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I have $100K to invest. Any unique ideas ?

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Answers (24)
Dr. Vasquez Reynolds
Easy Lons
Los Angeles County, CA

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Sep 20, 2017
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We, a group of experienced software engineers, are going to start a new online store for internet retail marketing (e-tail) mainly for printer & office supplies. We'll provide all technical support including site maintenance, targeting customer campaign from social media, search engine provider, SEO, site analysis (Google Analytics), Ad-words, Affiliate Marketing etc. We’ll already have the entire blue-print ready with new innovative ideas for the investors. We are guaranteeing our investors to return back a progressive profit in a quick tenure of time. We are also guaranteeing our investors for a 100% transparent business from the day beginning. Anyone, who genuinely wants to invest in a new business in this booming e-commerce industry, can contact with us by the following email ids: /

Mar 13, 2014
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Hey Jay, My name is Josh and i have 2 unique ideas which would make you and I so much money! One of the Ideas I have is something that the Department of Education doesn't have anymore in their schools and i have developed a business plan that will bring hundreds and thousands of parents to my program. My other Idea deals with a group of mothers doing what they love to do best which is Cook. I dont need to get into any details with that one i have my business plan and ideas wanting for someone like you to give me the chance. Please email me at, i have a lot to say and so much to show you. Thanks for you time.

Mar 9, 2014
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Well I wouldn't want to post my idea with strategies on here, but my idea is completely online based and your responsibility would only be to provide the funds. I would need a minimum investment of $20K to a maximum of $50K.

The first goal will be reached within 6 months, which will produce a $200k monthly residual profit. That would be achieved by generating 1000 clients, which I have a unique technique in getting.

If you want to know more about this idea, feel free to email me at


Mar 9, 2014
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I am discuss in india (GOA)

Mar 7, 2014
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Referral ID # GD70640
1-800-431-1323 (Free Info)

Mar 7, 2014
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Hello J, I have a unique idea I have been useing for a couple of years now, I have made quite a few of these and I've received numerous comments on it ..! I need capital ..! ( patent , Licensing and start up) contact me ASAP , I'll share a ill more with you. (

Mar 7, 2014
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AngleWare Inc
Home of the NeverTilt Cooler & the TiltedPet Bowl
Cook County, IL

This one is too good to be true. I invented a special needs tiltedpet bowl. Call the Pet Bowl With Contoured Bottom. Http:// My Design Patent has been pending June 13 of 2013, so in 5 months I should be fully patented.
I was simply looking for a license agreement with some large manufacturing company, which would only get me 3% - 5% royalties and the big company makes all the millions on my invention. Because these American manufacturing plastic and stainless companies our giving me quotes of $50,000 for tooling fees and $5 dollar's a bowl.
Now I've started communicating with a few Chinese manufacturers , just over the pass week. Who are giving me 80% off in comparison. Now, my tooling fees are all under $5,000.00 for my mould and machine tooling for three leading materials; Bamboo fiber, plastic and stainless steel.
So for under $20,000.00 I can get locked ,loaded and ready.
But with a $50,000.00 dollar investment boost from an Angel Investor or a 50/50 Partner. I can own my company, with manufacturing and shipping of my simply made Tiltedpet Bowl.
Chinese quote on bamboo. $3800 mould & tooling $0.35 a bowl/ wholesale $10 retail $15
Quote on plastic $7,800 mould & tooling $1.69 a bowl/ wholesale & retail same as plastic
Quote on stainless steel $10,300 / $3.00/ wholesale $16 retail $25
And yes I do, already own my 3D CAD drawings
Please help me? I'm too close to give up. But still too far away to make and sale my own product. is my email

Feb 27, 2014
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Hello Jay,

I am located in Southern California. I am looking for interested investors to invest in a dealership and your name and contact information was available on a small business community. I can fully disclose how this will work and would like to discuss in more detail. Please let me know if this is something that you are still interested in being a part of. I have a unique way of business and have some connections with local dealerships to get inventory as well as a lot of other important dealings in the industry. I can discuss in more detail if you are interested.

