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Looking to buy an established office/home cleaning Biz, 100k to invest.

Looking to buy established office or homes cleaning business, 200k to invest. Will consider dry cleaning business also. Can finance more (good credit). NJ, PA, area. Prefer to work directly with business owners without brokers. Have business experience. Business should be established.
Partnership is possible also.



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Answers (9)
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Jul 12, 2017
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Jul 5, 2017
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How to Buy a Business


Think of business as a computer game with 25 levels.

If you're an entrepreneur who thinks he will raise startup financing by writing a business plan and attracting outside investors, you're stuck at level one.

If you're a first-time business buyer who thinks he will raise financing by getting an SBA backed loan, you're stuck at level one.

People need to educate themselves about other options for financing business ideas. The first step is to simply get curious enough to learn.

Oct 5, 2009

may be SBA financing is an option also.
Partnership or financing. Financing is a better option, but I think I need help there.

Oct 4, 2009

I have looked at the 1st Dry cleaner in my area in New Jersey. $370k -asking price.
The operation is very good. It is plant and drop-shop, 20 mins away. Equipment is 20 years old looks like it is from the last century, but it is working. Seems busy shop. Makes 150k cash flow. Really now I think I need a DRY CLEANER pro., who can also invest something and work with me.

Oct 4, 2009
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The BAF Group LLC

I disagree with you, eBizdom. There are a lot of quality businesses out there that are extremely well priced. But there are also a lot of terrible ones on the market. The key is in finding a business that IS worthwhile, and/or a Broker that prices things correctly. Sometimes, neither is easy.

It also depends on the size and type of the business, and whether you (as the Owner) would be the principal operator of the business, as you suggest. And when you get to that kind of husband/wife team, when they are the principal operators, it is a different situation and frequently you COULD be then buying a job, rather than an investment.

And that is the distinction I would make: Is it a job, or an INVESTMENT? If you are the sole operator, it is still a business. If you think it is not, you are making a BIG mistake, in my mind. Whether it is buying a job, or an investment that you can grow, build equity and sell at a sizeable profit...that is a different question!

How much would it cost you to replicate the business you might buy? How long would it take you to get it to where it equals the business you might buy? How much of a loss would you incur to get to that point? What is the total price, including potential losses before breaking even, and how does that compare to what you would pay to buy a mature business of that same type, with positive cash flow? Those are the key questions - not whether you and your wife would run it. Dollars and cents are what makes the difference, not who's minding the store.

There are a lot of variables and a lot of issues to look into. I am not saying you absolutely need to use a Business Broker; it may not be for some people, or any people in some circumstances. But to talk about Business Brokers in negative, generalized ways, is like me saying terrible things about people that wear cowboy hats! And for the record, I like cowboy hats!

Oct 2, 2009
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How to Buy a Business

You can buy up those small cleaning contractors and replace the owners with lower paid cleaning staff. I have known several entrepreneurs who built up fairly substantial maintenance businesses by aggregating dozens if not hundreds of tiny cleaning contractors.

Oct 2, 2009

I will do exactly that. Thank you, Peter. Practically all businesses presented by business Brokers/seller's agents are overpriced. They simply take annual cash flow and multiply it by 2 or more + Fixed assets + ... This is the practice. But majority of business I hardly can call a business, but simply a "job" to say the least. It does not make sense to buy a job Business where husband and wife are the only employees I can not call a business at all. It very difficult to find a good quality and valid business.

Oct 1, 2009
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How to Buy a Business

If you don't want to use brokers make a list of cleaning companies in your city and start contacting them. That's how brokers get their listings. That's the only way you will find out who's for sale. You can also use CL to find opportunities. You might post a "Want to Buy Cleaning Company" ad.

Oct 1, 2009

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