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Greetings! I am looking for a loan for my Pizza Business. I am wanting to expand. Any Advice?

I make a unique pizza meaning this is all home-made, hand-tossed right down to the sauce. I just have had no luck obtaining loans in traditional manner. I am very honest, trustworthy individual and very business savvy. I have many ideas to expand on this.

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Answers (26)
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Good day to you and thank you for your time to read this.

We are financial services and asset management company.

Search for sustainable finances or the financial freedom to expand your business and company and to grow? We may add your company or a client / friend devise a plan for success help, We offer private loan to individuals.

For all types of companies - from small businesses to large corporate companies, we will help you to make your business the right type of financing for your business needs to lower interest rates and fast approvals will act quickly to require help new opportunities and immediate to meet needs.

For more details, please contact directly with your business plans or project view. EMAIL( )

Best regards.

Jul 15, 2016
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Butte County, CA

Are you in debts, do you need a loan to meet up all you outstanding bills, do you want to start up some kind of business, whether small or big, or have you lost hope in your financial situation. Please smile. Here come an opportunity of a life time. Apply for your loan today at 3% interest rate. Be it secure or unsecured. Contact us today via E-mail:
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Aug 15, 2012
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Biz2Credit LLC
New York County, NY


Biz2Credit ( can help get you business loans through micro lenders. Register on for free and chose the case manager option to get started.

Aug 25, 2010
Harry & Sally Vaishnav
Angel Business Advisors
Oakland County, MI


it will be difficult to find bank financing in this environment. Your better luck may be with private investors.

If you are looking for help in preparing a Business Plan or performing Due Diligence to analyze the financial statements of the seller we can help with that. Visit our web site at to get more details. We have worked with number of businesses with great success.

Aug 25, 2010
Jeff Rauth
Commercial Finance Advisors
Oakland County, MI

Don't get one of those unsecured loans. The payments will kill you.

Can you figure out another way to do this without getting a loan? Start off really small, build a book of business than

Aug 24, 2010
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IC Tool Suite
Sarasota County, FL

Hello Cathy,

If you have good credit I may be able to assist.



GOOD CREDIT SCORE REQUIRED * (700 or better with minimal inquiries and late pays)




Another Alternative:

If you have money in a 401K, IRA or other Pension Accounts you can also use those funds to establish a business legitimately! You DO NOT incur penalties to do this!! A set up fee would be required and you would need to establish a "C' corporation. I minimum of two people must be on payroll and you would have to one of them.

Please let me know how I can further assist in your quest to seek money.

Kind regards,

John Briches
Account Executive
Macro Business Capital

Aug 23, 2010
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if you can contact,your problem is solve.

Aug 22, 2010
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Biz2Credit LLC
New York County, NY


Biz2Credit ( can help you getting business expansion financing. Register for free and chose the case manager to get started.

Aug 20, 2010
Patrick Parks
Ural Patrick Parks-ICG
"Helping Struggling Companies Thrive Everyday"
San Diego County, CA

Do you own any publicly traded stocks and or mutual funds you could use as collateral for the loan you require?

Jan 14, 2010
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Secured Financial Inc

How Much are you looking for ?

Jan 3, 2010
James Baxter
Baxter Lending
Austin County, TX

We can assist you with investment, how much do you need? Send more information to me via

Dec 29, 2009
Patrick Parks
Ural Patrick Parks-ICG
"Helping Struggling Companies Thrive Everyday"
San Diego County, CA

My name is Patrick Parks and my company lends money against stock portfolios; up to 70% LTV, non-recourse with no credit score requirements and rates that range from 4% to 6% for terms between 3 and 5 years.
Funding is in 5 days.
My company lends on any publicly traded stock as long as there's sufficient volume. It doesn't matter what exchange - New York, London, and Nikkei - as long as it's traded publicly and has volume to justify its price.
My company funds its own transactions. There is no waiting; once an approval is in hand the transfer is then made. Period! Done! What's the value to knowing if you meet the simplest of terms? Basically, with a publicly traded stock that has sufficient volume to justify its price you'll get a loan in 5 days.
When a transaction comes in and the stock is free trading and has no hair on it, the loan will be approved. Even penny stocks that have huge volume can be borrowed against. If you refer someone to me the deal will fund! And in today's economy, where long term banking relationships are unreliable, if you have publicly traded stock then getting funded is SIMPLE with me!
You cannot borrow against retirement funds or your 401k. And if you're a day trader you can't borrow on that portfolio. An interesting thought though, is one could get into longer term stocks leveraging the borrowed money in day trading, or lending the money at 12-18% in today's lending environment, or buying distressed properties. The sky is the limit.
If you know of anyone who might be interested please refer them to me. For those who have stocks that are underwater, would have serious tax consequences from selling stock, or can't borrow money because of credit, it's an amazing tool. The fact it funds in 5 days, at market interest rates, makes it almost unbelievable.
In this economy, the appeal is to those who need money now and have stock they are holding that can be borrowed against and used to pay bills, build out a project, or make other investments.

