) 777-9892 opt. 2 or at BrokerWorks.