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Looking to invest $250k- 3mil

Basically i purchased alot of RE in NY while my company was booming in the late 80's-2000's which worked out extremely well. I then sold my company and am now kind of sitting dormant (collecting rent) chasing new RE deals which usually are not worth it due to the down market. I have few friends who have invested (seed) in some companies with traction and have seen remarkable gains. My old business was distribution and i heavily invested in RE over the years but have never went outside those two. I would like to get some opps in all industries especially tech companies but ones that have some user base/traction not an "idea". I really am open to anything but please do not waste either of our time if you know the opportunity only makes sense for you or is just a bad business.

I made a new email address just for this because one im sure i will get spammed bad and two im sure many people do not want to put their full info here.

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Answers (21)
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Nov 14, 2016
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Nov 6, 2016
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Oct 14, 2016
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Jul 15, 2016
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hi, i'm stating a new project which will be a good profitable company. and i'm in need of fund. i live in India so if you are interested than please contact me the company which i'm planning to build will convert municipal solid waste to 5 different product which can be sold in the market easily.

Nov 24, 2013
K Kettner
Los Angeles County, CA

No need to look any further! We have a viable opportunity ready to launch! You can get details of the venture on AngelList here:

Serving under served Plus Size market; huge potential, internationally.

venture (at) oneoceandrive (dot) net

Sep 23, 2013
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KB Footwear Company

Industrial footwear - a brand name since 1921. Back in business 4+ years and profitable. More customers than we have inventory to sell and I am seeking an investor(s) so we expand production and can grow the business. Made in America - bringing jobs back to Americans and restoring our economy.
949-660-0450 x105 or visit

Aug 8, 2012
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Clark County, NV

Reading your post was very refreshing. I am with a publicly traded OTC company which is fully developed and diverse. We are in our final funding stage and seek $100,000 to begin our marketing campaign. The investment would be secured with common shares of the company. For further info contact me at

Aug 7, 2012
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Real Estate , but has to be the right state , I have all the know how been do this for years tons of money to be made even in bad times i have a great program that i do if you would like to triple your money you can contact me at

Aug 6, 2012
Triple Choice Express
President/ C.E.O
Solano County, CA

Please check and see if my concept fits your needs as an investor. Only then contact me to discuses in detail. my e-mail is

Jun 24, 2012
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Hi James,
My name is Ken Zwiebel and I am a broker with Vested Business Brokers. We have 4000 businesses for sale and you might want to take a look. You're free to contact me at or visit our website at Once there, register as a free member and you will be able to not only see our listings, but all of the financials as well. Let me know if I can help. Good luck!

Jun 6, 2012
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New York County, NY

Hey James noticed you have not been active with that email address which is understandable. Have you thought about joining a local RE investing group? These groups are likeminded individuals looking the help each other in the RE field, do deals with each other/share deals. While RE is tough now especially in NY, everyday someone finds a score, now put 200 people together in a room, some bird dogs for RE you chances of finding a score increase. The best part is, obviously many people are not liquid as yourself so by leveraging this deal flow + your capital you can have some great things happening. Below is a link of a RE group owner right in your local area, she is a female who has done over 360 RE deals. Check it out. Good luck

Jun 6, 2012
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Please give me a call at 408-691-0806, as my boutique investment bank has several viable strategic objectives that may be of interest to you, once I understand more about your strategic goals. Additionally, you may be interested in participating in several vertical REIT's that pay quartely dividends, we will form to hold the commercial real estate, hospitality real estate, and agricultural real estate related to the subsidiaries we will build via acquistion.

Jun 5, 2012
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Mr. Baner:

Our manufacturing company is involved in an important niche segment of the manufacturing indeustry. I would be interested in talking to you.
Steve Curtis

