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I got premium cctld and awesome domain names I want to develop. Need some partner to input cash.

These are either domains with high exact local searches, keyword-rich, or brandable. I would need roughly $20,000 for website design, content, seo, advertising and promotion. I've been in the industry for more than 2 years, i know the market pretty well and how to play the game. I will offer investor 40% of net profit or sales proceeds.

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Answers (11)
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Aug 16, 2016
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Hi, Matt. Actually i just showed you JUST two of the many "high-potential" domains that I plan to develop. I have these domains for almost a year now and as I've seen cctld's growing presence in the sales charts following reports from dnjournal. i thought if one of these domains could be developed and i mean really developed so that locals can find them very valuable and useful for their particular needs, then i would target that market. .com's are king of the land, we all know that, but it does not own the internet nor can claim all revenues generated by internet users in their everyday activities. there's too much competition out there. As Buy-A-Company stated, the internet is polluted by crappy sites, from different extensions including .com's and .net's. And being a content provider for almost 2 years, i couldn't agree more on the "importance" of GOOD content and having a really really "great" product or service. People are willing to pay if you give them their money's worth.

As for appraisals, it can be quite one-sided. If you don't have a really good domain name with a .com extension then never mind. Appraisals are only there to either add or subtract a few thousands off the ideal price of your domain if you already have a rough idea of your domain's value. Otherwise, develop your domain and let others see its real value. Before 2004, "Facebook" didn't really mean anything. It's not in the dictionary nor a popular expression. If you ask any appraisal company or domain expert to valuate it at the time, perhaps they would just say, "nice brandable." Now Facebook is ranked as the No. 1 most visited (social network) site among the list of Top 1000 websites in the world according to Google. How Zuckerberg and his friends did it is not the issue; the issue is, ANY name can be great and successful given the right approach and treatment during the development process. I got more than 20 domains and ALL have potential I can say.


general information

i will present my plan of attack to whoever is interested.

Matt, I am flexible. Hope you are, too. Thanks.

Sep 20, 2010
Buy-a- Company

Very few people are aware of this, but this is very important information to anyone considering buying or selling a website...

Google has changed their search algorithm, and is starting to penalize all the phony web sites that survive by stuffing their names and sites with keywords, and selling links. Those days are soon to be gone forever, and rightly so.

You've all seen those sites that pollute the internet. They get a name like "" or "". They get high enough in Google to get some clicks, then earn money when the person re-clicks to get where they really wanted to go. Google is ending that.

Unless the site has legitimate content, and sells a legitimate product, they are soon to go the way of the dinosaur. Don't by a site with this business model! Make sure they actually sell something, and have a history of doing so. Else, you are destined to get burned. Really. Don't do it.

Sep 20, 2010
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Cook County, IL

J.M. I found out through research and through many contacts, that a keyword enriched domain IS very valuable, BUT, they have to be a .COM. PERIOD!. A few .NET's can also have value, but, that's about it. Also, you need to have PAID appraisal reports done. The more you have that state around the same amount of value, the more money you can get for the domain. And the appraisals need to be from big name companies that know appraisal values such as NETSOL, GREAT DOMAINS, GODADDY etc. Also, if you have a tradename for the domain that adds to the value.

But, I'm afraid I can't justify giving you $20,000 for developing two european domains without any of the following criteria. Good Luck.

Sep 20, 2010
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that's 2 sites. if both sold for $50,000 for example, minus $20,000 (capital/your investment) that is $30,000 x 40% = $12,000 for you for a maximum of 6 months or $2,000 per month for a $20,000 only investment. my target is more than that and it is very achievable.

Sep 20, 2010
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Matthew, it's a european domain related to the car industry. all major extensions are already taken and you can see why. domains true potential is seen when they are (well-) developed. what may be a "crap-sounding" domain could turn into a valuable online destination depending on its content and how you traffic is driven to the site. Just look around at, you can hardly see sites with decent names or urls yet they have high price tags and still attract buyers. my domains have either popular keywords in them or have keywords that make sense. they're very easy to remember and offer huge promise if developed. i guarantee the investor that once we put the site/s up for sale, privately or publicly, buyers will flock to our listing and in just one week or two gets back his investment PLUS interest. but like building a commercial building, we need a good location, design, and money for materials and labor. and we need money to design and maintain the product as we promote them. it could be services or a physical or electronic item or a software...if there's no capital, there's no business.

In this business, time is of great value. If anyone is interested just drop me an email. Looking to get my capital before end of September. You will be provided with updates on a monthly basis.

Sep 19, 2010
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Cook County, IL

What industry do the domains represent? I may have someone interested, depending on the industry. What are you basing the value of the domains on? You can reach me at

Sep 18, 2010
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Atif, I could let you take a peek at my domains via email.

Sep 16, 2010
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Hi, Atif!

Yes, I have developed 2 domains so far, one an exercise info site and the other is related to iphones. The latter is currently undergoing some makeover to keep up with the latest trends. But these are not the domains I was referring to.

With the money ($20,000) I plan to build 2 sites composed of a cctld and a brandable name. The cctld domain has a very popular keyword and tops in the local searches. I want to explore the cctld market as it is fast gaining popularity. Also I want to tap the potential of a keyword domain I've long wanted to develop. I have tons of domains but I want to concentrate on these two for the mean time. I figure after 5 or 6 months they will become quite valuable and ready for market. I am very active in the industry with lots of contacts and sources, so finding a buyer is not a problem. Bizbuysell has many for one. I just need to add value to these domains without worry about budget, so I can demand a decent price instead of offering them to domain resellers or finding end-users that may not appreciate an empty domain as much as a fully developed website with some traffic or revenue and or potential can. Buyers always look for these types of sites..

Sep 15, 2010
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Business owner/Entrepreneur
Dallas County, TX

Hi J M, I would like to know a little more.what domains do you have and industry you would be targeting..have developed any before or its the first time..?

Sep 15, 2010

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