. Need money for a construction or building project, up to 100 million dollars? Again, if you have publicly traded stock the deal is done. Five days after I get the information and give you a quote, you will have funds in the bank.
. Need money to invest in your business? Need 750k, 1,000,000.00, 2,000,000.00? If you have publicly traded stock, no matter how good or bad your company is doing, the stock is the collateral. No credit requirement. Money in 5 days. If you're using your company stock and it's on a downward trend that may impact the LTV, get me the info and I'll get you a quote.
. No matter the need. If you have stock, that's publicly traded I'll get the deal done.
Most important, there's no limit to the funding amount. The better the stock, the higher the LTV. Regardless of the amount, the COMMITMENT IS MADE WITHIN 4 HRS of a deal coming in and funding will be within 3-5 days.

Just email the amount of funding you seek and a list of your assets that include your publicly traded stock(s) and/or mutual funds to for review.
Should your information meet the criteria, you will be contacted with a quote within 4 hours. Be sure to include your contact information and the best time(s) you may be reached.

Dec 1, 2009
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these are the days of 'out of the box'' thinking when it comes to business financing. how much do you need? I have a program in mind that does not require your credit, proforma or personal guarantor of any type. you need not to give up any part of ownership of your business. is it your intension to franchise eventually or to have multiple locations? there is no risk to you, i will get the information and explain in more details what i am referring to.

Nov 24, 2009
Don Kerns
Kerns Merchant Services
Spotsylvania County, VA

Mrs. Williamson,

My name is Don Kerns and I have a Financial Business.
The name of my Company is Kerns Merchant Services.
We do Business and Personal loans, along with all merchant services including but not limited to
merchant services such as credit card processing, check verifying, turn key, mortages, we help people save their homes from forclosure and our approval rate is at 98%.
One of the highest loan ratings in the U.S.
You can go to our website at and see everything we do and about our company in great detail.
I will be glad to help you in anyway I can.
Just e-mail me at or call 888-616-7524 Ext. 3.
You can also reach me anytime at my cell# 540-760-2863.
I look forward to earning your Business and getting you the loan you desire.
Don Kerns

Nov 20, 2009
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Biz2Credit, LLC
Financial Advisor

A lot of factors go into qualifying a business for a loan. Lending institutions scrutinize a business owners personal credit, business credit, location, industry, years in operation, assets and cash flow differently. The best way to search for financing is to enter you information on If you meet the general criteria of a lender or a bank on the system, you'll be matched with them. If you don't meet any of the lender criteria, the system will educate you as to why you didn't fit the criteria and what you can do to qualify in the future. It's a great system and it's free.

Nov 12, 2009
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Biz2Credit, LLC
Financial Advisor

A lot of factors go into qualifying a business for a loan. Lending institutions scrutinize a business owners personal credit, business credit, location, industry, years in operation, assets and cash flow differently. The best way to search for financing is to enter you information on If you meet the general criteria of a lender or a bank on the system, you'll be matched with them. If you don't meet any of the lender criteria, the system will educate you as to why you didn't fit the criteria and what you can do to qualify in the future. It's a great system and it's free.

Nov 12, 2009
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clark johnson loan firm
loan offer

Hello, My name is clark johnson the M.D of clark johnson loan firm. I am a loan lender as well as an angel investor, I give out funds at low rate and i do this with low rate and the repayment duration depends on how much you need. I do not appreciate time wasters and i need you to understand that is you need funds are you are able to work with this firm, you will get your loan. If you need more information, contact me via mail:

Oct 26, 2009
Brian Butler
Butler Consultants LLC
Owner / Lead Financial Modeler
Washington County, OR

I would start with doing a business plan. You can write it yourself with a template or a program like BusinessPlanPro. Let me know if you need help writing you plan.