Feb 22, 2014
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I have started a lighting company in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. I have only been open for 1 year and made $25,305.00 with only me as the employee. Business is growing and I already have a project on the line for 2014 for an LED retrofit at 60 petroleum stations in Michigan. The estimated revenue from this project alone is $200,000 +/-. This does not include all other projects, service calls and opprtunities. The next step i need to make is equipment purchase to expand the business and become a leader in the industry. I am looking for a silent partner or investor for equipment and expansion.

Feb 21, 2014
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I invite investors to Kazakhstan. One of the most developing countries in the world. Projects with 50% income in year. Contact me please

Feb 16, 2014
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Hi Jay I'm Byron Lurssen and I have a patent pending Novelty Cell phone Charger that I want to mass produce because I don't want to license it to any company. I know that we can make a lot of $$ if we sell it and distribute it on our own. With the first 2K units we get our investment back and after that it's all profit. I have invested everything I had to get the patent and design and I'm ready to get the prototype to start mass production. I only need $30K for yhe next step. Look at the market.. it's a $36 Billion sales a year market and my product has a $19 per unit net profit. Do your math and if you are interested contact me at 401-282-9583.. once I get my prototype if I don't have an investor, I will take it to SHARK TANK and I would hate to do it because they will get most of the business.

Feb 15, 2014
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"Lifting You Up,After You've Landed"
King County, WA

Hi, my name is Chuck. I started Chronic Carriages in April of 2013. I thought about applying as a LYFT driver in Seattle one day when I was at a medical marijuana dispensary and I saw an elderly lady struggling with her walker when I decided I was going to help medicinal patients get to & from doctor appointments & dispensary tours.With the legality, We also currently offer airport service as well as non- patient hemp tours when officially legal. Two investors show major interest but no conract yet. One guy called wanting me to film a pilot so he can pitch it to reality show producers. I don't care about the show, I just love my business concept. And in the event the legality ever gets overturned We will always offer our V.I.P. Service where the customer has drink & food of choice ready for them as I arrive.A pampering cab/chauffeur experience on the run.And I also act as laborer and carry anything out of the store for them.Please check out & "LIKE" our Facebook page Chronic Carriages. Call Chuck @ 425-343-7975 or e-mail.Unfinished website; Colorado is taking advantage of THE GREENRUSH. We should too.I am pretty much the only one doing this right now, and I have the perfect name.

Feb 9, 2014
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Laura Hall
Master Cosmetologist
Muscogee County, GA

I am looking to start a mobile salon in Ga.

Feb 8, 2014
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I am part owner of a "small wind" turbine company (1kW to 100kW) with new game-changing, multi-patented drive train technology that obsoletes all direct competitors, generating 30-100% more power and energy cost savings. We're currently in "tested, proven prototype/final pre-revenue stage." $100k gets our initial product line (10kW's) commercially launched in eight weeks. $350k makes us a sales-sustaining "force" in a $500 mil market, analysts forecast will double in two years.

Feb 7, 2014
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Hello, I have an established business to offer.
I am an IM enterpreneur and I have launched a lot of products online and generated 10's of
thousands of dollars. I have a full track record of all my start ups and
I show the live proof of everything.
I am in this business for years and I have an Established name and I am also a coach and
I teach guys to do oline business.
I am in the online business for the last 5 years and I have the full track record of everything.
I have a business for sale offer.
I have started a new project 20 days ago and it is already making very good profit.
It got listed only on 1 marketplace and its earning 60$ per day already from direct sales.
Its can be listed on also and on few other sites too.
I have already built a list of buyers and every email I send to them brings in 50$, and I can
send 1 email per day.
Its already generating 110$ per day and its only a start.
Now I can swap the email lists solo ads and grow my list base.
Just after a month the revenue will be 2-3 times more.
Each day swapping with the sellers just like me would bring me 5 new sales and
150 buyers on my list.
Just in a month the list alone will be 3 times bigger and earning 150$ per day and
also the product that is earning 60$ per day already will continue earning
those 60$ per day and if you list it on other marketplaces it is going to only grow.
This is a great stable and fast growing business.
I want to sell it for 25k$ and I am open for lower offers also.
I provide full support and training for 3 months after the sale.
You will get all the learning you need, you will get all the help you need.
I have my students who can only say good about me and they can prove it.
I show all the track records live in the skype.
I show everything.
And my reputation is very good.
I am open to a secure deal through the platform that will secure both of us.
I am including the rights for the product and the rights for the list, and I am including full
This is a great opportunity to have a fast growing business and you can do this business
from anywhere in the world.
This is a serious offer to the serious buyer.
Please contact me at skype.
My skype is sayhello007.
I am open to the questions from serious buyers only.

