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Anyone want to invest in a tanning salon?

Buildout already done, great demographics, previous client list. We work with a consultant who specializes in tanning. His clients are top 2% producing salons in the country. We need help with financing. Business plan, marleting plan, 3yr projections in place need help with cash.

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Answers (10)
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Good day to you and thank you for your time to read this.

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Jul 15, 2016
David Collins
Glentyde Capital Advisors, Inc.
CEO / Owner
Mecklenburg County, NC

Brad, consider this thread to be a mini-boot camp with some good training before you go face to face with investors. Professional investors WILL challenge you--they'll challenge your projections, your numbers, the claims you make re your biz. Partly to ascertain that you've done your homework to the nines on every aspect of your biz and its industry; and partly to get a read on how you respond to pressure.

Answer their challenges with calm, reasoned answers, and you stand a decent chance of making it to Round Two with them. React with anger, or with even a whiff of a chip on your shoulder, and you won't get a wooden peso.

Side note: Be careful about making general unsolicited pitches of an investment opp. I know, I know....everybody does it....but that doesn't mean that an SEC dude in a bad mood won't knock on your door just to help fill up a slow day.

Best of luck!

Aug 24, 2009
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Call Scott @ Mar Vista Financial, they helped us fund our tanning beds we are a start up as well! approved in 24 hrs 888-835-9995 x2 they might be able to help

Aug 24, 2009
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Sounds like yet another sensationalized hit on an industry based on poor studies, bad or non-existant science and self serving motives.

"He goes on to say that the reason the report highlighted tanning beds had nothing to do with the level of risk they present, but rather the rhetorical focus they wanted their report to have".

That is political science and it is dangerous. It is also far too common these days.

But the damage is done - I would hesitate to buy a tanning salon right now.

Aug 23, 2009
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The Indoor Tanning Association just sent a letter to all media outlets ..
Dear _____,
Two weeks ago you ran a story about the dangers of tanning beds based on an IARC report that reclassified tanning beds as a grade 1 carcinogen. Your story, like so many other stories on this new report, went overboard in your characterization of the relative-risk of tanning beds. As proof, I direct you to recent comments made by Vincent Cogliano, head of the IARC Monographs program at the International Agency for Research on Cancer-- where the World Health Organization-sanction group's debate originated – where he admits the results on which many of the conclusions are based are "limited." He goes on to say that the reason the report highlighted tanning beds had nothing to do with the level of risk they present, but rather the rhetorical focus they wanted their report to have. He also admitted that a number of the studies in the report included European fair haired subjects (skin type I) w! ho are naturally susceptible to melanoma.
Please note, from the Whig Standard in Ontario, CA (To tan or not to tan - The Whig Standard - Ontario, CA):
"Most (of the 2009 position) is based on the 2006 working group report and we do not have the gold standard, double-blind type of research to work with," Cogliano said.
When asked why tanning beds were made such a focus of this WHO/IARC position, Cogliano said: "It was our 100th year and we wanted to pick something that looked at the past and into the future. UV radiation and the sun is (from the) past, tanning beds (are linked to) the future."
The IARC research working group of international experts on skin cancer and UV radiation conducted a "systemic review" of all literature and studies regarding UV radiation and skin cancer and sunbed use.
The working group's review looked at 23 previously published studies that investigated the association between indoor tanning and melanoma risk in fair-skinned populations.
But the studies included only fair-skinned people, who have been long proven to be more susceptible to melanoma. Cogliano said the use of fair-haired study subjects was natural since they are the ones who get the disease most often.
Data from 19 of the studies was then used to determine that the relative risk associated with use of indoor tanning facilities could be projected to be 14% higher compared to those who never use indoor tanning facilities, in the test subjects reviewed.
None of these was double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, as they simply looked back over other studies and tried as best they could to amalgamate all the results.
When the analysis was restricted to just 10 specially selected studies, the risk of developing melanoma was projected to be 17% higher for those who engage indoor tanning than for people who did not. "The evidence gathered on sunbed use and skin cancer so far is limited by problems with the characterization of exposure and the potential confounding effect of sun exposure," the group's report said.
I hope you will consider this information next time you write a story that grossly exaggerates the dangers of tanning bed use. And the way the media, and the authors of the report, mischaracterized and exaggerated the dangers of tanning beds is truly irresponsible and had been very damaging to thousands of small business owners. We will continue to promote moderate and responsible use of our products so that our customers have access to all the benefits that UV light provides.
With respect,
John Overstreet
Executive Director
Indoor Tanning Association

Aug 23, 2009
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Sure no problem. Here is a link where Vincent Cogliano is quoted...

Dr. Mercola, who has the largest natural news site also says it's b.s...

Aug 23, 2009
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The BAF Group LLC

Brad, I am not arguing with you, but asking for clarification. There were several reports just within the past ten days, repeating warnings about cancer and tanning beds. Where are your reports of retractions? I know there have been arguments back and forth over the past several years, but the reports I read recently were pretty damning.

Aug 23, 2009
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Peter you should get your facts straight before you say stupid things. IARC has retracted those statements and it is not true those studies were biased, incomplete and most of them were thrown out and some showed benefits to tanning.

Aug 23, 2009
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How to Buy a Business

After all the recent news on studies showing that tanning booths and beds are basically cancer ovens, you may want to consider another business.

Aug 22, 2009
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Sharp Business Opportunities
San Diego County, CA

Brad, I am an expert in Tanning Salon’s and sold several last year. I can’t help with an investor but I have a couple suggestions for you. Look for an investor that is willing to back you in multiple stores. Next, you might try contacting a tanning salon franchise that also has corporate stores for a possible partnership in that location. You will have to follow the same model and use the same equipment as the franchise. A friend of mine positioned eight stores with an exit plan in mind to sell to a franchise by modeling his stores like the franchise. He had an investor and it worked out well for them. Good Luck!

Aug 17, 2009

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