Oct 18, 2009
Chuck Woolweaver
Franchise Your Business in 60 Days
Palm Beach County, FL


Franchising offers a number of significant benefits and solutions in terms of expansion capital, local unit management and time to market.

1. Expansion Capital - Franchisees furnish most of the capital required for the franchisor's expansion - equity, business loans - for the development of real estate, leasehold improvements, FF & E (furniture, fixtures & equipment), inventory, pre-opening and ongoing working capital.

2. Local Unit Management - Franchising provides the franchisor with the motivated and effective local management needed to ensure a professionally operated business. Unlike a typical employed manager, the franchisee makes a financial and personal investment in the business and therefore, remains highly motivated.

3. Time to Market - Because franchisee's provide the expansion capital and local management, the franchisor can expand at a faster rate than if the franchisor was required to raise the needed expansion capital, recruit and train local management and build the "company operations" infrastructure that would be needed to expand outside the franchisor's current local marketing/trade area.

Oct 18, 2009
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if you want to sell equity that is the only way I would give up my hard earned cash. A loan with a insignificant interest rate on a small business will not attract a private investor.

Oct 18, 2009
No User Photo

I didn't say you weren't business savvy--- but you asked for advice and I advised. You are getting respones that don't help in the real world. So educate me--- you have no money but you want to expand. Nobody will give you a loan. What is your plan?
The quote on the CC sales was in response to the gentleman who suggested you try that. If you are going to get indignant when a successful restaurant owner gives you advice (not a broker or a franchisor trying to sell you a very lame franchise or somebody offering a hard money loan for 15 points and 15 percent interest) then don't ask the question.
BTW. I don't have a partner nor do I want one. The thought sickens me (that's what I wrote about the cosequences.) But if I wanted to expand I could because i have money in the bank and property to back up a loan
You know, I really do try to help with realistic, real world answers here based on my years of successful restaurant ownership and management. You thanked people for giving you questionable advice and I present a realistic option if you want to expand with no money yet you get defensive towards me when I respond.
keep on getting "great " advice from people who never owned a successful restaurant , you will be fine.

Oct 9, 2009
No User Photo

realistc----- The only way is if you found a partner with deep pockets. banks aren't going to give you a loan unles you have property backing it up and the places that will give you a loan will charge a huge amount of fees and interest. A loan on inventory is out because your inventory cannot be more than a few grand at a time. A loan on your future CC sales is out because they only give you one or maybe two months of your CC sales and the payback is high.
So if you want to make it big time you need big time money. the only way is a partner but the consequences may not be worth it.
It is going to be tough to get a partner unless you already show you can make money. Rich people hate losing money---- your plan has to be strong or they will not risk their money for you.

Oct 8, 2009
No User Photo
MaMa C's Pizza, LLC
Newton County, IN

Thank you all for your great advice. I have huge plans in the works for expansion. So I truly appreciate allyour advice. I just love running my business. Loan would help me tremendously.
Again Thanks!

Oct 8, 2009
No User Photo
Multnomah County, OR

You sound like you already have one location. If so, you can take a loan against your inventory, also you can borrow against your future credit card sales. If you have a supplier who has given you terms you can effectively borrow by stretching your payments out. And if you have one supplier who gets the majority of your business, approch them for a loan. It is in their interest for you to suceed, and more business for them.

Oct 8, 2009
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Phoenix Management Systems
Oakland County, MI

Depending on the amount, your credit rating, and your current sales, we may have a plan to get you a loan. If you are interested please contact me at

Oct 7, 2009
Jon Holmquist
Edgemaster Model 400 sharpener
Marion County, OR

Youj didn't say if you tried the SBA route. Extremely difficult to struggle though by yourself. We were sent to Diamond Financial Services by Francorp and I I think our customer is going to make it through. Not cheap, but staying or getting into business is worth the expenditure. Especially when you can probably write it off out of the fantastic profits you will be making. Good Luck, Jon at Edgemaster Mobile

Oct 5, 2009

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