Jun 5, 2012
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Hello James, please take a look at this tech project
To: Whom it may concern
For: The American People.
From: Edward Heath Owner/Operator of New Ideas and Innovations, LLC
Hello Americans; my name is Edward and I believe that I have the technologies needed for “Sustained Ultra-Extended Electric Vehicle Travel”! (SUEEVT) If you are tired of paying $70.00 or more for a fill-up (gasoline or diesel) for your vehicle then I might have the solution and I am asking for your help. I am seeking a total of $ 1.2 million dollars to build prototype vehicles (bought off the dealers lot, not custom made –like Tesla, Coda, Leaf, etc.) to prove my technologies work; (I know it sounds like a lot of money and it is, but it also goes quite quickly- but not to me but for the business, I can assure you of that). The funds would go to the shop, vehicles (initially named EEV-3 for Edwards Electric Vehicle, and the 3 stands for the three different energy forms saved or conserved while driving the EEV-3 and they are: coal, crude oil and natural gas), machinery, equipment, CAD/CAM software, international patent protection, components / parts / assemblies, employee payroll and other operating expenses. I request amounts between $1.00 and $100.00 or whatever amount you are happy with. Please send check or money order to address above with your name and address so that I may send you a thank you card. The U.S. Government, Venture Capital / Angel Investors, and vehicle manufacturers do not want to assist me in my endeavor so I humbly ask for your much appreciated assistance in this very serious matter! I have been pursuing financing for over a year now. They are all afraid of “big oil” companies. I am not. Big oil usually equates to big trouble. ‘Can you say’ “greed” and “Lobbyists” who are only concerned for their well being and not for the well being for us as a country, they are very selfish!
If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email to: . I have a provisional patent on this project patents on other energy and / or natural resource conserving innovations and I am a serious innovator, I am not a nut, a scammer or a thief; far from it. I am trying to use my intelligence and engineering experience to make our country great again and to greatly reduce our dependence on foreign oil from countries that do not like us. This technology will not lose jobs (not even for the oil companies because we as a nation still need kerosene, heating oil and gasoline for small engines), but rather would increase jobs here in the States by having at least one electric vehicle conversion center in each state. That is something that we do not have right now. The conversion to mostly electric vehicles would take 5-7 years, not just a couple of years.
I thank you for your financial assistance, especially during this recession and tough economic / financial times! The payoff would be fantastic for our country though if I can prove my technologies by driving across America in one of the EEV-3 retro-fitted vehicles in 3 or less charging cycles! People would not be afraid in purchasing electric vehicles equipped with this technology. By the way, in case you were wondering, my technologies are NOT based solely on the principles of “perpetual motion”. My company has been around for 5 ½ years, working on technologies that save good Americans as yourself, money, energy and / or natural resources like our clean fresh water. Please help the United States (U.S.) and us as Americans regain our strength as world leaders in national security and innovations that help all of us live better lives, now and for generations to come!

Thank you all again for your understanding and assistance!

Sincerely and Honestly Submitted: Edward Heath - Owner / Chief Design Engineer of New Ideas and Innovations, LLC

Edward Heath _______________________________

I am on LinkedIn under: Edward H. or New Ideas and Innovations and Facebook under: Ev Guy I am very much real and so is this project

May 8, 2012
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I have a proven and well established Business that I need a investor to invest in. Email me

May 7, 2012
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Jim please check out my post... I'd love to chat!

What I have will be sure to turn your head... :)


May 6, 2012
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Blackburn & Fears Inc

Do you have some guidelines? Do you want controlling interest? Do you want to be involved? Daily? On the board?

As you point out huge gains are when companies don't have a track record or are in trouble and need cash - that kind of risk gets huge rewards (the few times the investment pays off). We work with buyers - some of whom have lots of cash and the more stable and longer track record the lower the rate of return (the price is higher). Net income is usually added as a part of the ROI but you rarely get that unless you are the operator.

Would you rather have ten $250K deals or one $2.5M deal? The way you have written this I can only assume you have received too many emails already. You really need to set some guidelines: ROI, role in company, geography etc.

Good luck

May 6, 2012
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Mercer County, NJ

I would greatly appreciate it if you would visit my investment opportunity and brief business synopsis located on the web at located at the bottom of this page is a contact form where you can contact me or feel free to use this email address for any response. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing form you.
Thank you

May 4, 2012
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V.P. Chief operating officer


Wether you're looking for something hands on or just passive investment we have multiple projects I'm sure will be of interest to you, if you're still looking for something. The ROI is excellent and all are backed by real estate and equipment. You can reach me via e-mail or direct at 443-925-4000.

Thank You,
Mr. D.A.Strong

Apr 27, 2012
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I have a senior housing senior assisted living project in WI that need acquisition money and some start up capital to build. I have $1,650,000 into this project of my own money and have 20 years in construction and real estate and 15 years in mortgage lending. I actively expedited 500 commercial jobs.
Based in fastest growing suburb in WI.

Apr 10, 2012

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