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Looking to partner with someone to purchase multiple franchises of McDonalds, Subway or other in Washington.

We have raised significant capital but are looking to partner with others who are interested in purchasing mulitple franchises within the Seattle, WA metro area. $50k minimum needed to join us.

Ronald Coleman

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Answers (8)
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We are financial consultants to a group of investors whom we have their consent to manage their funds which is in our custody for cooperation in joint venture business investments.

Our areas of interest include Property Development and real estate, Health Care, Education and training, Mining and exploration, Energy, oil and gas,Technology, Software development, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Finance Services and Leisure.However, all viable proposals within reason will be considered.

Funds shall be made available to you as a direct investment loan at 3% interest rate per annual for a period of 2 or 30 years depending on what you prefer. You may contact us if you have interesting investment proposal for possible business collaboration for our study.

We look forward to your reply to enable us provide you with details or you may visit our website.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of email.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely
Jesse Peterson
phone: (980) 239-7539

Jul 4, 2017
jim thomas

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If your interested in being an owner of Investing in the newest craze hitting Panama,
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Ponchalos Resturante
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Web reference:

Jun 23, 2013
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The BAF Group LLC

Bigger companies want ONE guy to be responsible; ONE guy they can meet with, singularly; ONE guy that can make decisions; ONE guy that they will, in all probability, want to be PERSONALLY LIABLE for the franchise. They don't want to deal with committees and the moment you start with an application that shows investment money from a group, that kind of company is going to hear an alarm bell, regardless of how your try to show them otherwise, and throw out your application.

Companies like McDonalds - unless their philosophy has radically changed in the past several years - is such a company. And they don't have to deal with deals like yours if they choose not to do so, because they have any number of people that are ready, willing and financially able to come to the table, on the Company's terms.

I am not saying this is an absolute "No", on their part. But you need to find that out, before you try to put an investment group together. Otherwise, if you have people pony up a lot of money only to find out that you cannot meet the objectives you sold to them, there will be a mammoth breach of faith on their part, and they could well pull out, perhaps even suing you in the process, depending upon how you have structured and sold the deal to them. Even getting them to the table to make the investment is going to be tough, if you are not prepared with questions and objections like I am throwing your way, now.

It is far better to wait, get your viable, reasonable and formalized Business Plan together and THEN go after your investors with confidence, rather than a "well, maybe" type of opportunity, from the start.

Check out our blog on Business Plans. There are two of them and it costs you nothing to look:

Jan 29, 2012
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The BAF Group LLC

Unless their strategic and philosophical outlook has radically changed within the past several years, companies such as this are looking for ONE person that will be in charge; ONE person that can make decisions and be held responsible for all operations and further opportunities. They don't want to have to wait for a committee to make a decision, or for a group to pass the buck on who was responsible for a given error. They want to know that a major investor will suddenly pull out and leave the primary person - even though that primary person may own a majority of the stock - scrambling for the financial ability to keep the location viable. And they normally want that primary person to be personally liable for the franchise; a group of investors makes all of that murky and companies like McDonalds can afford to pass on those, because there are enough other INDIVIDUALS that are ready, willing and ablt to specifically meet the Company's needs.

I am not telling you that you absolutely cannot do what you want to do. But I think if you are going to put an investment group together, you need to know your limitations, up front. If you don't, if you get people to pony up the money to invest and THEN they find out you cannot do what you originally sold them on, you are going to have a tremendous breach of faith in you, by your investors. They could pull out, they could even potentially sue you, depending upon how you put the investment plan together. And if there is a breach in faith, it could take you far longer to recover and launch "Plan B" than it would be to take your time. It is far better to come to the table with a very viable, realistic and ready-to-go opportunity, than a "well, maybe" kind of plan.

Jan 29, 2012
Ronald Coleman

Mr Barrick. Thank you for your response. Are you saying that you believe a franchisor (such as McDonalds, etc.) would frown upon a legal entity purchasing a franchise? Or is the multi-franchise package the issue? We are looking to purchase one store now, ensure profitability, then make additional acquisitions once proven. over years 2 - 5.

Jan 29, 2012
No User Photo
The BAF Group LLC

Understood...but I believe you would find that McDonalds, in particular would frown on that kind of approach and would not provide you with a franchise opportunity. A lot of upper level franchises would take that approach.

Jan 29, 2012
Ronald Coleman

Mr. Barrick, Thank you for your response. It is true we could acquire the subway franchises now. However, we are looking to pool resources (experience, capital and advice) prior making a decision on which direction to proceed.

My question to the community is regarding our efforts to join likeminded individuals who are looking to acquire businesses and our attempt to mitigate risk through partnering with those who have additional skill sets need to run a successful enterprise.

best regards

Jan 29, 2012
No User Photo
The BAF Group LLC

Mr. Coleman, I am sorry, but this sounds very strange. You want multiple locations for either Subway or McDonalds? If you have raised significant capital, you should be able to do mutiple Subways without partners - Subways are not that expensive. But you go from wanting either mutiple castles or outhouses? What sense does this make? And have you spoken to people at McDonalds? They don't just sell mutiple sites to people, just because they have money. Getting multiple McDonalds franchises is very tough. Please further define your need.

Jan 22, 2012

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