Jan 25, 2014
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PCM Tec. Co., Ltd
looking for invest or partner or agent

our website is b2b website, chinese version and english version.
we are looking for agent or partner in your country or your states. if you interesting in, please to contact us, you will have good future , will sucess in your career. have a good day.

Dec 2, 2013
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Montgomery County, OH

I have a client who wants to borrow $130-140,000 dollars and you will have a first mortgage on a bar restaurant property that he wants to purchase. He will pay you $ 1,000 per month net net rental with him paying taxes and insurance on property by reimbursement to you and he will buy the property from you in five years for $160,000.. He is presently in the business right now and see an opportunity in this location to make money.. I am in Ohio am a real estate broker and any fees will be paid to me by him.. If you would like to see the opportunity please call me at 937-603-3400 and leave me your name and number and what call is about. Thanks kindly. Tasi Zavakos Dayton, Ohio

Oct 18, 2013
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For you to have the best return,
i will suggest you should invest the money with Sovereign Wealth Fund
which is accepted in 97countries worldwide and you can earn 30% of
your investment monthly and your money still remain intact, you can
even withdraw the capital if you wish. Invest little amount like
$5000-$10000 to confirm before investing big.
For more information, or call 234 705 5556 868
Note: My Referral Partner ID: 56491RID.
respond asap.

Oct 18, 2013
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Los Angeles County, CA

I own a small, profitable niche headphone company and would love to talk about investing in our next product line and our next large advertising campaign to take the company to the next level. I would love to give you more information if you are interested. Please email

Oct 9, 2013
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I am in process of completing micro Freelancer + Booking System for Travel & Tourism , can offer you 65% , strong ROI model , need investment of $50,000 + $25,000 for marketing + rest of development. Monthly you will be able to get 20,000 + at startup.

Sep 30, 2013
Al Davidson
Denver County, CO

I am looking for a partner in my fuel reclamation business. Our customers are Enterprise Rental Car and Hertz. We're currently operating in a dozen or so locations on the east coast. Would like to expand to more locations. Need additional equipment and operating capital.

Sep 26, 2013
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Hello, I can offer a unique investment with stable profit every month, an average of 120% per annum. If you are interested please contact me;

Sep 26, 2013
Edward Tabak
Mahoning County, OH

Hello, My idea is not unique, however it is time tested and always makes money. I have always been interested in convienence/gas stores,have a good friend that has a store doing !00k inside and 200k gallons gas. I've done a lot of investigation, looked at sites and financials for an understanding of the ratios, my friend is a great source of info. The store I've targeted is in Akron, Ohio and I live in Youngstown, 50 miles away, asking 95k and 40k inventory, does approx 4.2m in gas and 720k inside, it is a BP station. Weather this store or not, the profile is the same for what I want. I own free and clear 2 very nice res. properties with fair market value of 170k and they are currently for sale. If they were sold I wouldn't need a loan,however they are not and I want to move forward. I can pledge these homes for colateral, open to a loan orginaion fee and interest rates, hopefully this would be a short term loan but I would make it worth your while, I have a sharp biz atty., cpa, and a no. of brokers handy and a pretty fair understanding of how to operate in this arena, by the way the this is a very clean location and owner claims 105k nowner benefits. You can see the houses on Edward Tabak on facebook. Thank You

Sep 26, 2013