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Has anyone on here got an investor fo their business from this site?

It seems this forum has turned into a place for people to ask for investors for the projects and not much else. Does anyone have a success story in this matter?
On a related note, I wish bizbuysell would set it up so you could click on a section and then go to the threads in that section so I don't have to wade through posts that don't concern me.

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Answers (12)
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Joseph DiBello
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Jul 1, 2010
Paul E
Front Line Plans
Business Plans for Entrepreneurs
Westchester County, NY

Don made some very valid points.

Investors who are willing to accept modest ROI without an exceptional upside usually only work in their own area. They are risk averse and want to be near the investment as Don mentioned. Paying out an interest type payment is not likely to attract someone on here. They can find run of the mill returns locally.

The type of investors that I work with are willing to take risks BUT the upside potential has to be exceptional. They are looking for equity and exit strategies, usually stock in a company planning to go public or with a company planning to sell out.

Angel investors are not Angels! They are hard nosed smart business people who are seeking out exceptional returns, they are not out to make someone's dream come true. They are looking for exponential growth and returns. They expect a well thought out business plan, supporting marketing data, strong management with experience, a certain amount of control and most important, equity and an exit strategy. Also, investors expect you to have done your homework. If they feel you are not prepared they are gone in a flash. So unless it's your favorite uncle be prepared. .

I would also suggest people looking for an investment provide more business information. Space is limited, again as Don said, but try to fit in the basics, market segment, revenue, cash flow, profit, market size etc,

Jun 30, 2010
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The BAF Group LLC

We are essentially a Business Brokerage, and do a very little in the way of funding assistance - we cannot help you with what you are seeking. But in the way of a bit of an overview on your question, I can tell you that in the vast majority of cases, you will not find anything in the way of an investor, in this forum.

There are several issues here. First, many, many investors are going to be local to you, rather than found on a national scale. Most of the people that are posting items on the Community here, do not even hint at their locations. So, even if there is an investor out there, by not stating your general location, the investor is not likely to respond.

Most "angel" investors will prefer to be close to the investment, so they can feel they have the opportunity to "wander by", if they get the urge to keep an eye on their money. Even if they never really intend to do so, if makes them feel more secure in just knowing they can, if they wish to do so.

Second, most investors are found, not in public arenas like this, with people they don't know. (They are as concerned about scams as you are.) Most of them invest in people or opportunities as a result of referrals or introductions from people they know and trust. Attorneys and Accountants are great leads for such investors. I have several triends that have put together groups of six to ten local business people, who meet on a monthly or quarterly basis, in order to look at businesses in which they - as a group - will think about funding. This kind of a private investment "club" is great, for what most people here might need or want.

Third, the tiny amount of space you have here to pitch your idea does absolutely nothing to spark any interest in any investor. It just ain't gonna happen, in the vast majority of cases.

(And many of the write-ups from would-be investors are poorly written, as well. Anyone that reads them carefully can see that some are undoubtedly either scammers, or rank amateurs as funding brokers - and this is an area where amateurs are not going to cut it!)

Finally, many of the statements voiced here are obviously from people who have no idea what attracting an investor is all about; and it makes them appear to have no idea about how to operate a business. Some of that is the space issue, and not really their fault. But go back to the issue of the fear the investor has, in trying to determine what people here might be running their own scams.. A poorly written or presented summary - whether it is the fault of the writer or not - does nothing but disuade the legitimate investor from responding. What legitimate investor, someone with real money, wants to put him/herself out there publicly, to a potential phony and theif? And even if the writer has a valid business proposal, what confidence is generated with the investor, with the way most of these leads are written? The system itself defeats your purpose, because it was not designed for what you are looking for. So, again the best way of looking for an investor is to potentially go back via a potential referral. In doing so, both the investor and the business operator can find more, potentially valid connections, far more easily than in a system that was designed for a completely different purpose.

What you are looking for is an extraordinarily difficult thing to accomplish. And, although it cannot be said often, the Internet is not the best place to go, for that kind of a connection.

Jun 29, 2010
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MaMa C's Pizza, LLC
Newton County, IN

I have had my ad posted since Sept 2009. I never got any help period. Did have a few scam offers, but other than that nothing. I wish something legitimate would come through for me.

Jun 28, 2010
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I have been contacted buy several investors through this site, some scammers, some legit but none have worked out so far. I agree with you that there are a lot more people on this site that searching for investors than they are people wanting to invest. I have been looking for an investor ( but not a partner)for a while for an e-commerce business I am trying to purchase. I needed someone to put in $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 because the asking price is $ 925,000 and I'm a little short. The business is very stable but there don't seem to be any investors responding except for a few who don't have enough to funds available for an investment that large. Good luck to you. If you find any other sites with potential investors let me know.

Jun 17, 2010

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